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John Hancock Financial is an insurance company founded on April 21, 1862. It existed as a stand alone company right up until its acquisition in 2004 by the Canadian insurance company Manulife Financial. It was named in honor of John Hancock, a prominent patriot.

If you need to contact the headquarters the current address is 601 Congress Street Boston, Massachusetts. he company operates all the business units in the name of John Hancock. John Hancock is also known for colossal landmark buildings John Hancock Center – Chicago, Illinois. If you have a problem please call the customer service line at 1-800-395-1113 for assistance with your current insurance plan. 

Common issues with John Hancock relate to various products such as Retirement plans, Investments, College savings, Life insurance and Long term Care. Additional but not quite as popular services that see complaints are offerings like Travel Insurance, Financial Network and Annuities.

John Hancock current maanges more than 57,000 plans and nearly 2.8 million customer across the globe. For larger plans the company has a separate solution where they deliver comprehensive bundled retimrement plans and total retirement outsourcing.



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Filed for a hardship withdrawal sent in itemized bill for a sleep study as requested by John Hancock still getting denied because the bill has medical terminiology and codes they don't understand, so they are just denying it because it seems they have no medical background ????


I filed a claim with this company 78 days ago for my mother who is bed ridden and in need of 24 hour care. They assigned in to some one acting as an agent of the company to schedule a evaluative visit. This "agent", Sabrina George, has yet to be able to make the visit. The last time she tried, she refused to present any credentials to prove who she worked for and due to HIPPA laws, the facility was not able to provide the information. They asked for a simple statement on letter head over 14 days ago and she hasn't been able to come up with that yet. In the meantime, John Hancock has denied the claim. Do not purchase from this company. Do not trust them with your money or the care of your loved ones.


I have been on the phone for more thatn 30 minutes trying to speak with someone. I called Participant Services, was told that I had the wrong department and was transferred to Client Services. I listened to music, then was told I need to speak with someone in Participant services but would not be placed in the queue. I listened to more music then was hung up on. I called back and have been listening to music since. If there was a rating of zero, I would have selected it. The customer service is beyond poor.


I have two policies with John Hancock since March 1992. I called the customer service to surrender these policy and was transferred five times to five different agents. I had to tell the story several time that I wanted to surrender my policies. Finally, I spoke with someone named Ana from the Philippines. She told me that she will send "a Request for Policy Surrender" and a " W-9 Request for Taxpayer" and she did. My husband and I filled out the forms correctly and signed.

We mailed them back and did not hear anything so we called the customer service number and spoke with someone else. They pretended they got the form but weeks went by and I didn't hear anything so I decided to call back again and spoke with another customer service agent and they forward the same forms back to me again. This is the second time I have filled out these forms and mailed back on the prepaid envelope and still getting another form in the mail. This time I have faxed the signed forms in and still have not heard anything. I would appreciate if someone could help me get my money back from these policies because they are still taking out of my bank account.


Had a policy with John Hancock for over 30 years and plan on having it for the next 30. They have taken great care of my husband and mine's policy. The paperwork and processes are easy to use and the staff is always friendly and willing to help. We have been well taken care of and even signed up our children and grandchildren in a life insurance policy. Will recommend this company to anyone as the return is worth it!


Looking for life insurance or mutual funds? Well John Hancock is the place to get some real good policies and plans. I have decided for a mutual fund and found it as a great investment. The executives have helped me understand the pros and cons of the plan. It was clear. At John Hancock, people are very open and clear on what they are dealing with. I appreciate this fact. They tell you how much you have to pay to get what returns. I would definelty give John Hancock A+ for their incredible plans and policies that suits everyman's budget.

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