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Assurant, Inc. is a holding company. The company's business is to provide a diverse set of speciality, niche-market insurance products in the property, casualty, life and health insurance sectors. Assurant Solutions develops, underwrites, and markets speciality insurance, extended service contracts and other risk management solutions in collaborative relationships with financial institutions, retailers, automotive dealers, utilities, funeral homes and other entities.

Assurant has their corporate offices at 28 Liberty St New York City, New York. The company operates in many states across the U.S and ranks 285 in the fortune 500 list of the largest publicly traded companies in the United States. If you would like your letter to headquarters to reach the CEO, his name Alan B. Colberg. Alan is also the acting president of the company.

If you have a problem with an Assurant claim call customer service at 1-800-358-0600 or you can add a claim ticket directly on the company's website. Assurant Specialty Property develops, underwrites, markets and administers specialty property and personal lines of insurance.

Common complaints and issues relate to Assurant collateral protection programs for automobiles, manufactured housing insurance, residents insurance, homeowners, watercraft, motorcycle, motor home, federal flood, and farmowners. The company also offers lender-placed hazard insurance and outsourcing services to mortgage companies, manufactured home builders and dealers, auto finance companies, property management companies, and managing general agents.

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I had been experiencing issues wit my iPhone 6 for about 2 months. I have been in and out of the local T-Mobile store, Apple Store, and seeking assistance with Apple support to find out what's wrong with my cellphone. I could not make or receive calls, text, receive texts get emails nothing. I finally paid the $149.00 insurance co-pay to get a new iPhone. The problem with that is the new phone was not allowing me to do any of the above stated functions either. I was back and forth trying to find out what the problem is. Finally, I was told that because my iPhone is an older model, the network is not connecting and that's why it reads on the cell NO SERVICE.

I bought a new iPhone and requested I receive a refund for the $149 send my iPhone I sent in back. I was told by Don (supervisor) that I could not have my iPhone back and to get a refund I had to send in the replacement cell. I told him why should I have to send back the replacement iPhone, if you are not giving me back my original cellphone. He said that T-Mobile is in business to make money, and this is just how it works. I told him T-Mobile will have two cells to refurbish and resell and I will have nothing. I asked for my cellphone to be sent back to me, and I was told that it has been sent to the warehouse for repairs and it will be redistributed to another customer.

I want my $149 co-pay back and my original cellphone that belong to me and I will send back the replacement. I did not buy this cell from T-Mobile, I purchased it from a Verizon store. Why should your company be allowed to keep both cellphone and make a profit off my cell, and I end up with just my refund back. Please advise me how to proceed because I know there are timeframes for this type of issue.


bought heated coat, bought a policy thru assurant batty seems shot can not get anyone to warranty amazon 38905061 ems;00804012 any thing you could do to help would be great thank you jim for deb tomasi


The rate of my Assurant insurance payment has been changed( twice) in a one month period and I was not given a proper notice or legitimate explanation for the change until well after the fact. In other words the payment had been withdrawn before the notice arrived. I spoke to an Assurant customer service agent named Jenna and then Zack from the same office location. Both of them behaved as if it wasn't a big deal and had a very, what I would call unprofessional approach to the matter at hand.

Plain and simple a customer should always be handled with respect since I am giving my hard earned money to your company for your services. The Assurant agents in question asked for the number on my odometer and quoted me a new rate of $60.25 per month for a car that is at least 11 years old and travels about 2 miles a day back and forth to either my work or the grocery store. I don't have any tickets or have not been in any accidents. My driving record is perfect. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


OK customer service, come on now. I tried calling to ask a simple Yes/No question about my policy earlier today. They put me on hold for 45 minutes! If you really need life insurance I would recommend going elsewhere. Assurant is a big company and they treat their customers like they do not need them.


Protection to your family is what matters and I would do all it takes to keep them secured. I have insured my home for just in case situations. I do not want to be in any surprise or shock later on and this is just a precautionary measure. All it took was me to contact Assurant and they explained me how to go about the home insurance. The plan was simple and procedure to get insured was simple too. We filled out an application and it was processed well within time. Now we get regular updates on the payment and dues to keep our home insured. Assurant has some really good staff that ensure to speak well to customers like me who want the doubts to be clarified. Thanks Assurant for the protection.

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