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CheapTickets is an online travel agency that specializes in leisure market airfare, hotel rental packages, cruise accommodations using the shop and compare model. The company was founded and became very successful in Hawaii in 1986 and was sold to Expedia in 2003.

You may reach customer support at 1-800-445-9444. CEO, Barney Hartford may be reach by correspondence at corporate offices and phone. Corporate address is 500 W. Madison Street, Suite 1000, Chicago, IL 60661, USA and phone is 312-8948-5000. You may find Service here. Social media support may be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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I have a complaint about the manager I spoke to last night according to cheaptickets didn’t get her name but fraud was done on my account and she refused to refund my money that was used and she blame it on my bank and my bank has nothing to do with the fraud . I want my money back how is she going to penalize me for fraud something I didn’t do and refuse to refund my money that I need to travel for next week!? She also hung up on me which is unacceptable!I need to speak with the ceo so you guys can fix this situation please call me 3109279389 my name is Blanca


they give no refund what so ever even when is is emergency visa or passport problem. fuck them. thousand of dollar lost.


I pay for vacation packages which is a flight and hotel and the hotel cancel my reservation and i called cheaptickets and told them that ,they only refund the hotel but not the flight ,they say for the flight only credit, thats crazy , they are the one cancelled it but they dont want to give the money back, i will not goin to sleep till i get justice! !!!


On May of this year 2018 I bought a Package for me and my wife. This package included the tickets to Spirit airlines on May 24 through 28 of the same month. We also made reservation to stay on the Sheraton Hotel in Orlando, Florida and a rent car (Dollar Rent Car) was included in the same package. We used the TJX Master card as a credit card #1497. When I filled the rental car requirements I bought insurance to cover any accidents or damages. On the last day in Orlando Florida I notice that someone damage the left side driver's mirror on the parking lot at the Sheraton Hotel. When I arrived at the Orlando airport I reported the damage to an employee, she informed me not to worry because the car was insured.
On June 26, 2018 I received a mail from (Viking Billing Service an agency that work for Dollar Rent Car) claiming thet I pay the damage.
This is the claim Account Number. KQ2253 clain balance $235.14 Telephone is: (800)286-8126 or (800)313-5180
Please, contact me if you need more information. Isamel Gomez, Tel: 617-319-4496
Ismael Gomez


I use Cheaptickets for all my traveling needs. It's easy to use and I always get the best prices. I am booking a trip to the Caribbean and will be using Cheaptickets to book my flights, hotel, and rental car. 


On October 7, 2015 I purchased tickets thru Cheap for a flight from Pasco Wa. to Hartford Bradly International airport for a flight on November 17, 2015 returning November 22, 2015. The Price for this ticket was $475.18 This was to attend my Mothers 90th Birthday. On November 1st I received a phone call notifying me that my mother had taken ill and was rushed to the emergency room. Waiting further notification from family I made reservations on the 3rd to Fly home on the 4th Changing reservation I was told there was a fee of I believe $230.00 and the $50.00 booking fee would be waived. At that time I was transferred to a Delta employee and further told that a Note was in my file and If I Needed any further changes to just call Delta direct.

Unfortunately due to my Mothers Passing I again had to call and change flights again having to go thru the arguing about being charged a Booking fee. After explaining that there should be a note in my file from the paste representative we settled on a fee of $231.00. Understanding flight arrangements and buying tickets in advance for a better rate is one thing but being assessed another $526.00 for a flight that originated being $475.18 is a little crazy for a bereavement flight. (I will explain the price difference).

Upon returning Home I reviewed my bank statement and discovered that the first flight change resulted in me being charged $295.00 and the 2nd on the 8th $231.00 (Please see attached bank statement). Also I would further add that on both Flights there were empty seats and no one sat next to me so it wasn’t like someone was bumped from the flight so that I could visit my mother for the last time But an additional 526.00 I think was above and beyond reasonable.


While travelling for a vacation, we choose Cheaptickets for booking and they really search the best places. CheapTickets shows results for hotels based on maps and town sections. If you don't know an exact address, you can select it based on these methods. The place we stay during the vacation makes the whole difference. You can search for events nationally, locally or under the recommended section, which populates results from your recent searches.These options made me choose Cheaptickets and we planned an amazing vacation with friends. Everyone were comfortable in the hotel and no on e had any issue.

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