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Cadillac is a name that is well known for cars. They currently sell Coupes, Sedans, Crossovers & SUVs, V-Series & Racing, and Concept Vehicles. Cadillac was eventually bought by GM, but was founded originally in Michigan on August 22, 1902 by William Murphy and Lemuel Bowen.

Cadillac corporation operates mainly in United States, Canada, and China with more than 170,750 vehicles sold to date. The best customer service number for Cadillac is 1-800-333-4CAD or for customers in Canada 1-888-446-2000. For complaints outside of North America, international inquiries can be directed to 1-905-644-4112.

Cadillac tries to bring complete satisfaction for their users, and are interesting hearing feedback from it's customers. If you have a problem and need to write to Cadillac Customer Assistance Center, you can do so at the address P. O. Box 33169 Detroit, MI 48232-5169 or in Canada at GM of Canada, 1908 Colonel Sam Drive Oshawa, Ontario L1H 8P7, Canada Mail Code 163-005.

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I own a 2012 Cadillac SRX with defective headlights. I live in Arkansas. I never received information about a class action lawsuit. Because the vehicle was originally sold in California and there was a class action settlement there and in Florida last year, they will not fix nor reimburse me for needed repairs. Bad headlights at night is a safety issue. GM does not stand behind there vehicles. It is all about corporate profit.


I just took my car in for a LOF, State Inspection, etc. and was advised that the power steering rack assembly was leaking from the housing and needed to be replaced. Not only would the car NOT pass inspection because of this, but it was also a significant safety issue. I was quoted a cost of $1700+ (the actual cost was $1762.59). My car has only 58400 miles and is garage kept. This significant parts assembly should NOT have failed for this low mileage vehicle that is well maintained nor should the replacement costs be so high (labor alone was $800+). If you want me to consider purchasing another Cadillac in the future, a significant reimbursement is warranted. I have driven GM products for over 50 years and Cadillac since 2004. The VIN for my vehicle is 2G61U5S35D9170625.


Cadillac just lost a 30 year loyal customer. Morris Cadillac was part of the reason. I have a 2008 STS. The clock stopped working after I replaced the battery. I took it to Morris Cadillac and waited 2.5 hours to hear them telling me that there is no fix for it yet. They told me that Cadillac is aware of this problem. For this, I was charged me $74.95. I then started to search on the internet for an answer and I found one. It involves downloading a file from the original software developing company and upload it into my STS. I went to Morris Cadillac again and gave them the website address. Afterwards, Morris told me ok, they can do that for me. I went there today 1/24/2020. I waited another 2 hours and the clock problem was finally fixed. Why do I have to wait for so long for them to upload a file? The service manager told me that they have to go to Office Depot to get a CD. Morris could have done this beforehand.They knew that 2 weeks ago when I gave then the website which instructed them to download a file. Why does Morris have to make a customer wait so long?
Well, I just decided that my next car will be Lexus 450h. I am pretty sure my experience will be much more pleasant over there.


I give Cadillac service department customer service a -1 star. I had to get a loaner so that my car could be serviced. The person in the service department hand me the key to the loaner and pointed it out in the parking lot. He did not drive it up nor did he show me how the car is operated, considering that I had never driven this vehicle before. I could not get the car into drive so I had to go find him for help. When I returned to pick up my vehicle I was sent to the cashier to pay and I received my keys. I had to go out into their parking lot and search for my vehicle while carrying two car seats. I finally found my vehicle on the back side of the service department. This was the worst customer service I have received ever! They need to take some pointers from Mercedes.


my car is a 2011 SRX it has 6,000 miles (not a typo) I have had to pay to have the TWO sunroof hose's repair . Which pretty much flooded the front seat of my truck
This is a DESIGN FLAW....THERE WAS A CUSTOMER ADVISERY ON IT. why MUST I PAY TO HAVE IT REPIRED? I have been calling into the customer service line for 2 weeks now with NOT A CALL BACK, I KEEP GETTING LOGGED INTO THE SYSTEM. They tell me NaShea is my MY CASE MGR,all all they do is put me into her voice mail, SHE HAS TO BE THE WORSE. SHE HAS NEVER CALLED MY BACK, NOR HAS THE REQUEST FOR A SUPERVISOR CALL BACK EITHER. This has been the WORST experience ever. I need someone to call me back as to what is going to be done about this issue. AND THIS IS A KNOWN ISSUE I HAVE DONE MY RESEARCH.


Waiting over 5 weeks For Earnhardt Cadillac N Scottsdale to repair my Escalate, The said GM is on back order for parts needed to repair'Still waiting, This is not acceptable. We have bought GM over 35 years. No way to treat a loyal customer.


I bought a used 2006 Cadillac CTS about a year ago. It was a good car for about a month. then weird stuff started happening. with gauges quiting gas gauge being wrong then my theft system is now triggered cant get my key out of ignition. I cant believe the problems I have had with this car. I spent $4,000 on this car. Your Cadillac was a disappointment. the only reason I even bought the car is because my dad loved your Cadillac. Then I get on the internet and find all these recalls on my car. with all the recalls saying you guys will contact me. now my car is parked because it is not running. I need and want help before i start parting it out


Question why is there not a recall on the headlights? Both of the headlights are very dim I've been pulled over by police twice now. Something needs to be done be done before someone gets hurt because u can't see the road because of how dim the lights are . Please let me know I pay $800.00 a mo for my car so please help me out


I purchased a used 2011 Cadillac SRX in 2015. In May of this year (2019) I had all the brake pads and rotors replaced. On October 19, 2019 I lost my brakes after driving over a very low speed bump at less than 10 mph. I was able to pump the brake pedal back up and didn't have any failures again until November 11, 2019. I basically coasted my way home, because I couldn't pump the brake pedal back up. I was able to pump the brake pedal back up the next day, to take the vehicle in to get looked at. Two different service shops could not detect a brake failure, and said the brakes were fine. The shop that replaced the brakes back in May thought the calipers needed to be cleaned and greased. Upon performing that service, they stated that the front calipers were seized and said that was the cause of the failures. Hence, they replaced the calipers and hoses. My question is, if the calipers were seized why didn't I experience any dragging on the wheels, and how could I pump the brake pedal back up and the vehicle run fine?

Not knowing if the vehicle is going to stop every time I need it to is very stressful. I don't feel safe driving this vehicle and will be replacing it very soon.


General Motors, Cadillac Division: General Manager

We are leasing 20017 Cadillac ATS VIN 1GAA5RX3H01194018 since December 14, 2017
(36 months lease).
Electronic display system stopped working 4 months ago. Touch up display, radio, clock, speedometer and other features on the front panel do not work.

Upon inspecting our car 10/14/19, we were informed that CUE System block needs to be replaced. Block was ordered from manufacturer – General Motors.
“It takes 2-3 weeks maximum” told us Customer Service representative.

So far we keep driving a faulty car, which is not only very uncomfortable but more importantly dangerous, while paying $390 a month lease.
Such disorder can no longer continue.
Please treat this letter as one week notice to immediately resolve the faulty electronics problem in our vehicle. If no action is taken we reserve the right to appeal to Bureau of Financial Consumer Protection (CFPB), Better Business Bureau, Consumer protection and Consumer rights organizations, as well as to Government oversight authorities.
We will also take considerable effort to post negative reviews about highly unsatisfactory Cadillac customer service on all online platforms, so other consumers beware of horrible experience your customer have with service department. Your inaction is indication of neglect and ignorance of elementary customer service.

If it takes more than one business day to repair the electronics in our car we demand free replacement vehicle same brand and model for the period of service.

Again, we give you one week to resolve this problem.


On May 27th I stopped into Murray Chevrolet Cadillac Dealership in Lethbridge to inquire about two problems with 1999 Seville Cadillac STS. I spoke with a service rep explained my three problems.

1. A small amount of oil dripping from the oil pan. and wanted a rough estimate on labor charges to repair same.He checks his computer and stated 1-2 hrs labour to install a gasket. Roughly $200-300 dollars should cover it. I stated OK make an appointment for May 28th at 0930.

2. An intermittent starting problem. Cranks but not firing. Leave it a while come back turn the key on 4 or 5 times to allow fuel pump to prime and it starts. Rep stated we will have the tech check it out when you come back May 30th.

3. Check tie rod ends. Same response will check it out on May 30th.

On May 28 th the car wouldn't start in time for the 0930 appointment. I call in and reschedule for May 30th in morning.
On May 30th car starts OK and I take it in for the appointment.
He makes out work order and recommends Fluid Brakes Shocks etc and including Multi-Point Inspection and Tire rotation for $80. I agree too his recommendation.

I wait a hour and half for report. They start the vehicle with no problem and take it in for repairs.

He informs the following:

1 .the oil pan gasket fix he underestimated labour cost. The tech says it would be 9-11 hrs labour as he has to remove transmission and maybe the exhaust pipe. Cost estimate $1800 to $2000. I tell him forget it leave as is.

2. The tech now doing the multi point inspection and tie rods are fine but needs a wheel alignment for $140 but another tech to that later and he is busy.

3. The hard start problem diagnosed as needing new ignition switch. Part no available in Canada will have to order from USA and Air ship it. Cost: switch $228.57 and $50 air freight. . Left the vehicle waiting for parts and installation
Labour to install switch and check steering & suspension came $531.81 ( Also paid an additional $80 Multi-Point Fluids Brakes - (MPVI) which also included gas strutts and suspension components all OK. So I assume I double paid the steering inspection.

I cancelled the wheel alignment as costs were skyrocketing.

Returned June 4th to pick up vehicle and was informed they had to tow the car in from their parking area as it wouldn't start. When I was about to pay. The service rep advised me that the tech upon completing the installation of the switch couldn't turn off the interior dome light. There is no dome light but assumed it was the overhead front and rear courtesy lights. The service rep asked if he wanted them to fix the problem. He recommended an hour labour to diagnose the electrical problem, I said the lights were working fine when I initially brought the car in and now after installing the ignition switch they discover the interior light problem. I felt I had no option other than OK the one hour labour charge. The rep stated the two issues are unrelated. I stated I don't believe it and that the light problem was nothing more than a coincidence. The tech reports the car needs a new rear intergration module installed. The rep quotes the fix at $658 to replace the module. I am furious and decline. I instisted they did something to cause the problem when wiring the ignition. I speak to the Service Mgr Michelle to no avail. She stands by the tech's diagnosis stating the two systems are unreleated. I review with her the events that occurred that the lighting system all worked 100% when the car was first brought in. The failure wasn't observed until June 4th yet they had the vehicle in their care and charge from the morning of May 30 to the morning June 5th and they only observe the problem on June 5th when I went to pick up the car. Now I'm going to have to fix the problem that I am certain they caused. The Service Mgr on June 5th prior to my leaving stated they could offer me a discount on the light problem. I refused and reiterated that they are responsible to fix it not me. he stated she would talk to someone and call me back on Monday June 10th which she did. At this time I told her I would be notifying GM Customer Complaints for further action and if no satification was forth coming then I would sue them in small claims court for the reapirs to the lighting system.

I leave this matter in your cpapable hands hoping for a favourable responses

Trevor Wilson
Raymond AB


I have a 2000 DeVille that need a BECM (I understand this a brake control module) but it is no longer in production or available, Red Noland Cad here in Colo Spgs, CO and Rickenbaugh Cad in Denver, neither have been able to find a new or used module. They say I should not drive the car with this condition.

Can you help or what should in do?


I had purchased my new car key and had it relpaced at dealership in Pheonix Az and the service center that programmed my new key did not program it correctly, in which had caused my vehicle to switch into anti theft service mode and now my car does not drive. Customer care is refusing to have the dealer reprogram it correctly and are demanding another payment to do so. My vehicle is parked now and for about a week, in a Walmart parking lot threating to be towed. I am DEMANDING this issue to be resolved. This is just ONE complaint regarding this matter.


I had my Cadillac xts 2013 repaired in Country club motors Oneonta, New York. After picking it up I noticed a display on the dash that said leveling system. I was not able to contact them with the problem until following April 24th at witch time they said that would not be able to look at it until May 4th. I noticed that after picking my vehicle that radio had lost all of it's programs and seats did not recall I checked online and their was a service bulletin #P10840. Jerry stated that he had nothing to with the problem that now existed. I am very disappointed with the service that I got from Country Club Motors. When he said all I wanted to do was argue. I told him I just wanted to have my car repaired.


CUE screen is totally black, and to my understanding there have been a plethora of complaints of customers having to replace the their screens, is there a fix for this and why have Cadillac not recalled this item?


I bought a certified 2012 CTS with 55,000 miles March 2016 at Gild Coast Cadillac of NJ
At 97,000 miles I was told the engine was blown. (4000 miles out of warranty)
I had the engine replaced with a donor engine at Gold Coast Cadillac.
Now at 132,000 miles I’m told that the engine is blown by Mahwah Cadillac of NJ.
I bought a Cadillac thinking they were reliable cars. Obviously they are NOT!

I’m inquiring as to if Cadillac will give me some sort of discount having the engine replaced AGAIN?

845 653 6070


Gentlemen or ladies - Whom ever can help me.
My 2016 Escalade is not only strange but, it acts strange all the time. I have taken it too the dealer Allen Cadillac in San Juan Capistrano and they told me my transmission is perfect??? REALLY?? It is so bad but they won't admit it (maybe too much work, or they just can't fix it) .. They will not contact me, nor have they ever called when I have put in there questionnaire that my car is not fixed and the transmission still rumbles on the freeway or any road, and the shifting is really strange and it seems to get confused, let alone the jerking it does. I can walk up to my car and open the back gate and the radio comes on.-- really is this right? The music system is great but when you leave the car and come back it will play something totally different than what I was listening too. This has been a great car but I WANT OUT OF MY LEASE so I can get a dependable car. PLEASE HELP ME TO GET OUT OF THIS LEASE....I have talked to a Cadillac Service Manager and told him of my troubles. He asked me which car and what year do I have. When I told him about the car, and the year, his reaction told me all that I needed to know. "oh that year has had it problems---- with the transmission".
If you need to research the car the vin # is 1GYS4CKJ3GR303259. I did lease this from Allen Cadillac and would love to take it back and leave it there permanently..-- once again PLEASE HELP ME TO GET OUT OF THIS LEASE!!!!!!! I have had the car for 3 years and the last year is jerk, rumble, and -- well you never know what is next?
Thank you and I will look for your help in the return of this car.
Geof Wickett


I just bought a new 2018 cadillac XT5 last October 3018, since then I am complaining about the rear backing camera because the guidelines from the camera come and go. And finally last week they change something from the camera so it will work properly. But it become worst because now if you reverse you can see a black stripes at the bottom of the rear camera, like a portion of the bumper of the car but when I return it for service they told me that’s normal & all XT5 camera are like that. I need my money’s worth Cadillac a properly working & correct view of the camera. Where can I direct my complaint?


April 4, 2019

Re: 2018 Cadillac XT5

I just had to have my Cadillac towed to the dealership, the vague answer I got was that it was a computer software problem. I was driving kids to school when this car started jerking, stopping and not allowing me to accelerate or stop. This is a HUGE safety issue had I been on the expressway I would have been involved in an accident. The dealership and Cadillac think this is no problem, it is a major problem.

If this is how GM makes cars let me tell you this will be the last GM car I ever own or lease. I have been loyal to GM my entire driving life. I worked for GM, but this is ridiculous that I have to no wonder when the next episode will happen and what will happen I do not feel safe in this car and I don’t want it, yet I have another year on this lease.

This letter is going to be published against the dealership for their lack of concern and against GM for their lack of quality – I will put this on the Web, and on all Social Media sites to hopefully save some lives from thee lack of quality from GM on their most expensive line of CARS> ridiculous complete and totally disgusted.

vin is 1GYKNDRS2JZ177405


On March 18th, 2019 I took my 2007 Pontiac Vibe to Frank Shirey Cadillac, inc in Oak Lawn, Il to have a passenger air bag recall done. The auto was inspected by Gale Asikin, Service Consultant, and no issues were found. When I picked up the car, the light in the radio was out, the temperature knob light would go out when hitting a bump and the gear selector light was out. I returned to the dealership that day and informed them of the problems. They scheduled a followup for the next day. They kept the vehicle for the entire day. I was informed when I picked the vehicle up that the dealership had run a diagnostic test and the cost to repair the vehicle would be in excess of $1200. I asked to speak to the Service Manager, Brett Nordmeyer. He told me that nothing they had done caused the problems. I asked to speak to the dealership manager, Dan Paz. He told me that the would be willing to work with me to get the car fixed but would not cover the entire cost of the repairs. I asked to speak to the owner of the dealership. Mr. Paz said that he would speak to the owners secretary to arrange a call. I as of to date have not received a call or any other communication from anyone at the dealership. In addition the cover for the passenger air bag, subject of the recall, in now popping up. A clip use to hold the cover was broken and never replaced.


I Leased this vehicle new from Crestmont Cadillac on 10/19/2017 Vin ID 1G6KB5RS1HU203216 nothing but problems. I discovered on 06/18/2018 during routine maintenance (0il change and tire rotation) that this vehicle had been hit, repaired and painted before it was leased to me. This information was not disclosed to me at purchase. I found out from service on R/O 6106231 on completion oil change and tire rotation. This information was included on R/O 6106231. Over the past year with every oil change I have to return when the oil life indicator read 20 percent oil life left, no oil dipstick. They either added oil or changed it every time. The only invoice I have reflecting this is R/O 6103348 03/21/2018, R/O 6106231 06/28/2018 and R/O 6109889 10/10/2018. With the last oil change after oil consumption test was performed I was given a corporate bulletin #01-06-01-011j: Information on Engine Oil Consumption Guidelines-(Nov. 30, 2017). I was told this was normal with the 3.6 engine. 10/24/2018 R/O 6110385 transmission problems. The vehicle felt like it was riding on rocks and it was on the highway smooth asphalt, The solution to this was to flush the transmission. This seem to work and has not reoccurred. 12/28/2018 R/O 6112553 wheel concerns-noise in front end. This would not duplicate at the shop. 01/09/2019 R/O 6112905 noise in the front end. Service advisor wrote it up as tire noise, I did not state that. On the same R/O 6112905 Cue system outage reported and transmission jerking from 1st to 2nd. The Cue system replaced and was given a corporate bulletin that transmission is ok jerking #16-NA-361(JUL 21, 2017). The front end noise was unable to duplicate. 01/30/2019 R/O 6113640 returned because of the noise in the front end. They replaced the drive shaft to eliminate noise and this did not work. The vehicle was in for service for five days. 02/25/2019 R/O 6114514 return with front end noise and ask if the tech. could he take the car home and drive it. The car was in the shop for thirteen days and during this time the service advisor called me and told the tech finally heard the noise and wanted to know if it only happen on a cement surface. I told him no it happens at any given time. The vehicle was returned to me with nothing being done and with the same problem-noise in the front end. The R/O stated he did not duplicate. I spoke with the Service Manager Kevin Gillespie he stated the tech had not heard it enough to repair and told if it happen again to bring it back. I ask him at this point what would he suggest I do and he recommended contacting General Motors. I told him I would prefer to speak with the General Manager first and he was on a call. I left my number for him. Alex Parks called and I missed the call. The vehicle started making the noise the night I picked it up and still is, I have gotten to the point where I just turn the radio on because I cannot stand it. I have a factory and extended warranties on this vehicle and they cannot fix it and I am suppose to keep driving as is. I am at the point where I feel it is unsafe. This is a lease vehicle and I did not purchase it. The car belongs to Crestmont Corp. I have been making the payments in this condition since Dec. 2018 and something needs to be done. 03/14/2019 I called Mr. Parks and left message on his voicemail. He returned the call on 03/15/2019 and I explained the situation to him and he stated he was unaware of this problem and would look into it on 03/18/2019. As of today 03/21/2019 I have not heard from him. Also l had to return with the new Cue system it locked up again 01/16/2019 R/O 6113118. It has locked up again since that time and I just turn off vehicle and it came back on.




We purchased a Cadillac in 2017, and had four new tires on it. This car is still under warranty, and already need tires at 33,000, never have we ever seen tires at such poor quality and on a GM car, VERY DISAPPOINTING. SEEN BETTER TIRES COMING FROM WALMART. We sure hope the car holds up better than the tires. Patricia Burke


the paint on the hood of my 2011 Escalade which i purchased new is cracking & the dealer said Cadillac will only pay $300.00 towards repainting it. I have been complaining about this for the last 2 years.


my complaints the transmission one is sometimes hesitates, jucking and vibration and clunking sound and have taking it back to dealership and they allway say cant find anything wrong with the truck but it is.and I know it have othe complaints about the transmission. mobile number 979-575-8491 email




I leased a 2018 Cadillac XTS in late September of 2018 from Gold Coast Cadillac approx. shortly thereafter I started experiencing trouble with the Bluetooth telephone. When I made a call the person receiving the call hears a lot of static. I took the car back to Gold Coast kept it for a day and said they checked it out and fixed the problem. I took it back a couple of days later for the same problem. I then returned it approx. five more times for the same problem and was told that I it was fixed. The next time it took it back they kept the car f car for three weeks during which time I did not hear from them as to the status of the car so I called and was told again that they had forgotten about it and apologized I was told to come pick up the car. I then drove the car home with the same problem. then I was told that they had discovered a short and repaired it.It worked for approx. four weeks and it is now not working again the same problem exists. At one point the service manager dove the car and thought that it was possibly my cell phone but used his phone and discovered it was not my cell phone. I feel that it took the car back again that it will not be repaired and if so will not last.

Edward Green


We own a 2015 Cadillac SRX VIN # 3GYFNEE39FS509754 and have had nothing but headlight issues. One evening my wife was driving behind me and I realized just how dim they were. When we arrived at our home she told me that she always drove with her high beams on until someone flashed back at her. This is clearly a safety issue. After a number of trips to Harvey Cadillac we were informed that this has been an issue on models 2012 thru 2015. This is a major problem and a safety hazard which needs to be addressed.

Jack Shimko
cell 616 813 6816


I have a 2016 Cadilac SUV , Platinum and I had issues with my transmission and shaking when idling since the 1st day. I took it to the dealer many times and I was told every single time that the manufacturer itself has a computer problem, that cannot be fixed so far.

The dealer even put a new computer in the car. It did not work. Now I was told not to waste my time to come back, until they update the computer in the car.

I have no idea what that means, also why do I have to pay over $1150.00 a month for a car that does not work properly.

Benny Borsakian


I purchased a pre owned 2011 Cadillac SRX from Ubehlor & Sons in Jasper In and you CANNOT drive after dark because of the headlights. If the headlights are not on HIGH BEAM the vehicle is unsafe to drive. I took it back to the dealer and they said there was nothing wrong with the lights so they cleaned the lenses and sent my wife on her way. This is a very dangerous issue that needs to be addressed quickly. I thought I was purchasing a "High End Vehicle". If we cant get this issue resolved I`m going to trade it. It is also now having electrical issues.


The beam shines to shot to see safely .were so when the car was purchased. After the warrente exspired brown &swoosh dealer discovered that the car did have headlamps problems.their solution was I paid 1,100.00$ and Gm would pay 700.00$ to correct the problem with their parts.I love the car.but this kind of customer service I cannot accept.especially for default number 8-4817372236


Very disappointed in Cadillac's handling of the headlight issue with the SRX model. Just had to replace both headlight assemblies due to very dim lighting. The dealer claims that this was the first that they had heard about this problem. Can't believe that with social media being what it is today that this is a true story. I was brought up in a time that if the problem was yours you owned up to it. Funny thing is that they wanted to give me a trade in price. May have been interested but not under the circumstances. Makes some of the foreign model more appealing. And me being one that said you would never see one that I owned in my drive. Have to be more careful what I say.


just a note that we are very disappointed in our 2013 Cadillac CTS. Had to replace the two rear tires with less than 20,000 miles on them and they were not over inflated. Had to replace the rear hub bearings at 32,000 miles, ($1200.00), now have to replace the two hub bearings on the front. I have a 1999 Mazda Millenia with124,000 and haven't had to replace any of that so far. Its so noisy you can't even enjoy the radio. Have always thought it was loud and a lot of road noise. Now I've noticed the clear coat is peeling on the roof around the sun roof! Kind of pissed now! In my mind, not what you'd expect with a vehicle bearing the name "Cadillac". I was proud at first saying I owned a Cadillac but can no longer say that. Was checking into trading for a new CTS because we really like the looks of them but can't because I no longer can trust the quality of them! guess we'll look at a Honda or a Nissan. Maybe another Mazda!

Pissed and disappointed!

Tim Crance


I can not understand why a 50000 vehicle has a constant problem with condensation forming in the headlights !!! This is the second cts coupe I have owned and had the same problem with both vehicles. You would think that the engineers at Cadillac could solve this problem !!! not !!! no real engineers left to actually take this problem on I guess. Talked to many Cadillac owners and they have all had the same problems going back some years. My 2014 is now out of warranty and now I have to have 2400 dollar repairs so I can drive a safe car !!! Looks awful also . The car only has 40,000 miles on it and that is about what my 2011 had on it when it had the same problems. Give me a intelligent reason for this type of failure. Can not believe a multi billion dollar company cant solve this problem. Does Cadillac actually care about their product ? No wonder the Japanese are so far ahead in customer service problems. All I can say is that I need to be contacted by a real Cadillac engineer that I can talked too and hopefully he will understand the physics behind this condensation. This will probably be the last Cadillac I buy and would advise others not to buy until Cadillac solves this and makes it right with its loyal customers . 618 466 1110


I scheduled concierge service for my 1st oil change on my 2018 xt5. An appointment was set for 11:30 A:M the next day (11/09). Not only was no service provided, no phone cal, text message, etc. I called to inquire as to delay and was told that delay at dealership was to blame but that I'd get a call very soon. Two hours nothing. Again I call and I'm told there's no record of my request. Worst service ever!!


Corpus Christi, Texas 78415, AutoNation Chevrolet
Monday November 5, 2018, I went to get a loaner from Mr. Al Berry, he began to tell me his politico views about Donald Trump, The Supremes Justices and the Caravan coming across Mexico towards the U.S.A. I do not care to discuss politics with anyone and the last place I expected to discuss politics was in the dealership. Mr. Berry upset me very much that I do not want to ever deal with him again. I am a Viet Nam Vet and to this day I take medication to help control my anxiety feelings and medication for my mood swings. I did not ask for this conversations with him, Even as I write this memo I am still irate and upset, This complaint is also being send to Mr. Vic Landa Service Lane Manager.


My 2006 DTS has a recall on it. I have contacted the dealer Thompson McConnell in Cincinnati 2 times on this recall and was told both times that it is not something I need to worry about and no need to get the recall fixed that my vehicle really does not need it. Why would you put out a recall that a dealer does not want to fix?


My car was driven to Figueroa dealer in Los angeles on May 2018 the manager Dan gives the run around i keep calling and Dan keeps tellin me it will be ready i ask him to put my car back togather so that i can drive my car. My car has been at dealer since may 8 2018 this manager is lieing this dealership continues i need .y car in running configioning just the way it was its now sept 2018 and i dont have my car i will file with better business i need my car i will never get my car service at cadallic on Figueroa downtown Los Angeles my info is:

Gloria Provost
13020 gramercy place
Gardena ca 90249
310 418 1658
Dan the service manager has continuously lied to me since may 2018 as of this date Sep 6 i dont have my car


Although this is the first Cadillac I have ever purchased, (in tribute to my dad who forever had cadillacs up to his passing) and it is the worst car that I have ever purchased. There have been mechanical issue one after another after owning the vehicle for only 8 months, with GM openly knowing about at least one of the issues.
Right after the purchase of my Cadillac SRX, I had to purchase new struts all the way around from the dealership. At $3500.00 they were pretty expensive. Three months later, those had to be replaced because my car sound like the front end was falling apart every time I hit a bump. Just 4 months after that, I go back because once again every time I hit a bump, it sounds like my front end is about to fall off. I take the SRX back to be inspected only to be told that once again, it is my struts. So once again, I am looking to get struts gotten from Cadillac dealership? This is the THIRD time that struts have have to be replaced, in an 8 month period, on my SRX.
Secondly, 2 months ago I attempted to remotely open my liftgate only to find that it would not open. I took vehicle to GM dealership to find out that I needed a rear liftgate control module. Before that, I opened the rear area to find the module submerged underneath the rear cargo area in about 3 inches of water, which probably caused it to burn out. A new control module was installed and solved the issue until this morning when again, I attempted to remotely open the liftgate, only to find that it would not open. I then opened up the lower cargo area and again the module is engulfed in several inches of water. Research shows that this is a cadillac design issue that continually allows water to reach the module area and burn it out. After installing a new one and to have to do it again for the same issue just TWO months later is freaking ridiculous. I am going to file a complaint with the BBB, and will be posting my feelings and complaints with every social website that I can to tell others about how this supposedly good vehicle is nothing more that a "fake" money magnet who will drain you dry at some point. To date, in 8 months, I have paid about $8,000 in repairs alone. SMFH!!
I want to and will be getting rid of this car as soon as I can! DONT buy Cadillac!!!


I called the Cadillac dealership and three different times I get transferred to service and get no answer. LINDSAY CADILLAC HAS REALLY WENT DOWN HILL SINCE I BOUGHT MY FIRST CADILLAC 13 YEARS AGO AND SECOND ONE 6 YEARS AGO....I WILL FIND A NEW DEALERSHIP




I purchased a 2017 luxury 4-door sedan vin 1g6kd5rs9hu197272 at Ettleson Cadillac in Hodgkins, Il.
I was rear ended on Jan. 23rd 2018. My vehicle was deemed to be a special quality frame which I was
not advised as the particular frame. It is now March 17th and to date they cannot find a body shop that
can fix my car. Is it possible you can exchange this car? I have been driving a small car as a loaner for
the past 2 months. Please help.

Thank you


I purchased a certified vehicle from Plaza Cadillac. I had not drove it off the lot before the Cue began to have issues. A week later more issues still. What kind of certification are being performed by your dealer. I should not be experiencing these issues on a vehicle that was just certified unless the inspection was forged to sell the vehicle without having to fix the issues. I am very upset but not that Cadillac cares.


• Loud bang from the transmission or differential at times.
• It feels like the gears get stuck when slowing down at low speeds then a bang
• Vehicle Cue keeps having issues. Began to move between applications by itself. Freezes and I am unable to perform any operation at all.
• Vehicle changes between sports mode and touring mode by itself
• Rough idle at times
• Running board issues bad quality vs wear and tear. Advise by another dealer against painting them. dealer where i purchase vehicle inssit in painting them
• Collision light at the windshield on start up. New never on before
• Battery voltage dropped to 12.40 – 12.50 and then 13.90 while driving. 12.40 – 12.50 while driving as well for a few minutes. This is enough to drain the battery

I am concern for the safety of my family with all these issues going on. Should not be having these problems on a vehicle that recently was certified. Cadillac service advisers at told me to wait for a call from a senior service adviser and they simply don’t bother to reach out and see what the issue is.

You can judge for yourself, either way this has left a bad taste in my mouth. I will take my business somewhere else


I recently found out that the certified preowned Cadillac EXT I purchased in 2008 had body work done to it. I was not informed of this at time of purchase by the dealership or from the corporate office. I just thought the CEO of Cadillac would like to know about the fraud going on inside of his company.


I have been a customer of Jim Colman Cadillac for over 15 years. I have previously leased Cadillac cars from your company and purchased a 2009 CTS in November, 2008 which I am still driving. The mileage on the car at this time is almost 31,000 mile which means that in the 6 years I have been driving this car I am averaging approximately 5,000 miles a year. I have been maintaining the car with your service department to keep it in good running condition.

My issue at this time is that I took the car in to your service department on January 28th, 2016 with a coupon for an oil change that promised a rebate from GM so that the total amount I would pay would be $39.95. I spoke to your service representative, Martin Gonchar, who then told me convincingly, it was necessary to do a 30,000 mile servicing. I fell for it “hook, line and sinker” because I felt as though Jim Coleman Cadillac would only have representatives that are very knowledgeable. Martin first quoted me around $775.00 but when I said that was so much he immediately reduced the price to $705.00 which surprised me that your company does not have fair and ethical price structures. That should have been a clue that I was being taken.

After I picked up the car and paid the bill, I decided to look-up the Cadillac manual when I got home and was shocked to see that I did not need the full service that Martin talked me into until the mileage reached 50,000 miles. I called Martin and he kept insisting that the 30,000 mile servicing was on his computer. When I pinned him down that it was not in the Cadillac manual and asked him what manual he was going by on his computer, he intimated it was a general type program that is meant for cars in general and not specifically for Cadillac.

When Martin saw I was angry he said he would have Roberto, the manager, call me. Roberto never called. In addition, I have reviewed past invoices and found another blatant overcharge that I had forgotten about. Please see Invoice #CDCS658278 dated 08/13/14 in the amount of $184.50 and Invoice #CDCS665505 dated 02/24/15 in the amount of $1,288.13. The representatives were Joe Palante and Cesar Cuyun respectively.

Please note that the dates are just 7 months apart and the mileage on the car was only 2,500 miles more on the 2015 invoice than on the 2014 invoice and yet I was charged in each instance for oil and filter changes plus some of the same additional services. I recall calling Roberto to complain and he said he was going to send a refund check to me which I never received. Unfortunately, I had complete confidence in the ethics of Jim Coleman Cadillac and I am shocked, distressed and angry that I have been so taken advantage of and deceived twice. I do believe a refund in the amount of $887.23 ($702.73 + $184.50) to Doris J. Leeds is deserved and is in order to rectify your company’s service department lack of ethics and to restore a long time customer’s good will.


I been buying Cadillac for years back in April 2015 I bought a 2011 cts coupe from bommmarito dealership st. peters, MO. The salesperson name is Demetri I never receive my second set of keys first he told me he put the keys in the mail in which I never receive also its been almost a year he keep telling me to come up on a Friday, but he is never available.

Also when I purchase the car the driver side bucket seat is broken he told me don't worry the car has a certified warranty and the service dept. will fix it for free. That was a lie too, when I took it to service they said it was not covered. I am very frustrated. I don't want to buy another Cadillac ever. I feel I could be treated better at a low rated dealership. You should not lie to people just to get a sale especially from a prestige dealership.


My very first car was an old cadillac that my parents bought from an elderly neighbor.  I loved that car!  It was nice, I never had any mechanical issues even though the car was 15 years old, and the seats were extremely comfortable.   My friends nicknamed the car “the tank” because that is what it felt like driving it.  I felt safe and secure knowing that if I were to get in an accident, my car would probably not even dent.  yes, cadillacs have a stigma of being old people’s cars, but I never felt safer in any car since owning “the tank”.  Best car to give anyone just learning to drive.  


I give Cadillac a 3 star rating because they still make decent cards but not what they used to in my opinion. The Cadillac used to be the standard and now it seems to be more marketing hype around the escalade. Really all a Cadillac is now is a fancy GM motor with leather and a nice body. The other thing I can live without is the price tag, considering the fact that Cadillac's do need repairs just like another General Motors vehicle.

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