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Good morning I purchased this vehicle on 7-2-2019 from Jim Shorkey Buick in White Oak PA and less then a few short months the panel lights went out. I have not been able to see my mileage which is very important for me to monitor, my tire condition, my turn signals, use my cruse control, or any other warning lights. this is a big issue in the fact that three people use this vehicle and even though I guess at when the oil needs changed it is not accurate. I took the vehicle in to service when this issue began and they looked at it and then told me that they did not know what was going on and that they would need to take of the panel. Well they then told me that I would have to be on the waiting list for a loaner car and that the list was long. it has been over three months and I did call over a month ago and they stated that there was a person who was assigned to the mater but no loaner was available yet. Well at this point I have not heard from them and am extremely upset with the lack of concern for me as a customer. I feel that I am in a vehicle that has not just this problem but also has issues with the breaks that sometimes makes noise that seems to disappear every now and then, they were checked and cleared by another mechanic,yet they still make sounds that suggest that there is an issue. I have a very high interest rate on this vehicle which I feel that I was deceived at the time of purchase and that is a whole other complaint. I feel that I should be either compensated for dealing with this issue for it could have caused me other issues due to this not being resolved or be given a new vehicle. I really liked this modal when I purchased it but now am just disappointed. This is also my first American made vehicle that I ever purchased new and this is not the experience I expected I trade in my vehicles about every two years and I don't think that I will ever be getting another Buick at least from that dealership. I would appreciate it if someone would get back to me on this mater soon and it would be resolved.


I have had my 2011 Buick Enclave for a little over 3 years with in the first year I had to have the motor rebuilt, now two years later another rod and yes it has oil and that was not the issue, now since it is out of warranty this expense is on me. I find it more than frustrating that with in three years 2 more rebuilds.


I recently got service on my check engine light for my 2015 Buick Verano on 18 May 19 and by 20 May the check engine light returned. Prior to getting it serviced at the Buick dealership in Woodbridge, VA, I got the service code from Auto Parts which was a P0014 which I relayed to the dealership prior to getting it serviced. They charged me the standard $135 diagnostic fee anyway just to tell me that I needed an oil change because the car was very low on oil despite the fact I was not due for an oil change (the previous oil change was done by the same dealership). Now the check engine light is back on and the car is beginning to stall while idling in traffic. I checked the oil and saw that it was dirty, brown and has some sort of sediment/residue in the oil that they just replaced. When I called back to tell them this and that I needed to get my car in soonest to have it repaired, the service manager got upset and ultimately hung up on me this morning 22 May. He tried to blame me for the car being low on oil despite me keeping up on regular oil changes and assured me that I would have to pay more money to get the problem fixed that should have been fixed the first time I brought the car up there. The service manager claimed that the low oil was causing the actuator sensors to not work properly and now that the oil has been replaced, the sensors are probably bad and need to be replaced. I asked if I could drop the car off since they said they were too busy to work on my car, before my scheduled appointment tomorrow afternoon and use a loaner in the meantime and they said they didn't have any loaners that I could use. I'm worried that my car will stall out in traffic on my way home or on my way to work tomorrow morning before my scheduled appointment time and I will be stranded because they did not make the necessary repairs the first time and could not fit me in to their schedule today. I don't trust their work because the oil was obviously not properly replaced and with me being a repeat customer, I don't expect to be hung up on when I have a legitimate complaint. I would like for the repair to be free of charge or at least discounted.


I live in Rhode island I had bought i Lacrosse 2011 and paid cash for I went to GMC on route 1 south Kingstown RI I had taken my car their multiple times 2nd my oil level kept dropping I going to tell you I just about got to the GMC parking in lot My warning was saying I was losing power to the engine I was put in the position to have to get another car then and there I ended up buying a Lacrosse 2016 with payment never even try it before having to leave with this car I want to know if there was a recall on my 2011 Lacrosse 2nd to the oil situation I paid 1000.00 of dollars to keep my oil changed etc. for this to happen !5 minutes earlier I would have been on I 95 and since I had lost all power to stir my car I could have been I am so upset with this problem from taking my car in and telling them I was losing oil paying thousand dollars assuming the car was fixed to find out it was never fixed at all I don't think these people knew what was wrong with my car and could have cost me my life
Maryann Rezendes- Huntington


bought a new 2018 buick enclave avenir on 3-15-19. I noticed that I could not get some of the XM radio stations that I listen to, so I called sirius xm. they told me that my new car has an older cheaper radio and that I would not get any stations above 235. They said I need a radio with a sirius xm platform, and that I only have the xm platform. After making no progress with several calls to GM, I called mahwah buick in NJ where I bought the car. I brought the car in yesterday, 4-3-19, and waited 3 hours. they told me that nothing could be done to get all the stations like my grandson gets on his 2018 chevy cruze, and my daughter and her husband gets on both of their 2018 chevy equinoxs.This Avenir is supposed to be the top of the line and had a MSRP of $59,780. I have had many GM cars throughout my life caddys , chevys, buicks. If GM does nothing to resolve this problem, this will be my last GM product. Sincerely and totally discusted, Greg Casey


The dealership that i was loyal to didn't take the time to hear me out and insisted that they knew I what really happened. Total loss.


On 31 January 2019 I purchased a 2019 Buick Envision, when I accept delivery, the salesperson only gave me one key and stated they will have to find the 2nd key or order another one. On 4 and 5 February, I contacted the dealership (Mr. Robert Hart) on when I could expect to received the 2nd key to my vehicle. I have not received a reply from him. When I was looking to buy, he was was quick to contact me.

Willie Miller


Our 2011 Lacrosse CXL has been in the Critz service shop (Savannah, GA) since mid-November waiting for a part which was on "back order". Before the holidays the Critz Service Manager told me the part was due in the week of Christmas. Now he tells me they can't find a vendor for the part. I bought an American car and the dealership can't get parts for it? What kind of business is GM running? I can't begin to tell you what a negative impact this has had on my wife and me. I have had to cancel numerous meetings as well as volunteer service I had volunteered for. I am planning on buying a new car in 1-2 years. Do you think I will consider a Buick or any GM vehicle for that matter? And what do you think I will tell ALL my friends, family and acquaintances about Buick and GM? I have purchased 12 new vehicles during my life. The La Crosse was the 1st GM product and my worst experience ever!


My motor blew on my new 2017 Buick Encore with only 22,000 miles, they would not replace motor only rebuilt it. The dealership I bought If from will not offer me a trade without compensation from Buick. I am stuck paying the next 4 plus years for a car with a rebuilt motor, trade in value will be less, this is totally unsatisfactory with me! My car was not the only one that was brought in to the dealership with a blown motor, there were 3 or more, but they do not have a recall on them. I feel Buick should compensate me on this situation or I will pursue my complaint with the Attorney General and possibly legal action.


They rip people off and try to take advantage of them. ESPECIALLY woody Buick In Naperville,il.


I feel I was ripped off, also taking advantage of and I feel treated very unfairly! I wouldn’t recommend Buick to anyone!


within the first week of a new car the right side of the steering wheel does not work. I took the vehicle to the dealer and sat for an hour and half to have them tell me it is broken. I already knew that. This was on July 13th.
They cannot fix this issue and will have to order a new steering wheel, could be a month to get one, for the vehicle. So i am stuck with a piece of xx and it is now July 26th and nothing.
When people ask me how I like this vehicle and would I buy another one I can only tell the truth. NO because of the poor workmanship and customer service. The ride is nice just like my other two Buicks but the paint was chipped by rock and the rubber on the driver door is coming off and i am stuck with it.

This is not what I would expect from Buick.


We have received recall information on our Buick several times concerning under hood fire. I have made Four trips to Sam Taylor Buick and nothing has been done, first they didn’t have the part,next after waiting in their waiting room for an hour ..they had the wrong part, next time they would call me when it came in and that was months ago, I called on my last notice and was told I would be called and that was weeks ago. I consider this a memo of record documenting your inability to correct a fire hazard


On Feb. 7, 2018, customer #: 256648, I took my car to Landers 78 Goodman Rd, Southaven, MS. Due to an air leak between the front driver door and the body of the car and passenger rear door. I was told nothing was wrong with my vehicle. The service advisor, stated that there are vents inside the doors to allow air to enter the vehicle. Also, stated that cars are not sealed completely, due to a safety hazard. I advised the service advisor that on cold/windy days my left side stays cold due to the air coming in. He said, its nothing to be done.
In that case, I hate my vehicle. It's not fair for me to remain cold on the left side of my body. I will never buy another Buick Regal and definitely will not recommend it to any of my family and friend.


I traded in my 2011 Buick Enclave for a 2016 Buick Enclave. I love the Buick but I believe when you buy a brand new car it should have the new map. The 2016 map is out dated. I bought the new update for my 2011 and it is more up to date than my 2016 is. I know this for a fact because they just changed a major highway . The new map I purchased ( $199.00) for my 2011 shows the new name and the 2016 still shows the old name. This was renamed about two years ago. The new Buicks do not take a DVD or I would have kept my old map and transferred it. The website states that the newest update was in 2014. I feel that when the new update is available I should get it without purchasing it. What are your thoughts about filing a complaint against Buick?


My 2008 Buick Enclave....owned it for less than 2 years. Last year I spent $1400.00 to have the drivers power seat repaired. Recently, I have noticed a little "slippage" in the transmission when the gears were shifting & the drivers side head light was working part time. I took it to the local Buick dealer. I got a call this morning to repair the drivers head light, $1100.00. To REPLACE the transmission. $4600. I thought I had bought a high quality automobile but it seems as though it was designed and built. So THAT"S where those workers went.....they now must work for Buick...Too many mechanical problems for a Buick Enclave with under 71,000 miles on it. I've been driving Buicks since 1968, but this is my LAST one.


Bought a brand new 2015 Buick Encore which is well still under warranty. At 25,000 started burning oil like crazy. Your people had me do an oil consumption test for 2,000 miles. What a joke. Was burning 3 1/2 quarts every 200 miles. After 2 months you finally decided it was time to tear the engine down. After 7 days got the car back and the check engine light went on driving home. In 4 months have not driven it much because it's in the shop.

Really pisses me off that I paid $30,000 on this vehicle that most of the time I can't drive. Ready to pursue the lemon law as this is bull----! Writing the check every month for almost $500 makes me sick! Will never ever buy a GM product again! And I will tell my friends my lousy experience.


My Buick complaint concerns the commercials on television. They are trying to make Buick cool again, but really this car company will never be cool again. It's a freakin' Buick! They either need to change the name or stop trying, it is plain annoying and actually by trying so hard they are making themselves appear more desperate.


I went to the buick dealer for a headlight that was out. 2011 buick regal xeon headlight. 62,000. I was told seal failed . cost 1500. Got a bit upset, Mgr. cal lGM rep A Ken. He called me . was rude & had a predetermined answer. he said they would pay half. So I would pay 750 bucks for a headlight due to a faulty seal that was no fault of mine. Ken was short & after I tried to explain my position, he rescinded the offer. Explained how my Warranty was gone. Waste of time. All I did was buy the car new. I don't think I should take this hit. I was hoping GM would step up. I have been in customer service 30 yrs. Own an Ins. agency. If I treated people like this, I would be out of business! I am hoping we can move forward, I realize that my warranty is gone but I would hope that you would back your product. Trust me I will tell this story to everyone that calls me. They should know what to expect.


I looked around for a perfect car with style, nice color, better mileage and with internet which I got in Buick when I booked the right car ENCORE 2014. Best specifications, comfort seating, good servicing, best engines are the main features of Buick automobiles. Verano, Regal, Lacrosse, Encore, Enclave are the different models available with exciting cashback offers. I recommend Buick brand for comfortable journeys, customer centric services around the globe. If you want to enjoy the complete comfortness, please choose Buick cars for tis amazing performance on road.

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