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Autotrader is a privately owned online retailer for both sellers/buyers of new and used cars. It is reported that 14 million qualified buyers are attracted each month. Revenues recently reported at US 1 billion and the company was founded in 1998.

To receive Autotrader support call toll free 1-800-353-9350. You may also find contact information here. To write CEO, Sanford Schwartz, address your correspondence to their head offices at 3003 Summit Blvd., Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 33301.

Utilizing innovative marketing, multiple online photos, comprehensive search-locate-advertise methods Auto Trader also markets auto loans and auto insurance. Social presence is found on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube

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Hi my wife and I sold a car to Eddy car sales ltd
He operates from Nottingham.
He took the car on the 23rd of February and still not paid the balance of £5.000 pounds.
He now refuses to speak to us via text message saying he has had enough!!!
The police can't help untill he sells it then it's stolen but how do we know?
Please try to help us in this matter.
Kind regards John & Tina Mather.


I sold a 2004 Thunderbird Pacific Coast Roadster one of a thousand in Auto Trader. It was hard to sell it due to false advertising by customers trying to pass off their 2004 Thunderbirds as Pacific Coast Roadsters. I have been trying with emails and phone calls to have these cars removed. As of today there are 10 Pacific Coast roadsters for sale. 5 are fake. Real Pacific Coast Roadsters have a 63 in their Vin.#. They all came in green. They all have a # stamped in their glove compartment. This is what I passed on to Autotrader with no response.


dealer told me to pay £100 deposit to hold on 13/12.18
since found out few problems with car history check
told i would take it for test drive on 17/12/18
if not happy refund
phoned to say i did not want car he said no refund not fair
willenhall trade cars uk 07939368594
blue diahatsu FE07CPY
kind regards richard
01952 261733


I paid for a auto ad only to find out they do not offer there auto adds in Wisconsin in there brochure which has been in existence for a long time!


I saw an advertisement for a 2015 Volkswagen Toureg on Autotrader from Day Apollo dealership in Pittsburgh. Advertised price was $51,000.00. Went to dealership. Decided to purchase it. Dealer notified me that sales price was now $54,000.00. Dealer stated that if it was a cash deal then price was $51,000.00. If financed through Volkswagen then price was $54,000.00. Complained that Autotrader advertisement did not disclose this. Dealership rejected complaint and maintained price was $54,000.00. Purchased vehicle anyway. Have complained about this since purchase to both Volkswagen oversight people and to dealership itself. Oversight people of no help whatsoever and dealership still maintains that it is not committing deceptive advertising. Volkswagen and/or Day Apollo dealership is committing fraudulent advertising. Advertising one price to lure customers to dealership, then increasing price once there. This is fraudulent and deceptive.


I have been looking out for a used car and did lot of research online. Then I came across Autotrader and wow, what a place. More cars to choose from, and my only real complaint is the cost to list your vehicle is fairly high. Has anyone ever read any complaints online against Autotrader? They have a wide range of selection based on your budget. There are cars under $10,999. We found the perfect choice of car for ourselves and got it delivered within 2 days. The car was in good working condition. No problems at all, it was delivered neat, car washed and well kept.


I was very pleased with the service I received at Auto Trader. I was looking out to sell out my Volkswagen Polo and after getting a positive review about Auto Trader, I have given an advertisement on the website. To my surprise, within 4 days I received the best deals. I am happy with Auto Trader for their service and the best deals they have given. One could see how many people have viewed the advertisement which is indeed one of the good part of Auto Trader. If you are looking for the sale of your car, look no more and give this to Auto Trader. Highly recommended.

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