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Where to begin? I've got a three year lease on a 2018 A4, and after about 28 months I can honestly say that this has been the single most frustrating and disappointing lease experience I've ever had. As an aside, my wife and I have together probably leased 20 or more high end cars in our lives). Anyway, the car runs fine, but the problems with service (frequency and cost) have been beyond belief. I'll give you some examples:
After 15 months and only 14,000 miles I had to replace my high performance tires - cost: $1,800; after 1 1/4 years the car developed a clicking noise in one of the tires.... six visits later (after the problem got worse and worse with each service) the problem was finally fixed; new brakes needed after only 20 months or so at a cost of $1,300+; flat tire (I bought the insurance for this when I leased the car).....before bringing the car in I called and was told I could wait on site and it would be less than an turned out to be over two hours. Today, I got a warning on my dashboard telling me to check the coolant level before driving further.... so I took the car into South bay Audi in Torrance CA.....I was told that because I didn't have an appointment (duh, it was an emergency!) it would take over two hours to look at and would cost at least $220. I asked why something that should take five minutes (adding coolant) would cost $220. I then got a rude reply that those are the protocols. I said fine, I'll just buy some coolant in the Audi parts department and put the coolant in myself. I asked the service advisors if they could show me where the coolant goes in the car, but was told no can do. Finally I lost it and ended up getting into a shouting match with the service reps in your Torrance CA service dept.

Seriously, if there was any way to turn this car in a few months early prior to the lease expiration I would jump at it. I just feel like all Audi cares about is gouging the public on maintenance costs, almost as if profit margins on the sale of cars is too low and you try to make it up by charging insane amounts on service. I can afford the absurd costs, but I'm pretty sure most can't. Oh, one more thing....when I got the car I was given something like six free months of what I think was Audi Connect. It was a total waste except for the traffic module that had Google Earth. When the six months was up I asked how I could keep just the traffic and was told I would have to purchase Audi Connect with all of the other useless stuff for something like $500 per year. I said forget it...just let me know how I can get traffic using Sirius XM (which I have)....and of course I was told that this was impossible because Audi is not compatible with Sirius XM traffic. As I said, this has been the worst car experience of my life. I will never purchase another Audi, and believe me, I've told plenty of people about my experience with this car. It's almost as if the company goes out of its way to make the customer unhappy, in so may ways....very strange.


I am complaining about my 2012 Audi 4 Quatro. I have had nothing but problems with this car since I bought it. I have had 2 water pumps put in and now it has to the valve cover gasket replaced and the timing chain gasket to the tune of a few grand. I have always owned Toyotas and never had these kind of problems nor this expense. As soon as I get my car back I am going to sell it and move on. this is the worst car I have ever owned. It is a money pit and I am afraid to travel in it because I am worried about breaking dow. I have had tom replace brake calipers water pumps gaskets and tires. This car only has 68000 miles on it and has been maintained properly. I will nevfer buy another German car. I doubt you will do anything to help me but I thought I would let you know. I am also going to write to consumers.


My Audi has had the manifold replace in July when my car completely shut off while I was driving. I took it to North Bergen NJ repair center and It took them a few days for parts and replacement, that was back in July 2019. On September 20 , 2019, I was driving on a local road when the same exact thing happened to me, again. The car shut off on me while I was driving with my child. I had to call road side assistance and have it towed for the second time. That was a Friday night. Saturday morning my husband called them about 11am because we weren't sure if the car was there or not because no one called us to let us know. Service Center said they were swamped and probably wouldn't look at it until Monday. Here we are Monday at 320pm, still no word from Service Center and no updates. I called and was unable to speak with anyone who could provide me with any information about my car. Christin answered the call and say she didn't have any information other then the manifold has to be replaced again. Andrew the service clerk was unavailable. I asked to speak with Bill Service Manager and according to her he was busy walking around. At this point I have not received a call from anyone from this Service Center (NORTH BERGEN, NJ) to explain what is wrong with my car and how long it will be there. If this is the kind of service Audi costumers RECIEVE.... IT is not worth the amount of money I pay for this car. Audi is not living up the reputation for the quality and safety of their vehicles, in my opinion. I could have been in two serious car accidents with my car shutting off on my while I was driving. Very disappointed with this quality of service as well. NOT EVEN A CALLL BACK!!!!!!!!! I will be looking into legal action if my vehicle needs additional work on the same part. I have dealt with many car companies and by far this has been the worst service department ever!!!! HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!


I sent my son to Audi of Northlake (Charlotte, NC) to have his oil changed and tires balanced/rotated. Once the service was complete, he was given a bill for $238.19. I've been a car owner for 23yrs, I've never paid $238.19 for these services and I've owned high end cars. I've contacted the Service Consultants, left a couple of messages bc apparently he was with other customers, I have yet to receive a return call back. I believe he took advantage of my son bc he was a teenager and didn't know any better. This is sad and I do not have any plans on visiting this facility in the future but I would love to know how and why he was what I feel overcharged?



I purchased an 2017 audio A3 on match 26 2019 when I got home I noticed a cracked in the windshield. I immediately contacted my sales person on his cell he assured me not to worry he would take care of it. On today 4/10/19 lamont my sales person came to my job took my car to return it in the same condition with a message from vinney sales manager it's the best he can do. We want the windshield replaced not sealed. This should not have been sold without inspection. He promised a call back none as of now. This needs to be replaced ads not sealed.


Took my 2014vAudi Q5 in for routine service 11/7/18 to Clarksburg WV Audi. I go in for service annually at this location. I do not drive the car much during the summer so when I begin driving it usually Sept / Oct is when I take it in. The vehicle has 44,745 miles time of service in November and was ready for the 45,000 mile inspection. They did the routine checklist and everything was green boxed BUT the next morning my low tire pressure light was on so I stopped to check the tires and they were ALL 28 lbs or less BUT they checked on the paperwork that tire pressure was good - s/b 34-38 lbs. ALL tires were very low and they obviously did not check the tire pressure. Then March 15th I noticed the car was running poorly, note that I do not drive this car daily, so I mentioned to my husband. It also 'jerked' when you step on the accelerator which it never did previously. My husband checked the air filter and found it was loaded with dirt EVEN THOUGH it was checked as Result Acceptable on the multi point inspection form. They obviously did not check the air filter as they noted and then we found the air filter was replaced in Oct 2015 - 3 years ago at 25,000 miles!!!! No one mentioned I needed an air filter Nov 2018 or I would have had them replace it like they did in 2015 - it was noted on my invoice that I was notified it needed an air filter and I authorized them to replace in 2015. They did not check the air filter like they did not check the tire pressure at my last inspection Nov 2018. What else did they NOT check? I have no trust in them at all and I will never take my Audi back to them. The dealer I purchased the car from Day Audi in Monroeville PA has gone out of business with Audi so I am now looking for a trustworthy Audi dealer. Thank you


i buy one car in my life and becsuse of this car will get divorse
audi A6 2.5 OH MY GOD


Our Q7 is part of the settlement for emissions. We took it in for 65000 service before really understanding what the settlement was about. Shortly after the trip to the service department, the check engine light came on. We have had this vehicle in under warranty service for lights on the dash coming on before. We did not really think much about it. It went off and then came on again. After receiving additional information in the mail regarding the emissions settlement, we completed the paperwork and turned in the vehicle for service. The dealership (Audi of Temecula CA) stated that all repairs had to be completed before the emissions work could be done. Then ran the diagnostics and it was the exhaust gas temp sensor (EMISSIONS!!!). Audi of Temecula stated that we must pay for this bad Bosch part before they could do the emissions systems modification.

We were clearly duped when we bought this "clean" diesel vehicle and now are part of a settlement from both Audi and Bosch. Our complaint is when the part that is bad is emissions related and didn't happen until after it was serviced, we were responsible for paying to have it repaired. We feel that Audi is clearly trying to recoup money from the settlement by having customers pay for repairs that should be covered under emissions.

We have had bad service with the numerous times we took the Q7 for repairs when dash lights were on, we were duped when buying a "clean" diesel car, and now when Audi and Bosch are to make amends to their customers, they have found another way to dupe us.

We paid the money Reference invoice #17746 for customer #101376 on 1-12-19, however, we did indicate that we dispute this charge for the sensor.

We would appreciate a response and an explanation for why were charged for this repair when it is clearly EMISSIONS related. Audi was forced by a judge to do the right thing for its customers. We hope that Audi has learned from this and will contact us to make this right. At this point, we have no trust with Audi and its service. That is really awful when we are driving around a $70,000 vehicle.

Contact us by phone:
Contact us by email:

We are writing this with hopes for a resolution, but we are doubtful we will even be contacted. So we are even more doubtful it will be resolved. This is really unfortunate for a company that touts luxury and class.

Dwayne and Kandera Barnett
28917 Bristol Road
Temecula, CA 92591


I brought my S3 in to my Audi dealer after losing a couple tires to a pothole and then also had the 20k service. After getting the car back I immediately noticed the car was very sloppily washed with water spots all over windows and doors. I then inspected the nice new tires and noticed the rims were dirty and still had the rubber transfer from hitting the pothole. This appeared to be just half-ass work and service I'd expect from a Midas or local greasy mechanic NOT from a highly regarded Audi dealer. If that wasn't enough I decided to open the air cleaner and found an airbox full of dust, dirt and debris. And by not blowing the debris out it set me up with an airbox that could immediately clog the airfilter and reduce the performance of my car ; which, ironically, was receiving scheduled maintenance that its whole purpose is to maintain the life and performance of the car.
Not to be outdone I noticed on the 'know your vehicle' info attached to my invoice was ERRONEOUS. I was given another person's personal info and what I imagine is now my information is in the hands of someone else. I'm baffled as to how this comedy of errors took place but to put it mildly I'm very dissatisfied with the poor service, carelessness, inattention to detail and outright neglect.


I brought my S3 in to my Audi dealer after losing a couple tires to a pothole and then also had the 20k service. After getting the car back I immediately noticed the car was very sloppily washed with water spots all over windows and doors. I then inspected the nice new tires and noticed the rims were dirty and still had the rubber transfer from hitting the pothole. This appeared to be just half-ass work and service I'd expect from a Midas or local greasy mechanic NOT from a highly regarded Audi dealer. If that wasn't enough I decided to open the air cleaner and found an airbox full of dust, dirt and debris. And by not blowing the debris out it set me up with an airbox that could immediately clog the airfilter and reduce the performance of my car ; which, ironically, was receiving scheduled maintenance that its whole purpose is to maintain the life and performance of the car.
Not to be outdone I noticed on the 'know your vehicle' info attached to my invoice was ERRONEOUS. I was given another person's personal info and what I imagine is now my information is in the hands of someone else. I'm baffled as to how this comedy of errors took place but to put it mildly I'm very dissatisfied with the poor service, carelessness, inattention to detail and outright neglect.




Audi of Nashville, Tennessee has had my 2013 Audi S4 for almost 6 weeks now with no solution to the problem. One morning, March 3rd, when I went to leave for work, after starting the vehicle, I heard a loud knock coming from the engine compartment. I never drove the vehicle, I immediately made arrangements to haul the vehicle to Audi of Nashville for service. Upon arriving, I was told that I could not get a loaner car for up to 7 days, which put me out of a vehicle. I was later told that the Flywheel was the issue, which led them to order one that supposedly came from Germany. I waited a week and a half for it to arrive, with them telling me that it would solve the issue. Unfortunately it did not fix the issue.

Ryan Lewis, the service manager told me that after over 20 hours of running tests, that a field representative was being sent to help diagnose the issue. Ryan was dishonest, because I field rep was never sent, although I was told one was there. Later the technicians came to the conclusion that the timing chain, and timing chain tensioner needed to be replaced, and that would solve the issue. I waited another 2 weeks, 4 weeks at this point, for them to tell me it would be ready on Friday, April 1st. The issue was not resolved. Ryan and my service advisor, Bobby Patterson were very rude through the entire process telling me that they would get around to resolving the issue and never calling to inform me on the process, I have made all of the calls to touch base.

Later I contacted the GM of the dealership, Robert Hartman, whom informed me the issue WOULD be resolved on April 5th, and I wasn't surprised when it was completed. Wednesday, April 6th, Ryan Lewis told me that the issue was still under investigation, that a field representative was being sent to help diagnose the issue.

My vehicle has been at the dealership for over 30 days with no diagnosis. The vehicle is under warranty, and the issue was obviously not caused by an outside source, as it pertains to something down in the mechanics of the motor. I currently live in Lewisville, Arkansas, 8 hours from the Nashville dealership where my vehicle is. I have their loaner vehicle, and I have offered to return it upon the dealership buying my S4 from me, at trade in value. Ryan Hartman accepted the offer, but later declined it. I am in a horrible situation and I need answers. I have contacted my attorney of the issue, and I have legal rights in this situation.


An Audi service advisor rear ended another car on a test drive and totaled my red 2005 keepsake A8. Red because the factory painted it special for me. The car was in immaculate condition. Audi turned it over to their insurance company and never spoke to me again after the initial call to tell it was crashed on a test drive.

I am saddened by the lost of the car and I am saddened Audi made zero effort to communicate with me. The insurance agent was the only one who I heard from. Where did I get the idea Audi was special? Where is common curiosity? What happened to care for the customer?


On 23rd October 2014, I took my Audi A2 into the Cheshire Oaks Audi Dealer as the Glow Plug Light was constantly on. I booked it to have it looked at and repaired. It cost £114.76.

On collection, I was told I needed to book it again to have the knocking noise on the front driver's side looked at and was told I needed new brake pads.

On 18th November, the car went in to have new brake pads fitted and the knocking noise looked at. During the time the car was in the garage, Audi rang me to say after replacing the brake pads I needed new discs. I then received another phone call from Audi to say I needed two new tires, which would cost £1211.44.

On collection I was told that my car was due for its MOT which I booked it in for. I asked Audi if they could check out what was causing my car to lose its power when I was driving on the Motorway.

On 26th January 2015, the car went into Audi to have its MOT and for them to check what was causing the car to lose its power. I received a phone call from Audi to say they would have to keep the car in the garage as it needed a new fuel filter. I then received another phone call to say the car wouldn't start after the mechanic had replaced the fuel filter, and I told them I had never had a problem starting the car. Audi said I needed a new fuel pump. After Audi had my car for over three days, I phoned to say I needed my car for work, I also asked if the car had passed its MOT and they said yes it had. This trip cost £528.19

On collection, I was told one of the tires had a large nail in it and to keep my eye on it, the problem with the knocking noise had not been sorted and the service department said they thought it was the shock absorbers and that it was a big job which would cost a lot.

I decided to test drive the car on the Motorway to make sure the car was not losing its power after Audi had changed the fuel filter and fuel pump and to my horror it did lose its power so Audi had not sorted the problem. On my way back home I stopped to put some Diesel in the car as I thought it was low on fuel but the pump at the garage would only let me put £14 pounds of Diesel in and the fuel gauge did not move. I also noticed the thermostat was not working either and both were working when my car went into Audi.

I rang the Audi garage to complain that the problem with the car losing power had not been resolved and also both the fuel gauge and thermostat were not working.

I was asked to take the car back to Audi and they would get the mechanic to do a test drive. When I spoke to the manager about the gauges not working, he said they would be nothing to do with the fuel filter and fuel pump being replaced.

Whilst on the test drive with the mechanic, the car lost its power and the mechanic told me I needed a new Turbo and he would give me a price when we got back to the garage. I was then told it would be £1600 plus £30 to sort the new fuel gauge out but the car was safe to drive locally.

I decided enough was enough with the Audi garage who I thought was a very reputable garage and that my car would have been sorted out properly but this was not the case. I took my car to a local garage for them to have a look at the knocking noise and it turned out it was the rollbar and should never have passed its MOT. They also fixed the Turbo as it was the vacuum hose that was off !! Only cost £160

I was advised to go to another local garage to have the fuel gauge and thermostat replaced as the mechanic that worked there was Audi trained. I was told that the fuel gauge not working would have something to do with the new fuel pump being fitted as there is a floater which if caught would stop it working. The mechanic also looked at the tire Audi said had a large nail in it and was there when he took a very small screw out which was lodged between the tread.

To add insult to injury the Audi Service department told me I ought to look for another car when they had their sales as my little Audi A2 was going to cost more money than it was worth. I am considering going to Trading Standards over Audi passing my car for its MOT when it clearly should not have been passed.


My 2013 Audi A4 was fine until just past warranty of 50,000 miles. It started to use oil. By 80,000 miles it was using a quart of oil every 1,200 to 1,500 miles based on City or Freeway driving. At 87,000 miles it had a total piston and rings failure in Cylinder #4. My first contact with Audi is as follows:

" With precise oil changes at Audi Specification, all documentation maintained, at 87,000 I had a complete piston and ring failure in Cylinder #4. Cylinder #4 Zero compression and compression leak into the crankcase. Engine replacement was $8,700. I would like to be contacted immediately by Audi regarding this. Please contact me at the above address, phone, and email. By the way, I see 6,000 financial professionals, venture capitalists and tech professionals and executives a year personally, in San Francisco, Marin County, and the East Bay of San Francisco. They all ask me how I like my Audi. What do you want me to say ? "


I have an Audi Q5 model 2010. The car is on 120,000km, and it was in the dealer service shop in Saudi. I have a big issue with the engine oil leaking inside the engine block and the turbocharger is not working properly. I have made all the required services every 15,000km in the dealer service shop, and during that time, I complained alot about low oil level every 2500 km. It is a manufacturing defect and Audi doesn't want to accept that. They have to accept that Audi engine life is only 120,000km or they have to fix the engine or buy the car. None of that was accepted and they want me to pay about 7000 US$.


the abovementioned vehicle was owned by me since the year 2005 , it was a 2003 model and was sold to me by the authorised Malaysia Audi dealer known as EUROMOBIL SDN BHD.

Since then I have spend approximately RM100,000.00 cash on the repairs and maintenance of the car and it can be said that the car have parked and stayed longer in the audi approved workshop rather than for my usage.

I was advised to change complete transmission unit because of mechanical fault (clutches slip) and then it was instructed by Audi Euromobil workshop to pay the sum of Ringgit Malaysia Eleven Thousand Six Hundred Forty Two and Five Sen (RM11,642.05) (in which 40% was requested to be paid upfront for them to proceed ordering the gearbox)

Upon their confirmation that the Gearbox has been repaired, I have paid the balance and other charges in full.

During driving the car, it is still in the state of repair by blinking of the ABS lights and upon checked by independent mechanic it was confirmed that no new gearbox replaced.

After the head of sales and service person in-charge NORAMALI requested for the car to be send for repairing and replacing for new unit of the gearbox, at the Audi Workshop at ESB Audi Temasya, Euromobil Sdn Bhd., Lot 27, Jalan Pelukis U1/46, Seksyen U1, Kawasan Perindustrian Temasya, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

ON 7TH May 2009, it was not carried out until today the repairing as in fact on 4th December 2009, a temporary car was provided and never informed about the car ready to drive or to use with comfort and safety by let me to test drive.

without any notice an action taken against me personally and injured by reputation as a Advocates & Solicitors by filing an action in High Court of Malaya. The car is now like a scrap metal at the workshop parked without care.

Hope to hear from you soonest possible as I have suffered severe damages.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Bala Subramaniam @ SBS Maniam Associates


Audi has been running an ad on the Audiusa wbesite advertising 1.9% on all CPO Audis. I went to the dealership in Gwinnett County Georgia, Rick Case Cars also known as Gwinnett Audi. The sales manager told me my rate would be 2.9% and that is all he could do. I purchased the car. Afterwards, I called the 800 number to discover that the dealership should have honored the rate if my credit score was qualifying. My credit score was quite above the minimum. I am filing a complaint with the BBB and other offices in Georgia including the attorney generals office as well as the new CFPB. Either Audi is false advertising, the dealer is crooked or there is a disconnect with corporate and it's dealers which amounts to false advertising if the dealer isn't following corporate marketing initiatives. I have contacted the dealership and Audi Financial to rectify, without any assistance. They have left me no choice as I have been victimized by the dealership and Audi Financial knows about it. It has been over a week with any returned calls. This is accustomed to bait and switch and other unlawful retail blunders.


This is to put to your kind notice that i had recently booked an A-6 through your employee Mr. Rohit Suri. I had given an amount of Rs. 2,00,000/- in favor of REGENT GARAGE Pvt. Ltd. Due to some major financial issues I had to get the booking canceled. And within 3 days prior to the booking i had informed Mr. Rohit Suri that I'll not be able to purchase the car so you kindly return my booking amount. After this I'm hearing from your side that you'll be deducting an amount of Rs. 50,000/- from the booking amount. I sincerely request you to not to make such deductions as U'r carrying such a big brand name and Rs. 50,000/- is not a small amount. May be for you it is but for me its something too big. I really want someone concerned to look deep into this matter and understand your customers crises. It would indeed be a great pleasure if I'll be listened over this.


I live in west lafayette, IN and drive an 99 Audi A8. Three weeks ago I had an immobilizer problem. I took my car to the Lafayette, IN Mike Raisor Audi dealer in Lafayette, IN. I have not had a call back yet. A week ago I went in on a sunday and was told that they were short a staff member due to training. I was told that my car would be looked at by monday. It is now Friday. I am getting ready to go into the dealer tomorrow to see what is taking them. I am very dissatisfied with Audi/Wv. My dad just purchased a new Jetta. I hope this kind of service is not to be expected or I will make sure everyone I know does not shop there.


June 2011, I took my car in for service regarding an oil leak. I was told by the service advisor that the fluid I saw was probably coming from the transmission and the only way to know for sure would be to allow them to drain and refill it however, there was no oil leak.
I chose not to have that done, instead I had the engine cleaned off and continued to monitor the leak. Around
May of 2012, I took my car back in and told them the leak was still present. They kept my car over night and it was determined after a diagnosis that the oil was coming from the nipple that had been broken off of the p filter cap. Approximate replacement cost would be $245.00 dollars. My concern then and is still if the leak was coming from the bottom left side of the vehicle (where the oil filter is) then why is there oil on top of the transmission?
Now, there is oil visibly leaking on my garage floor coming from the right side of the vehicle. Because this was addressed during my warranty period, I'm I eligible to have my problem fixed.


I recently purchased a second hand Audi A5 2.0T . It was serviced before I bought it and the oil was changed. The car had done 33,000 miles and after driving 1,000 miles the oil indicator advised I needed to add 1 litre of oil. I tried to manually check the oil and discovered you do not fit an oil dipstick to this particular car. I duly added the oil trusting Audi technology. After another 200 miles the oil level warning sounded again which made me naturally suspicious. I called the local Audi dealer in Slough and they advised me that Audi cars can use at least a litre of oil per 1000 miles so I added another litre. This stopped the warning sound so I continued my short journey to work. When I arrived at the car park I switched off the ignition and out of curiosity turned it on again. The warning sound came on again. I called the dealer and they advised me to call my breakdown service and have the car delivered to them and they would check it over. I now need to pay a £319.00 bill to have the oil level checked, which was found to be overfilled, the oil drained and refilled to the correct level and the FAULTY sensor replaced. Do Audi think this is the correct end to this problem which clearly exists due to my inability to manually check the oil?
I look forward to reading your comments on this matter.
John Vance


I purchase a new A5 Cabriolet in March of 2011. This was done in the evening in Fort Meyers Florida. After the deal was done my wife and drove from Fort Meyers to our Venice Florida home, about 1 hour, 15 minutes. It was night when we left the dealer with the new car. Upon inspection the next day, there were 2 marks, one scratch on the inside of the windshield and one within the windshield itself. I took the car back to the dealer about 2 weeks later when the marks continued to annoy me.

The dealer suggested that I was responsible for theses faults. They called in a glass company and they could do nothing. In the meantime, I drove the car to my Indiana summer home and an friend who works in the automotive glass business in Indiana looked at the defects and stated the one mark was a defect from the factory as it is internal or imbedded in the glass. This one is in my line of sight. It is very visible and it upsets me that the dealer did not make it right by replacing the windshield.

The other mark or scratch I tried to remove with glass scratch remover without success. I am very disappointed with the dealer.


i have a 2011 audi a8 and my i phone will not work via blue tooth in the vehiclel i purchased the car at schneider nelson in eatontown, nj. i have brought the car car there no less than three times. i was told it was because i had verizon instead of att. they tested it with a salesperson's att i phone and it worked. i explained that the phone works in my wifes a4, and my partners a5, and my friends a8 of the same year. nonetheless i changed carriers at a cost of $250. and of course the phone and mmi system closes down every five minutes.

i then gave up and and tried dch dealership in millburn nj. i explained the problem, and told them i needed a new blue tooth module, i even checked with parts to be sure they had it in stock before i wasted my time going there. need i say that when i went there the module was not replaced,; and the second phone i purchased shuts down the mmi system. i don't know how many customers buy new cars every 2-3 years, but i know my next 2 vehicles will not be an audi. why a $ 95,000 car will not work with the most common phone sold in the word is beyond me .


Dear Audi, I'm proud owner of 2 Audi A6 cars. I had problem early in December with one of them model 2010. the whole MMI system is not working I i have humming noise coming from the steering wheel. also the gear box is not shifting smoothly. this is my 4th time to get it checked with no solution. I booked this appointment in 5th of december but they said their schedule is too busy they can only accept the car in 25th December.

I took the car there and it took them 6 working days to just check the car. then the called me and they said as usual we don't have the spare parts and we have to order it from Germany. now it has been 47 Days since i booked the appointment and the car is out of use for all that period. I need a resolution as quick as possible I really cannot accept that from Audi. I believe service should be better than this please I need your help. otherwise I would be forced to contact Audi AG directly.

Workshop is Riyadh Khurais Road.

Saudi Arabia

Car VIN number is WAUBGC4F6AN009940


4/29/2013 Steven had an accident.

The car first hit the left side (when the airbags on the left burst out) then it didn't stop and continue to travel at 2 o'clock direction and finally stop by hitting hard on the wall. But a luxury car like Audi R5 the airbags on right hand side didn't come out to protect during final crash... fortunately Steven managed to survive the crash.

The driver seat is on right hand side but only the left hand side air bag is burst out. NO PROTECTION TO THE DRIVER!!


I am residing in jeddah. My company SCI gave me Audi Q5 2011 model.Webought this ca Ist JAn 2011 .I was very happy to drive Q5 brand new car. Iwas drivingA4 before we bought.Surprising to note tha exactly after one month the screen showed low level oil.I was very much disturbed. My driver went to Audi work shop jeddah, Dealer is SAmaco .

To my surprise they did not bother to check& they just added 1 litter oil .Again after 30 days same problem of low level oil occurred.Same action & added 1 litre oil.This kept on going. Lowlevel oil& addition of oil is continued till to date This month Low level oil showed twice and was fed up.

Sent the driver to work shop with clear instruction to drop the car at work shop and hand over the key to workshop manager.This time my driver connected to Mr.Hakim who spoke to me nicely & assured me to solve the problem but you have to leave your car here for two weeks for which I agreed.

He was a good man.I am going to mention here that for the ist time I went there , manager over there was not ready to listen.This time I spoke to him. Fortunately I got his mobile number otherwise this would have been difficult.He was on lunch ,promised to call me back.

He called and explained him the same low level oil problem and requested him to provide me a car till such time .but he refused.My simple question is that is this Audico for which I was dreaming to drive the car.i have bitter experience now & would never buy this car again.This car should be replaced & I would not accept canablization.

I have driven only 47000 km. in just two years . By paying money I have procured a Big Headache.i would wait what action will be taken.I have lost hope from AUDI . My mobile no. 0096650560668


There is is no doubt about the quality of Audi car. It is a great car. It was only recently when I took my car to Bahrain Agent for the 30 KM service, that I discovered the quality of the client servicing and dealing with clients. It was not only that they have not even repair what I reported to them "Suspension problem", but they also spoiled other parts in the car, Fuel Pump and the Camera. It was so dangerous to drive the car with an obvious leak in the fuel pump with all the smell surrounding the car. The Audi represetative assured me after TWO times of taking the car back due to the smell, that it is just a matter of time for the smell to go away. The second time, he admitted that there was something wrong with the fuel pump and this was fixed, as he claimed, only after 2 days after that, I fully filled the car with the fuel, and it was only one day with the car being just parked in my garage, that the fuel was leaked fully. I called the Agent and they collected the car, then they admitted that the fuel pump was cracked and requires change.
They took 3 weeks the first time to complete the service and call me to collect the car. I have reported the issue of suspension, strangely, they said there is no issue with it, although, they at the meantime, confirmed to me that they could not drive the car because of the issue in the Tires !! what a contradiction ??

My point here is that, for a great car like Audi, the expecation for customer services is very high since it is a luxury car. It seems first that the client facing and people in Bahrain office need some kind of training in dealing with the customers. Second, I am not sure that the people who actually run the Garage are capable enough to deal with Car issues. Until now, I am still waiting for my car, after spending almost one month following up and visiting the showroom, just to hear the status of my car. Further more, no body even bother to offer me a replacement car, although I was begging to have one.

I know a lot of executives at our bank and other banks also who own Audi. I am not sure what is their experience with Audi. At some point, I would really love to hear their feedback and share my experience with them. By the way, my car is only 3 years old, and this is the firt time I ever have a problem with the car, unfortunately, this gives you a good indicaiton that your agent failed the test the first time they have been challenged !

Please take the above complaint positively, and I am hoping to receive a good news about my car, hopefully !!


I have a 2004 TT, with 45,000 miles. In the past 3 years, I have had to replace an air bag, and air bag switch, costing me over $1000. Now the air bag light has come on again. I can not understand how the air bag system keeps failing, and I'm tired of paying for it. I have 3 other cars of similar age, include an Audi A4, and have not had an issue with air bags. I consider this a design flaw, and strongly insist that Audi repair this for free.


My Audi A4 was towed to Audi Fourways by Audi South Africa on 17 November 2012, have since failed to update me on the status of my car. To get a courtesy vehicle, I had to fight tooth and nail. Today is the 19th of December 2012 (over a month since this dealership took delivery of my car). In all that time, I have had no feedbacks, updates, or anything from the service advisor Sharon. To date, I have no idea what is wrong with my car - they advised Audi SA who then informed me, that my car would be ready for collection on 20th December. I have just got of the phone with one of the other employees at Audi Centre Fourways who has now just advised me that Sharon is on leave (was not aware of this), and that my car will only be available in January. This is unacceptable. I now have to hire a vehicle (at my cost) for the next 7 days to ensure my kids still get their holiday. As a loyal long-standing Audi fan and vehicle owner, I am utterydissapointed at the level of service by Audi Fourways. This have never happened to me before, it has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth, wondering if I need to change car makes.

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