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We booked an Apple vacation through our travel agent Absolute Travel to Cancun from Denver. The shuttle at the airport picked us up and began to drive us to the Barcelo Maya Resort.
During the trip, at full ear piercing volume, all I heard was to be weary of anyone not wearing an Apple Vacation blue shirt. "Run away" from anyone offering you a tour anywhere in Mexico that isn't an Apple Vacation representative. They will "rip you off" and worse. "It is imperative that you meet with you Apple rep. at the resort TODAY!" This was very annoying, we couldn't go anywhere, we were stuck in traffic, in the bus, listening to the sales pitch.
At the resort I received a phone call from Jesus and Violet every morning at 9:00am and other times at 8:00am!!! This is absolutely unacceptable!! I will never use Apple Vacations again! And I am telling all my friends to never use Apple Vacations! This worse than the time share people EVER WERE!!
Michael Baranoff


I'm filing this complaint while holding on line to speak with someone and make a payment on my vacation. It has been 40 minutes so far. I called last night and was on hold for 50 minutes before hanging up. This is not what I would call excellent customer service if you are paying $8000 for a vacation you should not be on hold for a hour to make a payment. Help please


I was trying to book a vacation to the Dominican Republic now for over 4 weeks. The agent that responded to my initial call passed me on to another person that never returned my calls. After reading all the complains with Apple I'm now glad I was not able to book with Apple. I used a local travel agency and they got my family of 8 needing 4 rooms booked by the end of the day! Apple Vacations is loosing a lot of business because of poor communication to your customers!!!


0 stars!!I was quoted a price for my Vow Renewal in Cabo, MX - Dec. 2019, for family and friends. It was like pulling teeth to get the young lady Kristen Hillegass to return phone calls or respond to emails. After several weeks of trying to get updates on this contract, I receive it with significant rate increases. 1st, I clearly understand rates go up until you lock in with deposits, but I can't do that without the contract. Once I received it, we have 24 hours and that wasn't enough time to get family on board with the huge increases with their rates and fees. Once I received it, I replied to Ms. Hillegass right away and ask for some clarity regarding the rates. I wanted to work out something, because my family was sooo excited. I was even willing to pay extra for some of my guest. My husband and I were using our resort membership at a discount, so I would have been able to help. NO Response!, I Call and left a message, NO Call Back. I sent her an email complaining and explaining why we couldn't get this done, and right away she sends me the response - about how I didn't understand and my plans had changed. Need less to say, Vow renewal will not happen, my family and friends are disappointed and we are out of $300 - that we paid HardRock because of the information I received from Ms. Hillegass. I was trying to upload our conversation...


I booked a trip April 20th to the 27th 2019 in the Dominican Republic. I paid for my cousin and his wife to go as well.. I did not get the insurance on our trip as my husband and my family have been going there for many years, unfortunately he has past away 3 days ago at the age of 52 and just retired from serving on the police department for 24 years. Im being told that i can not get my money back due to not having insurance. His wife does not have the money to pay me back nor does she want to go without her husband. Im asking if this is true due to a passing of a person, you still will not give a refund? If you need a copy of a death certificate, i can provide that.

I need a answer to this question so i can figure out what my next step will be - im the one out of the money, and i cant afford that either.
Thank you
Paula Schuk
(716) 410-1553


I called Feb. 2019 and booked a MAUI trip with Peggy McCormick such a wonderful speaking woman who I thought understood my situation. It is our 50th anniversary. She emailed me my itenary and I told her I was not good on the computer. Staring in March I called her 4 times no call back.
I called and talked with Bob he could not help me print my itenary, I thought I needed it for the airport to get our tickets. I finally reached Peggy on 3/13/19 she gave me the help desk. I spoke with Joanne and we could not get my itenary to print. She than asked me why I wanted to print it and I told her for the airlines. Joanne told me that in 41 days I would receive a packet with all my info. This would be after I have paid for our trip. I will NEVER use apple vacations again. I will let everyone I can NOT TO. BOOKING # AP 8000 RE


I booked a package back in October 2018 - Unfortunately we had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, apple vacations said they would refund part of it and give us credit for the air. Today... I have been trying to talk to someone , since 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.) to book another package and use my credit to no avail. This is frustrating - I need to use this credit and book something else - can't talk to anyone, no number or customer service e-mails :0(


I want to say, this is an old complaint but it stuck with me and my husband enough to skip our annual vacation with apple and take vacation within the states. I should have said something last year, but I was so disappointed and vowed to not use apple again. And we didn't.

Me and my husband went to Mexico to Barcelo Riviera Resort leaving January 26th 2018 to February 2nd 2018 out of Rockford Illinois. We have traveled Apple approximately 15 to 16 times. Only had minimal issues. This time I was finally just tired of the fight.

When I booked my vacation it was for my husband and I's 30th wedding anniversary. My travel agent from Gullivers travel out of Bettendorf Iowa sent a request for a king bed because of the occasion. When we arrived we were put in a room with 2 double beds. I did make my request at that moment about wanting a king bed at the front desk but was told no to come back later. We went to our room and did not unpack much but started our day.

I did return to the front desk to inquire about the king bed several hours later, with again being told no. And they actually told me that the building I was in only had double beds. LIE walking through the hallways in the am while cleaning crew was cleaning, many king beds. LIELIELIE

I went back the next morning early and was told no beds for me. basically they weren't going to accommodate me. I seen that in the complaint on Trip Advisor about lack of help at the front desk.

We actually went with another couple and were meeting our friends which were arriving the next day.(Saturday) When our friends arrived they were upgraded to the palace area. We again went to the front desk and started asking questions finding out that we were not allowed over there, could not eat over there ect…. So disappointing to us.. Glad we went with another couple to be totally separated. NOT

I then did go to our Apple representative and he said he was sorry and it was unfortunate. Wow that was it. I also asked him about the King bed. I did receive the same response that he was sorry. Happy Anniversary to us.

Well the whole time our toilet did not work, which I called about 4 times to front desk. 2 times they were sending someone right up. one time it was the evening and we never left the room and nobody showed up. Never once did anyone come and repair. We figured out how to make it work for the time being but left a message at the front desk about it and also complained to our Apple representative. it still wasn't working when we left. ha

The shower was gross with mold all over the tub. I did go to the local drug store and bought some cleaner because I did not want athletes feet. It was just plain gross. I also told the representative this.

I will have to say the Apple representative was more interested in selling us excursions then helping us out with our issues at this resort. I usually have gotten better care at other resorts than this one. I had an issue that we booked the wrong restaurant to be with our friends and they would not help us out to rectify it, stating no room at the restaurant that they were at.

So basically we were quiet a distance away from our travel companions, had 2 double beds and no working toilet for a week. I could have went else where and not spent $1150 pp and had better accommodations. SHAME

So on Friday, Feb. 2nd the day we were leaving, early in the am. We were standing in line to check out at the front desk a female apple representative got in line behind us. I turned around and said "Oh I think I forgot to stop by your desk to check on our flights". This lady was so snotty and rude to me she stated "well I don't know anything about your flights I'm with Apple". I told her "oh and I'm here with Apple so that means you have my information" She said "I'm not at work yet" I then said " no problem I will wait around the corner at your desk and make you do your job and get my info.". I rolled my eyes and walked away. I had never met such a rude representative in my life. My husband went over to the desk and he said she was just rude all the way. OPPS late for work or start to have a bad day. HAHAHA

I did make a post on Trip Advisor in regards of this hotel when I returned and Also told my travel agent which she stated would put a complaint in for me but we never heard anything.

After all this we asked ourselves why are we spending so much money to go and be Pooped on. We could stay in the united states and get better hotels ect…. Maybe some better customer service.

I can honestly say I was so disappointed with the Apple people at the resort. The worst. More happened at the hotel but those were the main irritating points.

I do feel you should check into the hotel employees of Apple and maybe give them new training or make it easier for people there from other countries make a complaint about them. There is no recourse for their actions. Sad. people pay to much. So Thanks for the not so great trip for your 30th. Decided to go to Florida instead this year.

Cindy and Kevin Clark
13066 116th Ave
Davenport Ia. 52804


Junior Suite Tropical View is the room we were supposed to receive - reservation is below as your system would not accept a pdf attachment. We received a room facing the service entrance parking lot.
I am inquiring what the room rate difference is and how to go about receiving a refund.
Additionally, we traveled with 2 other couples who received the correct rooms. We were not able to join in the fun on a regular basis as our room was on the other side and up on the 3rd floor (facing the service entrance parking lot). We tried to get them to change us, but they did not have a room for us.
We are making a stink out of this because this also happened to us with Southwest Vacations when we went to Cabo in 2017.
I would really appreciate some kind of compensation since we paid for the room. Overall we were very happy with the resort and the service. I would give it 5 stars. We just didn't get the room we paid for once again.
Thank you for your consideration and prompt reply.

Primary Member Info: Account Info: Booking/Purchase Info:
Name: Dennis Kasperbauer
Address: 23438 Highway 30
Carroll; IA; 51401
Country: United States
Member Account ID:131213
Type:Member Date: 5/2/2018
Booking / Purchase ID: 14793
Transaction Type: Agent
By Person: Lola Pullen
Request ID (Internal): 21661
Trip ID (Internal): 14793
Package Information
Supplier: Apple Vacations
Package Description: Apple Vacations All Inclusive Package to Punta Cana 1/26/19-2/1/19 including round trip airfare, transfers and 6 nights at Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana
Flight Information
Res. Name: Thomas Ecabert Contact #:
Flight Type: RoundTrip Flight Class: Adults: 2 Childern:
Supplier Booking ID: 0054946405
Departing Flight
Departure Arrival Info Details
Airport: Eppley Afld - Omaha, United States - OMA
Date: 01/26/2019
Time: 06:25 AM Airport: Minneapolis St Paul Intl - Minneapolis, United States - MSP
Date: 01/26/2019
Time: 07:44 AM Airline Name: Delta
Flight Number: 1720
Change of Planes: Total Time Between Flights: 2 hr 11 min
Departure Arrival Info Details
Airport: Minneapolis St Paul Intl - Minneapolis, United States - MSP
Date: 01/26/2019
Time: 09:55 AM Airport: Punta Cana Intl - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - PUJ
Date: 01/26/2019
Time: 04:58 PM Airline Name: Delta
Flight Number: 626
Return Flight
Departure Arrival Info Details
Airport: Punta Cana Intl - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - PUJ
Date: 02/01/2019
Time: 03:25 PM Airport: Minneapolis St Paul Intl - Minneapolis, United States - MSP
Date: 02/01/2019
Time: 07:15 PM Airline Name: Delta
Flight Number: 394
Change of Planes: Total Time Between Flights: 1 hr 20 min
Departure Arrival Info Details
Airport: Minneapolis St Paul Intl - Minneapolis, United States - MSP
Date: 02/01/2019
Time: 08:35 PM Airport: Eppley Afld - Omaha, United States - OMA
Date: 02/01/2019
Time: 09:59 PM Airline Name: Delta
Flight Number: 1749

Passenger Information
Passenger Name Birthdate Frequent Guest ID Document Info(if required)
Thomas Joseph Ecabert 01/28/1959
Kelly Lee Becerra 12/03/1961

Booking / Purchase:
Purchaser: Thomas Ecabert Type: Transfers Package: Punta Cana Vacation

Supplier Booking ID: 0054946405
Description: Round trip transfers between Punta Cana airport and resort
Hotel Stay Information
Name: Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana Av. Alemania S/n Punta Cana 23000 Dominican Republic Phone: 866-467-3273
Check-in Date: 01/26/2019 Check-out Date: 02/01/2019 Nights: 0
Check-in Time: 12:00 AM Check-out Time: 12:00 AM
Res. Name: Thomas Ecabert PH #: Loyalty ID: -
Supplier Booking ID:
Room 1: (2 Adults - Child)
Room Type: Junior Suite Tropical View Description: Other:
Res. Name: Thomas Ecabert PH #: Loyalty ID: -
Disclosures Information
Charges & Payment Information:
Charges: $4,383.26
Payment: $400.00 Kelly L Becerra - 4367
Amount Due: $3,983.26 Final Payment Date: 11/28/2018


I was booked on a 6 golden apple vacations a few months ago. I requested adults only because it is our 10 year anniversary and during spring break in March. I was told that is was not originally booked that way. I requested it and when they looked it. My original booking was changed when I read the reviews and they were terrible. I called the next day and the agent talked me into doing the 5 golden apple adult only vacation. I have never done this kind of booking but I was assured it would be great. I looked on the invoice the after it was booked and noticed it was NOT adults only. I called and it was not available. I told the agent that my reservation was supposed to be adults only. She gave me to a supervisor who was going to look into it and call me back. I never got a call back. I emailed customer service several times and called again several times. I was told it was being forwarded to the product department and they haven't taken care of it yet. Today I called again. After 1 hour and 30 minutes on hold, I was transferred to an agent named Ebony. She was going to try and help me after 2 months! She was going to contact the product department and figure it out All I want is this resolved and us booked in an adults only resort. It is during spring break and I am worried that it is sold out. I am very frustrated and the customer service has been terrible. Today is the da the remained balance is due. I am not going to pay for something we did not request. This is my 10 year anniversary on March 17. We would never NOT book an adults only. I am just so frustrated.
Christine Melton


I booked a group trip for the Sandos Caracol Resort in Playa Del Carmen when you had the promotion of the 11th person flies for free this summer. Ottawa Travel Agency, Ottawa Illinois 61350 is my representative. Georgia Brown, owner, had discussed this special with me and my group stating what a great resort it was and that she had visited there, so we booked it with the understanding of the special. Beginning on September 1 Georgia sent emails to the Sandos Caracol Resort Rep Wendy confirming that I was going to receive the discount. Months have gone by and rarely did she respond and when she did NEVER did Wendy state that the booking should have been created a different way that how Georgia booked it and is NOW (this past week) stating the I do not get the discount. I am not very happy and Sandos is stating that it is Apple Vacation's issue and their hands are tied. I would like to see this resolved as I book group trips for many years since 2003 and ALWAYS utilize Apple Vacations. I am not getting anywhere with Sandos and they are saying that its Apple Vacations problem. Georigia refuses to contact her Apple Rep stating that she is a young woman and does not have any experience and would not be able to help us. Can you please help me continue to believe in Apple Vacations and fix this high dollar mistake. It really is annoying because we have been chasing this problem since September. My entire group is paid for and I would like to see this resolved. Please feel free to contact me 1-815-252-7771 or Georgia Brown. I really don't want to use my lawyer at this point, and you are my last resort, because I cannot find anyone that wants to be held responsible. We leave on January 19 and I would like for this to be resolved. Thank you very, very much. Going on a great trip and am sad : (


Regarding Booking #0054920250. Customer service has been very poor. This is the second complaint we are making and responding to your response. Your response is not good enough for us and we are pursuing this matter further. Yes, I called asking for an extension and your agent said that was fine. Your agent also said we were paid in full when the final payment was made. You said that you left a message on 11/12/18 and then canceled our vacation because we did not respond. We did not get your message. You said that was your only attempt to contact us. That is bad customer service. Apple needs to go above and beyond for us. Our vacation that was planned for months did not happen because of your very poor customer service. If we owed additional funds it would have been paid. Your rudeness is not acceptable! You took off my post on your Facebook page. If you were in the right you would not have done that. We are pursuing this with the Better Business Bureau and we are telling everyone we know. Then you have the nerve to give us vouchers so you can make money off us. We thought Apple was great because we have used you before, but no longer.


I purchased a vacation package through Apple to Cozumel. The plan was for my ex husband and I to suprise our grandkids who would be there with their parents. I am living temporarily on the east coast for work, my ex, my daughter and her family live in the midwest. We booked the vacation together and arranged our flights to meet in Atlanta and continue to Cozumel. He offered to bring my valid passport from the midwest and give it to me in Atlanta. Upon checking in in Boston two hours early I was denied boarding without a passport as my final destination was Mexico. and considered a no show. Of course I had my license and other id needed to travel within the US. I had two separate flights and would have to transfer to the international terminal for the second flight. I had purchased the travel protection plan as well. I tried to reason with the airline and purchased another ticket to Atlanta but they sold the seat I already had and put me on standby. My original full fare vacation seat was sold to someone else and I did not make it on the flight as a standby passenger. Nowhere in any of the documentation does it state that a passport is required to board at the origin of departure. The documents only state that travelers are responsible for required travel documents to foreign countrries. I not only am out the cost of the vacation but travel and a hotel stay in Boston the night before a 7am departure and all expenses incurred to travel back. I think it is reasonable to request a full refund from Apple as it should have been made clear that a passport, in addition to a valid government id was necessary to travel on a domestic flight that was connecting to an international flight. I contacted AVOK as well and was told this type of travel interuption was not covered. Needless to say, this unnecessary mishap ruined what should have been a great family vacation.


Apple vacations RIU ANTILLES. Aruba--------above stayed at Riu Antilles October 24, 2018--October 31, 2018. This was our 3RD tie staying at Riu Antilles. SEE ALL LISTED COMPLAINTS--- As this was our 3rd stay at the Antilles---it is noticeable that the rooms and the lobby are in desperate need of updates. The room cleanliness was evident---the rooms were not dusted on a daily basis, the rooms---- need MUCH BETTER LIGHTING, as they are so dark it is sometimes difficult to see-----the ENTRANCE DOORS are so HEAVY, it is extremely difficult to get and hold them open-----bathroom linens needed called for------the telephone did not work properly , the entire room was just very poor atmosphere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The restaurants and buffet Atlantis has certainly lost major appeal. The food selections were not comparable to previous years and the all appeared to be understaffed. As a single person, looked forward the evening shows---these were SO BAD< that I went to the Riu Palace for evening entertainment. And, Again, as a single person, I used the Salon for a hair style and pedicure----------The hairdressers really need trained--------my hair style, was so outdated that I was embarrassed--------and, as for the pedicure------LET ME TELL YOU THIS--------the heels of both feet are scabbed due to the harshness of the foot file used. If my heels should show any sign of infection in the near future, this issued needs to be addressed to both the hotel manager and the salon manager-------the outdated hair style and poor pedicure cost $97.00 plus tip. In my opinion the above 3 parties should received a credit, due to al the above listed. I certainly all these issues are corrected and we are compensated a sizable credit-------as this was an expensive trip, especially for me as having to pay as a single. I do like the adult only atmosphere, however all these issues decrease the pleasure of the trip. I would hate to say, we may stay at the Riu Place, the next trip, as it seems to be more tourist friendly and all the amenities are more modern and more tastily provided. I would like to stay at the Antilles, but we'll make that decision October 2019. Again, I Avery concerned about my feet. Hopefully we'll hear from you VERY SOON, and your response will be positive. Thank you very much. Lydia A D'Alessandro


Summitted a complaint no response.


I called in in Feb 2018 asked about insurance I purchased the insurance I was told and now my father is going to pass in the next day or too. I called canceled my trip for thanksgiving day. Was told that my my CC would be reimbursed last Thursday or Friday. Called yesterday and was told we are getting vouchers. Not what I was told in February or last week. I am done with apple. So are my family and friend. Money was going to the funeral I called in February so my fault you agents then and Thursday said money back but now vouchers when I needed it for a funeral. Heartless people and company. Never again alway used apple so did my family and friends never again. Thanks your untrained and heartless.


I booked a vacation through one of your travel agencies and paid a $600 deposit. I was not told when the remainder of the cost of my family vacation to Secrets, Montego Bay would be due and did not receive an email. I emailed the the agent Mathias who took care of me at the Apple travel Agency in Fayetteville, AR. Thee street name is 24, East Meadow Street. I told Mathias that I would have to cancel my trip because my son was sick and had been advised by his doctor not to travel. Naturally myself and the rest of our family were very disappointed that we would not be able to go to Jamaica over Christmas,2018. December 24th-28th. We were very much looking forward to a short break. I am recently widowed and wanted to make Christmas a little brighter , as I knew this would be a very hard holiday without their father. Mathias helpful and checked with Accounts department to see if I could get my $600 refunded. They said no.They claimed it was part of the cost of my vacation and not a deposit.
I asked if I could put it towards another vacation with Apple next year . They said that Apple Vacations policy does not allow you to do that. I was never asked about or advised to take out insurance either. I would like you in these difficult circumstances for my family to please consider making an exception to your policies and refunding my initial $600 payment given to you at the beginning of August when I first booked our trip. Please would you get back to me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.


Check in was awful. I had just been purposed to the same day. We were sent all over for food. Nowhere was open. No rides offered. Staff rude. Room was disgusting and dirty. Room service food was cold and gross. Was hung up on when i requested a robe. Couldn't get towels or blankets and pillows or ash try until multiple calls and app requests. We are being given 1 star service and didn't pay this much for a horrible stay. Nobody ever got back to us. I called apple and after nearly an hour we were told it's tough and we will have to pay a significant amount to upgrade. No apologies....


We have used Apple Vacations for many years. This will be our last! Called to pay a payment, there credit processing wasn't working properly.. I called my bank it had been taken out.. Called Apple Vacations back, no record of it.. bank said up to 30days to put back into our account.. Apple truly didn't care.. The lady in accounting didn't want to deal with me Gave me a bogus name and bogus extension.. Ended up putting on another card.. so today called to make final payment.. need the last card you used... had no idea!!could give them all information,, guy was like nope have to have last card.. who is going to pay for a trip I'm our name besides us.. very rude.. Very disappointing with this company.. Travel alot with company, but not again..


We have used Apple Vacations for many years. This will be our last! Called to pay a payment, there credit processing wasn't working properly.. I called my bank it had been taken out.. Called Apple Vacations back, no record of it.. bank said up to 30days to put back into our account.. Apple truly didn't care.. The lady in accounting didn't want to deal with me Gave me a bogus name and bogus extension.. Ended up putting on another card.. so today called to make final payment.. need the last card you used... had no idea!!could give them all information,, guy was like nope have to have last card.. who is going to pay for a trip I'm our name besides us.. very rude.. Very disappointing with this company.. Travel alot with company, but not again..


The trip we had was very nice and the people truly friendly. The only drawback was that I was eaten alive by something in the bed. I spoke to the Hotel the first night and they sprayed and I continued to have issues. We inspected the bed and it wasn’t bed bugs nor mosquitoes. Finally, when I got home, my clothes were infested with ants that were aggressive and enjoyed my legs on the way home on the flight as well. It was not a full pleasure trip for my first time out of the USA, because of the bites from the ants all over my legs, arms and back that caused huge lumps all over.


I purchased an all inclusive vacation to Punta Cuna D.R. in February of this year 2017. I upgraded to preferred adult only level one at the melia Caribe tropical . upon arrival was given level bracelet however was put in family section for my room. After finding my room I returned to the desk to ask why I was told that they needed my room for a wedding coming in and a poker tournament that scheduled in June of this year. prior to going on my vacation I was never advised of the change in the package I purchased. Nor was I advised by the check in upon registering. Blind sided and stuck this I made the best of it. next I was told by the apple representative (steven) in D.R. to meet him at the desk next day to get departure time. I arrived at the desk he was not there at the time given I sat for 2 hours in lobby and he wasn't there. I wasted 2 hours of my vacation time. You should understand that I was with a group of 19 when 2 others went to the desk again waiting and again no steven. going to the next day I was lied to by saying he was there pretty much now I am the liar. even with the bracelet we were questioned every where we went accept at the pool where the staff there was so understanding made our situation enjoyable. the front desk was rude not on you but It was a ripple affect of situations. we all made the best of it . we were stuck. Sue Philips our rep here in the U.S. was wonderful trying to help us from here, not her fault yours. I believe you as a company were aware of the situation prior to all this , shame on you for dropping the ball. will I recommend your company NO. Rooms were not at all what I expected, had literally ask for linens, etc. I realize we will be reimbursed thanks to Sue Philips but still feel your were blaming hotel they were blaming you. Hate being lied to,hate feeling like I was the Literally a liar uncalled for. so many things went wrong to each in the group. thanks if you read this at all. we plan vacations as a group will never go back probably will not go back there, nor use your company. Shame on you!!!!


Booking #0054195330 please review all of the notes on this. I booked to Punta Cana. First representative sold me something that didn't exist along with phony pictures of the hotel of the room I was getting. picture number 16 for the puntal cana Palace. I called to ask questions and the next representative said that the room wasn't available nor was it ever available yet on Apple Vacations web site it had the picture of the room and the rep. said she contacted the hotel requesting the picture room.

Bad that I was lied to when I booked. when I called the rep. reviewed and listened to the phone conversation that I had originally. Listen and you will hear that she lied to me. That's not nice. I did get my money back for the trip. Look at the notes 4 different conversations took place prior to my getting my money back over 4500.00 refunded to me. I would like a higher answer to what happened originally. I would like a response.

Please listen to the tape of the phone calls about this booking and respond to me. Phony pictures of the available rooms and a lying representative who said she made phone calls to the hotel in my behalf to get the room I requested. All documented down if you need proof.


I booked a hotel room through Apple and the shower ended up being terrible. How can I contact the refund department to request my money back? Here is a photo attached of the dirty shower I found in the room.


Booking number # 0053874097. Me and my wife, we arrived on May 24th at 2.30pm to Dreams Punta Cana and we were offered right away an upgrade to preferred room. It was fishy right from the start that they offered us a "better room" for free. We wanted to see a difference so we went to see both of the rooms- upgrade and the one we booked. When we entered the first preferred club room we noticed that the room smelled like mildew, mold and people's sweat. We smelled pillows and sheets and they were disgusting, damp with yellow spots all over them. Then, the usher boy showed us the regular room (the one that we originally booked). Smell was the same. We didn't see much of a difference between upgrade and regular. My wife has severe allergies and she instantly started sneezing and coughing. At that point I knew it was not a joke.

We went downstairs and asked for a room change, again someone from the front desk took us for another tour around the preferred club rooms. We entered 5 of them. Every single smelled like cat pee, mildew and sweat. My wife couldn't stop sneezing. We came back to front desk and we were directed to apple vacation representative. We begged her for 1.5 hour to find us a room in other resort. She did, unfortunately upgrades like that were over $3,500, above what we already paid for getting to Dreams. Nobody from the front desk approached us to offer help, they were actually avoiding us each time we tried to talk to them.

My wife started crying because the only reason we planned this vacation was to celebrate her 30 birthday that she turned on May 25th. She was desperate about her allergic reaction and we decided to not make it any worse than it was and we booked ticket back home for the next day (May 25th). We couldn't enjoy this resort due to its disgusting and not hygienic conditions. We wasted days off at work and my wife's 30th birthday was ruined, we spent it in an airplane flying back home.

I went online to check if it was only me and my wife who found these rooms nasty and we found at least 30 other reviews complaining about the same issues. How is it possible that this resort has 5 star reviews ?The conditions are barely reaching the 2 star review and i would give that only for the beach because it was nice. I don't know where else I will complain and if i have to write thousand reviews to open people's eyes i will because this is disgrace.

Additionally, we booked a flight back with frontier airlines because we didn't want to stay another day. We checked out from Dreams hotel on May 25th at 11.10am. When we asked at the front desk if there is a vehicle available to take us to the airport on the day of our flight, we were told that only a local taxi can drive us back which we felt that would be very unsafe. Luckily, the apple vacation representative helped us with getting a ride. It was the apple vacation bus taking other guests to the airport.

I added also a video of mold growing in the frame that was hanging in our room and few other pictures of a disgusting dirty shower and patched up walls with pieces of ceiling chipping off around the ventilation system. The odor coming out from a sink and shower was unbearable. My wife was so disgusted that she slept in sweats all night on 3 towels to not touch bed or sheets. 4 weeks after we sent out our complaint we got a letter back from apple vacation that pictures and videos that we provided cant be authenticated. Its a freaking joke. Dreams staff know how all of the rooms look and they said that since we never showed pictures and videos to front desk people they cant be taken into consideration.

Why the *** would I complain in the first place? Obviously rooms looked disgusting and that is why we kept complaining and switching rooms 5 times. We want our $2,300 back for wasted vacation and $500 for flight back that we were forced to book because we couldn't stand staying in any of the rooms.


Dear Apple Vacations Customer Support, Since making our reservation, we have received notification from your Client Notification Department that Dreams Villamagna is undergoing renovations with an expected completion date of June 24, 2016. At the time of our booking this renovation was not the case. We selected this Hotel expressly for its Sushi Bar and deck which will now be under renovation during our stay. In all fairness to loyal Apple Vacation customers, we would like to request that our trip be extended to us at its current posted rate to offset the inconvenience we will no doubt experience given the Hotel's renovations. (At the time we booked we paid 988.35 each . The price is now 788.34.)


Apple Leisure Group, Customer Care Department, 101 Northwest Point Boulevard, Elk Grove, IL 60007-1024. Flight : FI1124 from Cancun International Airport to Detroit. Below you will find the specific details of what transpired within the terminal upon our arrival at the airport. As we approached the boarding line, we were told the adult beverage that Dianna and I were sharing was not allowed, so we stepped out of line and sipped on it until the line was thinning. We proceeded to drop the remaining amount into the trash container.

The ticket agent checked Dianna’s boarding pass, but did not check mine, which I found unusual. Once I was on the plane, I proceeded to the front bathroom in the front galley. As I came out, I found 2 flight attendants standing directly in my path, as if to confront me. I excused myself and went to my seat. A moment later, an officer, Jose Gonzalez Lopez, came to my seat and said he smelled alcohol on my breath and that I would have to leave the plane. I asked him for just cause and he would only say that I had to leave the plane.

Up to this point, I had had no contact with this gentleman, nor he with me. I truly thought for a moment that it was a skit with a hidden camera. The officer left the plane, so Dianna and I proceeded to view pictures of our splendid time in Cancun, getting ready for the flight to take off.

Approximately 10 to 15 minutes later, 4 policemen entered the plane in full gear; 2 in front of my seat and 2 to my back. I was commanded to come with them. I noticed the faces of my fellow passengers alerted and a bit frightened. I did not hesitate to respond to their command, and I was paraded out of the plane through the terminal and made to stand isolated in view of hundreds of travelers for approximately 10 minutes. I was then taken to the security office, again to be viewed in an isolation chair for approximately 10 minutes. After that time passed, once again I was paraded through the terminal to the doors of the airport. I had no room to go to, no transportation and $1 in my pocket. Dianna was carrying all of our money.

Dianna was left, after such a traumatizing experience, to fly alone with the vision of what just happened. The fellow First Class passengers questioned Dianna on what had just happened. She responded that she had no clue. Upon landing, passengers who were exposed to the abuse Dianna and I suffered, offered Dianna assistance, but she did not want to have others be negatively affected by what occurred on the plane. So, with no coat or car, in blizzard conditions, and not wanting any of her teenage children to drive to Detroit in such conditions, she had Uber drive her home for $175.

She was forced to spend an evening and a whole day worrying-------not knowing what had happened to me and why, wondering where I was and if I was ok. The joy and delight that we showed outwardly due to our grand getaway was completely and profoundly misconstrued by individuals who were not properly trained to identify happy travelers vs. drunk people.

Dianna and I were treated in a manner that was demeaning, disrespectful and completely void of the freedoms that this country and I are proud of. No one from the airline approached her at any time to offer help or comfort. We both suffered emotional and economical damage due to the treatment we received from you and your affiliates.

I am requesting your response and expect actions to be taken within a fair amount of time, shall we say within 3 days. If a satisfactory settlement is not reached between us, I will have no choice but to seek legal action.

These facts have been clearly and honestly stated and can be confirmed by the Good Samaritans that witnessed the events and were so kind as to offer assistance to a lady who was alone and terrified, with no coat, no keys, no car and an hour from home. Thankfully, she was carrying our money. I, however was left in a foreign country with $1 in my pocket. Apple should be ashamed of themselves for allowing the treatment we received.


Looked into booking a Hawaii vacation through Apple. The prices were ok but the website experience was painful. I'd recommend they spend a little more money on a good user experience, the site was slow and I could not book the trip I wanted. No other complaints from me.


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