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Dear Sir / Madam

I was due to holiday in France this June and booked the Ibis Hotels in Blois, Perigueux, Narbonne, and Bezier, due to the Corona Virus I had to change our plans. I was unable to cancel my reservation online as your system was down, so I contacted the hotels by email and received replies from three of them cancelling my reservations. After sending three emails to the Ibis Perigueux Centre I have not received any reply, it seems strange that the other three hotels can reply.

So I wish to cancel my reservation for the 15th June 2020 ( HWHDKCDZ ) the only reason I have not yet cancelled the reservation I have made for September is for the good customer service I received from the other hotels.
I look forward to your early reply


I have been a platinum member for 5 years and travel all around Asia. I always stay in a ACCOR hotel and receive excellent service. Unfortunately I was in the premium lounge for the Novotel in Hong Kong Citygate and had one of my worst experiences at the lounge. I was relaxing around 530pm just before the lounge serves cocktails when a wedding party of 5 came up to the floor and was taking pictures in the lounge and started eating the food before the lounge opened up.

I felt very uncomfortable, and it appeared the worker was talking to the bride as if she knew her.


I’m trying to take advantage of your 30% sale + free breakfast, Lisbon Sandero Central Ibis, online, for 4 days in February.
But when I try to book, the free breakfast deal disappears and the rate goes up!
My membership number is 3081031456181602.


Charleston, IL - Walgreens Pharmacy is horriable. They can not keep help, always someone new. Close for lunch break, not open late. I have been trying to get a prescription filled for over 2 weeks now, that they keep saying is filled and when I go to get it it is not there. Also told me they ordered it and it would be in today, Tuesday. Tonight was told they didnt have it maybe tomorrow. Sunday they told us $59.00 for prescription, today they said it would be $1500.00. What the hell is going on, can someone help me please. Prescription is Lyrica - I will be moving to a different pharmacy as soon as I can, this has been going on since January and I as well as many of your customers are tired of this. Thank you for any help you can give me. Linda Cole


Have ongoing issue with erroneous billing, 4 weeks later still not resolved.
When I think that it is almost done the Mercure southgate Exeter say that we owe them 12 pounds for drinks, this after 4 weeks. We spent all the 48 hours sitting with my dying father and had one evening meal with drinks that was paid for on invoice 212942 for £ 128.45 and £14.70 AND £ 7.50.

Why as a company do you not admit your wrong, and just make up £12. I WOULD LIKE FOR YOU TO SEND ME AN EMAIL COPY OF THIS BILL FOR £12 POUNDS AS MY HUSBAND HAS A VERY DISTINCT SIGNATURE
Our bill should have been £198 + £263.70 + £149
You charged us £737 + £263.70 + £149 = £ 1149.70
You refunded us £507
£ 1149.70 - £ 507 = £ 642.70


I signed up membership yesterday with the understanding that I would be able to book apartments, when needed,
but looking into your various sites and a ph call, I was told that there are no apartments available.
We are having a wedding in my family, and so we do need an apartment,
I am now asking for a refund of my membership, and for you to cancel sending me a membership card.

The Registration No N' 30840947609498AE

I have not used this information for any booking, due to the unsuitability . I did discuss that we needed
an apartment, and was informed that it was possible. only to find not so.

I am asking for cancellation of membership and a refund please.


Lynette Clancy ph 0447843887


Discovered the room I have rented is infested with cockroaches. Spoke to the counter person that was working today about the roach problem and was told that if I didn’t like it I didn’t have to stay here.!! I’m a victim of the recent wildfire in the town of Paradise, Ca. My home was destroyed by the fire and I’m displaced at this time.. very inappropriate remark to say the least.


On 26/10/18 my husband booked a trip to Ibis Hotel Belfast, reserved double room for bed and breakfast. we arrived at 6.00pm to Belfast and tried to book in. At the time a young lady and young man were on duty the girls name was Rebecca, I didn't get the name of the manager but was later informed it was the new manager. The new manager booked us in but when Rebecca checked the booking, he had booked us in a room already assigned to another guest, which Rebecca corrected.

Next morning we arrived for breakfast, and told not included in our package but we could pay if we wanted, we looked at the availability and decided it was better to eat outside.

We returned to our room after sightseeing on Sunday afternoon, we were relaxing and changing our clothes, and the door opened, we thought it was housekeeping as our room had not been cleaned and towels changed, when in walked 2 men. They said that we were in their room, I replied impossible as we had been booked in from the previous night. I went to reception and they advised that room couldn't be ours since we had not booked or turned up for our reservation.

At this stage their were two females at reception, and they asked who had booked me up, I said Rebecca and a male foreign man. I replied Rebecca, and she said she was Rebecca, I hadn't recognised her, and she also said that there were no male members of staff, and that their couldn't have been a male on the previous night as there was none working there, also she said she didn't remember me booking in, I reminded her of the incident the previous night, and still denied any knowledge. I said you must have cctv and another female receptionists went to check. She came back and whispered to Rebecca, all details were there.

As I was delayed so long at reeption my husband rang me on the mobile to ask what was taken so long, and told me were sorting it out, he said he had enough he was coming down to sort it out. My husband was treated better then me and was offered a free breakfast, and the charge of the previous breakfast was taken off our booking, which incidentially was with

I couldnt believe that our room had been given to someone else, and it was lucky we were in the room at the time, what would have happended to our possessions. I could not sleep that night as I was worried this could happen again, and was glad to return the room, and get home.

I have travelled all over the world and stayed in many hotels, and this stay has left me tramourtised, what was meant to a pleasant stay in Belfast has been a nightmare.

On my return I sent an email to Accor Hotels, and to date have received, no acknolwegement of my complaint, and no response, what kind of customer service is this?

Sheila and Richard McArthur


On Oct 24 2018 while staying at IBIS Riverside in Bangkok Thailand, I slipped on wet bathroom tiles landing on my back and hitting my head on the tile floor. I developed a large hematoma on the top of my head. I also had a severe headache, felt dizzy and blurred vision. I was advised by the front desk to go to a specific hospital with whom they have a contract. They called a taxi and instructed him to take me to the hospital. The doctor who treated me said the hotel needs to pay my medical expenses since it was an accident on their property. He further advised me to followup with my doctor when I return home the next week as head injuries and falls of this nature could present complications such as internal bleeding. When returning to the hotel I talked with the front desk about being reimbursed for my medical expenses on this hospital visit, about $120. I was told the next day that they could not reimburse me. I then talked with the Operations Manager who said he needed to speak with the General Manager about the reimbursement. He would get back to me in a couple of days. On Oct 30 2018 I again spoke with the Operations Manager and was told the General Manager would not approve reimbursement for my medical expenses. And would not speak with me even though he was onsite that day. My complaint is how uncaring and lack of concern expressed by the management staff. I did not receive a single call or inquiry about my condition from management. These are the worse and uncaring hospitallity management I have ever encountered. Upon returning home I have again seen my doctor for my head injury and am scheduled for a CT Scan next week which will incur further medical expenses. My fall was caused by very slippery tiles in the hotel room bathroom. Your business is responsible for my safety and for reimbursement of my medical expenses. If any medical documentation is needed please advise and I will submit.


Novotel Bali Benoa I emailed for a quote for our family. 1 week later they got back to me with a quote of $1004.00AUD 4 nights. I said I was happy to go ahead- she asked for my credit card. Then she informed me I must pay for a "compulsory New Year dinner" the cost $496.00AUD for 1 dinner????In Bali??? 3/4 of the accomodation worth!
I questioned whether I had got the exchange rate right & she responded sarcastically. She said I have to pay whether I attend or not.
Surely this cannot be legal?
Can someone please confirm.
I am vehmently opposed to an exorbitant "compulsory dinner fee"

Cannot attach the email. Happy to forward it on to you upon email request.


I have tried to make 2 bookings on the Accor website. The first one they have taken my credit card and the money but no confirmation. The second was booked 10 days ago, they still have not taken the money and do not answer the two emails I have sent to customer care.


I am writing to firstly say that I am utterly appalled and disgusted with the lack of customer care Accor has provided me with regarding the above mentioned reservation number. My partner and myself were due to arrive at the IBIS World Trade Centre in Dubai on the 28th November, checking out on the 4th December. Due to medical reasons we have had to cancel our entire trip – I was taking my Partner to the Grand Prix. Unfortunately we have had to postpone our trip until next year.

I have called numerous times, sent countless emails and have been ignored the entire time in regards to getting our money back for the booking. I realize there is a ‘no cancellation’ policy however given that it is for medical reasons I would have expected a bit of compassion. All of the other three hotels we had booked with in Dubai (all of whom had non cancellations policies also) have fully refunded our money. I will never be using an Accor / IBIS hotel ever again and most certainly will not be booking with Accor Hotels next year when we return to Dubai.

Furthermore, I book a lot of international travel for my work team. I will be sure to never book with Accor or IBIS for any of our work trips.


I was having a workshop at Hilton which is next door to Sofitel. Booked online and checked-in on-line following an e-mail from Sofitel. Up to now everything was perfect Accor standard. By the way as Silver member of A-Club it was my first experience of an Accor hotel in Mauritius. But I noted on the booking confirmation that the Confirmation was not as definite even though I paid the full amount on-line as it says 'subject to your Bank honoring the payment' Next thing I noted was the Check-in time was 15 p.m.

I found that peculiar as in all Accor hotels I have been outside Mauritius the Check-in time was 14p.m but usually availability of room was well before 14 p.m.On reaching the hotel at 13 p.m I declined my identity and I was told that the policy is for check-in to be at 15 p.m. I understood that and explained that as a Silver member please try to see if I could check-in before that time the more so as my wife would be on her own as my workshop is commencing at 13 p.m At the reception they said there are formalities to be fulfilled even though I had checked-in on-line. Seeing that the reception would not be prepared to allow us in I left my wife on her own as I had to attend to my workshop.

My wife sent me an sms and informed me that she was given the room at 14.20p.m.All that time she has been waiting and walking around. When I came back to Sofitel at around 17.45 p.m I went to the room 312. My wife informed me that she found that two lamps were not functioning. When she tried to contact reception she noted that the phone was also not functioning. She looked for the Cleaners and saw one and she came to the room and fixed the telephone.

Then another cleaner phoned the electrician and the lamps were repaired. When I used the shower, my wife warned me to be careful as the shower were not in a normal operating state. Effectively the Rain shower and the hand held shower were in conflict and one must use some sort of equilibrium to get the rain shower to operate on its own without prompting the hand held one or the lower tap. The water once flushed, water continues to run from the cistern.

Again one must use one's intelligence to play with the handle to the water closed to stop water running from the cistern.Then we went out to Hilton for the workshop dinner. On coming back around 11p.m a note was placed on the bed reminding that the policy is that the room must be vacated at latest 12 noon. On my booking confirmation a note said that as Silver member late check-out can be arranged subject to availability. I understood that perfectly.

But told my wife I would not even dare to request a late check-out as I already knew that the hotel would say that the hotel is full. We vacated the room at 11.45a.m. This has been my first experience at an Accor hotel in Mauritius and believe me this will be my last one.


My name is Shawn Clifford and I was supposed to be a guest at novotel times square in nyc. I booked online a few days prior to arriving. So on Sunday sept 4th I drove 6 hours from Vermont to nyc to only be disappointed and let down. After arriving in nyc I find a place to park and walk the 10 blocks to check in. Upon arrival there was a line an hour long. I finally get to the front desk and was told there was a glitch with there computer system and they accidentally double booked all the rooms.

So they gave me a voucher to another hotel 5 blocks away. So I had to lug all my luggage and 2 young kids another 5 blocks to sit in another line for another hour. Once I got into the room I was disappointed. The room was really small. During the middle of the night the toilet over flowed and was inoperative for the rest of the evening. So I am extremely upset about this situation. I contacted the hotel manager and all he did was offer a measly 2000 points for this inconvenience.

That's a laughable solution. As I explained to the general manager how this inconvenienced me I feel he did not take this serious. I'm not asking for a refund I told him a future stay would make me happy. This ruined my entire Sunday. We barely get a chance to travel and just expected a better experience. I p[aid to stay at the novotel and that's not what I received. So before I go on social media and rant about this I was trying to give you a folks to make this better.


This is a terrible website. They offered me a cheap hotel special, and I thought I was going to get to Europe for only $25. Come to find out that after I booked the trip it was much more expensive than I thought it would be. I would not recommend this company for anyone, much less someone who wants to get a deal on a cheap trip somewhere nice in the world.


How complicated and frustrating should booking a short break be through a large company? You're right it shouldn't be! Accor's so called customer support (based in Manilla) and their central reservations (based in India) do not understand or have any inclination that it is about caring for their Le Club Accor members, in fact I'd go as far to say, I think it would be impossible to perform and treat any customer any worse!All I have wanted to do is book a 3 day break away in Pais with my girlfriend, the hotel a partner under the Accor franchise is playing Russian Roulette with it's rooms saying that we will have either a twin or a double room but not giving US the choice? We on this occasion want a double room, simple?

NO! We are being told it will be decided when we arrive on the day? So we travel several hundred miles through passport controls into another country to find out whether we do or don't get a room we request and require, would you book? If I was taking my son's girlfriend on a trip somewhere would it be ok for us to have a double room, or how about taking an older male friend on a trip, this surely is madness right? Well wouldn't book until I knew we would get what WE want? So thus the calls to central reservations and customer services. Central reservations puts you into an indian call centre, where they unfortunately do not all speak clear english nor do they all seem to understand the same.

After spending about 2 hours in total for them to tell me the same as the hotel is mental! Thus the need to go to the Customer complaints department for the UK in either Manilla or some other exotic far off land, who guess what, were as useful as a chocolate fireguard! So I"m not sure still if I have or have not the booking as their online system also FAILS, do we or don't we have a break? Disgraceful service or lack of and a don't really give a damn because we'll get paid our miniscule wage from our employees is the way forward for Accor? Au revoir Accor, or non as in this case!

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