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Waffle House, Inc. is a private restaurant chain mostly located in the southern US. There are over 2100 locations in 25 states and revenues in 2015 were reported as 1 billion USD.

To reach Customer Service, call 877-992-3353. Also find contact info here. To write a letter to CEO, Joe Rogers, address an envelop with Waffle House Headquarters, 5986 Financial Drive, Norcross, GA 30071.

Waffles and Steak is a best seller and the yellow Waffle House sign is a southern US icon. Mostly located on interstates and heavily used streets, Waffle House never advertises. Social presence is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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Heres my complaint.im a disabled vereran .and have eaten at several waffle house restaurant up and down tge east cost as i travel offten.abd even gere in my home town on a regular basis.but as veterans day approaches.ive notice tgat waffle house dosent offer anything to vereran on veterans day nothibg free not even a cup of coffee.not even a discount.as many resturants as waffle house has up and dow. The highways.its beyond me why they cant afford to offer vets something during this time.i mean mist other chains offer atleast something.so from now on i will not be spending my money at any waffle houses.and i know from my experience.that wgat it cost to eat a waffle house.tgey could afford to do something.this in my opinion.is just sorry.


we had a hurricane in Georgia and waffle house was open so my family and I went there to eat something we do about 10 times a month.when we went in and sat down they gave us a revised menu with inflated prices and gouging people who just went thru a disaster and because of this I will no longer be going to waffle house facilities. I think this was in very poor taste to rip off the public.the waffle house was in kingsland Georgia.


9/10/2017 served 8:30 pm
Service was awful. Waitress had to be asked three time to bringsilverware after being served coffee that took two times reminding to serve. Did not know what a omelette included and had to be asked to ask.
Grits were stone cold and lumpy. 3 egg omelette was very little egg overcooked with a lot of cheese after asking for light cheese. Ordered raisin toast served white bread.
Wife's hash browns were raw and undercooked, bacon was left off. This entire crew should be replaced. They can't be this incompetent. It was although they tried to be horrible and succeeded.
Will never go back.
Dempsey Hydrick
N Myrtle Beach, SC


At 9:30 this morning, I visited the Waffle House in Mount Dora, Florida. I had no choice - with a hurricane coming, everything else was closed. My experience was a classic example of being ripped off during a crisis. I am a disabled senior citizen, so my options were very limited.

The menu was reduced to a few items on a xeroxed sheet of plain paper. No regular breakfast items like bacon and eggs. Mostly lunch items with hashbrowns Supposedly, the very limited menu enabled the restaurant to serve as many people as possible, but everyone saw through that excuse. .
The food was terrible and grossly overpriced. I had one under cooked waffle ($3.50), two small and tasteless sausage patties ($3.50), and a cup of coffee ($2.00), That cost me $9.00. NINE DOLLARS!!! Unbelievable! I will never again patronage a Waffle House, no matter the weather conditions or any other condition.


Derrick Murray is very unprofessional at times and as I know he drinks on shift I have smelled it on his breath multiple times his employees have also chattered with me on this particular situation Also I hear he has had relations with many of his employees and I think that is very unprofessional and also a rule of some sort? I cannot believe the things I hear of this particular individual. I believe he need to be removed of his position.


I visited the Zelda rd locations and purchased ham and cheese omelet with hash browns. The ham in my omelet was spoiled so I said sum to manager and they said 10% off was all they could do. What I don't understand is why would I have pay anything for sum I can't eat.


Every Waffle House I have been to around the United States has more parking then they do seats inside of the restaurant. Will someone please explain to me why in the hell this is how can you get people to eat in your restaurant if there's nowhere for them to sit butt you can park a football team in the parking lot?


I was at vestavia waffle house on Saturday with my young autistic son when we witnessed a black grill cook start screaming at a white waitress that she was a racist because he called her to pick up food and she didn't hear him. She told him she was not racist and he started bumping up against her with his chest. This woman started crying and pushed him with her hands. The store manager stood and watched this, then the man went to the back room. The manager told the lady to go home. This was not right, it upset my son and I. I really hope this lady sues the pant off waffle house. She apologized over and over to my son and I. If anybody was ask to leave it should have been the cook. We will never go back to this store and I will tell everyone I know what we witnessed.


So cold in there could not eat food. Food turned cold before a chance to eat even. Was 45 degree out side this morning and House felt even colder then that. Ever one complaining even workers wore sever layers of clothing. The location is 777 Capital Circle NW in Tallahassee, Fl. Always too cold in there. Menus flapping on counters from blowers. I paid $6.35 for my meal and just drank coffee then hurried back to my warm car. Please management, will you turn down the air condition and save your self money also. Older customers can not cut these cold condition and you will find a lot of seniors eat there or try too.


The Waffle House cook didn't make our food right. It was nasty and the place was absolutely dirty all over it and even though the food was wrong we had to paid full price for it and we told them they offer nothing.


The Waffle House (2195) had just opened this location in our neighborhood so we was looking forward to going this morning and trying it out. Apparently we arrived at the end of the night shift the morning of 6/4/16 we sit down and wait hoping for some coffee to start off with and after a 5 or so minute wait our waitress comes up and takes our order which is fine, so we ordered asking for some coffee mainly at the moment and the waitress leaves and puts our order in, so we wait and wait and no coffee. look for our waitress and she had gone to the other end and sat down.

Finally another waitress says something and she gets up and we say can we have some coffee and she said it is making and I said Mam it stopped making when you went and sat down, she was looking right at it. She was not polite from the get go. never brought our orange juice, the cook had to do that. Bottom line I will not be in a hurry to go back. Granted if I had to work night shift putting up with a Friday night crowd I probably would have the same attitude by morning. Not a job for me. I did not go into all the details but the experience has always been better at other waffle houses I just hate this is the one closest to work and home and the North side of Aiken needs to grow in this direction. That I guess is more of the reason I am speaking up because I do not want to see it fail.


My wife and I ate supper at 5 pm February 29 at the Bellefontaine, Ohio store. Our visit and meal was ruined by a waitress named Rhonda who was so loud with her constant talking, not from placing orders. I could not carry on a conversation with my wife sitting in the same booth as me. I even looked at her at her worst times and received an apology from her, but it didn't stop or change her loudness with the other workers. Left Waffle House very stressed and upset. The food and service from our waitress was fine.


I call about every morning to place and order at the waffle house at1617 Julian R Alllsbrook Hwy Roanoke Rapids NC. Most times they don't answer the phone and when they do answer they tell you to call back in 5 minutes. I know they are not that busy that someone cant take a phone order If this is the case then the restaurant is being manage very poorly and should consider hire more people that can take orders. Plus the wait staff can sometimes be very rude if they don't want to work why bother coming to a job where they give you a pay check for doing absolutely nothing.


Here is my complaint about Waffle House. Our food was not good. My husband's egg and sausage was fried too long. The hamburger roll was semi-hard and his milk was warm. My hash browns were no done. Our biggest complaint was an employee on maternity leave (I know because I asked) sat behind us and takes very loudly about her personal business to all the employees working. We did not need to hear about her doctors visits etc. we just wanted a peaceful breakfast. Maybe if the management and employees had spent more time working instead of standing around talking to her, our food would have been better. We will not go back. Also I think the Waffle House corporate office needs to take a second look at their strategy. Their prices have gotten too high. By the way we have been going here for years. It has been going down hill for a while now.


As I and a family member were eating inside Waffle House in Missouri. I am assuming the gentlemen is the store manager because he was wearing a gray manager shirt, humiliated another employee about the price of a drink and whatever else she had gotten to go home right in front of us. I am not very happy about this experience and will be informing the Waffle House corporate office, and I am not pleased with the gentleman's attitude towards everyone including his customers and my family.


On Sunday November 22, 2105 at 12:10 we went to Waffle House in Springfield Mass. When we arrived we had to go and look for a waiter, once we got one to take our order which was about 12:30 pm, we did not receive our food until after 2:30 pm. When I asked where was our food, a waitress whose was not ours, stated that there were still 6 orders ahead of us. We got to leave and just then our food came. We waited two hours for EGGS. Now the waiter did give us our food for free, but that was not the point. I would have left earlier but I am a Diabetic and did not want to go to another restaurant and have to start over again. I am not one to complain, however I am sure you would agree that waiting two hours for eggs is unbelievable.


Excellent service. Very polite staff. In town for "Crusin the Coast". Been there every mornings. Please pass along to the staff and corporate leadership at Waffle House. I could not find a place to file a compliment online, so I did the next best thing I could thing of.


The one and only time I went to Waffle House was with my fiance.  We went to a conference that went later than planned and Waffle House was down the street and open.  The first sign of disaster was the sticky floors.  I felt like I was in a movie theater walking into the restaurant. The second sign of dissatisfaction was when our teeny bopper waitress gave me my glass of water with lipstick on the rim.   The third sign of debacle was the runny eggs and burnt sausage my man ordered.  The eggs undercooked and the sausage overcooked, how does that happen?  My fiance kept asking why I didn’t want to eat anything, but salmonella just didn’t sounds appealing to me.  Needless to say, I am thankful that I only ordered a water, the coffee would probably have been bad too.  Never going back.

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