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TGI Fridays Restaurant Company is casual American restaurant and bar dining chain. There are 90 worldwide locations in 60 countries and revenues in 2013 were reported as 1.6 billion USD.

To reach Guest Relations, call 1-800-374-3297. Find Contact Us information here. To write a letter to CEO, Nicholas Paul Shepherd, address an envelop to TGI Fridays, 19111 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX 75287.

In addition to the Fridays Reward Club, FGI Fridays is famous for Smoked Stack Burgers, Truffle Stack Burger, Jack Daniels Burger and BBQ Ribs. The NewYorker magazine reports that TGI Fridays helped to invent the singles happy hour scene in NY. Social presence is found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Friday 9/8/17 picked up an order which included boneless buffalo chicken wings. Mixed in with the celery sticks was a drug straw of the exact same color as the celery. I ate one stick. The straw had residual in it. I immediately bagged for DNA purposes and called the restaurant. I will be retaining a lawyer and, by the way, I have not received any response from Corporate as I would expect thus the lawyer. How would you like some strangers mucous on your food? Your company deserves whatever it gets.


Requested entre not on table menu but on internet, waitress had no answer. Changed order. Served ribs with listed fries & cole slaw. Served with broccoli. Requested cole slaw. Billed extra for cole slaw. Waitress submitted charge and informed me there is a usual $4. tip? I had already left $5 in anticipation, on the table which she then thanked me! I never recalled ever having verbaily requested a specific tip by a waiter? Upon leaving another waiter told me there is no problem ordering Pecan Chicken Salad though not being on the table menu. Very disappointed on this dining experience.By the way I have dined at Friday's for the past 25 years.


Today I placed an order with specific instructions and when I got to the restaurant order wasn't like I asked had to wait 40 minutes to "get it fix " when I got home it was messed up..called the restaurant talked to the lady who took my order and she transferred me to the manager a person with poor customer service..I asked him to fix me order and he said come tomorrow because I'm not fixing anything today.. I asked him to please fix it and he ended up hanging out...called back many times finally another person picked up the phone and I requested to talk with the manager and he said "he is busy" (in a rude way) so I asked for his name and he again in a rude way said "I'm not going to give you my name and the manager is busy don't call" and hanged out I been going to this restaurant many times with my wife.. she is pregnant and wanted to eat her pasta with specific instructions ( extra pasta and extra sauce) and we ended up with a messed up pasta and disappointed for the way that the stuff threaded us...


I've been coming to Fridays on/off for over 20 years with my children and friends to celebrate events in our lives. On Thursday, December 1, 2016, my son and I went to Fridays on Kimball Ave (Cross County) Yonkers, NY, it was one of the worst serving experiences I've ever had. To make it worst I was celebrating his birthday. The server Tracy gave us the menus. We looked at it and waited for a few minutes.

Then she didn’t return, so we pressed a button on the table and she arrived. Apparently, she didn't explain much about the fruity drinks selection. The one I chose came with lots of ice. (It was my first time, ordering that type of drink, I asked her how it tasted she said, good! not once did she give any other info about it. If I had known, would have ordered something else: by the time she placed it on the table 2 sips it was done. I was dissatisfied with that. Anyway, I asked her for a sprite without ice, she came with 2 glasses and just took away the other fruity drink glass with all the ice without even asking me if I wanted to keep it.

Next, extra napkins were not at the table which we asked for. We had to wait! Then we had to ask again. Also, there were empty dirty plates sitting on table while we were eating our entree. She came around to wait on other customers but hurriedly walked passed our table looking in the other direction. We had to keep calling for her and it was often quite a distance away as if she didn’t care to serve us. We had such a difficult time getting her to help us in what we needed. She was rather rude! She had such a stink attitude.

In all my years of patronizing your establishment, I have never been so humiliated and disrespected. Over the years, the servers have been respectful. At times, they explain the choices we make: to make sure that is what we desire. (At times, if they saw we were dissatisfied, they would often ask if we would like to make another selection or gave a complimentary soda.) 1) They want to make sure the customer has an awesome dining experience. 2) The customer would return. 3) They need to earn their extra tips.

So I was not expecting this kind of behavior from a server. This unpleasant dining experience makes me think twice of ever patronizing a Friday’s again. So disappointed! Unbelievable! i actually liked dining there.


Went to Fridays on Sunday for dinner with friends, order a steak medium. When it was brought out to me to me to eat after cutting into it I first thought it was a little tough.started chewing it then it was really tough. Called the waitress told her about the steak, she took it back into the kitchen and brought me out another one which was just as tough as the first one. I eat steaks all the time,often at Fridays and this was the first time I have ever been serve a tough steak. Also I can tell the difference between a tough steak and a medium cook steak. Also both my wife and I ordered a strawberry drink which was poorly made.


I am disappointed because I went to this T.G.I. Friday's location thinking since it was short pump we would get the best service. We were seated right away but food order wasn't taken for 45 minutes. My children ordered 2milk shakes and a smoothie. The drinks came to us falling over the edge we were grabbing napkins from our silverware to clean it up. We spent 105 and the waitress said the bartender was new is why the drinks were sloppy. One of my children pointed out the waitress climbing on the furniture.when she could have easily walked around. When we got our meal the fries were cold and the ribs were dry. I specifically asked my sons burger not to have any pink and it did. I was advised to contact the store they said the GM would be in after 4. I called he wasn't in today.


My family and I attended a dinner party there on Saturday April 9,2016. I put in a to go order for someone paid with their card only to find out once I reached home they had charged my card way more than my order. My card was charged 338.00 when my order was only 21.00. I called to speak with a manager and only thing he could tell me was maybe his server was in a rush and made a mistake. I'm very pissed because that left me with a overdrawn card as well as broke for a few days. This is unexceptional and very unprofessional.


Me and my other half called into your restaurant (Sheffield meadowhall) today having been there many of times before, we had been waiting 20 minutes before our order was taken I could have understood if the restaurant was busy but it wasn’t. We received our starter rather fast which was very nice. We was looking forward to our main meals which took 40 minutes to arrive after our stater which was a very long time to say how quite it was, when the meal finial arrived I was so disappointed we order pulled pork burger and a French dip burger, both did not taste of anything and was really greasy they was no pulled pork on the burger. We told our server about our complaint but she didn’t seem bothered or wasn’t apologetic, she didn’t bring the manger over. We asked for the bill to pay so we could lever. This took 10 mins for the sever to come with the bill for us to pay, I was very disappointed and to say we didn’t eat any of the main it was an expensive visit when we didn’t eat our mains, this has defiantly the worst meal and services I have had anywhere. Thank for taking to read my complaint I was I had have to complaint but I was so upset and angry and still hungry as we left our main thanks Abbigail lunn


We went to your restaurant on 3-20-2014, we had a party of 8, we were placed in the bar area so we could attend Happy Hour! The waitress we had was very pleasant at first she greeted us all with a smile. We had separate tickets. We ordered chicken wings, burgers and potato skins.

Our food came out at all different times and some didn’t come out at all. When the food came out it was lukewarm…like it had been sitting under the light for awhile. When you order burgers we should be served all of the condiments such as mustard, ketchup…the ketchup is on the table so that was fine..my daughter ask for mustard and it took 15 minutes to get…so by now her burger was now cold. I don’t like to complain but I spent over 40.00 dollars on this visit and was upset.

We never received our potato skins on one of the orders and when we confronted the manager about the service we received he acted as if we were a nuisance…he never really apologized sincerely and offered anything to make us want to come back. I have been to this restaurant more than once and have felt so bad. I use to be a server and manager I know what customer service should be and this experiment. Word of mouth is your best advertisement and this is one experience you should never want to let people know about….everything went wrong!


Took my family out for a nice meal on Sunday only to leave there very disappointed. First of all the server was so neglectful he took so long to even give us our drinks non alcoholic waiting for our meal was also extremely long only to be given the wrong order after waiting so long. We ordered Steak and were given fish Another meal was given to us with a big missing piece out of the spareribs then to top it off he leaves without giving anyone silverware so again we needed to find him while our food was getting cold. To top it off he never came back to see if we needed anything during the meal we waited so long for.



My boyfriend and I ate at the Fridays in Danvers Mass on Sept. 20th between 8-10pm. We had an extremely horrible experience due to two completely intoxicated patrons that the management just pretended didn’t exist. Management was notified by us THREE times that these women were drunk, loud, obnoxious and making racist remarks. This manager did not seem to care. She said that the women ‘only’ had two drinks in ‘an hour’ and she could not do anything. These women were visibly and verbally drunk and were disturbing other patrons next to our table and behind our table. Yet nothing was done. As we were leaving and driving away, we noticed the two women in the window give us the finger while the manager was standing right next to their table.

We went back in and asked the hostess to get the manager again. We told her we could see the women flip us off. She said, “oh I’m sorry, I waited till you guys left to tell them what you said about the.” This is way beyond unacceptable. Why is this manager even telling drunk patrons no less what others are saying? How did she did know these people were not dangerous, r would do something? This lead us to believe that this manager perhaps knows these people and that is why she did nothing.

The manager was not polite, very uncaring and had no concern these women were intoxicated and would be driving. I told her it was unacceptable that she told them what we said and she just allowed them to give us an obscene gesture. She did not even apologize. She seemed very cold and abrasive. I told her we would not be coming back to Fridays and that the police would more than likely be called by us explaining that there are intoxicated patrons at her restaurant. She did not seem concerned.

This waitress was blonde and pregnant, was working at the Danvers, Mass TGIFridays. We were there between 8ish-10pm on Friday Sept 20th. We think it is unprofessional and dangerous that there is over serving being done at this location, and when brought to manager attention..nothing is being taken seriously. This manager actually said that these women were served by TWO different servers and she had NO way of knowing if they were drunk or being over served. We also overheard a staff member say that she could tell these women were drunk as soon as they walked in the restaurant.

Not that it matters to your company, but we and others we know will NOT be eating at this place ever again. No matter the location. Over serving and drunk driving is extremely serious, and your company does not seem to care or does not seem to invest time in teaching your staff on how to tell if people are drunk.


I was approached by a tall gentlemen who was having a conversation with a young lady. He was asking me two show him my ID. I told him I came here to eat after work. He still made me grab my ID later on I finally found a dirty table at the bar and I had to wait 5 min for the bartender to give me attention. First thing order I placed was a diet coke and she gave me sprit. I couldn’t get her attention so I had to drink what ever I was given. Layer on o went to wash my hands and there was no soap and rest room looked like a public bathroom in a 3rd world country. I had so much time while sitting at the bar for someone to ask me what I want so I had enough time to write this review without any distraction.


I dined at TGIF ON 03/29/2013 and was looking forward to having a great meal with friends, but ended up having the worst dining experience at TGIF that I have ever had. Not only was the food bad but the service was the worst. The waitress was unavailable the majority of our visit and not attentive to our needs. I ended of becoming sick after digesting part of my meal which was bruschetta chicken(I believe it was overcooked). I was not compensated for the lousy meal and ended up having to pay, which really sucked.


My boyfriend and I went to TGI Fridays on Satuarday night, thinking there is a Halloween Contest at 9:00 p.m. the barmaid told me that it isn’t until tomorrow night at 8:30 p.m. so Phil and I went on Sunday night thinking again there is a Halloween Contest for the best costumes, well when we got there, the barmaid told us it wasn’t until between 11:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. until closing. I was not happy! When someone says they are having a party with prizes to the best costume, they should have it. I will not return to TGI Fridays in Burnsville again, this TGI Fridays in on Buck Hill, next to the thearther, at the Burnsville Mall. I am so disappointed in them that I will not return there anymore. Jo


Hello, My name is Grace J. Lopez, and I am Government Contractor in Doha, Qatar. Allow me to mention that for many years I have enjoyed going to TGIF in the States, as well as visiting your many establishments in Doha, Qatar. I have always enjoyed the variety of selecitons throughout your menu, as well as the excellent preparation of the meals. There are many facets that drive a customer to a particular establishment, therefore, along with my reasonings mentioned previously, I must add that I’ve always enjoyed the atmoshphere and cleanliness of the restaurant also. However, on the 25th of June I decided to visit your location at the Landmark Mall in Doha, Qatar.

It was my 2nd time there since I’ve been here in Doha nearly a year. As I ate my meal, I couldn’t help but be taken aback by the song that was being played on the loud speaker. These were the exact lyrics of the song being played: F**k that Ni**a, Kill that B**CH. This was the chorus of the song, therefore those lyrics were constantly being repeated throughout the song, and I could not believe what I was hearing. Shortly after that song ended, a song by the Rap Singer 50 cents was played: It’s your Birthday. I am well aware that there are 2 versions to that song, the explicit version, and the non explicit version.

Needless to say, the explicit version was the version that was being played. At the beginning of the song, there is a verse that says: We don’t give a F**k cause it’s your Birthday. At that point, I couldn’t wait to finish my meal to leave the restaurant. I couldn not believe that as children and families ate their meals, this was the type of music that was being played. I must say that it’s fortunate that this is a foreign country, and more than likely no one probably understood the lyrics of the song, but by the same token, regardless of whether I was the only Native American in the restaurant, music of that nature should not be played.

I understand that TGIF has a certain theme, and you do your very best to cater to clientele of all types, but I must say that as a long time patron, to hear this type of music as I attempted to enjoy a nice Saturday afternoon meal was a major disappointment. I do hope that for my sake, I was the only American in the restaurant that witnessed this, and I would hope that after reading this complaint, that you do everything within your power to correct this problem by ensuring your music is carefully screened prior to displaying it on the loudspeakers of your restaurants.

Out of the many years I’ve visited your restaurant, this is my very first complaint, and I do hope for it to be my last.


We entered TGI Friday’s in Hazlet, NJ at about 8:15 on 4/11/11. The “Hostess” who happend to be a young male was on the phone. He was taking an order for take-out. He totally ignored us and continued to go over the whole TGI Friday’s menu. My husband started a countdown after standing there for 10 minutes. When he reached ten we walked out. To think that we could stand there for ten minutes and be totally ignored by not only the “Hostess” but all of the other employees is mind blowing!! Needless to say, we have crossed TGI Friday’s off the list of getting a quick bite to eat and will certainly spread the work about the ignorant employees! You definitely need to spend more time in training these employees!!!


While visiting the Smoky Mountains, March 12-14, 2011, we at lunch at 11:30 a.m. at a T.G. I. Friday’s Restaurant. The food was good but 3 hours later we got sick with vomiting followed by diarrhea. That ruined the rest of the trip. We spent the night in the bathroom and washing sheets and towels. I tried to find the address and phone number to informed them of what happened to us so no one else would suffer our fate. The TGI Friday’s restaurant was located on our way to Gatlinburg. I believe we were still in Pigeon Forge. My doctor told me the name of the food contamination but I forgot it, but it is from going to the bathroom and not washing your hands and handling food.

I will write this complaint to TGI Friday’s headquarters. It has been three days and I still feel weak. There were seven of us and three out of the seven got sick from eating your contaminated food!


On February, 13th 2011 at 2pm at the tgi fridays restaurant 0n 604 5th avenue New York City myself and my daughter and her mom sat down to have lunch. I got my finger caught on a defective chair were i sustained injury and surgery removal of an impaled metal object on finger. the manager at the time mr. harper was very concerned and helpfull. today i was made aware that the manager was transfered out of that restaurant for merely giving us a copy of the incident report?

tgi fridays headquarters and the the personnel that deals with liabilities have given me total, “run arounds”. so far i have acumulated medical expenses that i can’t afford!. to make matters worse, we were actually billed for the meal?. i had no intentions of making this legal but it seems i got no choice? you would think, after submitting proof of injury and incident report and pics, tgi fridays would at least return calls?


My sister sent back a glass of white wine at TGI Fridays in Cardiff, telling the waiter the wine was corked. A manager appeared at the table with a bottle of white wine telling my sister the wine can not be corked as they only use screw-top bottles he said smugly. How stupid do you have to be to be a manager at TGI Fridays by the way the food was shit but the manager did not produce anything to back this up.


My manager said to me that Friday’s isn’t his dream or goal and it take from him. Also he kept saying not add to his problems and he has many offers and once he get a chance to leave he will leave. The biggest disaster is the bad attitude: shouting, snoring and insulting. He always calling staff to improve their language but he should say this to himself. TGI Friday’s isn’t a great place to work at all, and everybody is always so pissed off at everything, just so you know the next time you are thinking about going to find a place to eat.

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