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Red Lobster Hospitality, LLC, is a private American casual dining chain and is the world’s largest seafood restaurant company. In 2013 there were 705 locations worldwide with over 58,000 employees. Red Lobster was sold to Darden Corporation in 2016 for 2 billion USD.

To reach Guest Relations call 1-800-562-7837 or you can find contact information here. To write to CEO, Kim Lopdrup, address an envelop with Red Lobster, LLC, 450 S. Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32837, USA. Corporate phone number is 407-734-9000.

Menu specialties include: Lobster Bisque, Live Maine Lobster, Crab-Oscar Surf and Turf, Grand Seafood Feast, Peppermint desserts, Lighter Fare, wood grilled seafood and Cheese Biscuits. The New England themed décor brands Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and social presence is found also on LinkedIn.

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WAITRESS: Jennifer W
Date: 01/25/2018
Time: 14:59:00 (Bill settled $0 due)
Check #30173

Complaint: Racial Profiling, Defamation of Character, Harassment, False Police Complaint

I and a co-worker was on business trip in Houston, Texas and drove over to Arlington to enjoy lunch with my son. The three of us dined at the above mentioned Red Lobster location. After settling the bill for myself and my son he left to go back to work. Shortly after a man came to our table and identified himself as the manager. He went to state he wanted to let us know he attempted to stop the person that was with our table from leaving because “…he looked shady and it appeared he was trying to skip out on paying his bill.” He continued with “There was a small altercation and I called the police and sent them over to Sprint.” Flabbergasted at his remark, I responded to him “His bill was paid before he left. You need to call the police and let them know you made a mistake so they won’t go on his job.” He responded sharply “I am not going to do that”. Conversation between manager and myself became elevated as he did not appear to want to correct the situation. At this point I was truly upset and we began gathering our belongings to leave. As we were walking towards exit the manager walked behind increasingly instigating. With us already on our way out he told us to “Leave my establishment or I will call the police”. As we walked out he yelled out “Have a nice day and watch yourself”.
As we walked across the parking lot to check on the third party four (3) police cars were turning in the parking lot. Two headed towards Reb Lobster and I flagged down one (1) and the other went to the Sprint Store. In all 4 police had been dispatched on his fraudulent 911 call.
Afterwards I was made aware the altercation was your manager approaching my son as he was leaving and telling him he could not leave until his bill was paid. My son informed him his bill had been settled and he should check with his waitress. Manager continued to harass my son and told him if he left he would call the police. My son responded to him that he had to get back to work at the Sprint Store and showed him his name badge as he walked out. Instead of checking with the waitress he chose to without consideration call the police on an innocent man.
Here was a well-groomed young black man dressed in a Sprint employee uniform (casual shirt w/ sprint name/logo, Docker slacks and casual shoes). What was the “shady look” the manager had mentioned. The shade of his skin color? This entire situation could have been diffused had the manager made the proper communication with his waitress. The timing of his 911 call and settlement of the bill confirms that the bill was paid well before anyone from our party left. Your manager’s actions were irresponsible and he should be held accountable. I could not understand why he would be so negligent in making the false 911 call and intentionally let the police continue on a call that he knew was inaccurate. This could have jeopardized my son’s job, as well as grave mishap between police and “black male”. Your manager showed a total lack of respect for paying customers.


We went to red lobster on January 1,2018 and service was so bad that we got our food and hour after being sat down only one set of bread waiter only checked on us one time than one of side dishes came out way before our dinner than when we was ready to go waiter just dropped off check never came back after signing it so never got a chance to get a copy of my check not to mention everyone stomachs were messed up for a day after eating there that night


The last time my co-workers and I ordered carry-out from Red Lobster in Livonia MI they forgot to pack my $8 dessert, yet didn't forget to charge me for it. I called to report the discrepancy and was told I would receive a coupon to replace my dessert. When I got the coupon in the mail it was for a free dessert WITH THE PURCHASE OF 2 ENTREES! I wasn't interested in returning there again but today we are trying to place another order and the service sucks as usual. I bypass the "call center" because they always enter my orders wrong. So I called the restaurant directly to place our orders. My first call I was left on hold for 13 minutes. I called back, again stated that I wanted to place an order and had been left on hold for 13 minutes, was asked to please hold, and was left on hold for 5 more minutes. I called back, asked to speak to a manager. The person on the line rudely asked what my name was I replied I'm a customer and I'd like to speak to the manager. I was AGAIN placed on hold, until someone came on the line and told me the manager was busy and could I give them a number to CALL ME BACK!!!. At this point I basically pleaded with the lady that all we wanted to do is place an order and that I understand, as a former Red Lobster employee some 18 years ago, how busy they are but that we too are customers and deserve service also. Finally I was able to place our order. I'm at work just like they are. I wouldn't make my patient wait damn near a half hour to get their medication, so why do I have to wait that long to place an order??? And no, I order my food with modifications, so I could not order online. It's bad enough the prices are higher and the portions are smaller, the least you guys could do is provide good customer service.


hello ,,, I never thought I would ever be writing red lobster to complain, I was never so disappointed,,, My husband and I took 3 more people out to dinner ,, first took rolls quite a while to get to the table ,, one of our party is on a strict diet due to health reasons , she was getting soup and salad and shrimp cocktail , she always gets the shrimp ,,, so everyone had there food ,,salads ,, and waitress comes out and says," oh we ran out of shrimp , we have to get some so it will be another 15 minutes for the shrimp ,, ok waited and waited,, another 30 minutes they bring out a double order of shrimp ,, she took one bite and had to spit it out ,, they put some kind of seasoning on it which has never been on it for years now ,, and it was spicy and burned her mouth , she cannot have seasonings in her stomach right now , good thing she spit it out . so the manager said to call ahead of time for shrimp cocktail and it can be ready ,,, ????? NEVER heard of such a thing ,, shrimp cocktail is what it is ! manager said it is a new spice they cook it in now ,, so now it is not shrimp cocktail anymore , they need to change the menu so people aren't deceived,, a lot of people cannot eat spices ,, was really did appointed,, I love redlobster , but that one person said they just lost us as a customer . the waitress was very nice ,, my food was good , but was so sad my company did not get to enjoy there dinner . would appreciate some feedback ,, thanks .


I visited the location in Cartersville, GA this weekend and I am VERY dissatisfied with the service I received. I had to send my food back due to it being cold after waiting over 45 min to receive it. The waitress rarely visited the table and when she did waa not friendly at all. I have always loved and gone to your establishment on many occasions and spent lots of money there. My husband on this night had a tab of $63 and it was not worth it. They even brought me someone else's drink! I am very upset about the service I received at a place i really love going to.


I visit red lobster all the time and last night my experience was horrible. I was so disappointed my food was not what I asked for and the waiter was so unprofessional. My food was cold and it took forever to get biscuits and drinks. What disappointed me the most is no an apologized for the horrible service.


Went to Red Lobster on the 23rd of October in Sandusky, Ohio and ordered steamed oysters. I had a bad one and so did my friend We had to spit it out of our mouth. We also had pieces of shell in them also because they weren't prepared right. I like to eat at Red Lobster, but the one in Sandusky never seems to have it right. I like the one in Perrysburg, Ohio. Never had any thing wrong there.


I visited store #0442 to place an take out order. I've tried calling to be placed on hold and once I advised that I had 5 orders I was placed on hold again. Not only that I had to wait almost 1 hour for my take out, I was missing items, the establishment wasn't crowded. It never fails whenever I call this store to order take out my order is always wrong. This is unacceptable when your spending this amount of money.


I went for lunch at the Red Lobster restaurant at 12:50 pm on Mercury Blvd. in Hampton, VA. I waited at the front desk for ten minutes for someone to come and seat me and my lunch companion. No one came, no one offered assistance. I asked two waiters for assistance and they said someone was coming. No one came. I have been a customer of Red Lobster for over 40 years. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I have never experienced that kind of service in any restaurant I have been to. All it would have taken is for someone to acknowledge we were there and give us an idea of when someone would be available to assist us. You lost our business that day for lunch and I will have to seriously consider if I will return to your restaurant. Customer service is a big deal to me.

Thank you for listening. I hope you resolve this so no other customers will experience my frustration. I ended up at a fast food restaurant so I could grab lunch and get back to work.


I would like to tell about the bad experience we had last night, 05/11/2016, in your D'Iberville restaurant. We went to the bar area, and were planning on an enjoyable evening no rushing. When we first got there it was rather warm in the bar area, we told the bartender we where warm and he said they were working on the air yesterday, and shut the blinds in the front of the restaurant, to keep the sun out. The longer we sat there the hotter it got, we noticed even the bartender didn't stay in that area very long he just keep coming back to check on us then go into the back, and he was sweating pretty bad.

When we got our appetizer we told him we where going to have to eat and run, because we were both sitting there sweating. When he came back I said maybe I need to speak to the manager, and he said I told her you said it was too hot to stay. She didn't even bother to come out and apologize. We were the only ones in the bar area, and now I know why.


Hostess and Waitress were nice. I have been eating here for over 20 years inside and take out several time a year, but this was my worst experience. I order take out two (2) center cut new York strip dinner to cook well done and one white garlic mussels. The steaks were raw and the mussels were cold. I wait 30 - 40 minutes for the meals and left a large tip total $60.00. We live 15- 20 minutes await and attempt to call the manager but it was Friday night 4/29/16 around 8pm that we was place on hold for over 30 minutes. We put the meal in the trash and this is why I am writing because of being disappoint.


I was last time at Red Lobster about 3 Years ago when i ordered shrimp scampi, My shrimp were the size of tiny canned shrimp, I could not believe it. Shame on me for never telling the company about this, I told the server, She was ashamed. that's the truth. Not that anything will ever be done for me. But don't forget, bad reports.


My wife and I took our niece to Honeygo Blvd, Red Lobster for her birthday dinner. After having our table I came back to the front desk and requested the young girl over there for a surprise birthday song for my niece after the dinner. I went to men's room and on my way back I reminded her again and said a big thanks to her for accepting my request for birthday song. Unfortunately it DID NOT happen in our case. I was so disappointed and embarrassed that I cannot express. Even my wife told the server also that today is her niece birthday, she just said happy birthday. Our niece does not live here and she is on a trip to US. We wanted to surprise her with typical Lobster Birthday singing. We are very disappointed and sad. Very embarrassing moment for us.


Arrived at Red Lobster in Conyers Ga on Wednesday night at 6:00 and did not get our food until after 7:30 we did not get to enjoy our food we had a party of 5 and we did not get our drinks until after we got our food we spent well over $100 and Im just pissed to the max the customer service was whack and they took entirely too long with our food and we only received one basket of biscuits.


Usually go in every wednesday, mostly have 2 lobster crableg shrimp platters, plus a 2 tall drafts each, on this wednesday we were told by the server the draft lines were not working, asked to talk to a manager, thought they would consider a discount on bottled beer, was told by the server not gonna happen, so $70.00 walked out the door, i might be wrong, but i'm the customer.


Food was overcooked and dry. Salad consisted of 3 small pieces of lettuce and a croutons and 1 tomato. Biscuits were hard and cold. This restaurant is more expensive than fast food places so you expect a little more for your money.


My sister and I ate at Red Lobster in Paducah, KY recently. We both ordered shrimp and pasta, which was dry and terrible. I got the impression they had just heated up something left over from lunch. (We were there around 3-4:00pm.) My sister's salad consisted of about 3 leaves of lettuce. The cheddar bay biscuits had no cheese in them whatsoever. The best part of the meal was actually our waitress, who was very nice and attentive. I actually felt bad for her, knowing some people probably based their tips on the lousy food.


jan 11 2014 we purchase 2 shrimp meal for family dinner gathering when we saw the shrimp where not devein it just ruin te whole dinner call the restaurant in fairvie heights ill 62208 110 Ludwig after asking us what the issue was they would just hang up on us at this point we would only accept a refund we are wanting to speak only to corpate at restaurant level we got no where I could hear some name mike telling waiter ti hang up I can only assume he was the manager please help us retrieve our refund of 78 dollars


When I was young, Red Lobster used to the be the nice place to go on a date.  It had high quality food, amazing service, and clean restaurants.  When I went to Red Lobster the other day, I was sorely disappointed in all those aspects.  The food was so-so, not bad but not spectacular either.  The service was awful, half the time I could not even find my server.  The restaurant did not look clean and I will not begin to describe the nastiness of the restroom.  This place used to be the best seafood and steak place around, not so much anymore.

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