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It is always too cold when we go to Chili's. So cold that it makes me ill. So cold that my fiancee's food is cold before he can eat it. We complain all the time. Yet it continues to be cold. We go there multiple times a week but I refuse to go there any more because it is always cold. Also, the food isn't that great & they're Ziosk seldom works. But it's how cold it is that has turned me off from this restaurant forever.


My family lives in Milwaukee WI visited the Chili's location on Miller PKWY. It was about 30 people in our party, we had one server/waiter to our table. Food came to our table cold, some people order the wing platter seemed more like an appetizer. When we got our checks there were items on there that weren't order. I'm not sure what was going on 12/17/16 but the quality and quantity of the food was horrible.


On the evening of 19 November l916 at approximately 7:00 PM my party of three ate at Chili's in Fort Smith, AR. The service was good, but the food was terrible. We ordered three rib-eyes, the waiter came back and said they only had two. We changed our order. When our dinner was served only one was a rib-eye and I do not know what the other one was, but it was not rib-eye. The over all worst meal they we have ever had at Chili's. We will not be going back to Chili's in Fort Smith, AR.


I saw what Chili's Grill & Bar corporation did to that veteran, taking his meal away because some hateful customer accused him not being a real vet. Shame on that manager. You guys should have made that manager publicly apologize to that vet personally, then firing him in front of him and the public. Nothing we can do about that hateful customer of yours except pray he seeks help. I am not a vet but many in my family are, so I know many, many vets. I'm speaking for them and myself, we will never patronize any Chili's restaurants. That means forever. Chili's Grill & Bar guys really dropped the ball on this despicable situation. Word of advise to your corporation heads, BET there are much more vets feeling this way all over this great country of ours. Goodbye.


I took my wife to dinner at the Chilis on Gibson in Albuquerque New Mexico. We walked in and were greeted promptly. The hostess sat us in a booth I sight of her station, gave us menus and said that our server will be with us shortly. Fifteen minutes passed as we watched our server walk past us several times attending to one of the three tables that had customers. Not once did he acknowledge us, or bring us water! The hostess kept looking our way and I think she could have brought us water. When the server decided to finally come to our table :20 minutes passed and he was very indifferent. We will never go to a chilis again! Terrible terrible service.


Just had your bacon grand burger, undoubtably the worst burger I have had in my 79+years. The burger was served at Fossil Creek #567. They are heating up the burgers in microwave oven making them so tuff that you can hardly cut into them with a steak knife. This burger cost over $10.00, for me to eat another one like it, you would have to pay me $10.00.


There is a reason why Chili's is dying. It's because of crappy service and days like today. I went on to watch the Euro 2016 finals in the bar. First, I asked for some red bull, but no energy drinks. What kind of bar has no energy drinks? Second, I ask for the game to be put on the television and they only put it on one in the corner. Are you joking? It's the euro finals and there is nothing else on to watch.

Third, I ask them to turn off the damn oldies music and put the sound from the game on. They say they can't, because the sound is broken. Broken! What good is the bar then? It's a damn sports bar and grill that doesn't care about sports. I really hope the CEO or somebody at corporate reads this. Please, if you want to be a family restaurant then shut down the bar. If you want to have tvs then put them on big events when they happen.

I am never going to Chili's to watch sports again.


To whom it may concern. Yesterday at about 10:40 pm I slipped on a greasy floor at your restaurant located at 11900 SW 88 Street. I was looking for the waitress because we had movie tickets and were ready to pay and leave it was more than 20 minutes waiting for her and we had to leave. I then asked for the manager. to which the manager came and wrote my name on one of the receipts he was carrying in his hands. He then told me that if I was hurt to go to the Hospital and seek care.

Many of the customers asked if I was alright. I fell on my buttocks and also bruised my right knee on one of the tables. I have been in pain since last night I will see medical attention today. I didn't do it yesterday because my son wanted to see the Jungle book and I was not about to disappoint him.


It was our Anniversary today and we went to Chillies today at cypress. We have been going to chillies for last 5 years never had any problem but today the waitress was very rude and food was very cold and lousy. The restaurant was very dirty even the utensils was disgusting.


I went to chills restaurant at 5520 main st Zachary. I arrived at 5.50 pm went inside young lady seated me and my grand baby she seated us at a unclean table. I asked her was she going to wipe it down then we sat there for about 30 minutes no one came to even take a drink order so while sitting a elderly white couple came in and was seated and immediately waited on. So I stopped the waiter to see why we wasn't waited on. Her name was Britney she stopped and took my order and it wasn't even her section she apologize but I felt better and appreciate her service but I think thee manager need to address this better.


I received the worst service I have ever experienced in a restaurant. First, couldn't find a bartender; then the manager (Carlos) took my order and took it incorrectly. Then the next bartender (they kept coming and going behind the bar) was so busy counting money that she never paid any attention to my requests...Finally, got service and when I asked for extra avocado she said it would be in a cup and $1.00 for that cup which I agreed to. I was more than half way through when I received the avocado and the pico etc. I called the manager, named Carlos over to speak with him, all he did was apologize and when I persisted about both female bartenders ignoring me unless I asked several times for their help, one of the customers told me to be quiet and Carlos and I quote said " Don't worry we are finished here". I have been coming in fairly regularly and I am very upset about the way I was treated.


I ordered 2 avocado burgers and I had half of my burger left when I went to take a bite and there was a metal screw in the center. I have never in my life had anything in my food. Lucky I didn't break a tooth or swallow it. Thinking about it there is no telling what I ate in this hamburger. Very highly disappointed. I can't believe something like this could happen. Please send me a return email about this matter.


We ordered are dinner, which took 45 mins to even get are salad had to wait another 15mins to get are food the sever didn't even check on us or tell us that are meal was coming. Couldn't even get a refill on are drinks. When are food finally came we all couldn't believe the food was dried out and didn't taste good at all. We will never eat their again. Or tell anyone to eat their and we paid 54.00 for the meal that all of use didn't eat- what a rip off.


My family and I were having a birthday Lunch for my son on 3-06-16. We had been seated for 15 minutes and had not even seen our server. We were sitting very close to the hostess and my husband asked for a server. She said she would take care of it. Shortly a very nice lady came to take our orders. We gave her our drink order and entrée order together because we had been sitting there for so long. Our 14 month old granddaughter was getting very restless.

In about 2 minutes our server came back and told us she could not serve us because the manager said it was not her table. Since we had not seen this server, we asked to see the manager. In a few minutes the manager came over and he was one of the rudest managers I have ever met. He said the other lady had no business waiting on us. She was just doing what the hostess asked her to do. We told him how long he had been waiting and his response was that our server had not gotten to us yet. I told him we had not even saw her around, his reply was she was waiting on her other customers in the back. He also said this other server could not wait on her other customers if she was trying to wait on us.

I have never been talked to by any manager at a food establishment before. He didn't even apologize for the wait. We have eaten at Chili's many times and never had such an experience. If it had just been myself and husband I would have walked out after the manager came over. I had not ever seen him before. I do know his name was John. There was a John there in the past times we have been there but not this one. There was 7 of use on this trip and it wasn't a very cheap ticket to have been treated this way. I really don't know when or if we will go back to this Chili's again.

As far as I'm concerned, this group of 7 will go to Texas Roadhouse or Logan's next time and give them our $100.00.


We had a rude waitress at Chili's and the food was cold and soggy. I didn't send it back because I have a baby and didn't want to wait. I usually love the food but this time was not impressed. I will never be back to try it again and will be calling the customer service phone number to complain this afternoon.


Went to Chili's for dinner. Food came out cold and the service was horrible. I complained to the management but they did not do anything else.


I will never go back to any Chilis again, I tried to pay using the table top machine and even put a tip in press pay. As I walk out i was accused of not paying my bill but I went thru the processes. The manager said i will take your write your plates down. I ask him how will writing my plates down ensure I payed my bill? So I walked with him and found the transaction did not go thru. Honest mistake but handled poorly by your manager.


My husband and went to Chilis restaurant in Anderson SC for a special day out and were very disappointed. He ordered a hamburger and the meat was tough and didn't have a good flavor. I had the turkey burger and mine also was tough and had a very strong turkey taste. I make turkey burgers at home and know what good quality ground turkey tastes like and this was not good quality turkey. We ate what we could left there saying our meal was not good.


My sister went to Chili's in Jackson, MS and was seated as soon as we got there. The problem was we sat at the table so long I went back to the person that seated us and told her no one has come to our table to even get our drink order. By this time 15 minutes has passed. She was nice and said let her get someone.

We waited 15 more minutes and no one showed up. So we got up to leave and I stopped and asked her for the manager. She went to the back and came back in about 5 minutes and told me he said he was too busy to talk to me but I can wait if I wanted to but he didn't know how long it would be.

This person is not management material, that was very unprofessional. So we left out NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO WAIT 30 MINUTES WITHOUT SOMEONE SAYING SOMETHING TO THEM. I am very disappointed in the services. 5/5/2015 there @12:10 and walked out the door about 12:40. There is just no excuse for this type of service.


Last night May 5, 2015 my bf and I went to have dinner we were told the wait was about 10 mins well it took 30-40 mins on top of that we had no drinks the food was cold and it wasn't that busy. We still had to pay full price for our dinner I don't think that's fair!


I went to chilis and bought his triple dipper and found out that the menu has been changed. You do not get dip with chips any longer and the 3 items I selected were horrible.... fried pickles were hard and fried pickles were sour and taste wierd and egg rolls were bland. Why change of menu. No more chips and dip. I'm not impressed. Still hungry and out of $13.00. Disappointed.


I swear it seems like Chili's uses the same chips and salsa that I can buy at Walmart, or at least that's how it tastes to me. Does anyone notice that the chips rarely taste fresh anymore? I don't mind Chili's or at least I didn't mind it when I was younger but now that I've developed a sense of taste I feel like they need to step up there game a little bit and have a decent menu of options and make more fresh types of foods. When there are more fresh choices with farm fed beef and natural menu items I don't think people will pick Chili's in 5-10 years.

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