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So the story goes like this. I purchased a 2015 Nissan Altima a few months back. Started having trouble with the key fobs...key not detected, invalid key, batter low, locking and unlocking they car was sporadic..sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. After completing some research on the internet, it runs out that this a very widely spread problem with Nissan. In a moment of poor judgment, I decided to call Nissan to see what they can do for me..opened a case. I get a call back a couple days for "Olivia" telling that they have "reviewed" my case and that I am on my own to cover the cost because the car is "branded"..meaning i purchased it from another individual. So I guess the car is no longer a NIssan...I mean, how car you argue with that logic. Nissan, you should be ashamed of yourself..thankfully, my other vehicle is a Toyota....6 months ago, back wiper went bad..motor and all...8 months out of warranty and Toyota covered it in full...they called it "customer appreciation"...take note Nissan....guess what my next car will be.


I bought a new 2017 Nissan Rogue in Nov 2017. It now is just 14 months old with 34000 kms. It is just off warranty and the back brakes and rotors were in total need of replacing. I brought it into a service center while I was on a road trip because the brakes were making a lot of noise. The service technician checked it out and had to replace the rear brake pads and rotors because he advised that it would be unsafe to continue driving. He suggested that I complain to Nissan Canada because no vehicle with that few kilometers should have the brakes worn out. I agreed because the Ford and Pontiac vehicles that I have previously owned didn't need brake replacements until over 75000 kms. The cost to me was $419.46. I am not happy to have to pay this amount on a vehicle that is practically new. I am hoping that Nissan will compensate me even though the vehicle is past warranty. I have otherwise been happy with the Rogue but I will have to consider going back to a Ford if this vehicle is going to wear this fast.
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from Nissan Canada.
Kathy Carlson


Att. Barbara Consumer Affair Representive

I have done all the things that you asked to do about all these contract. And was told to go back to the dealership. I have been already once, but it was no good. I have tried to call you, and even left a message but you didn't return the call. Now I have another appointment with M. Pucci.(1/16/2019) at 4:00 pm. I hope very much this problem came be solved. I feel I am getting the run-a-round. If I can't get any help with problem maybe I will have to go a different way, I certain hope not
. Please give me a call. 863 234 1685

Thank You Ruthann Womack


2016 Nissan Rouge..- vehicle has been into the service dept. at least 5 times with the same complaint. There is a loud noise in the front drivers side. The underside panel which I think covers the underside of the car will not stay attached. The service guy says they either do not hear a noise or have corrected the problem by replaces plastic "bolts/screws" each time. We drive home and the noise is louder and more constant than before service. I did an online "chat" at the dealers website and was told that a manager would call, but that was 3 -4 weeks ago and no one has called. The car is no longer under warranty but the problem needs to be fixed. Truthfully it sound like something major is about to fall off the underside.

Service is really not good at Bradenton Nissan in Bradenton FL. New owners since we bought the car. This is our 3rd Murano/Rouge and we have not been happy with service on this vehicle. Such a shame that a once good dealership is this way now.
Is our problem one which other owners are experiencing? Have may I got this fixed. We probably could not get rid of this car without having this noise fixed.


I was given a quote. This is the link I accepted the quote I paid for the total and when I got to my truck realized I did not have the TIRES!!! Now the local branch is giving me the run around and I'm beyond disgusted with your service department. I brought my truck in on a Wednesday was told it would be ready early the next week. Didn't hear from anyone by the next Wednesday so I called. They said it would be ready Thursday offered me a 10 percent discount for the delay and gave me a loaner that night. The next day I picked up my truck and realized they did not mount 4 new tires on it which I had paid for.


Well I love my Nissan only has just over 50 thousand kl on it,
BUT the passenger side front seat electric adjustment has broken, cover has come off and the adjustment leavers keep falling off , I have had car since new "2015" , and I think this should have lasted longer than this , considering we only use it 2 times a week , most of time one person in car , and no children in car as we are both in our 60,s.



Recently my daughter took my car (2005 Murano SL VIN NumberJN8AZ08T55W304152) in for service to be placed on the rack for codes. As during the time span of several days, my daughter was told that a part was replaced due to a recall. Shortly after disa dispute on repair price which was resolved, her radio is not working, the engine light came on, and now the steering wheel is veering to complete to the right. Would like to have this incident resolved.


The CHAdeMO fast charger at Jenkins NISSAN in Leesburg FL on US 441 has been BROKEN OVER A YEAR.
I have made numerous complaints to sales, service, and dealership manager over the past year.
They all say the same thing NOT MY JOB.
If the charger is on the NISSAN dealership property and has the NISSAN corporate logo on it, then it is somebody's job to get the fast charger fixed.

NISSAN Corporate needs some customer service process to insure that NISSAN Dealerships conform to their NISSAN Corporate operations contract. If the NISSAN sign had a bulb burned out at the Dealership, someone would be responsible for fixing it. For NISSAN LEAF owners, the fast charger (CHAdeMO charger) is THE sign of the dealership.

I have two NISSAN Leafs and have used NISSAN fast chargers at maybe 50 locations up and down the East Coast USA.


As far as I am concerned, NISSAN Corporate should de-cerfify Jenkins Nissan in Leesburg FL as a licensed NISSAN dealer since the location refuses to maintain NISSAN branded CHAdeMO chargers.


I have faxed my bank statements for 2 months that all my payments were made also
faxed statement from Bank of America showing payments made for last year! this has been going on for a month no one has gotten back to me. I did not miss any payments and I want this resolved account #0010 2422 7203 9000 1
Ed Doody


I took my Vehicle to Hall Nissan in Virginia Beach on Bonney Road.
I want my gauge repair, I didn't have any problems with it until after I had gotten an oil change on June 2018, soon after, I was been mistreated by all Hall Nissan dealership employers, they fail to honor my 7 years extended warranty, it was changed to a limited warranty, they are refusing to repair my vehicle after they destroyed it. They want me to pay for the damages that they had created and caused, They are extremely disrespectful in the Service Department, Supervisors, Management, Headquarter Office, and Nissan Hall Dealership, after I get my vehicle repaired I am not coming back, and I will never refer anybody to you again, I had referred over 50 people to your company, they bought vehicles from you. I will only share the bad and poor experiences that I am now facing from your company, I am ashame to tell anybody that I bought my Armada Nissan from your dealership company.


Ask for early appointment- she said 7:30am oct.4th - when husband got there advised He would be first - he sat there waiting 2 hours and a half - hours - got so mad he left -at 10:00 am because they had not started on oil change - he wants to put a complaint on modern nissan service dept. on university parkway,Winston-Salem,N.C. Thank you - Linda Jarvis - complaint by Wayne Jarvis -we own 2014 frontier truck - home number 336 767-4266-


Bought a used car fro Freedom Nissan in South Burlington Vermont part of our deal was to install new tires which was put in writing we owe a set of tires at dealers cost. Not sell a set of tires at dealers cost even the salesman that sold the car agrees with me and states so in several text messages tires should be free The owner is refusing to honor the agreement was extremely rude on the phone buying a car should be an exciting experience not the case at this Nissan dealer please help with this situation Regan Rock


2012 Nissan Armada purchased at a Nissan dealership on Valentines Day 2018. Broke down July. 2018

The emergency brake cable snapped causing the brake cable to wrap around the rear drivers axle causing almost $2,000 dollars in damage to the vehicle. A Nissan service manager and a mechanic with a second dealership admitted that Nissan has seen this problem on other 2012 Nissan Armada’s however they are unwilling to do anything to rectify the problem. I feel that because this affects the brakes it is a matter of safety. My vehicle was out of commission for 12 days and I was stranded in Golden, BC I live in Calgary and there is no Nissan dealership in Golden


I called because of my upcoming open heart surgery in which I am extremely stressed by, to aske for an extension for my August and September payments, which I understand is possible to do. I have previous but is because my state of healthy as been bad and had to take of work several times, but hopefully this surgery will help all that. The rep was very rude and refuse to grant me the time , told me that she will asked her supervisor and he also said no. This is representatives of a major corporation that are treating the customer with no sense of dignity or compassion.

My name is Rafael J Pillot Alfonso.

I will pass this information to my bosses at which I am the fleet manager and we are recently trying to price NV200s like mine for a fleet of 18 trucks to do Directv for AT&T.


Hi ,

Pada 18hb Ogos 2018 pada pukul 11 lebih pagi saya menghantar Nissan Navara JRM6971 ke service centre Nissan di Plentong. Berjumpa dengan SA Steven untuk urusan pemeriksaan dan kenal pasti kerosakan penghawa dingin kereta tersebut.

Hingga semalam 29hb Ogos masih belum ada apa2 tindakan yang sewajarnya hanya whatsApp yang mengatakan perlu menunggu barang gantian dalam masa dua bulan.

Autonetor aircond didapati tidak berfungsi dan berkemungkinan.bairing pecah. dan jika terlalu lama keadaan paip penghawa dingin kekeringan atas kepanasan injin.boleh karat dan meninggalkan serpihan halus..tabung simpanan gas juga boleh mengalami kerosakkan dan akan boleh menyebabkan kebocoran di masa akan datang.

Sebagai sebuah peneraju besar dalam bidang pengkeretaan seharusnya perkara sebegini di atasi dengan kadar segera. Apalagi segalanya dihujung jari.

Terima kasih


Is it customary that the Nissan dealer offers no discounts on a new vehicle if the buyer is not putting any money down and gets 0% interest for the life of the loan?

Thank you,
Brenda Hunt


I went into Baron Nissan on 7/10/18 and tested drive the car but the AC wasn't working correctly. I was informed the AC was fixed and I can purchase the car on 7/12/18. I had to bring the car in for 6 different issues on 7/17/18 and didn't get it back until 7/19 which I was then told they could only partially fix my issues. On 7/20/18 the car started to stall on me, I still had brakes issues along with a really bad fuel smell from the AC that caused me and my child to become sick. Now I'm asking them to take the car back and cancel my loan which is not even 2 weeks but manager Won is refusing to cancel my loan.
As per baron Nissan they will not cancel my loan of 17,679.63 that is not even 2 weeks old but will low ball me a buy back price of only $8,500 which will leave me with no car and a loan of $9,179.63. I have never seen a car company that would treat a women like; this has been the worst experience of my life from getting sick from and now this. Can someone please help me.


I have a Nissan Altima Coupe 2012. I've been back to Nissan every week for like a month now. It started with a leak I paid close to 1k. Then 3 days later major leaks again. I bring it back they tell nothing is wrong it's just the a.c although the leak is massive. I leave then a week later I have loud rattling squeaking noises coming from the car. At this point I'm pissed. I get charged over 100 dollars for diagnostic fee. I'm paying all this money and I feel like every time I take it yo Nissan it gets worse. If something does not change I'm taking this to the headquarters. Money does not grow on trees and although my car has a lot of miles I've never had issues until they worked on my car and flushed it. This Nissan is located in Ellicott City, MD. Please evaluate this situation and get back to me. Thanks







TONY 437 778-1532


From: Patty Zahler, 79 Pomeroy Meadow Rd., Southampton, MA 01073 (413) 203-5459
Re: Country Nissan, 40 Russell St. Rt. 9, Hadley, MA 01035, (413) 774-3121
On July 11,2018, due to a recall, I took my car into the dealership service to have new airbags installed in my 2010 Nissan Versa. The airbags were installed, and I drove home. The next day, while I was driving my car, the airbag light on my dashboard began to flash. I was concerned my airbags would inflate, or that they were non-functional, so I pulled off the side of the highway I was on and called the dealership. The receptionist put me through to service 3 times, but no one picked up. Finally, I left a message asking for them to give me a call back. I did not receive a call back, so i called the dealership the next day. They scheduled me for Monday, July 16, at 11:00 a.m. After inspecting my car, I was informed that the technician scanned for codes and found a B1054 for a spiral cable open. All warranty repairs and checked and found causing light to flash. Cleared code and turned steering wheel and light cam on. They want to replace the spiral cable for a total of $330. The diagnosis fee of $60 was waived ONLY after I absolutely saw no reason that I should pay for that. Technician also stated the airbags may not be functioning as designed. Why would I pay almost $400 (including diagnostic) for a repair that was working just fine before I took the car into their service station? I have never heard of such a thing. AND... why would I pay $328 for a repair, when it might be the airbags malfunctioning? In the meantime, my life is in danger because I no longer have a driver side airbag. Please help me with this dilemma. Best regards, Patty


Deceptive Sales practices.
When I'm making a purchase as large as a new auto I expect to be treated with curtesy and not lied to and use this common phrase "I support the troops" as a means to trust a deceptive person, That was my experience with Hanlees Nissan and finance director Trent Lukens. I feel strongly about this! As a twenty two year retiree of the United States Air Force I strongly believe, Trent Lukens should never again be able to sell any cars to veterans or active duty members of the United States military. What he did to me was sell me a car that was worth 24,000.00 and used 6000.00 worth of optional items that was finance into the 24,000.00 car for 84 months (I was wanting terms of 72 months) which total 32400.00.and instead of my bank USAA that do look out for the troops having the contract Trent tricked me into a credit union having the contract. Another thing USAA approve me for a loan up to 36000,00 so I didn't want anything down on this purchase. What Trent did was applied my rebate from Nissan 500.00 to a down payment on the 2018 Altima. The entire transaction was very questionable. Trent lied about the extended warranty offer by USAA stating I would have to pay 100.00 deductibles and submit claims with what USAA was offering Trent sold this warranty by stating he was going to give me an additional 12 months of extended warranty and for 84 months all I would need to do is buy gas under the Nissan Security Plus warranty he never discuss price or how it would effect the price of the car and no option to pay for this warranty was not discussed. Also a 3500.00 optional item call MAP was added and not explained. I don't know what MAP is and the people that assist buying cars a USAA didn't know what MAP was either. The car buying assistance that I last talk to thinks MAP is a wrap around for the extended warranty and he told me the salesman sold me something I didn't need. Trent also added GAP that cost 895.00 the to the contract. What I had plan to do is buy USAA version of the extended warranty for 599.00 and GAP for 299.00. I call USAA that morning and told them I would be buying both of these items for the car I purchase. Everything change my plans were not even factor into the purchase and USAA was taken completely out of the transaction and replaced with a Credit Union I told Trent I don't like Credit Unions at the beginning and he knew this but somehow a Credit Union now has the note. I want Trent to pay this credit union the 6000.00 plus back and relieve me from any payments to this credit union. Trent is telling me it take 6 to 8 weeks to remove the optional items because Trent is not to be trusted I think he is stalling. He need to send that 6000.00 plus back to the credit union and that and that could be an ELECTRONIC TRANSACTION that don't take 6 to 8 weeks. I need this done ASAP because my first payment is coming up July 26,2018. Trent also need to take that 500.00 rebate off the down payment so I can use the rebate the way its suppose to be use. I had enough loan USAA approve me for the purchase. I believe Trent somehow kept my rebate again nothing was explain to me and when I did ask him could some of the prices on optional items be negotiated Trent told the 500.00 rebate was factor into the price of the of the optional items. I just don't believe this guy plus when I question him he told he works on a salary and don't get commission. It's pretty strange a person that always stating how much he support the troops and look out for the troops added 6000.00 worth of optional items to the price of my car, added an additional 12 months of finance charges, lied about USAA products and never gave me options to pay these optional items. It seem to me by his speech and action he was more concerned about a commission on the sale of those optional items than telling me the truth USAA product was just as good. One last lie Trent told me or tricked me using words. At the end of the transaction I ask Trent was he sending all this information to the Bank. I ask this because I go to the USAA website and I can see everything and have control how to pay. Trent lied and told me yes. He lied using his fake words later be telling me he was going to give me something an exclusive membership to a credit union only exclusive members could recommend me for membership him being the exclusive member. I didn't care since I don't do business with credit union anymore so I was going to get the membership info package and most likely throw it away. I was shock about a week later I received the membership alone with the credit union carrying the note on the car for 84 months.


June 1, 2018 I purchased a preowned 2016 Versa Note from AutoCenters Nissan in Wood River, IL. I am a Missouri resident. First, I didn't have a manual in my car which isn't the most important thing but the young guy I dealt with Jacob Menke, started out he would mail me one. After several attempts trying to get this, he finally got nasty with if you want one, you'll have to come get it and hung up on me. I let this go. Got my inspection and emissions done last week of June, time up July1. Go to License Bureau and don't have title packet. Call AutoCenters Nissan again, talk to Dee who handles this. Couldn't find it, oh yes this was a used vehicle. No big deal, more things in life to worry about than this I was told. They did send me a dealers plate but I'm still waiting on title packet. Checked on Monday, she said she checked with Courtney from bank and must be back logged. Would call her again And get back to me by end of day. Still waiting. I like my car but this experience has been very disappointing. Will have fines to pay for being late. Definitely would not recommend this dealership. Only went there because I found online the car and color I was looking for.


I took our nisson into fardo nd. dealership at lest 3 times to take care of a malfunction in the security lights in the mirrows that let one know when a car comes into your side view. they told my wife bring it in today as the parts were in, when told she could pick up the car the equipment still did not work. I asked to talk with the service manager and stated do we have to take our Nisson to grand forks for warrenty work, along with a couple words of foul language. then I called my wife who was driving with the service technician and accused him of not ordering the part, not taking the bumber off to install anything. so the manager tells my wife since I used foul language he agreed we should take our car to grand fork, north Dakota. I believe I caught them in a lie and they didn't much like it. at any rate our car we purchased partley because of that security mirrow, still does not work . after 4 trys to attempt the warrenty . the warrenty is done in October this year so it probably will not get doe.


I was very disappointed with the service I got from 4 Nissan dealership in NJ, Sansone in Avenel, Pinebelt in Keyport, Edison Nisson and North Plainfield Nissan. You see my eyes was set at leasing a Rogue because it's easy on my wallet so I look at the Internet which Nissan dealers has special promotions for the 4th of July. I was contacted by the Internet specialists from those 4 dealerships and had phone conversations with them. I was very very very transparent with the Internet specialist and sale reps., I told them I liked Rogue, but I don't have a down payment, what monthly payment I can afford and my score is not high. These Internet specialists stated "no problem we can work with you just go to the appointment". Here are the some of the sale person told me " we are the specialist in making it Work for you" " we are the best Nissan dealer out there", " no need to go to other Nissan dealership we will let you drive today". I was optimistic but did not last long. The Internet rep should have inform me before driving and wasting my time & gas to the dealership. I was honest and transparent with you and NISSAN dealers were not. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Jessica Acevedo, Esperanza Maldonado( Sansone), Stacia Hargrove & Pellegrino Mongillo (Pine Belt in Keyport) Alex Castro & Mr Brown (Edison Nissan) Jass, Tony Kyme & Lawrence Kyser ( North Plainfield)


we have been to the dealership in Mcalester OK. several times in the past months concerning our Nissan rougue sport with the problem our car surging as we drive it. we were told at first that it was an easy fix and they needed to reset something and it would be fine!! after 8 months of asking for this to be fixed I was told by the service manager that they didn't know how to fix the problem!! I have my records where we contacted the service manager more that 12 times so therefor we have retained a lawyer and are proceeding to initiate the LEMON LAW clause!! Nissan is no help what so ever and we are taking this car to the dealership and let them know that they can have it back since they don't seem to care one way or the other. we need the phone number to Nissan motor company customer service and complaints!!!




My 2011 Nissan Sentra has been at the dealership for almost 2 months. Nissan Corp. was going to pay for 70% of the work when it was thought to be the timing chain. Now that it's not they aren't paying for any of it. The dealer says it the toner wheel which is bolted to the crank shaft is bad. But my son who has 12 yrs as a advanced master mechanic, says that is one part that should never go bad. It has 66,000miles, which is 6000 out of warranty. But again they were going to pay for it then, but not now. I've bought 3 new Nissans in the past and this is way they treat their loyal customers. Very unhappy


I have had the srs warning light indicating, there is a problem. Just shortly after I have bought the car from universal city Nissan. I have since returned to the dealer, and they assured me that they looked into the problem and it had been repaired. If the light wen on to return again. I find out that the dealer only deactivated the light, but it went on again a short time after. every time I had brought my vehicle to the dealer, they assured me that they looked into the problem and had the mechanic look at it and they determined that the problem was fixed and resolved. and if there was further problems to return again for re-examination. If it was even taken care of the first visit in the proper manner, it would have been covered by the warranty. now they tell me that I must pay for having this problem looked at with a special tool, and that I must pay to get it fixed, the way I thought they had resolved the problem in the first place. I believe that the mechanics failed to fix the problem during the warranty period. now they declare that they cannot even tell me what is wrong unless I sign a contract making myself responsible for payment. It would have been under warranty in the first place if they had properly inspected the problem when I first reported the problem. before that, the dealer just told me that the light should disappear. soon, if it stays lit, to take it to the service department. and now they want to claim that the warranty will no longer cover the problem. I even bought an extended warranty. I suspect that the dealer has committed fraud in making me feel that they had the problem was repaired, just to let time go by so that the warranty will expire, and have me return and disregard giving me proper customer service and bring my car in more often for repairs so they can gain more customers. I bought the car cash. now they disregard me as a loyal customer. This is the second car I bought cash. I had bought five other cars from this dealer. that is what gets me that they no longer appreciate doing business. guess they just want to separate the customer from their money, then give them the silent treatment. not a fair way of doing business. I do not appreciate buying great cars, then be given a lemon. they should try to work with me on this problem, not fight hard to cover up their mistake. I will be satisfied if they can only take a little time to listen to the customer and do the job right the first time. they claim that their work is guaranteed. first they have to do the right diagnosis as professionals, do the work correctly, then back it up. I was re assured that they had properly taken care of the problem. a professional mechanic would know, or make an effort to find out what the problem is and correct it. I have made a report with the b b b I will now use the media to expose such improper treatment of clients who buy a vehicle in good faith, and later get the runaround customer service which they claim to give a satisfactory service. I want the vehicle I paid good money for, not to result as a lemon deal. wish they would not stoop to that level. I am sure there is something they can do but are playing dead, so that I will leave. I am sorry but it will not end there. I am going to make sure they do not try to dupe other hard working American?


Your bad service I been waiting for your return call (waste of my time) I read on line how Nissan could care less I believe it . If Nissan wishes to change my thinking about YOUR COULD NOT CARE LESS customer service which I guess begins at corp. level and continues to the dealers such as the useless NISSAN OF ST AUGUSTINE .

Wasted my day waiting for your return call to deal with my lasted Nissan problem (should have known better by now)
Do you have a WE DO NOT CARE MANUAL??????????????????????????????/

Guess my best option is legal one STAR IS TO MANY


Nissan of Granbury has had my truck for 3 weeks and can't find out what is wrong with it. they haven't called me in a week last time i called they said will call me back that evening no call. Not to happy with my Nissan Experience this is the first Nissan and maybe the last.


I purchased a cat 2013 Nissan Rogue first day I brought it home heard a noise we took it back the next day they did not give us a loaner we come to find out the car needs a new transmission. After a week there finally we get a loaner 3 weeks later the car is still there at the dealership . I was promised by the used car manager that he would keep me posted he called to let me know the tires were changed. Now this is 2 weeks later and no one know about my car. I would never purchase a Nissan vehicle again. this is the worst nightmare Nissan 112 in Medford NY Nick Galeja used car manager I feel I been robbed. looking for a layer. Please help me 631 790-1390


this is the 4th letter and not one peep from you, wassup, is this site for real or what, so much for the complaint dept my complaints seem to go no where, some kind of a response would be nice, guess I have to go directly to the Nissan main office.'
Thanks for nothing, just makes me even more upset with Nissan, didn't think that was possible......
lemon car lemon complaint dept


i bought my 2015 Nissan Titan truck used from Cerritos Nissan in California 4 months ago. I took the vehicle in after a month for service because there was a transmission delay upon acceleration. The problem was addressed but not completely fixed. I have since taken the vehicle in for service several time for the same problem. The service department said they cannot do anything because there is not a service light activation to address.The service writer said I would have to contact the cooperate office so someone can approve additional repair. I would like to talk to a representative about addressing the acceleration delay in my transmission. Thanks 714-925-0862 Lee Manea text or call. Ps. really love my truck and would like to take care of this issue. Thank you


We have booked a datsun redigo from nissan petal navrangpura branch. We booked the car on 28th September and the sales person promised us to deliver the car on dashera that is on 30th September the loan got cleared in one dat from hdfc bank but at the time of delivery the sales person said that the monkey climbed on it so cant deliver was dashera n we boight the car only with the condition if the car will be delivered on dashera n the sales person n team manager both came to my home to take down payment and promised in front of my family that they will deliver the car on dashera bt when the loan passed they lied by saying that the car was not rdy to deliver and when we asked them to see the condition of car they denied to show us n when we asked them when they came to know about cars condition they said that they knew it by evening n still they came to take downpayment as they thought we would not know about their lie and they also lied about the rat of interest on loan from nissan which was explained to us at 7.99% n at last taken at 8.75% so ultimately they knew that there was no car of our requirements available on dashera still they sold it to us in higher int bcz of urgancy n still not gave us the car if our booking and after all this quarrels and their lie we compromise on the colour j took another colour bt still they were behaving too rude , on next day when we call them to complete the accessories work they blocked us and behave too rudely i want to takto strict actions against them do the needful .
Thier names were: manish patel
Krutarth zapa




Buyers beware at Autofair Nissan of Chelmsford. I've encountered some shady practices but this was a whole new level. Showed up to purchase a Demo car with an appointment on Sunday at 11:15 right when it opened, only to be told it was sold at 9:30 pm the night before. The Sales agent, Dillon was new and he blamed his inexperience on the whole mess. His Manager, Steve got involved and shared it was an oversight with many apologies. They proceeded to try and get me to look at a new 2018 fully loaded and after about an hour of me upset came back out and said the people who wanted the car couldn't do the loan so it's available again for purchase. We were taken to the back room to inspect the car and were sitting for paper work and then had a new sales manager come out to say we cannot buy it. He states nobody was buying it last night at all, the GM wants it to remain at the site for a loaner car. So the two salesmen who kept apologizing for the car being sold from under us were trained to lie and had moved the car to the back room out of site, making up the story. We wasted three hours of our time. it appears this type of Sales fraud is a normal ploy for this location and several people have written in complaints about it on their Facebook Page. The last Sales Manager that came over was very smug and just kept saying, sorry you can't buy it. Not only was there a major lack of integrity and sales ethics happening at this site but the sales team kept trying to engage my husband and on several occasions eliminated me from eye contact or dialogue.

My husband kept saying, talk to my wife she is the one purchasing the car. We were both appalled by the treatment we had. I will be letting the BBB and Attorney General know of this behavior.

I recently posted this whole experience on my Facebook account and was surprised to hear that a friend of mine knows the owner, Andy Crews who he felt would NOT be okay with the way we were treated. I would love for him to hear about this seeing how he just won the most respected business man in NH award. This office needs to get rid of the Management that is in place and hire sales woman and men that have integrity and human decency.

Susan S-


Courtesy Nissan in Tampa Florida.
Customer Service is the worst. I got the run around. I told the sales person Moe to keep me up to date about if I where financed do to my low credit score. Even had my daughter co sign for me. Than he ask me if I had another co signer. I mean come on. I feel treated very badly just because my credit isn't good enough. He promised he would let me know something. Keep in mind I was at the dealer at 10 am. Left at approx 11 am and gave Moe my phone number so he can text me. He said he will do what he can and want to see me happy so I can get the car I want. I am super disappointed how customers get treated differently with no down payment and not to good credit. Obviously finance and sales didn't want to work to hard to get me approved. Because it is past 9 pm and Moe have not replied to me period. Not even to inform me about my status approved or not. Very disappointed and upset. Will not never ever send someone to this dealer in Tampa, Florida. Matter of fact my credit will be better one day and I am for sure won't purchase a new vehicle at Nissan for sure. Worst experience ever.


I bought my 2011 Juke to the dealer because the check engine light was on this was on for 11:17 I got a bill for repairs in the amount of $577 and was told that the problem was not repaired and I need a new engine my question is why did I need to spend $577 to be told that my car with only 38,000 miles on it needs a new $8,000 engine my father in 1965 but our first Datsun and we've been buying Nissan's ever since my wife and I currently have a Nissan pickup a Pathfinder in the Juke we are concerned about the quality of the vehicles and I don't understand why that engine went out at 38,000 miles can you can you please respond to this question at your convenience thank you


I just closed on a car at Bommarito Nissan ..Ballwin MO.14747 Manchester RD.. $500 dollar deposit was made on a Rogue sport on 8/21/07

at 12:30 8/28/17 we waited for 3 hrs and 30 minutes waiting for car prep on a brand new car the dealer had a week to accomplish.

This turn the new car buying experience to shit..

George J Rimkus


I was in one of your dealer ships on 11/14/2016, continental Nissan in country side Illinois, my wife and I were shopping for a red Murano 2017 with cream color interior, in which they didn't have in stock, they said they can get it, then ask me to leave a deposit in which I did not want to leave a deposit they pleaded with me to leave even my truck I said no, then the manager ask me to leave a deposit, he also said I will get my money back we don't operate like that, so I trusted him and left $200.

Next morning I changed my mine, and when I contacted the dealer ship they said they're not giving me my money back, they showed me some papers that they said my wife and I sign said no refund, what we sign did not say no refund, and my receipt that I have doesn't have no refund on it either, your response to this issue will be appropriated in a timely matter, this is the second step in the attempt to resolve this issue.


Had thought about purchasing a Frontier until I reviewed the gas mileage, very poor for a 4 cyle with an automatic. Your engineers are asleep at the wheel with gear ratio installed. You need to install highway gears. Very foolish on your part. I have a muscle car that gets better gas mileage than your trucks. Your engineers should be terminated.


The VIN for my 2017 Nissan Armada is JN8AY2ND9H9000322. The registered name is Rodney Burton. I purchased my first Brand New Loaded Nissan Armada back in 2004. I drove it for the past 12 years and serviced it at Auto Nation Nissan in Brandon Florida. During those 12 years I never really had any major issues with it. I have had the same discussion with my wife for the last 5 years about getting a new vehicle and my answer to her question was always.

I really like my Armada and if I had to buy something today it would be another Nissan Armada and the same color. So as the new year started and I had to make a couple of repairs to my older Armada I started thinking its time to start looking for a new vehicle. I started doing some research and then I saw something online about the 2017 Nissan Armada redesign and it spark alot of curiosity. It finally came down to 3 vehicles the 2017 Nissan Armada, 2016 Infinity QX80 and the 2016 Lexus GS 460. I started calling the Auto nation Nissan dealer ship in March for information on when the new Armada would be released.

The sales person did some asking around and call me back the next day saying it will be released in early June. So at that point I continued my research on the other vehicles in the mean time. I called back in April to Auto Nation Nissan and was told that now the 2017 Nissan Armada wouldn't be released until early September. I had seen the unveiling on the Auto Show where the 2017 was showcased for the first time in a burnt orange color.

As you can see I have had an eye on this vehicle for a long time. I felt that after watching the auto show it was now between the Armada and QX80. I made more calls to the Auto Nation and discovered that they were going on 7/12/16 at 10 am for the dealership to check it out and get trained on its features. So I took a couple hours off work to check it out. Once I saw it...It confirmed that my next vehicle was going to be the 2017 Armada. So on 9-15-16 I visited the Auto Nation dealership to take a test drive the Armada.

Just a thought for you...I never test drove the QX80 or the Lexus GX460. I decided to purchase the Armada that same night and trade in my 2004 Armada. My wife and I was at the dearlership till almost 10pm trying to close the deal. Unfortunately time ran out but we still took the New Armada home and came back the next morning to sign the rest of the paper work and allow the dealership to detail and finished removing the plastic on the interior. I had to run to a couple of banks that morning to move some money around for the down payment.

During the drive to the bank the engine light came on with only 28 miles on the SUV. Once I arrived at the dealership I informed my salesman Charles about the issue. So they took it back to the service Department while we continued with the paper work and demo on another Armada along with some videos to explain the new features. The repair shop consulted with Nissan Engineers and they determined they should just reset the computer. So the next weekend I hook up my boat for a fishing trip and I noticed a strong odor coming from the exhaust. I thought to myself it must be because its a brand new vehicle. I awakened on Sunday and headed to church only to notice that the engine light was back on again. So I took it home and dropped it off at the dealership to have it looked at again for the same issue as before.

The technician Bryan and Hamza the Repair Specialist kept me in the loop about my issue. It seems it was another issue that had to be escalated to the engineers and sensor was ordered. So now that makes 2 trips to the dealership and now 5 more days the vehicle was down. At this point i'm very frustrated about the issues with my new Armada. I make a complaint to Nissan Consumer Affairs on that Tuesday with case number 24220704. I had several conversations about the 2nd trip for repairs with them. I explained to the Regional Represenative Diamond that I felt the truck would be back in the shop for another repair because there is something wrong with the truck i selected.So 2 more weeks pass and I started noticing acceleration issues between 20 to 40 miles per hour.

I thought to myself your just overreacting because of the past issues. During those 2 weeks I pulled my boat an hour away to have the boat wrap replaced. Then I had to pick it up again and the Armada was struggling to reach 60 miles per hour while towing the boat. Im thinking once again maybe there's something im not doing correctly with the tow mode feature. So I go back to the dealership to ask about the tow mode and I was doing everything correctly. So the next weekend I take the boat out for a fishing trip and noticed the same issue again struggling to accelerate between 20 to 60 miles per hour.

I take the Armada back to the dealership for the 3rd time and now I know there is something defective about this particular Armada. So I call to escalate my issue multiple times with Nissan Consumer Affairs because the engineers cant seem to figure out whats going on with brand new vehicle. I was told that the last issue with the exhaust had 3 other vehicles down in the country as well. This process goes on for a week now and no answers that will resolve my issue between the Auto Nation Service department and Engineering. Im so frustrated at this point because I cant get any answers on whats wrong or how long it will take to figure out the problem.

Between going to the dealership to talk face to face with the mechanics and speaking to the Nissan Consumer Affairs department i'm in a bad place at this time. So now its Tuesday and I receive a call late in the afternoon from Raven and Executive Specialist from Nissan Consumer Affairs about meeting with a field engineer on Wednesday at 1pm. I informed Raven that I would have to take off from work early to make this appointment.

She also sent over an email reminder about the appointment. Its now Wednesday about 11:50 am and I receive the worst possible phone call from someone in Nissan Consumer Affairs office that the meeting and the hour drive with the engineer was canceled. Here I am excited about finally driving my vehicle so that the engineer could gather more information from the data recorder that was going to be installed before we took the drive. This was also going to allow me to ask direct questions and get some answers about whats going on.

So now i'm really feed up with the whole situation and stressed to Nissan Consumer Affairs on their recorded line once again about all of my concerns. I just keep hearing lets get the vehicle repaired first the we can talk about some sort of compensation or buy back. On another note I had my previous Nissan Armada wrapped with my business as advertisement on it...but with all the issues going on with the new truck I have had to cancel previous appointments and actually change companies because I was too ashamed to face them anymore because of the issues with my truck.

So I found another company and started the design process again only to have the same thing happen again in which I was supposed to have the wrap installed Thursday a week ago. I haven't been able to advertise for my business since purchasing the new Armada. I'm losing business everyday that the truck is in the shop. It has been 2 weeks now and the recorder has been installed and the truck is still in the shop.

So please put yourself in my shoes now Knowing all the details about what brought me to the Nissan page to make the post you came across. How would you FEEL right now and everyday since the day I made the purchase. For the most part my days are filled with anger and frustration along with regret. I wanted to be the first to purchase the new Armada in my area and look all the pain that I deal with on a daily basis.

When they canceled the appointment I thought I was going to have a heart attack because my blood pressure was so high. Well Rebecca as you see from this message it took a while to express in detail my Nightmare. I look forward to hearing from you. Here is my contact information 813-416-9797 and Thanks


I bought a 2005 Frontier new, after about 6 months the electric blue paint started to peel. The dealership painted the left front fender. 1 year later the hood was peeling, Nissan painted it. Later the roof top started peeling I had to pay for that. Now both fenders and tailgate is coming off in sheets. Nissan refused to help. When the problem started Nissan should have painted the entire truck to prevent future problems.

Nissan knows they have a problem with electric blue paint and refuse to stand behind their product. This has been an on going problem from the beginning. I would not recommend a Nissan to my worse enemy.

I can now not sell my Frontier or trade it in because of the paint without losing money on. Heck I probably would not be able to even give it away. Other than the paint my truck is in prefect condition. I would love to park it on their lot so other people can see for themselves the quality of service the Company Nissan gives. My hometown dealership's mane is on the back of my truck for the whole town to see. Maybe I should have it enlarged for people to see it better, or have a cling made for my back window that says "Paint by Nissan".


When I turned on the defroster or AC the system made an audible noise. Also white smoke came out one time. I took it to the Nissan dealership in Sanford and told them about the noise and smoke. I also told them that I'd had the AC recharged but it hadn't kept the charge. I wondered if there was something wrong with the blower. Also the " Check engine light" was coming off an on. I was there for hours and they eventually came out and told me that they could fix everything for @ $200+ but $300+ if they found a leak. I was not shown a definitive breakdown but was relieved that the check engine light was just a malfunction. They found a bulletin on it and said they'd reset the sensors. I thought they were fixing the air system problem for the amount quoted.

They were running dye to find a leak and i waited. Eventually they said there was no leak. After four hours they were done. They charged the higher $300+ price but had done an inspection and there were some small side lights replaced. On the way home i could still hear the noise when i turned on the air. When I examined the bill more closely they had just recharged the AC and put in dye but not done anything to fix the noise. I was surprised that they charged for the bulletin item and that was $186. I would have thought it was a Nissan Malfunction and that they should fix it. Since it didn't actually mean anything I don't think i would have paid that much for repairing something that could just be ignored.

A few days later i was unable to defrost and had to pull over because it wasn't safe to drive. I called and made another appointment to bring it in to fix the problem with the air. i was treated to a demo on how to turn my air and AC on and off by the service manager. He was very condescending. When he finally listened he could hear the noise and said that they would check it. Apparently no one had bothered to listen to it when i first took it in. Then he said it was the compressor. But he couldn't fix it that day, i'd have to take another day off and bring it in.

I am upset that they misled me about the charges; that they didn't bother to listen to the system when I first took it in, that I took it a second time and nothing was done and that they now want me to take a third day off or pay to rent a car. They do have a shuttle but I could not get them to commit to a time that would allow me to get to work.

They were also very defensive and quite fresh when i spoke to them today. They took great pride in fixing the sensor issue (which I consider a Nissan malfunction); told me I agreed to the charges (I was given round figures for a repair that was not actually successful and not shown any breakdown that itemized the sensor problem as included, and ignored my issue with them not bothering to listen to the noise coming from the air system in the first place. They merely recharged the AC, claimed they didn't see any leak and called it done. It wasn't.


2012 Nissan Frontier 49,402 miles and the weld broke on the exhaust manifold. Dealer wouldn't replace this part under warranty. I paid $1,122.40 at the dealer to replace this defective part. I didn't want to argue with the dealer on this issue and I needed my truck. I also have the part for examination to show that it was a cold weld. Truck Vin #1N6AD0ER8CC408553. How can I get Nissan to pay me back to repair this defective manifold.


I purchased a new 2012 two wheel drive Nissan Frontier and now I have 49.400 miles on the vehicle and the Exhaust manifold breaks under normal wear and tear on this truck. The dealer is charging me over $1,100 to fix it and says it not under warranty. However this had to been a defective Exhaust manifold from the beginning and just took vibrations over time to break it causing it to leak. I have them keep the part so it can be analyzed why it broke. I am having the work done at Hudson Nissan in North Charleston SC. Can you review this problem on my truck and let me know? It been a very excellent truck up till now with no problems.


Here is the letter I would send to the Nissan team, unfortunately my letter today is not based on an experience I choose to repeat. A brief background. I have been a loyal supporter of the Nissan brand dating back to 1988 when I bought a 2.4 Hardbody shortly after launch. After more than 550,000km this truck is still in operation! Since then I have purchased several Nissan products (2.0L Workhorse, 3.2L 4x4 Hardbody, 2.5L 4x4 Navara D/Cab), and most recently 2 of your flagship products, namely a Patrol Pickup and a Navara 3.0L DCI V9X LE A/T 4X4..

The last purchase (DCI) is, however, turning into a regrettable experience. This vehicle was purchased as a second hand unit from your dealership in Aliwal North, and included a Beekman Executive canopy, which they had fitted to the vehicle by Beekman Bloemfontein. I have attached some photos for your information of the canopy as fitted to my vehicle. You will notice that the canopy does not even fit the vehicle properly, and is definitely not worth the R20,515 I paid!

After trying on numerous occasions to address this issue with the Mr Gary Dampier (Aliwal dealer principal), I have decided to escalate this issue to your attention. After my last discussion with this person, at which point he was rude and unprofessional, I am no longer prepared to have any further contact with him. He is clearly not interested in resolving the issue. The vehicle should never have been allowed to leave his showroom floor. His suggestion to have the rubber seal on the back of the canopy redone will not solve the structural fault of the canopy itself. In my opinion this canopy should be scrapped - the quality is completely unacceptable.

I would really appreciate your assistance in solving this problem. Ideally I want my money back for the canopy. I look forward to your response and action to resolve this unnecessary waste of everyone's time on a poor quality product, as well as the unacceptable manner in which a loyal customer was treated.


I bought my new Nissan Altima coupe in 2008. Loved it until the dashboard started getting sticky. Later it started melting! It caused a glare in the windshield that was so bad I couldn't see to drive.I called Nissan and after several calls they told me to take it to my dealer, dealer said it was bad but Nissan finally said they would pay half replacement. By the way, Toyota had the same melting dashboard and they paid 100% replacement on cars up to about 15 years.I researched Nissan melting dashboards and 100's of the same model has it. I'll never buy another Nissan.


Bought 2013 Murano, paid cash on 6/24/16, and to this date have not received title and registration. We have spoke to Kayla (who sold us the car) and 2 weeks ago she said it was in the mail. Jack, manager, told us we would have it in 72 hours, no calls to say they have, I have never dealt with anything like this. We bought a 2014 Rogue and no problems. We have made numerous phone calls and twice went to the dealer. I think they do not have a title for that car, this car is not good to us without a title. So either give me the title and registration or take this car back and give me my money back Please help us, we are 70 years old and do not know what else to do.


Good afternoon, I am writing this letter on behalf of my father who had purchased the 2016 Nissan Maxima Platinum edition. I believe he made this purchase in October 2015 for the 2016 model. I myself own a 2014 Nissan Altima, and have no complaints except for the recall for the hood latch. The car my father purchased was his dream car, most possibly his last car as he is now retired. He chose to get this car fully loaded, everything to offer on this vehicle.

The exterior color is color is red. He loves the car! Already he has had the radio/navigation replaced as it didn't function properly, (but assumed that this was a bug and he did not sweat it). Nissan promptly fixed this issue. While visiting my father I was admiring the beauty of the car. It is very nice. Unfortunately, I did come across a pretty big flaw in the exterior paint. Actually the flaw is so large, to say it is 98% of the cars paint job that is the issue. The other 2% is the paint on the cars plastic substrate, bumpers, etc. The whole paint job, with the exception of the bumpers and black windshield trim, is severely "orange Peeled".

For just about any ordinary person looking at the paint job they may not know what exactly they are looking for. But I can assure you, it is completely obvious to me. When you look at the car from any angle, part, hood, door, trunk; you get a distorted reflection. The paint is definitely orange peeled, and it isn't just a section, it is not poor lighting or angle. I am not sure how this could have escaped inspection at all. His vehicle had just broke the 2000 mile mark.He hardly drives at all and the interior is as good new as the day he bought it.

He is not happy about this at all, especially now he feels like a consumer that was taken advantage of because the car was allowed to pass inspection and "some one will buy the car with the bad paint job-they wouldn't know the difference". From my experience working for automotive paint specialists, as a quality engineer that investigates complaints for automotive and custom made paint defects ranging from every known defect possible, (especially orange peel!), I can assure you I am not mistaken by my visual analysis of the paint on his car.

This "defect" is not really debatable. It is clear as day. As a very expensive car, most of which he paid in cash for, having this car taken back to Nissan twice for work on the navigation and radio, but now for the paint job. His car is in perfect shape as the day he bought it. Still looks 100% brand new. But this defect can not be ignored and I feel responsible as a complaint investigator not only as my career, but as a son looking out for his elderly father. I have not told him yet of this revelation, his wife and my mother recently passed and this car is what makes him smile in the morning.

But if he paid as much money as he did, he should get the full value out of the vehicle, including the appearance. Please have technicians at least look at this defect (orange peel) and it should be plain as day. Finally, we are faithful Nissan fans, love the vehicles and the customer service. I will continue to be a loyal consumer, but this issue does need to be addressed, and I hope someone takes the time and response to this letter.


I purchased a 2014 Nissan Altima thinking it would be a good commuter car but I was wrong. when I purchased the car I had people telling me not to get one but I didn't listen. so far, I had to replace the transmission TWICE! My mileage is at 93,000 and my extended warranty covers up to 100,000. I hope the problem was fixed and I won't ever have to deal with a transmission issue with the car. I will never buy another Nissan or refer any friends and family to purchase one! so very disappointed and unhappy.


September 10, 2016 - Nissan Eisnehauer in Wernersville, PA. Went to talk about my lease ending, after purchasing a used vehicle in 200, a Murano in 2005, and another Murano in 2010, and then trading the Murano in for a 2014 Pathfinder Platinum. Unfortunately, we are in a open Chapter 13 for two in a half years, never missing a payment on vehicles. Landed a new job at UGI, husband take hone at 80,000 and yet Nissan has been rude to us. Not want to help us in our next vehicle.

September 17, 2016 Decided to try Apple Nissan, York PA. Same treatment after sharing at first how they thought Eisenhauer was rude and they could help us. Wasted our time, called out attorney to get more information on us for our good terms. Decided to let us know after all that, they could not work with us. Will never purchase a Nissan again, after promoting these vehicles for years. I never knew how people can go through tough times and work hard to get back on their feet and still don't get the help, or support from American companies. It sadness me...

To think we were once military people that served the best country ever, to fight for what we believe.


August 30 I went to Universal City Nissan (UCN) to replace my 2015 Nissan Frontier that was totaled out in an accident. Since I purchased the car from UCN in the first place I thought I would get more consideration. I bought the car that day went through the paper work and rang the bell. I gave them two checks, one for $400 and the other one for $3600, for my $4000 deposit. I was told to go home they weren't sure when the 2016 Frontier SV, ling bed, would be ready/located. They were suppose to call me the next day. They did not.

I called and he said they were still looking. On day 3 I called again and was told that they had not located the truck. I told my sales Rep. "Rodrigo" to cancel the deal and tear up my two checks. I live 50 miles from the dealership and did not want to make the drive under those circumstances. On September 9 UCN cashed the $3600 check. I called immediately and was told to provide proof: I sent a copy of the canceled check and a copy of my bank statement showing the transaction. Meanwhile I had found the truck at Metro Nissan in Ontario and purchased the truck. I wrote a check for $4000, which was returned because of UCN. I contacted them again Monday and no one will commit to speak to me.I tried today, Carol, in the business office has yet to return my call.

So far I'm out of my $3600 plus a $35 return fee.. I need some help.


This fiasco began August 30 2016. I had recently totaled out my 2015 Nissan Frontier that I had purchased at Universal City Nissan. I went in and looking for a Nissan Frontier SV long bed, gun metal in color; similar to the one that was totaled. I bought the car gave them two checks, one for $3600 and one or $400. They told me not to wait on the car but it would be located and they would call me. Three days later they still hadn't found the truck. So I spoke to the salesperson "Rodrigo" and told him to cancel the deal.

I live 50 miles from that dealership so I told him to tear-up the checks. I proceeded to find the truck and purchase it from Metro-Nissan, on September 2, 2016. On Friday September 9, Universal City Nissan cashed he $3600 check. I contacted them on that same Friday and they had me supply them a copy of the canceled check as well as a copy of my bank statement showing the transaction.I have spoken to several "business leads" Carol and someone else. Since this morning no one has returned my call and no one is available to address my concerns. I'm so disappointed. Something must have changed at that dealership from February 2014 when I bought the 2015 to now.


This began August 30, 2016. I am a long time Nissan Frontier owner. I totaled my 2015 Frontier and went to purchase a new one from Universal City Nissan (bought the 2015 there). I qualified they congratulated me and they sent me home. I was told they would have to find the particular truck I wanted, the 2016 Frontier SV long bed. Three days later they said they couldn't find it. I had to call them every day, they never called me. At this point I said fine I'll find it myself.

I bought it from Metro-Nissan in Ontario, CA. I live 50 miles from Universal City so I told the sales person "Rodrigo" to cancel the deal and to tear up the two checks I wrote: one for $3600 and one for $400, my $4000 deposit. Well on Friday, 9/16/16 Universal City Nissan cashed the $3600 check. This caused my check of $4000 to Metro Nissan to be returned. I have been in contact with the business office at Universal beginning yesterday. I sent copies of my bank statement showing their withdrawal as well as a copy of the $3600 check # 5158. No one seems to understand the urgency of this situation.

So they sold me a truck they couldn't deliver and cashed my deposit check anyway and I'm waiting on my refund and $35 for a returned check. Wow!


On Wednesday 17 August 2016, the vehicle I was driving in (Nissan Pathfinder ST 2015 model) was involved in a motor vehicle collision. The accident occurred in the Ballina (NSW) area just before lunch time. The vehicle I was driving was one that I purchased band new from the Nissan dealers in Penrith only few months ago. It was new and I paid $40,000 for it. The accident was not my fault and subsequently I have lodged a claim with me insurance company NRMA to have the vehicle repaired.

The damage sustained to my vehicle was on the drivers side door and rear passenger door. The impact of the accident was enough to deploy all airbags down the right hand side (drivers) of the vehicle from the front right to the rear. As a result of my accident once again outlining I was not the driver at fault, my vehicle was towed to Car Experts in Ballina for assessment and repairs.

I have since been notified by Car Experts this week, that the parts to have my vehicle fully repaired and back to the new state it was in when I purchased the car would not happened until on or around the 25th November 2016. This delay is as a result of parts not being available in Australia and having to be imported in from China via a number of other countries. That will be three (3) months or longer that my vehicle will be off the road and unable to be driven.

I am of the firm belief that this delay is unacceptable and parts for new vehicle especially should be readily available here in Australia. My vehicle was due to a major service, clean and polish on the day the collision occurred. Again I purchased it brand new and it was always well looked after for the short time I have it, Not having my vehicle for months will and has been an inconvenience to me and my family.

I would hope that Nissan Australia would review my complaint and reply or contact me with an alternate outcome.


We have a Nissan rogue with 74000 miles and have had nothing but trouble from the transmission. The dealership says its because we haven't changed the transmission fluid. The trouble starts after about an hour on the road. The car starts losing power even though the rpm stay high.


I took my car to Cookeville, Tennessee Dealership to have my parking brakes checked. They were making a growling/grunting sound after I pushed the break pedal down, and when I took my foot off the brake pedal, the car moves slightly and makes a grunting sound. I have had the car for over 6 months and then this started. The dealer said it's ok. It's getting worse and I'm afraid to leave it parked on a hill now. I took it to them twice already. They say the same thing, nothing is wrong with my parking brake. There is definitely something wrong with my parking brake!


On July 7th I took my car to get an oil change. It is a 2016 Nissan Rogue. The dealer had told me it would use standard oil change. Walmart service employee told me it would take synthetic oil only. I told him change it anyway he said it would void the warranty. Told him never mind I'll take it elsewhere just close it up I'm done. I apologized for being short with him being the auto dealer gave incorrect information. I smelled something not right on my drive home.

At home I opened up the hood to find engine oil all over the underside of the hood and engine and my oil cap missing. Called the Wadsworth ,Ohio store asked if they had my oil cap ,told her what happened , she told me the automotive manager would contact me tomorrow because he was gone for the day. Heard nothing, I had to walk to a parts store to buy an oil cap and a quart of oil. Spent 2 hours cleaning engine needless to say I didn't come back for the oil change. It is over 24 hours haven't heard nothing not sure if oil cap fell into block area and hit heat shield.

Either way someone needs to contact me from Nissan headquarters.


Tried to come to a deal with salesperson Kevin, who was fine, realized we were too far apart, so I asked for my car keys to be returned since they had the, to evaluate my trade, I asked multiple times five minutes later, a man named Jesus Guerrero, Sales Manager, asked to sit with me, finally gave me my keys, he then told me they could not do this price, I said thanks anyways and proceeded to get I my car, then another man approached and said he was to actual sales manager and the Jesus guy had made up fake business cards and he was not manager, then this guy says he can do deal except he proceeds to insult my current car, 2012 Kia Rio, as a throwaway car and offers me a lower amount on my car to make up difference on price. Do not trust anyone at this dealership, they lied to me and insulted me and then tried to take me for a fool.


I bought a 2012 Nissan Versa and the road noise is horrible but the worst part is it has a CVT transmission that are notorious for going out. My son in law has a 2011 and his transmission went out. He said get rid of yours before it goes out. I didn't and now it's going out. I still owe over 3000.00 on it! He owed 4000.00 when his went out. I called Nissan Corporate and they said no we fixed that problem in 2009. I had a recall on it 12/15 for the transmission and this is what I get? I will never buy another Nissan!


I purchased this car from Vospers Plymouth on the 7th June 2015 and as part of the deal we had cared4mot cover and cared 4 warranty we returned the car because the near side front and rear windows would go down but not return on the local control only on the drivers door control and the rear off side is very slow.

Today I took the car into Vospers for the MOT which was booked six weeks ago approx 23rd March informing them that there was a brake judder the Windows still don't work. On collecting the car I was informed that the car had passed its MOT with an advisory that the front brake discs are pitted and corroded and a quote to put this according to the MOT engineer as it is done on a rolling road dos not cause the steering wheel to shake and the car to judder even though it does it on the road this falls within the parameters so is not covered by the insurance yet as it is on the advisory it should be done.

As for the Windows they said that they had been oiled and we're working OK both near side windows went down from the local control but still would not close from them only the master drivers door. And to add insult to injury I was told that the Cam belt needed changing when I informed that the it had been changed by them 11months 3000miles ago and when we first took the car in I was inform it was to have a diagnosis check @£106 Labour when challenged was told no it did not need that.

It seems to me that Vospers Nisssen Plymouth have no after care for their customers and I shall not be looking for another Nissan or any other car from Vospers southwest I wait your comments and the car can be at your disposal should you wish to drive it. As we intended to drive down to the south of Spain in this car and have lost all confidence in it I have had to cancel these plans and booked a flight instead on the 17th May.


I was advised by mail that there is a recall on he hood latch. I contacted where I purchased the car 15299 US HW 19N, Clearwater, Fla I told them I was coming in for a oil change and there was goo on my front tires that was there when I purchased the car. I also needed the recall problem done at that time. I made an appointment one month b4. When I drove down they told me they had to order the recall part. They did the oil change and then brought the car out and the goo was still on the rims.

I asked, "don't they look at orders on the ticket?" I then had to wait again for them to take off the goo. I told them I would go to the Nissan Dealer around the corner from me to do the recall item. Clearwater was too far to come back. I stopped at the Nissan Dealer in New Port Richey, Fla. They ordered the part and one parts man said it would take 2-3 weeks. Then another ordered it and said it would be in a few days. I received a phone call Tuesday night and they said the part came in and to make appointment. I proceeded to do that and made the appoint for Friday April 29 at 11:30.. They even sent me an e-mail to confirm such. I went down today at 11:15 and one guy said the part wasn't in and then another guy looked for it and found it but there was no appointment for me.

He said I can consider you a walkin and there is 5 cars ahead of you. I couldn't believe this service I received. Your parts department has no clue what the other one is doing. No one tries to accommodate the customer and just treats them badly. This is my second Nissan and when I had a recall on my previous Nissan I incurred the same problem. Sloppy work and no record of an appointment. I was thinking of purchasing another Nissan Altima for my home in Pa but that is out of the question now.

Since I didn't get my hood latch fixed I am holding Nissan responsible if any problem incurs because your dealerships can't seem to keep appointments.


I bought a Nissan rouge June 2015. It was the top of the line for that model, so you know I paid a lot of money for it. My complaint/concern is I hear a lot of wind noise it is really loud inside the card. I think it is coming from the bars on top of the car for luggage etc. Before this purchased I had a 2011 Nissan Pathfinder, loved it! But when I purchased it the same wind noise. Nissan eventually issued a recall to fix that problem. I was hoping your company will do the same for the Rouge I have looked on line and Found many having this same problem different years. Please Please find an answer for me. Since the care was well over 30K one would think you would not have this issue. I am not sure if it is the luggage rack some said the doors. I just want some help I came back to Nissan because of the quality and service regarding cars. Please let me know something before my warranty runs out.


My boss offered me his car Nissan Altima 2013 Sedan with 84000 km. Since he is my boss I trusted him when I met him and the dealer at Nissan Stadium Calgary AB Canada. Signed an agreement and the dealer was so rude! After I signed the agreement of $24,700 plus 6.99% finance I found out that the car worth should not be like that. I went to other dealer and to other Nissan branch, with my surprise I was cheated on the amount of the car.

The value he mentioned to me based on his drive test on the car and the status of this car is only $9000. One more thing that really shocked me when other Nissan branch showed me that it had a record from Carproof of $8000 damaged last July 2015. They did not inform me on this issue. Now I want to totally get rid of the car without paying any single penny. But I don't know what to do. I am struck on this.


My complaint is with the Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation. I have financed two leased cars with them over the past 6 years. My new lease began on Dec. 14, 2015. I sent paperwork in for monthly payments through my checking account and received no feedback on the status of my payment request. I finally called NFMC and spoke to a customer representative who said my payment plan was set for my Feb. 20,2016 payment. I lacked confidence in their capabilities so, on about Feb. 20- 21, I called my bank and was informed that no information had been submitted by Nissan Finance regard direct payments from my checking account.

When I found this out I immediately sent a check in for my Feb. 20 payment. Had I not called my bank I would have been late with my payment which would have adversely affected my credit rating. I called NFMC back again and was notified they could not set up my direct payment in time for my Feb. payment but it should be ok for my March payment. Where was the communication to me? A poor example of Nissan customer service.


My husband took his Nissan frontier to the dealership 3 weeks ago and every time he calls about his truck they give him the run around. We will never buy a Nissan again. It started when he was involved in a minor fender bender and they told him because of the accident it cause the component to go out and that he would have to have the insurance company paid for it. He told them that he was having problems with the dash board lights before the accident and was going to bring it in.

But the next day he was involved in the accident. The service department at Yuba City Nissan is poor. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and tell everyone I know not to buy at that dealership nor buy a Nissan. The sad part about this is that it is a 2016 and had only 5000 miles or less and still under factory warranty. My husband was not offer a loaner car until he finally told them he needed to get back and forth to work. Luke promised him the truck 3 times and promise him that he will contact him instead my husband had to call him.

My husband talked to Luke yesterday and he said he would contact him after 1pm well guess what my husband had to call him again. Now Luke said the truck will be ready tomorrow morning after 9:30 am lets see if this will happen. Poor customer service and poor management.


I took my altima in for a trans. problem to planet nissan in las vegas and they gladly replaced the trans.and also the a/c compressor,and i asked them to check the brakes they came back and informed me that i needed all brakes. I told them i couldn't swing the cost at the moment, and i would come back when i could afford it. Which i did and then they informed me i only needed the rears done. They told me they would replace the pads and turn the rotors.

I also had too tell them the a/c was NOT blowing cold air and they did not turn the rotors. I worked professionally in the the automotive field for 16 years and i know the difference between a resurfaced rotor and not. I was ASE certified in all four categories of certification so here i sit without a car now for so far 5 hours on my day off and things i need to do, while they repair a comeback. Not a happy camper. Also at the time the a/c was blowing cold.


I am not a Nissan owner and will never buy one but I am amazed at the lack of creativity in your auto adds on tv. How many killer snow men, walking trees or mud monsters have you ever run across? Come on where is your truth in advertising? These commercials are so stupid we turn the channel whenever they come on and anyone I talk to agrees. Get some creativity and honesty in your ads.


My 2010 Nissan Altima wouldn't start. Thought the key needed new battery. Long story short, had to tow it to Nissan, found out it was the Steering Lock. Seems the Altimas and some Maximas from 2008 - 2010 had defective steering locks. I was outright told that Nissan should've had a recall on this but they decided it to was their benefit not to. So now, almost $1200.00 later, out of my pocket, Nissan replaced the defective part and the warranty on $1200.00 is only for 90 days.

When Nissan found out about this defect a few years ago, they added 3 years to the warranty. Conveniently, mine ran out May 2015, and I was never informed of this issue, as I would've done something about it then. My car only has 23,000 miles and it's well taken care of.

I've read numerous complaints regarding this issue, and I think it's a joke that Nissan Corp. has the nerve to sell defective products, knowingly, and stiffing loyal customer out of their hardworking money. When the car was brought to Nissan, they had the nerve to bombard me with trying to sell me a new car. I think Nissan should reimburse their customer, put out a recall on the defective parts and have the decency to fix and stand by their crap that they have the nerve to sell.


2016 Rogue with 865 miles has been at Woodfield Nissan in Hoffman Estates, IL for over three weeks waiting for a part. No one at the Nissan dealership or their district manager will even return a call. The district manager was assigned this case when calling their 1-800 Nissan1 customer service hot line. They claim the part is back ordered and have no idea of when it will arrive. They also state that they don't know for sure that the part will fix the problem. I did not buy this car at this dealership because they have a reputation of lying about sales promotions but now realize their service dept is just as bad. Never had such incompetent, rude, unprofessional service on any car before.


On, January 8, 2016, my family and I went to ALL STAR Nissan in Baton Rouge, La 12422 Florida Blvd. 70815, in attempt to purchased a 2009 Nissan 370Z. After test driving and discussing facts regarding the car with Jacklon Sims (sales consultant), the general sales manager, Ryan Ipson, agreed to sale the car for $15,000.00. It was agreed to extend the offer until paper work was completed with our credit union the following week. The process took a few days secondary to the dealership forwarding incorrect information.

During the final submission of the purchase agreement with our credit union; the sales price changed to 15,889.00. Ryan Ipson was contacted by phone to discuss the incorrect sales price on the purchase agreement. He voiced that "I would never agree on even figures like that"; knowing that he shook hands on the deal of $15,000.00 in front of his sales consultant, Jacklon Sims and my family(wife, daughter and son witnessed the agreement). I asked to be directed to a higher manager and his response was," all the managers will agree with me". I contacted upper management but no one returned my call as of today.

**Chief complaints: not honoring initial sales price, changing figures in the paper work, and not trying to satisfy a customer that desired to purchase a vehicle with Nissan.


I have a 14 plate note I have a problem with a noise coming from under the bonnet the car sounds like a tank it has been into the Nissan garage 3 times with the same thing up to now. The last time I took it in the man on the service desk had a look at it and said they all have this fault apparently it is where the air filter pipe comes from the air filter the pipe comes loose. They have put 2 screws x 2 in it to hold it but they have worked loose leaving 4 holes and it just vibrates and this is what is making the noise.


Have a 2013 Altima purchased new at Middletown Nissan. The passenger airbag malfunctions on a regular basis. Complaints to the dealer resulted in one computer reset shortly after the vehicle was purchased. Reset seemed to work for a couple of months. I've learned to shut the car off when the light come on and restart it. The light normally goes off but we are not convinced the bag will function properly. I spoke to the service dept people several times asking for a remedy to the problem.

They do not have a solution to the problem. During my last service at the dealerships, November,2015 I was told that it is child safety issue. My passenger is (140lbs). I understood the service person to say up to that weight the airbag will not go off to protect a child from any airbag injury. I can't buy any of this. Does Nissan have procedure to correct this airbag problem or is Nissan's intention not to have the airbag go off for anyone 140lbs and under?


Took my Nissan Murano car for repairs and they charged me but could not diagnose properly and now demanding more more the car still not sorted. This was at my local Nissan dealership and I have called the complaint line many times to try and warn corporate this place is destroying their reputation. Maybe next time I will buy a Honda instead!


2012 I purchased my new Nissan Wagon. I have done 90,000Km driving from Seisia to Cairns over the last five years to find my air con unit not working. I had my vehicle serviced and found there is no filter in the cab to stop the dust entering the Evaporator unit. Now this is going to cost me $2000.00 the dash has to be removed. Why is there no filter installed this is a vehicle made to drive on dirt roads? Nissan has to think of people like me who needs to travel long distances on dirt roads?


I took my Murano in for service today and found out the front differential needs to be replaced. I only have 88,000 miles on the car and to spend $5,000 for repairs is ridiculous. I have read several article about the issue the Nissan's differentials among other parts.

I want to know if Nissan is will to do anything to assist with this issue. I have been a Nissan owner for many years but if this is how vehicles are being made, made to fail even before the car is old, then I may decide it is now time to move to a different manufacturer. Please tell me you can help me with this MAJOR problem.


I took my 2008 Nissan Altima to the local dealership (Nissan of Picayune, MS, 239 Frontage Rd, Ph. 601-889-5469, service John Porter) with a key fob problem. When I unlocked the car, a window went down as well. Drove the car to the Picayune dealer. After 8 days, the dealer wants $3,200 to change the wire harness, computer and key fob. All I want is to drive it out like I drove it in, not load it on a trailer.

The dealer contents there must be a short in the wire harness after trying a new computer/fob. They installed the old parts and can't get the car to start. That is not my problem. I am walking while they refuse to return the car in the condition it was given to them. Help from customer service at Nissan would be great.


Since 2002 when I purchased my Altima, Nissan I have been very happy with my car and its performance, I get lot of compliments on the way I keep my car, make sure that the oil is changed on schedule, I just replace my original brakes and that's when we noticed that the underbody floor is just rusting away. Not too long ago I heard on TV during the news that I'm not the only one that has the same problem.

I called the dealership regarding the recall on the Altima cars build between 2002 and 2006, they were not informed or maybe just try to ignore my complaint. I'm waiting for Nissan to do something about it, this should newer happened if the car was properly built. I'm curious how this complaint department will handel this. Hope I will hear from the Nissan corporate offices about my complaint.


I'm the Supply Chain Manager for North Africa in GSK consumer healthcare and located in Cairo Egypt. I bought a brand new Nissan Qashqai in April 2012 from the Agent in Egypt Nissan Auto-motors with automatic gearbox. Since I bought the car all the services are done at the official agent service center and all services are registered in their logbook.

In 26th of August 2015, Although I could move the gearbox to the position "D" and the car moved normally, suddenly the car was not moving as if it is in the position "N", the car can go to reverse with position "R" and move smoothly backwards. But it totally refused to move forward if I put the gear on "D" or "L". I only drove with it 96,000 km and i shouldn't find such a fault after this short period and distance. The breakdown in the gearbox should be totally covered by Nissan.


Purchased a New 2015 Altima 2.5S last month. I do not want the Guardian Shield Protection Plan (They charged me $2,500) for it. It was useless talking to staff and manager at the dealership. I was dealt with in bad faith and forced to pay for a product that I don't want/or need. I will not take my car in to have the Theft Protection System installed. I hope that you can resolve this matter. I need a refund of $2,500.


Purchased 2014 Nissan Altima with 1200 miles in March 2014. Brakes starred squeaking and dragging, blue tube would not work properly. Never would pick up phone book or could not make calls from the steering wheel function. Speakers sound some time jump from one speaker to another. Hood was shaking when driving. I took car to dealer and explained with written information on the blue tube issue, speakers and the brakes. They put new pads on. They told me the blue tube issue was with my phone.

They stated that there was a microphone issue not working internal and suppose to have repaired this. I took my car back after buying a ne phone foe this same issue. They kept my car for 1wk and 1day suppose to have received an up date from Nissan to download to their system to find the problem. They still have not found the problem or fixed the blue tube. In the meantime since they worked on this issue my radio looses signals and my C D's when played are as hot as fish grease when I take them out. I told service manger and he said he would replace the radio but could not fix the blue tube until he knew the what was wrong with it to fix it.

So after having my car for over a week and all the down loading information from Nissan he still say it is an AT&T issue which I know better. I have a been a long time Nissan customer and have never had a problem with any of my NIssan's in the past. I am very unhappy with this car. I have had 4 Nissan's in my life time and was sold on them until now. The radio, CD Player and of course the Blue tube is not working properly.


I bought a 2012 Nissan armada from Fontana ca I payed for extra warranty I live 160 miles from Fontana each time I have a problem with my Nissan and I go to my local Nissan they tell me I need to go back to Fontana and it's almost 3hours away, right now the seat adjustment button it falling off and went to complain. All I got was you have a good warranty you need to go to Fontana. Ok now my brakes is very bad, do I need to go to Fontana 160ml. I cannot be paying that money every month and driving unsafe vehicle around.

I need some one to take of this problem I call the vehicle protection 1-888-859-8025 who is ready to sell more warranty when I ask. They also the guy told me you need to call your dealers, who is my dealer and who did I pay all that money to.he told me your warranty with us ends 7/10/15 I told him I will call corporate office. I cannot buy a vehicle and pay all that money no one to help me fix the problem of the car next time the story is going warranty is over. I need this problem taking care of now I will report this to my local tv station. And if something happen why driving the car it's now on Nissan.


My 2009 Nissan Altima would not start. Had it towed to Nissan of Pembroke Pines, FL. It was diagnosed as a steering lock and belt problem. The total cost was $1800 for the repair. In researching online, I have seen numerous complaints about this problem for 2009 Nissans. Many owners were successful in having the money for the repair refunded as it seems to be so prevalent as to qualify as a recall. Even repair staff indicated that this should be a recall and that I should not have to pay. Additionally, he car is still not working right, slow to start, ac problems and I'm out $1800. Please advise as to whom I should speak and what documentation is needed.


I am a senior citizen, and I purchased a 2015 Nissan Altma 4/24/2015 at Hudson Nissan on River Ave North Charleston . On my way back home from church, a warning sign came on stating low pressure. I was on highway 26 before I could get to exit 11B. The car started slowing down before I could get to the filling station. I stop and looked at the tire and it was busted all around the rim.

I called the sales manager at Nissan, and he told me that was my responsibility but he will speak with his supervisor when he got in. The supervisor called and was very rude. I told him he should have told me to bring the car in and check it out. The first thing he said was that I had to have hit something and fixing the tire was my problem.

I bought the new car because I was putting money fixing the old car. Now I brought a new car and I am right back where I was, the tire cost over $200. I checked the complaint site, I found a lot of people complaining about the same thing. They also have a recall site. I ask them to take the car back, they said no So please get back to me and let me know how we can solve this problem. I will not drive an unsafe car, and I cannot start putting more money in a new car.


I bough a 2015 Nissan Rouge at Charlie Clark Brownsville dealership on 04/25/2015. I got approved on my loan, signed all required paper work that the finance sales people requested from me, they send the information to my insurance company, car got cover. I went to pick up the car as we agreed it was missing a part, they ordered for me, give me the books and the key, never explained to my the operation of the car, never went with me with any check list, just told me you can go, they took my trade in, received the keys and a week later send a REPO people to my house, took the car to their dealership illegally, without any legal reason, muy payment was going to be due on 06/09/2015, I have an excellent credit, have bough MANY CARS FROM CHARLIE CLARK NISSAN in the past, never been late in any payment and when I contacted the person in charge of customers complaints she told me that they will not do a business with me, and for me to go and pick up my trade in.

Can you believe this? After all paper work was done and all was accepted, after sending to my house a REPO company and take it the car in front of my neighbors and friends, without advising me or sending any letter and me not been in my house at that time this was happening. This actions are against the law, uncalled for, with a very bad customer service and now they have my car without any legal reason in their dealership, wanting for me to sign a paper saying that they explained to me the features of the car and that we went over when this never happen, they want for me to lie and I will not do this, I am not a liar and now I had to hire a lawyer and I have to expend money I do not need to for the gross and I legal behavior of the employees of Charlie Clark Nissan Brownsville dealership. Hope you can put sense to this people and they understand there is a law in this country and their behavior is illegal and uncalled for.

I signed all the paper work presented tome when I bought the car, I went to pick up the car and they give it to me, and I complied with the requirements from them. I will be waiting from an answer from your department.


I bought a brand new 2010 Nissan Xterra in 2010. When a person buys a new car they expect their cars to be dependable because parts are new. However, the radiator placed in my new 2010 Nissan and other 2010 models are bad. Basically, the radiator on my Nissan Xterra is like a time bomb waiting to explode. I should not have to wonder each day if my radiator is going to bust, mess up my transmission, and leave me stranded on the side of the road.

I feel Nissan should replace my radiator at no cost to me. Nissan knows they put a bad radiator on many cars. Nissan should stand behind their cars and the consumers who support them like myself. I went to the local Nissan dealer where I bought my 2010 xterra and voiced my concerns. They told me I needed to contact Nissan. Poor business practice!

If I bought my 2010 Nissan Xterra used I could understand Nissan not wanting to replace the radiator. But, I bought my 2010 Xterra brand new. Nissan should replace the radiator at no cost to me because Nissan put a faulty part on my Xterra. If Nissan does not replace my radiator I will never buy a Nissan again.


On April 25, 2015 I went to Charlie Clark Nissan in Brownsville, Texas. I bought a Nissan Rouge 2015, and I had the most terrible experience a person can have on this deal.

I had been a client for Charlie Clark Nissan Harlingen and Brownsville for the last 14 years. During this time, I had bought several brand new vehicles and some times the sales people had been so and so, but this last time it was horrible.
The sales person "JD" was very unfriendly. He does not understand the meaning of customer service. He did nothing to do the sale, nothing for me to have a good experience and more importantly when we went to pick up the car he left us there standing and left the dealership without taking care of me as a customer.

I ask the manager of sales in charge "Josh" if he had somebody to help me in order for me to get the booklet and the spare key for the car. I was left in the sun for 3 hours without anybody helping me or going over the car features or anything.

I asked another employee in the dealership if he could help me and he told me he did not work in the sales department and he did not know anything but he went and he got the book and give it to me. He looked for a screwdriver and helped me to put the temporary plate and that was it. Nobody from the sales department or any other department, NONE helped me to get my car, to go with me over the features, to help me in what I needed and they left me to dry for three hours in the sun.

Few days later "Josh" and "JD" had being sending me threating messages, that I need to sign the form that is needed for them where they were supposed to go over with me about the car. I told them that they never took care of me, never went over with me explaining me anything about the car, they left me 3 hours in the sun waiting for them and NOBODY took the time to explain or to help me with the temporary plates.

Now they said they will take away the car. If I do not sign the form they have where they went over with me in regards to the car, (well they did not do it and I refuse to sign a lie) even though the deal is done, I did signed all the paper work financing requested for me to sign, I qualify for the loan (I do have a great credit line).

I need help because I do not appreciate being lied to, mistreated, and now receiving threats because I do not want to sign a document that never happen.

I want to make a formal complaint. I want for a member of Nissan Corporate to held somebody accountable for this threats I had been subjected to and I want so ask "WHAT HAPPENED WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE???" I know of several customers that had gone for treatments similar or worse in this particular dealership by the supervisor already mentioned, but I believe in fairness, in customer appreciation and more importantly in not been subjected to threats and demeaning behavior for people that do not practice and understand customer service.

Please read this complaint and let me know what can you do to stop this illegal and abuse behavior to people like me that all we want is to buy a nice car from NISSAN, because we believe in the quality of our cars.


I purchase a 2014 Sentry Nissan 11/2014 at Nalley Nissan Decatur Ga. I took it in for service on 04/27/2015 because of the rubber on the inside of the coming apart on the passenger side . The service man is trying to say that we some how did this which is not true. I need help in the matter! Please email in this matter asap. Thank You.


9/28/2013 I bought a Nissan Altima. During the time I have owned the car I have been taking back to the dealership to fix a leaking sun roof and wind noise on driver door window..3/30/2015. I was told to call Nissan to file a complaint. I asked for all the receipts when i have taken my car in for repairs on the sun roof and wind noise. To my SURPRISE. I found and collision repair invoice dating 2/2013. This information was not disclosed to me during the purchase. My contract states NEW and I paid over $29,000 for what was suppose to be a new car..Called the dealership to inform them of the collision damage..They did not try to work with me..They wanted me to pay sticker price for a Rogue over $29,000. I asked about taking off over $9,0000 of the vehicle since they did not disclose such information and unable to fix the leak in my sun roof and wind noise..

Alex the sales manager at Rountree-Moore Nissan told me that I have driven the car for a year and 1/2..I stated that doesn't matter I have the LEMON LAW..I am entitled to all my money, the fee's that were charged to me and the taxes..They were trying to use the car asa trade in and taking my GAP so they say to show as a down payment. I told them I'm not paying sticker price. NISSAN OWES ME A CAR..I walked out and they called me to come back the next day saying they spoke with the highest manager. Still they were not willing to take off the money I am out for their dishonesty..They said the value of my car was X amount and the trade in value is $19,900.

The car is not a trade in NISSAN OWNS THAT CAR AS PER THE LEMON LAW.. The car is null and void and not involved in this deal...Once again, I walked out and asked for the money that is owed to me that I don't want what they have on the lot...My claim # is 18528601. I have all the information and I am asking for Nissan to make things right if you value your customers as the company so states.. If I am not treated fairly then I will have no other recourse than to find an attorney and file suit and have in the clause that Nissan pay for my attorney fee's..


Bought a Nissan juke 2015 ABOIT 2 months ago, I only ask for the color & fog lights, 2 days later I got the vehicle no fog lights, they promise they will install them at no cost, witch why will they charge me anyway I ask them to be included in the vehicle price when I ask for it, anyway they call me 2 weeks later and said please bring the car we will install you lights, so we make the appointment, I bring the car in, while I am waiting singing papers for the loaner vehicle they tell me they cant install the fog lights because they need some special brackets for them, so they tell me we call you when is here, 3 weeks later they call they said parts are here make appointment, so I did, I bring the car in, get a loaner they said few hours we call you.

A few hours later they call and said they missing a few parts, they wont be in till later today or tomorrow, ok I said fine tomorrow, the next day they call in and said we got our parts manager looking for you parts will be in today or early tomorrow, ok I said fine again, the next day they call me up again and tell me I got good news and bad news, I said ok what is it, they said they missing part wont be in till may 18 the good news is that we ordered, I ask with a very polite tone off voice what part are we missing or waiting for? they said is the bracket that holds the fog lights, I when to the dealer pick up my car and talk to them about why are we missing the same part that they knew they needed on the first place almost a month ago ? all they said was we very sorry etc. I don't get it.


I own a 2009 Nissan Rogue, this is the 4th Nissan that my husband and I have owned. Always happy with Nissan and we both commute so our Nissans provide good service and high mileage.
Three weeks ago, I noticed a tremor in the front of my Rogue, I brought it to my mechanic and was told it was a cracked drive shaft. He ordered one from Nissan. In the meantime, I had to rent a car because I was told that my Rogue was unsafe to drive on the highway. My drive shaft was supposed to be in on April 15th over a week after it was ordered. It is now the 21st and our mechanic called to say that Nissan has NO idea when my part will be in. Not only will this repair cost me a lot of money, I have already spent almost 900.00 in car rental with no end in sight. I am surprised that a problem like this would occur in a 6 year old car and I am appalled that there are NO drive shafts available anywhere for my 2009 Rogue and none of your dealers, suppliers have an answer. Can you please help me to locate a drive shaft for my car?


After having my Maxima towed to a dealer (far from home) at a cost of $500 and waiting for the dealership to call back, I did some online research and discovered the problem is rampant. The car will not start due to steering lock system, which will set me back about $1000. Haven't heard from the dealership, but pretty darn sure it is the same issue described by many. Nissan needs to recall this issue. They will not take care of it nor will they give me a refund! I am tired of the way they treat their customers and am tempted to go elsewhere.


Complaint has been lodged to nissan customer service in Malaysia but so far it has been four months they have not reverted to me. I have to call each time to find out my status. Only update is management is still looking into my complaint. Whereas the management hasn't got the time to look into my problem. Their after sales is very poor and their only concern is pre sales.


I bought a black metallic nissan sylphy 1.8 on 16th December 2014. I got the car from a nearby dealer at my place. When they gave me the car it was not even washed. I send the car for washing and apparently I could see white shadows in my black colour car. I have complaint and twice they brought my car and apparently the white shadow does not disappear and I could see polish marks on it. When I complaint again they wanted to paint the bonet of my car only. I refused to accept their offer and demanded to get the whole car to be painted. I had lodged complaint to the customer service and many times I have to follow up with them regarding the case. Unfortunately until now I haven't receive any updates from them. Adding to my annoyance, my cousin has bought a black metallic Honda car recently and the car colour was shining and looks elegant. I think nissan should look into their products quality and their service in order to be a market leader. I'm very unhappy with the service being offered to me. Appreciate if your management could look into my complaint immediately and give me a favourable answer as soon as possible. Thanks.


Driver power seat left back side broken. No longer connected to floor bracket. My mechanic investigated and said the rod the seat is attached to is broken in two places. This is a huge safety issue. My vehicle is a 2007 Murano. In case of an accident the pressure of the crash would snap the seat and God only knows the outcome.


My granddaughter purchase a 2009 Beetle in 2014 and the sale person and the manager told me and my granddaughter that the car would last for years, it did not it just lasted five months. We had the oil changes and and we were told that the car would need $1,657 worth of work the timing belt,timing gears, the water pump valve cover gasket and five different leaks . The Nissan salesman and the sale manager lied to my granddaughter and me she is in college and she has loan to pay she don't have that kind of money to spend on a car. The sale person promise that Nissan would not sell a car with problems we found out later the car is a lemon and there is lemon laws in California, but are not enforced. The car that my granddaughter was certified 2009 Beetle Nissan forgot to say the Beetle was a certified LEMON could you please share this with others there are many other college students out there.


I have Alloy painted rims and the paint started to blister . I am buying and replacing the real bad one but the other 3 are showing signs of the same defect in the paint. I have been to dealers and they said that has not happened to other cars. The millage is 22,300 and was bought new . I saw this when I bought the car and I was told nothing will happen over the years but sure enough it has . I have owed Nissan cars for many years and never had problems with the rims blistering and peeling . I plan to have this car for another 5-6 years and I would like to have the car looking good . I would like to continue to by Nissan cars as I also have a 12 year old 350 Z in mint condition and rims are fine. I would hope that you would look into this issue to resolve it. I have been on the phone for a week and no one will address or own up to the defect in alloy painted rims. Let me know if other owners have had problems because I am lead that there are not and it is my model only. Thank you and I will wait to hear from you. Debbie


I went to rt 33 Nissan in Hamilton nj. They were totally unprofessional. I went for several reasons... mainly for a recall in my 2 Rogues. I also inquired about turning in my vehicles for new cars. They took my recall notices , never returned them and when I went all the way bk for them they refused saying they shred them. It was my personal mail and they used it for the vin#. Now I have no notice to fix my cars and would never buy a vehicle from them. They should have to being my recall notices to me.


Driver's Village of Syracuse. 3/25/15 sales person hung up Mark Summers on me then his manager Tom Major called and was very rude to me. Need to know who to complain to about this issue.

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