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Auto Nation, Inc., is the largest automotive retailer in the United States. It is publicly traded on NYSE:AN. With revenues in 2015 reported as US 20 billion, there are over 290 franchises in 13 states. Auto Nation was founded in 1996.

You may reach corporate offices at 954-769-6000. You may also write to CEO, Mike Jackson at 200 SW 1st Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301. Some Customer Service may be found at the social media links below.

Cars, trucks SUVs are backed by AutoNation’s CARFAX, Rigorous 135-Pint Safety Inspection Report, 3-day or 150 miles Money Back Guarantee and 60-day Unlimited Mileage Guarantee. Social presence is found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. 

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I went to Autonation O'Hare Honda on 4/1/2017 to buy car. I saw the car online Camry 2014 SE Silver color so I went their to check the car. After the test drive, I asked if their is room for some discount but then I came to know that AutoNation doesn't bargain the price which is good. After that it went to around 17K something on road and I said mine budget is 15K on road. So when the guy Jerico searched his inventory for Accord and Camry he found only one car which has many miles. After that when the lady name Helen came started talking rudely like I did something bad to come to their dealership. And the guy (Jerico) said "Why you came here?". I was so scared as both of them literally cornered me started yelling at me to buy this car right way else they will put me in some prison.

My question to you is "Is this how you train your sales associates to deal with customers or it was racist as I am Indian?" I am in corporate industry for more than 5 years working with Japanese company and I never had this kind of experience.

Thanks to the Guys name Warner and David who were so polite and apologize for the bad behavior of their associates when I was leaving the dealership. Helen called me in evening to apologize for her rude behavior but she ruined my day and mind to buy car. I hope you did't hire like these employees in every dealership. And I will definitely tell this incident to each and every one in Chicago Area.


Mercedes Benz of Marietta did not honor the reserve a car promise, and did not honor my appointment on a car. On 12/7 I had discussed a used car with Tom Jernigan. I had my car trade-in evaluated, and told him the numbers met my expectation and I was ready to buy the car. I had an appointment at 5pm on 12/8 to drive the car and to close the deal.

As I was walking out the door to go to the dealership I got a text from the Tom saying they had sold the car to someone else. I understand that I had not yet closed on the car, but they did not honor my appointment, or give me any opportunity prior, but instead sold the car to someone else. That was incredibly poor customer service and unethical and dishonest.

I immediate asked Tom to have the General Manager – Dustin Fleishman to call me. I waited 30 min and then called and asked to speak to him. He did not call, nor accept my call. What type of dealership sets an appointment to show you a car, after you have verbally committed to buy it, and then does not honor that appointment.


I have taken my 2012 Armada in three times because the radio don't not work correctly. Each time they state that if was fixed. The problem is this there and the service manager stated that he will get to the bottom of it and that he will call me. He never called and would not return calls.


I leased a car from AutoNation Honda Miami Lakes in June 2016 and they were supposed to pay the excess mileage, wear and tear of the car being turned in. I kept calling during these past six months and they keep giving me the runaround. As of today they still have not issued the check to Honda Financial for the car that I turned in. Attached is the contract signed where it states under the Notes that it included excess mileage. Honda financial has already sent this debt to collection and it is affecting my credit severely. It is ridiculous that such a big dealership treats its customer like this, specially when my other car I leased from them too.


AutoNation Honda Dulles did unauthorized recall work on my car in spite of the fact that I specifically requested that they not do that work when making the appointment for another service (I wanted to look into the recall before having the work done). When I realized that they were doing the work without my permission, the service manager lied to me about having to legally do it even if it wasn't authorized. I don't care to be lied to or jerked around, so I will no longer be using the services of AutoNation Honda Dulles.


I recently purchased two new vehicles from AutoNation. One of the vehicles is a 2016 charger (vin 2c3cdxct7gh228488). The sticker price was 42,166. The vehicle was being sold with 20% off of the 42,166. Saving me approximately 8431 (plus the equity of my vehicle). I thought I was getting a deal from an honest company. I was not. I took the vehicle to a couple of places to have it appraised. The appraisal price of my 42,000 is 26,000. How is the possible other than the fact that I got screwed. I am scheduled to pay $36,093. I will never purchase another vehicle from AutoNation. I work with over 6000 fellow employees. I will do everything I can to discourage a buyer from purchasing from AutoNation. This is pathetic. I have purchased several vehicles from this dealership. Never again.


I took my car in on August 22nd for service and the radio was malfunctioning. I have called three times since then to inquire about my radio replacement. The first call they said it had not arrived yet, the second call I was told the same thing, and finally three weeks ago they said the radio was never ordered. It has been three weeks since my last contact and no one has called me regarding my radio replacement. It has now been over two months since I took the car in.


I purchased a used vehicle from AutoNation Chevrolet Off 8100 S Texas 6 Houston, TX 77083 back on 8/13/2016 and everything seemed ok. Then on 8/25/2016 i had to bring back due to the check engine light coming on. When the diagnostics was done the service rep advised me that it was the catalytic converter was messed up. So they replaced it with no problems. Then on 10/12/2016 the check engine light came on again and something was leaking under my hood. I had my car towed in thru road side assistance. I haven't had the car but 2 months.

I was told by service rep Mario on friday that my radiator was out and the cost to fix it was 922.78. I have 6 years to pay on this car with a note of almost $400.00. For them to tell me that is nothing that can be done was unacceptable. I then spoke with the sales manager Mark Mckee about the issue. While i was speaking to him he was looking at a football game and not paying attention. So i ask for the district manager or regional managers name. He said he didn't know that information. I'm very disappointed with the service i received and how i was treated.


I bought a used 2011 Kia optima from the Autonation chevy dealership in fort lauderdale. They sold me a car that i can even feel safe in, the first hour i drove my car it broke down, got it back to the dealership and they claimed it was just a battery.

I told them that i think it was something else that caused me to break down: my power steering went, car vibrated, radio shut off, all emergency light came on and my car would move) so after 2 day the replaced my batter. That night i drove it to dinner and when i headed back home the car did the same thing as the first time but worse, the brake stopped on its own and almost swerved into traffic. I had no control of the gas, steering and brakes everything shut down and almost got into a bad accident and this is 3 days after purchase.

After paying for a tow truck and finding one that will pick me up and drop me off at the dealership. i turned my key in to the "over night box" with a form stating that i want my money back and they can take the car back and give me my money. Of course it happen on a friday night so trying to get ahold of anyone at that dealership was impossible, so i have to find a ride and go there in person, was like impossible to get any help or answers.

They keep telling me don't worry about you car we will take car of it, i said i want my money back, they say well i'm not the one to talk to about that but we will take care of you. everyone at that place blames the sales team and the sales team blame the service team. after having my car for a week to figure out what is wrong with it (which i called them throughout the week and couldn't get a hold of anyone) then they finally call me over a week later to tell me they don't know whats wrong with it so we are taking it to a Kia dealership.

After over 2 weeks i got my car back and it was a "alternator" (this is like over a month later and i basically only sat in my car for a couple hours, not to mention i had to pay for my own rental cars and missed work due to all of this) after that i drove my car for a few weeks and seemed ok minus some of the shaking and the steering while sticks. I was coming back from a job and while i was on a busy highway my car started really shaking and the gas wouldn't work and i could go any and had to cost to the side of the busy highway, and the dealership did not care that this happen to me. It was a hassle to get anywhere with them, this happen on a friday so i went to the dealership to find out whats happening to my car they said well its friday so you wont find out till Monday.

Lets just say i spent over 3 hours at the dealership that day to find out and they just kept on passing me to one person to another acted as if they didn't want to deal with anything. After a week later (paying for my own rental cars and missing work at my new job) they told me the warranty company has to look at it to see if they can do anything. Another week later they said the warranty will replace your motor with a new motor! another week later the work was completed.

Finally got my car back and asked for the information of the motor that was installed (make, model, year, miles, etc) they told me that its the same motor (which all motors have their own ID) and the mile on the motor was almost 90,000. The car i bought had only 55,000 miles and the new used motor shakes and still have issues but i do not trust this dealership anymore i been dealing with this dealership to long and getting nothing but disrespect back and everyone points the finger at everyone else.

This is devastating that I go buy a car from a "auto nation" that has or at least i thought had a great reputation. How am i supposed to feel safe in this car since i have so many issues and there are still issues they wont fix. I had 3 days after purchase of the car to return it and i wanted to but everyone pushed me around that and nobody cared. this is so wrong in many ways i've had this car a little over 2 months and its been in the shop for the most of the time. something needs to happen here.


I have serviced my 2010 Tahoe at Northport Chevrolet, Alpharetta, GA since purchase at AutoNation. I recently had my dash replaced, with the kind assistance of GM, for a reasonable cost due to a known defect even though it was out of warrantee. In the process the center speaker was apparently damaged or in some way compromised. It sounds like a blown cone or like something had been left on the speaker and vibrates badly making speech hard to understand (talk radio). The vehicle has less than 60,000 miles and has been dealer maintained since new. I returned the vehicle to this dealer for it to be corrected. I was told the problem was only a setting in the audio menu and that the speaker was checked and now all was good.

It was immediately evident the problem was perhaps slightly improved, by setting changes to the "midrange", but the problem was not resolved and it is obvious the problem still persists. The audio in my Tahoe LTZ has always been quite good and now voices are nearly un-listenable at times. When the fade is set to the rear speakers the problem is vastly improved, again suggesting a problem with the front center speaker. My issue is that I was told the matter was corrected when it was clearly not so. More importantly, however I have made 5 calls to the service department over the past 3 days and my calls are not answered and the line disconnected or sent to voice mail and no return call is received. The messages includes one to the service manager, a Mr Jackson, who also has failed to call back.

I was simply trying to arrange yet another inconvenient service appointment to fix this problem. I suspect a simple parts replacement would do it unless the radio, which was removed, was somehow shorted in one of it's amplifier circuits or improperly reconnected to the speakers. I would appreciate your assistance in getting this matter resolved. This causes me to be less than inclined to purchase again from one of your dealerships unless a timely fix can be accomplished. I have not yet taken to social media to rate AutoNation dealership but intend to do so if we can not get this small matter sorted out. Additionally It is time for me to buy a new Suburban and two new trucks for my business - this decision will be colored by the resolution of this matter.


On October 4th, 2016, I brought my 2004 Nissan Armada at AutoNation Nissan located at 8890 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pine Florida, to change the battery. My car would not start very early in the morning but I managed to take it to the above repair shop on the advice of Mr. Val Marius (one of your employees) who happened to be off this day.

Mr. Marius asked me to talk to Gary Levine who unfortunately was not available. I was therefore referred to Robert. Robert said that since the battery is no longer under warranty, the replacement will cost me $60.41 and a written estimate was given to me. I was surprised, after the replacement that the invoice# 624530 presented to me was $101.68 (including a $2.00 charitable donation I did not allow). This is way from the written estimate of $60.41. I explained to Gary that Robert I have a written estimate of $60.41. He took me to the manager of the Servicing Department who had no professionalism in dealing with an upset customer.

I would not have been so upset at the new price if someone had the courtesy to just keep me informed. The not knowing and wondering was frustrating and showed little respect for my time and money. The small difference is no problem to me but the way they treated me is out of the way doing business. I have my own company. If I or one of my partners gives a written estimate, my company will fully stick on it, no matter how much it will cost us. Employees like the Servicing Department Manager should not be part of a great company like Nissan. Because of people like him the rating of AutoNation at Pembroke Pines is 1.8 over 5 on Please check it.

I would like finally to let you know that I am one of the first to purchase a Nissan Murano in 2003 and a Nissan Armada in 2004 at the same dealer. I was planning to buy the 2017 Nissan Armada but will reconsider it. Thank you for your time to read this complaint and to take the appropriate actions.

I tried to send this complaint to corporate using the address One Nissan Way, Franklin, TN 37067. My goal was to have it forwarded to the following executives at Nissan. Nobody listened so now it's going online for everyone to see.

To the leaders like the CEO: Michael J. Jackson, CFO: Cheryl Scully, COO: Michael E. Maroone. Also to Fred M. Diaz, Division Vice President, Nissan Sales & Marketing and Operations U.S., Nissan North America, Inc. To Jose Munoz, Executive Vice President, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.; Chairman, Nissan North America, Inc. To Kent O'Hara, Vice President of Aftersales. And of course to the Chief Executive, Carlos Ghosn, President and CEO, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. 2, Takaracho, Yokohama, Kanagawa 220-8623.


AutoNation of Memphis tells me the truck I bought had navigation which it does not it only says left right and directions. I just recently found that out I never had navigation before until I bought my daughter a new car and see what he's done.

AutoNation will not do anything about it. I'll talk to the dealership I've called in Florida they can all laugh and catch their lying self. I bought over 15 Ford trucks from F250 to 350 to 452, excursions tracker, 4 wheel drive F-150 trucks since 1986. This one will be my last one I will ever buy from Ford so they can shove it where the sun don't shine.


Bought car from Autonation Wolfchase Galleria on 8/7/16. On 8/24/16 the low tire pressure light went on. I pulled into a local service station & the teen who looked at the tires identified a leak & said the tire would need to be replaced. I subsequently drove to the Service Dept at Autonation. The tech who looked at the tire said it was fine. I left, drove home & the gauge light came on again. I returned to Autonation Service Dept &, lo & behold, the tire that was "fine" 2 hrs before now needed to be replaced at the cost of $220. BUT that couldn't happen today bc they didn't have any of those tires in stock, so I have to return yet again tomorrow. I might suggest that Autonation Memphis go to the service station at the corner of Poplar & Perkins & hire the kids there. That would've saved me 3 trips to Autonation Service Dept. And I use the term "service" loosely.


Took my car to fix it under warranty and Autonation service department refused to fix my car. If this is what customer service is like I am calling the head office immediately to give them a piece of my mind!


I purchased a 2008 Toyota Highlander at AutoNation Hyundai in Denver Colorado, in 2015 I started to hear noises. I called the dealer whom told me to take it to their Toyota dealer in town. I did so the service department was busy so an advisor drove it and told me everything was fine. At this point the mileage was still under contract. Later on the vehicle broke down(oil cooling hose) which for other customers has previously been repaired free of charge due to the known defect. Since then just a run around an boundless energy on Autonation's part to be concerned about anything. By the way I am still paying for the warranty contract. I have since had to pay for the part and a 7 day rental from the Toyota Dealer in my area that was kind enough to rent me a brand new Camry.


I had an accident last March of 2015, it's a front collision. I had my car fixed at Toyota Autonation at Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV. Less than 2 months after it was fixed, I found out that my radiator is leaking, there's is a dried coolant on the upper portion of the radiator, from end to end, so I brought it back to Toyota. They did a visual check on my car at the parking lot and I was told that there's no leak, "it's just a coolant that dried off". About 7 to 8 months ago I had my first oil change after the accident at Ted Wiens at Rainbow Drive and I was told that my radiator is leaking. I told them that what Toyota told me "there's no leak, it's just a coolant that dried off".

Last Friday, July 8, 2016, I had a smog check at AA Auto Service at Ann Road because I'm due for registration. Once again, I was told that my radiator is leaking, I told them what I was told by Toyota. I was invited inside their work area and showed me the engine compartment of my car, I was surprised to see dried coolant everywhere, so I brought it back to Toyota. This time they agree that there is a leak but unfortunately my warranty already lapsed. They told me that they can get if fix but I have to pay between $500 to $700.

My point is this, the issue had been brought to their attention less than 2 months after they fixed my car, within in the coverage of the warranty but they did not do a proper check. I was told that they should have done a "Pressure Check" because you can not simply see the leak by just looking at the radiator, they should have known better. I already filed a complaint last Friday, July 8, 2016 on this number, 1(800) 375-5283 and I was told that someone is going to give me a call, supposed to be Monday but until now, no one did.


Bought a new Jetta back in August. Traded in a Ford Ranger. I received a citation from city stating I have not paid parking tickets and the license plate is from this truck that I no longer have. I have made NO less than 10 calls and NO phone call has been returned. One employee that initially answered the phone told me all I had to do was show the city citation department that I no longer owned the truck giving the documents that I have. That doesn't solve the problem of MY name is on registration and if anything happens It is me that they come after. In addition, I have posted on social media and it somehow isn't showing anymore.


We bought a 2002 4 Runner on 10/31/15 This vehicle has 4 oil leaks. It is hard to believe these oil leaks started after we purchased the vehicle. We have contacted the sales manager and the service manager regarding these oil leaks and have NOT received any satisfaction. We realize we bought the car as is. However, it should NOT have been sold in that condition. We are Senior Citizens living on a fixed income Social Security. We got a estimate of $2,500 for the repairs. We have received no help from the Dealership. Also, we bought a $2,000 extended warranty from the Dealership which does not cover any of these repairs. We would appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible as to what can be done about our problem.


I purchased a used Lexus at Mercedes Benz of Greenway plaza on 2/12/16. I purchased the vehicle from Dave Davenport. Within 3 weeks and less than 500 miles driven the check engine e light came on . I spoke to Dave once and he said he would have service take a look at the vehicle. He did not pro ice that the car would get repaired. After the conversation he did not return my numerous calls or texts. I called on April 10' 2016 to find out that Dave doesn't work there. I was told by another sales person that my license plates would've mailed since the temp plates expire o. The 12th. I then received a follow up call stating my plates were gone. To make a long story short I have received plates and I am unsure if they are for my car since I was email!led another temp p!ate. I just received an email that I bought the car as is a d the dealership will do nothing. Recently I used autonation collision for my Honda minivan in south Houston and I was shocked it was the same company.


I had purchase a car In Feb. of 15, and it was totaled in June. I purchased every warranty they had and gotten the perms plate for the car and it had every been installed, I have a work order for the service department that it to be installed but I ever made it to the service department., I talk to a director of financial and he told me it was not refundable {how can I cancelled something that was not installed on my car} they took 795.00 and wont give my money back. I lost my dream car and I am done playing games with the finance department that wont even look at my work order. I would ever buy a car from AutoNation again. I plan to take my complaint to 3 on your side and THE BBB tell them how offal they treat you at AutoNation.


Experienced very poor customer service at Autonation in Albany. How can I tell corporate what happened?


2014 Toyota Camry Taken for service 26000 miles. With problem cruise control handle back lighting out. Weston Autonation Toyota tech said :" my car don't have that light" Insulting my intelligence. Driving my car for more than 2 years. No solution for the problem. Called costumer service. What waste of time. Backing up the tech service guy. Without further research. Would I buy in Autonation again? Make me.


Spoke to nicholas at bell road service shop. He couldn't access my warranty. Mind you I called at 7:15 am. Said he would call back. Hour and a half I called the Autonation customer service number. Not available. 3 hours later ask for a supervisor in the complaint department. Some lady got him on the phone. He proceeded to speak with an nasty attitude. Terrible customer service! I will never go back there. Always an issue. Called arrowhead service. No problem they took excellent care.


Oct 31 20015 I was approved for a Dodge Durango 2005 I signed paper work took the truck home drove it for 2 months then Chuck from finance department called and said I needed to bring it back so I called to speak to Josh one of the managers and he tells me he could get me in another truck so I was there for 10 hours and he put me in another truck I signed papers with the financing guy chuck again and on Saturday night at 9:30 January 30, 2016 they came and picked the truck up.

I have not gotten one call from automation and everyday I have called them and they will not talk to me I found out that the guy Josh was fired so every time I call they say the general manager Darren is in a meeting then it was told to me my the operated that to be honest know one wants to talk to me I really need help asap.


I called to schedule an apt for oil change, tire rotation and I bought the package appearance. I was told by a woman who answered the phone my call would be returned. It was not, two or three days later I called again the man who answered the call kept cutting me off then said I was being sarcastic. Who the hell tells their customer's that crap. I was told when I purchased the SRX I would be able to come by if I spilled anything in my car which I had, the vehicle needs to be buffed as some light spots are on the paint? Do not know if I am explain that correctly. Also I went elsewhere for an oil change and was told the tires were on incorrectly.

Back tires in front and front in back. The brakes had to be worked on after I purchase the car maybe then is when the tires were put on incorrectly, if not, they should have noticed the incorrect way the tires were on and fix it. I've had to drive out of state with my tires like that. Benny Martinez called me back as soon as he could he is the one who I purchased the car from. I've had 2 strokes in the brain and do sometimes get confused and forget. I am not happy with the service from the tech and will not return to Autonation. I will pay extra top go somewhere else.


I have been working to get my gap insurance reimbursed to me since June of 2015. My contact at AutoNation Ford in Scottsdale Arizona is Sydney Wesolowski 2179. I have had no success to receiving this refund. I have spoken to her supervisor with no satisfaction. I have also spoken to the corporate office. No closer to getting my gap refund than before.


Try to talk to someone about refund of service agreement and premium maintenance pactages which I bought when I bought a Expedition in 2014. Trying to get refund of milage not used when I sold this car as you are suppose to do. I've called the AutoNation in Ft. Worth, Texas The operator sends me to someone who is never in their office and the phone says to leave message , left messages fior the last 3 weeks but no one calls back. Today I asked for anybody alive to talk to some guy named Andrew asks me whats wrong and said he would be righrt back puts me on hold for 12min. and 13 sec. never came back and no call back


I bough a new Mercedes Benz C300 2009 on August 21,2008 from Mercedes Benz of Pembroke Pines, Florida. On July 23,2009 the car was in a front bumper collision, having the vehicle fixed with a life time warranty on the painting job at your Maroone collision center at 8600 Pines Blvd according with Mercedes Benz dealer of Pembroke Pines. After paying the Mercedes Benz dealer at Pembroke Pines the amount of $3.903.24 for a professional job, I am really disappointed of the quality of the repair done by your Autonation collision center. I went to dealer many times trying to talk to Willian Jaramillo and his boss Graham Haynes without any positive response, I think that your customers need to be treated with professionalism and your employees mentioned before do not do so. I have a copy of the invoice for the job performed at that time. Therefore, I need an answer from someone at your company who cares and is responsible for this kind of matters. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation with my complaint.


My spouse and I bought a 2014 Ford Escape in July 2014 from AutoNation Ford Scottsdale Arizona. In July 2015, we traded the vehicle. In August 2015, we went back to AutoNation Ford Scottsdale to request a refund for the GAP insurance we financed at the time of purchase. Since then we have been told that a refund was submitted to us but we have never received. Sydney W. at AutoNation Ford Scottsdale is the individual we are working with since September 2015. We have never received our refund but all we have received for AutoNation Ford Scottsdale is a piece of paper for a refund signed by someone. The signature on the paper is not mine. Could someone from the corporate office please get my refund for me? Thank you for looking into this matter. Hope to hear something soon about my complaint.


Purchased a brand new 2015 Mustang GT Premium 50th anniversary addition from AutoNation Ford in Scottsdale, AZ on July 31, 2015. Beautiful car that was delivered in a thunderstorm in the late evening to my home. Noticed a couple of blemishes right away and told the sales agent immediately. One was a an area on the dash panel that was very obvious, looked like glue spilled on it, another was a small cut in the drivers door panel that looked like it was done with a utility knife, the locking lug nuts were missing and the drivers door had chips in the paint from opening into at wall or other object.

Notified sales agent via email with photos of each item, was referred to AutoNation for follow up. Net with agent at AutoNation because he needed to see it himself. Agreed to fix every item and would order replacement parts. Car repairs to three item completed in September, advised me they would repair the door panel rather than replacing. Met with Vinyl repairman who stated to me and AutoNation representative that a repair was impossible in the area the cut was in. AutoNation refused to replace door panel, have made numerous phone calls to Manager of Customer relations with no return calls. Called Regional Office, can only leave message, no return calls.

Called Ford Motor Company, they will file my complaint but can do nothing once its left their factory and delivered to a dealer. I waited 50 years to buy a Mustang that is exactly as I dreamed of and they dealer is simply cheating me out of enjoyment because every time I open the door, I see the cut in the door panel.


I purchased a 2014 Chrysler Town and Country Mini Van. I asked the Autonation sales person the same night about another key for the vehicle and was told that they only had one key. I called and spoke to Steve more than once about the key, getting the run around the whole time. I was told he would get us a copy for free. Then he called me back and said it would be $190.00. I contacted Autonation customer service as well as the manager after two days of trying to get a hold of him and I was insulted and called names. I found your customer service horrible and it's nearly impossible to contact anyone to speak my concerns too. Your people are rude and I will never purchase another vehicle from your business and I will tell anyone not to shop at Autonation. I have never has this happen when buying a vehicle!


We were looking out for an SUV and contacted AutoNation for it. They were helpful in getting the right deal for us. The sales person who was dealing with us was pleasant and had knowledge about cars which is very important. It took not more than 3 working days for them to get me the best deal and I was able to drive back home in the SUV they provided. Thank you AutoNation for the prompt response and good deals that you have given me. I would definelty suggest this to friends and family going forward.

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