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Greyhound buses provides affordable long distance travel in North America. Founded in 1914, Greyhound currently serves more than 3,800 destinations. With over 18 million passengers each year in the United States, the company is one of the largest bus providers in the world. 

If you have feedback or a complaint you can write to Greyhound Lines, Inc, P.O. Box 660691, MS 470, Dallas, TX 75266-0691. The Greyhound corporate headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, where you can contact the current CEO Dave Leach. Additional executive leadership includes Bill Blankenship the Chief Operating Officer, Chris Boult the Chief Information Officer, and Bill Gieseker the Chief Financial Officer. 

If you have a problem with your bus experience and need immediate assistance call Greyhound customer service toll free at 1-800-231-2222 or local at 214-849-8100. Customer service hours are between 5 in the morning and 11 at night daily.  Common issues with the company include travelling to and from Mexico, Canada, Children travelling, and Customers with disabilities.

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On Sat. April 27th 2019 I dropped my sister in law off at the Fort Worth Grey Hound Bus station for the 10pm bus to Mississippi and I left ten minutes before the bus was scheduled to arrive. I left her inside the facility and I had spoken with a security guard before I left to make sure that she was going to be able to board her bus to Mississippi with out any issues. He assured me bus would be there on schedule so I was comfortable leaving her up there. The security guard proceeded to go back outside to patrol and while he was out side There was a African American male that approached her and wouldn't leave her alone was very sexually aggressive towards her making her experience not only uncomfortable but very bad.. PLEASE IF YOU EVER USE GREYHOUND AGAIN DO NOT LEAVE YOUR LOVED ONES ALONE!!!!!!!!!


I booked a bus ticket for my sister to come to Knoxville, TN on April 3rd from Detroit. The bus 1101 was late and didn't leave until 8:00 am from Detroit . Once the left to go to Cincinnati, Ohio they were late for her make her transfer to bus1109 because of the bus leaving so late from Detroit. I called the bus station in Cincinnati asking when the would be the next bus to Knoxville and he said 12:45 am. When my sister made it to Cincinnati the bus at 12:45am was full and she couldn't get on it. So she decided to take the bus to Nashville , Chattanooga and then to Knoxville to arrive on April 4th which is one day later. She is now still in Cincinnati at 5:20 because the employee who was to drive the bus said they would not drive. Now she has to wait for a driver from Louisville, Kentucky to go to the Cincinnati station to pickup all the passengers that are stranded. This is clearly not how you run a business. Customers on the bus should not have to go through this kind of bull to get to see there family or friends . I can't believe the crap she has to go through to see her 81 year old mother. I wouldn't even give you a star, customer service is not customer service and you really need to look into the problems with Greyhound . It bad enough to be stranded but yet you are in bad areas and the bathrooms are not clean and not toilet paper in the stalls. I am sure I won't get a response to this email but I will be sure to go to the top until I get some answers.


I left Amarillo Tx on 3/25/2019 going into Dallas Texas at eight that night,the driver was extremely rude and even blamed a man for trying to smoke pot he was looking for a bathroom at a closed terminal,then we was 3hours delayed in Dallas after a four hour layover,the trip from Dallas to Knoxville was great but now we in Knoxville and we have no driver y'all need to look into this this causes some people problems that have to be somewhere at certain times and some of y'all's drivers apparently don't care, I hate complaining but something needs to be done


Complaint 616350
How will Greyhound get me to Atlanta GA today by 3/8/19 to get to my Dr appt before 1 pm and compensate me for any added fees?
10:45 pm bus the company cancelled and did not notify me by text or email to not drive there. I paid to go to the station to find no bus coming, no refund and told I could try the next bus at 3:35 am. Today I have an important 1 pm oncology appt that I will miss catching any bus you offer later than the 10:45 pm bus that cancelled. I will incur an added fee for missing the Dr appt. Leaving today the tickets are limited and will make me miss added appts the weekend. I have been calling and checking transportation tickets most of the time trying to find a way to Atl. The tickets are doubling in price as time goes on and you still have not refunded the original ticket and compensations. I have a self pd for training on 3/9/19 @ 7:30 am in McDonough GA. The customer care ppl in Columbia asked many questions about my personal contact info that should have been on file as I paid for my ticket online and am a rewards member. I record my calls and I felt that this was extraneous information to no means other than potentially frustrating a customer. The system is flawed though the employees tried to keep this within their resolution area where they could nor resolve. They informed me to call back in 2 hrs of my last call this morning as their system is down. I asked for a corporate onshore email and number. I was provided the Pensacola station number. The person at Pensacola last night told me to contact the mgs after 10 am this morning for a refund. It still keeps me up most of the night and morning figuring how I will get back on finds that Greyhound is still holding as well.


My departure city was Shreveport, LA., at 1:20pm, on 18 Feb 2019.

I was told to NOT get off at Vicksburg, MS., but to continue to Jackson, MS.
I arrived in Jackson, MS. for approximately 7:30pm, and my ticket was changed to a departure time of 10:50pm, to Birmingham, AL.
The ticket counter issued me closed at 10:30pm, providing NO information on what bus I was supposed to get on.
A bus scheduled for Dallas, TX. came in, but no announcement was made... Nothing.
Another bus is now being serviced, for Atlanta. However, NO INFORMATION IS BEING GIVEN TO COMMUTERS.
Greyhound changed my itinerary, yet I cannot get an answer on when I can expect to get to my destination: Nashville.
Contacting customer service is a waste of time.
I simply want communication on when I can expect to make it back to Nashville.
I did not change my itenerary; Greyhound did.


We left Port Authority in NYC over an hour late. Apparently, there was no driver for the bus bound to WDC. Station staff were not particularly professional or understanding when explaining the situation to customers. Once on the bus, the bus was dirty, did not smell good and was about 90 degrees. The driver explained that she could not reduce the heat. This meant a 4 hour ride in stifling heat. Another bus should have been provided if the heat did not work.The Driver's microphone was inoperable which made it hard to hear her communicate. She did make a 10 min stop. However, I was last in line behind some passengers who did not speak English. ..And, I also couldn't hear her well. When I finally made it to the front I met a locked door and thus was not able to enjoy the 10 min break. I know that somethings are uncontrollable, however this was the worst bus ride I have ever had. I felt stuck because Greyhound was the only carrier with a 7p.m. departure time to WDC. I felt subjected to a poor experience because there was no other option. I was very disappointed by the lack of customer service. I guess you get what you pay for cheap ride equals cheap treatment!


I Purchased a round trip ticket in advance for a amount of 35.00 dollars the referance number is (17728902). I have talk to customer service department Supervior Richman 7087 and mention to him that they can't refund me a ticket because its non refundable although I have call in 24 hour in advance and explained about the family emergency.
I understand they placed a poilicy but you cant robbed people for the money by not providing the service its wrong.
I have personally worked in customer service and always taken care of customer becasue same people come back and bring more through good experance.
Grayhound is openly stealing money from the customer without any guilt its best to think twice before purchasing a ticket from there..

I am really unsatified with their service.


I was removed from a greyhound bus 1537 from Memphis to Dallas Tx because of the color of my skin
My file # is 400912 I have been trying to contact a person but all I have been able to do is use you automatic system
I can be reached at 760 439 0326
I was discriminated and I would like the driver Dennis Virgrous to be discipline for his actions



My name is Hahn, The agent in San Francisco CA sold me the wrong ticket. I am from Vietnam. I wanted a ticket from San Francisco CA to Los Angeles, CA. I received a ticket departing San Francisco CA and arriving to Ti Juana, Mexico. I did not want this ticket. I asked for a one way to ticket from San Francisco CA to Los Angeles CA. I do not want to go to Mexico. I do not have Visa to enter Mexico. I was charged $205.00 plus $2.50 fee. I paid cash. I do not want this ticket. I want a full refund for this ticket.

Confirmation # 1504802101
Date Purchased: Dec 22, 2018 at 6:55pm
Sold at: 08951 (San Francisco, CA)

Cost: $205.00
Fee: $2.50
Departure Date: Dec 23, 2018 at 10pm

I paid cash for the ticket. I want a full refund immediately.

Ho Hanh Thi Kieu


I took a bus from houston to Lafayette Louisiana to pick up my son and back to houston. The trip to Lafayette was complaints but everything after that was HORRIBLE! Bus going back to Houston was an hour late then we couldn't board because the driver couldn't get the door open. The trip was longer than planned and I missed an appt. Then when we get to Houston we discover my bag I checked in was missing. The baggage supervisor told me it might have went on another bus but if not someone else grabbed it and there's nothing him or I could do about it. He told me my only option was to call at a later time to see if it came in. I made 5 phone calls through out the night and no bag. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he told me he does not have a supervisor he's the boss and he has the final say. Now I understand things happen but my 7 yr old is only visiting he does not have clothes here so he is a whole state away from his home with no clothes, extra shoes, underwear, tooth brush. And the supervisor has the nerve to tell me oh well nothing we can do. Really? How about some sympathy, effort in getting this handled, anything. Smh.


I had to call the 18002312322 number to understand the pick up place at the Spokane Airport. Not only did the persons who answered the phone didn't speak a language I could understand, they had NO idea what I was talking about. Couldn't find the reservation because didn't understand the partner carrier concept. I don't understand why Greyhound lists the Greyhound customer service number to call with problems, and then hire people who don't understand the partner carrier information or even understand my question. It sounded like a call center. Not helpful and a complete waste of time to call customer service. Greyhound needs to up its game on customer service; right now, they have no customer service.


My complaint is the hours of delayed trips. My trip to Nashville on 10/4/18 was delayed 3 hours and my trip back to Atlanta on 10/13/18 was delayed 6 hours. This was very frustrating for me. I am a Senior and the was not explained promptly by the attendants. When I arrived on 10/13/18 at 5:50 am., there was not an agent to check my bags. No one gave an explanation of what was going on. It's very disappointing to sit and not know what is happening. I've never complained before this incident. I hope Greyhound improves on their customer service to people choosing to ride their buses. I was planning on travelling for the upcoming Holidays, however will reconsider this option. I hope you read this complaint and respond back to me.


Greyhound employees were extremely rude and unhelpful. They said they can not access my ticket info and they hand me slip of paper for filing a compliant and told me they could only give me a $9.00 Food voucher to make up for a 57 Hour layover the charged me $269.00 extra in New Mexico to fix a scheduling error they caused In the first place I want reinbursement for my loss and I do not plan on ever using grayhound for travel , I do not like the way the other passengers Treated my Service Dog who is a Pitbull Terrier who was treated unfairly also, The buses also didn't turn on the power outlets for most of the trip even when asked my laptop was infected with a virus which I had to pay another $250.00 to repair disfunctioning internet Wifi Sevice , otherwise I am not sure what purpose their drivers serve if they are calling in sick after they get paid . So, it was getting close to the departure time and I needed to get to Minnesota by a certain time. I had funeral arrangments to prepare and I was Harrassed by the local Police in Kansas City's Grayhound Terminal and they Conficated my Dog's PTSD Cannibus Dog Treats for having Marijawna in them and they where prescribed for her PTSD she is having a hard time dealing with her mental Illness as it is and on top of it now she's miserable and depressed because one of the grayhound drivers that rode along as a passanger didn't like my Service called the police and told them I was trafficking drugs I don't like the fact she was discriminating my dog but to mess with her Medicine that's just cruel if I don't get my reinbursment a Total of $269.00 I will be planing on Suing Grayhound for Gross Negligence and Discrimination to a Military Service animal My lawer is already drawing up the paperwork for a Lawsuit in preparation in the event grayhound doesn't reinbusrse me for wasting my time and money I will NEVER do business with Greyhound again in my life!!! Try Megabus or another mode of transportation, but avoid Greyhound if you can. Again, I never post messages of this nature, but I am just astounded by the way they do business.


I am at the. Dallas terminal and was asking for help n I got blew off. I cannot say everybody is like that the customer service selling tickets was helpful but the rest need some training or i would discipline them or get new people. I makes me want n I will tell people the Dallas terminal is no good. Give them training


Dear Greyhound,
Today my mother, a senior citizen, accidentally purchased a ticket on line to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico from San Antonio. In the process, my mother innocently forgot to enter her senior citizen status, resulting in a regular adult fee of 42 dollars. We called customer service to see if first, credit could be applied for the difference or even to see if my mother could receive a refund since the senior fee would have been 22 dollars - a big difference for my mother's age group. We were told that nothing could be done. Nothing. The representative suggested we call our bank to have them cancel the transaction or contact you to make a complaint.
We contacted our bank. And because the transaction is still pending, we could not cancel it.
And now here I am making a complaint as I am appalled at the way my mother, a Greyhound customer of 50 years, is being treated, all over an innocent mistake. If this is how Greyhound intends to treat their customers, telling them that they refuse to help and care for their customers, even when the matter was an isolated incident, to a devoted faithful customer, then I too should perhaps turn my back on Greyhound.
We, all of our family and extended family, have been devoted to Greyhound for their quality service. But after this experience, I am not sure we can continue.
I hope that Greyhound can remedy the situation so that we may continue with Greyhound as part of our lives, particularly for our senior citizens.
My mother's name is Rosa Iruegas (confirmation number 91239857). She visits frequently from Mexico. The times that I cannot go pick her up or take her back, as I am a busy public school teacher, we count on Greyhound to deliver.
I look forward to hearing from you.


Mr. Saul Iruegas
315 Morrill Avenue
San Antonio, TX, 78214


I bought my elderly mom that's also partially blind a bus ticket from Macon Georgia to New York City on. I added on her bus ticket that she needed special needs because of disability. She transferred in Richmond Virginia onto another bus to NYC. She was rushed onto the bus without any assistance... When she arrived to NYC 4:30p.m on 9/20/18, her luggage did not arrive on the bus with her. I inquired with Greyhound reps at nyc port authority and they informed me that her luggage should arrived approximately 6p.m. on the next arriving bus. They said that they will inform me upon the arrival. I called 9p.m. but they didn't have any information on where her luggage may be and asked that I file a claim for lost luggage and in which I have done so. It's now 9/21/18 and I still haven't received any information in regards to her lost luggage.


On the morning of Thursday September 6, 2018. My wife and I were dropped off at one of your bus stops in Twin Falls Idaho at 4:55am at a gas station that was closed and the Greyhound bus office was closed also. We had a 5 hour layover until our next bus arrived. Temp was in the 50,s and we had to set on the open concrete sidewalk with no apparent cover or doing this they placed my wife and I in a dangerous and unhealthy environment. We were not told by anyone from this Company about the businesses being closed. If this is the practice of Greyhound Bus Company then elderly and the young should be leery of using this Companies services. We feel that a company the size an prestige as Greyhound should be concerned about the safety and well being of their customers should be of the upmost priority.

Unsatisfied Customer

Charles and Lori Connor


On Saturday August 4, 2018 we arrived at the Greyhound Bus station to board the 4:30 p.m. bus going back to Niagara Falls Ontario Canada we arrived at 3:35 p.m., the Bus Never came at the counter they said they did not know the location of the bus driver. By 6:00 p.m. the bus had not arrived. We had to get a $100.00 Taxi Cab back to Niagara Falls Ontario. We would like a refund of our return trip tickets CONFIRMATION # 8253848202 & #8253848201. We purchased round trip tickets in Detroit,MI. July 18, 2018 for $23.75 each cash. It is my understanding that the return buses never come on time. This will be the last time I take GREYHOUND. if I do not get a refund of both tickets I will contact the Attorney Generals office. Thank you Ms. Rita Whitley I rate you guys (1) one star.





I was supposed to get to Washington DC by 12 leaving Atlanta ga bus 1030 never came for 3hours with no reason. They finally reroute the bus and this bus in Knoxville TN is 3hours late. I was supposed to be back in ga with my kids who are alone by 12 pm today. Instead I won't get to DC until that time. This is a 30 hours to swing. For no reason but poor planning. Andthe Atlanta location on is nasty, dirty, unsafe, and the staff is the same. I actually saw a staff member of Greyhound smoking weed outside. I will never ride Greyhound again. You can't even call to speak with someone. Customer service is rude. And tell you nothing they can do. I feel as I deserve a refund or money back


I sent 11 suitcases and duffle bags from Montreal to Kamloops in the beginning of January and I had half of them ripped off,handles broken ,things falling out, a real disaster. I need to know why the handling was so bad and what are you going to do about it as I am outraged by the state of my many bkoken luggage.


Left for Richmond, Virginia on Dec. 15, 2017 the bus I was on had no heat. Return from Richmond, Virginia on Jan.17, 2018 once again bus had no heat, arrive in Philadelphia on same day to transfer over to the Martz Bus going to Wilks-Barre Pennsylvania bus came at 11am & none of the employees alerted me that the bus had came & was outside I had to sit at the Philadelphia Greyhound terminal till 5:30pm for a Martz Bus to Wilks-Barre, Pa bcuz they did not announce the first bus that came at 11am, then I was lied to that they don't announce the buses when I heard them announce all the other buses but mine, I'm 64yrs old with knee replacements & I feel that it was wrong that I had to sit at the Philadelphia Greyhound terminal from 9am to 5:30pm bcuz no one announced my bus to get to Wilks-Barre, Pa & they had no way to reroute me so I didn't get into Wilks-Barre till 8:15pm in the cold bcuz of the employees of Greyhound Bus terminal in Philadelphia did not do their job, I travel to Richmond alot thru Martz & then Greyhound as my transfer bus into Richmond & this has never happened, so instead of getting into Wilks-Barre at 1:45pm as scheduled I didn't get there till 8:15pm 6 hrs later bcuz of carelessness of the employees not letting passengers know that the 11am bus to Wilks-Barre was outside on track 10 & then lie about they don't alert passengers when the Martz Bus is there for passengers going to Wilks-Barre but called all the other passengers bus when it arrived & when their bus was ready to recieve passengers for boarding but when the 5:30pm Martz Bus going to Wilks-Barre Pennsylvania that I sat 5hrs waiting for after not being alerted that the 11am bus to Wilks-Barre on track 10 the emplyees annouced that bus, something needs to be done about this incident & carelessness of the employees & the stress I went thru having to sit 5 hrs for a bus to Wilks-Barre when if they had of did their job I could have been home at 1:45pm instead of 8:15pm, very upset about this!!!


I am disabled. I have MS and I am legally blind. I wanted to take a trip to Colorado Springs Co. I bought a ticket in Baton Rouge la on August 13th. A trip that was suppose to take 20 something hrs turned into a 40 hour nightmare. Instead of Dallas, I was rerouted to Houston. Finally made it to Colorado Springs at 11:00 p.m. on the 17th of August. I was mentally and physically exhausted. At every place we stopped, I did not get any cooperation from anyone working in the system. The return trip was a hellish nightmare, especially for someone with disabilities. I went to the greyhound bus station via the city bus on September 3, to buy a return ticket to Baton rouge, la. I was told there were no buses leaving for Baton Rouge until the next day. After my mother talked to the agent , he was able to book me on a bus leaving at 9:15 that would only take me to Shreveport, so purchased the ticket. he bus left on time, but this is where my nightmare really started. The bus made several stops. When it stopped in Vernon, Tx. I was hungry. I went in with the bus driver to a store to get something to eat. I had a weak spell, and the bus driver passed right by me, and she left me in Vernon, Tx. There is no bus station in Vernon, Tx. I had to stay overnight in a motel super 8, because the next bus coming through Vernon was going to be at 10:00. My carry-on bag was on that bus, so I was stranded with no phone charger, no clothes, none of my personal stuff. I went out the next day at 9:00 to make sure I would catch the 10:00 bus to Dallas and Shreveport. The bus didn't come until 10:43. I arrived in Dallas at about 2:50. I went up to the ticket window and showed them my ticket which was suppose to let me go to Shreveport. I was told I would not be able to get a bus until 12:50 the next day. By this time, I am totally exhausted mentally and physically. I may have been a little delirious. I finally got a supervisor in Dallas, and explained what I had been through, She was very understanding, and got me on a bus to Shreveport at seven that night. I arrived in Shreveport at 12:00 midnight. I was told I could not get a bus out of Shreveport to Baton for 2 to 3 days. I lost my carry-on bag, so I called my parents, and instead of leaving me in Shreveport, they drove from Baton Rouge to Shreveport to pick me up. I had been without my medication for a few days, but I tried to tell everyone that I came in contact with at all of the bus terminal that I was handicapped, and not crazy. That whole trip took 50 hours from Colorado springs to Shreveport. I have been given a baggage trace #4938855, and was told if my bag was found, they would ship it to my address. I won't hold my breath waiting for that. Also in Dallas I went to the store where you could purchase items. I asked the clerk if she had Tylenol, and she pointed to a rack to my right. I am legally blind, so I picked what she told me was Tylenol. When she rang it up, she told me it would be $17.00. I asked her how many Tylenol was in the package, and she told me 2 or 3. I opened the package and it was a phone charger. I went back to her, and told her I had asked her for Tylenol. I was told that she couldn't take it back. I feel she took advantage of me, because I am legally blind, and my mother has registered a complaint with Mr. Mallo, the manager over that dept. He issued her complaint #574570, but needed me to call him to explain to him what had happened. My mother and father tried to tell me that I was not really strong enough to take that trip, but I see handicapped people travel all of the time. My mother used up over 2000 minutes on her cell phone, trying to get me safely home. Lots of times, she would be put on hold for one or two hours before she could talk to someone. There were no 1-800 numbers to call. all of them were long distance, especially to Dallas. By the way my trip #was 48079159, and I did finally get home at 1:00 pm on the 6th of September. It has been almost 2 weeks and I have not recovered fully from this 90 hour nightmare. Needless to say, I will never take another bus trip in my life. I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me if anything can be done about this disastrous situation. There was a lot more that I could tell you, but I think I have given you an idea of what I went through. Donny Gauthreaux


I took my son to Greyhound on Friday to go back to the Boy's home that he is in. I approached the counter and before I could finish speaking the supervisor cut me off and was very rude. She stated that my son had to pay for an unaccompanied minor form, which I explained had already been paid for. She told me I would have to pay for the form or have him be accompanied by an adult and the adult had to have their ID. So I asked my cousin to go on with him since they were both going to Monroe, but she then stated that my son needed ID and could not ride. She stated that it was on the unaccompanied minor form, well when I read the form, it does not state that he needs an ID if he is riding with an adult. She refused to let him on and told me to drive him to Monroe myself. Not only did she lie to me, she was very rude and combative. there were several other customers with whom she was going back and forth with in a rude way. I am not sure why you would keep someone with such a nasty attitude on your payroll for 30 years but she has very poor customer service and I would never want to ride a Greyhound again a day in my life if I have to deal with miserable people like her. I hope you guys take care of this. It is disgraceful.


Sep 11, 2017
Greyhound Lines Inc.

Dear Mr. Jumao-as
and/or Customer Service Supervisor

Zulema Tamayo
PO BOX 4104
Chula Vista, CA 91909

I am sending this letter to share the negative experience I had with a Greyhound representative in Sacramento, CA.
I attended the 2017 CPHA conference in Sacramento Convention Center on September 6, 2017. Two colleagues and I decided to travel to San Francisco after the conference and decided to take Greyhound as our transportation method. We arrived at the Greyhound station and bought tickets for the next bus to San Francisco. My confirmation ticket number is 48439185. Ticket was bought at 5:10pm for the 7pm departure bus to San Francisco. I/We bought our tickets, we paid cash for each ticket and sat in the waiting area inside the station. I thought we were going to be called to line up to board the bus but 7:00pm came around and nothing, 7:05, 7:10, and at 7:15 my colleague approached the counter. We thought we have missed the bus and it was one that had just left! My colleague comes back and states “the representative by the name of Eugene who was exceptionally rude states that the bus had mechanical problems and it’s getting checked/fixed”. We didn’t say anything else and continue to wait.
I did see other people approach the counter, doing the same thing we did; asking the status of the bus to San Francisco” because the representative didn’t bother to announce what was going on. He just let people approach the counter instead of giving an update.
It was 8:00pm already and no word about the bus. I approached the counter again and asked the representative if he had an update about the bus and he replied: NO, I don’t know how long it would be, so I proceeded to ask if I/We could get a refund so we can take another method of transportation and he replied he could not give us a refund because he did not have money in his register, mind you we paid cash and other customers were buying tickets and paying with cash as well. I told him we needed to get to San Francisco and we needed the money but he said I do not have money and there is nothing I can do about it.. I asked to speak to a Supervisor, but there was no supervisor available and proceeded to hand me a small piece of paper with a number to call customer service and request a refund! It was more than an hour that we were supposed to be on our way to san Francisco, but instead I was calling customer service to try to get my money back!
A representative by the name of Herman answered the phone. I explained to him what had happen, he asked for my ticket confirmation number; which I provided to him and explain that all I/We wanted was to get our money back so we can pay another transportation method to get to San Francisco. Herman did state that refunds are done through mail, which I could not wait for! Herman stated he was going to transfer my call to someone who would help me. I was placed on hold and waited till 8:43 for my call to be answered by another representative to whom I had to explain the whole situation again. The representative stated her name was Ms. Franco Onto #7673. Ms. Franco stated the same thing that refunds were done by mail, to which I replied that I could not wait. I paid cash for the Greyhound ticket to San Francisco and I needed my money back because I had a scheduled flight from San Francisco to San Diego, where I reside. I did ask Ms. Franco to record this call and I asked for a reference number which is #48439185. Ms. Franco asked me to give the phone to the Greyhound counter representative, but when I approached the counter I was told by the gentleman who assist in having passengers aboard the bus that Eugene was on his break. There were two other passengers waiting at the counter for him inquiring about the bus and the lady was stating the same thing “Why he didn’t care to give an update to let people know what is going on and what to expect”. There was another gentleman behind the counter who stated, “he will be back shortly” I asked if they could call him because I had a representative from customer service and she was telling me that I could get my refund right now to what he replied “I don’t care what they say” so I told Ms. Franco did you hear what he said, because I had removed my phone from my ear and put in the air so she could hear the conversation. Ms. Franco asked if I could get their badge number, but they were not wearing a badge.
Two of my colleagues did get their money back and I was still on the phone with Ms. Franco when my colleague called an UBER to take us to San Francisco. Finally, after 9:00pm Eugene decided to give me a refund on my ticket $24.50 cash, but there were other customers calling customer service as well and others asking for their money back because there was no bus and still no information provided by the representative. Not even once did he announce or gave an update of what was going on with this bus!
It took us two hours to get our money back and yet no explanation or an apology. I/We ended up having and UBER drive us to San Francisco, for which we paid $140.00 dollars!

I thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Zulema Tamayo


I took a greyhound express bus round trip from Newark nj to Cleveland this Labor Day weekend. The one stop in the 8 1/2 hour bus ride both ways was in Milesburg Pa. However both buses stopped in the bestway travel plaza with nothing but dirty bathrooms a closed restaurant. As in out of business. And junk food as the only substance to purchase. The most frustrating thing is that the buses past the TA truckstop with an open 24 hour country pride restaurant and a subway! Also the buses past a 24 hour mcdonalds! Both of these were in the same block but too far to walk to. We had to pass these options to get back on the highway! I was starving and so frustrated!
Why would greyhound have its buses pass viable food
Options on an 8 1/2 hour trip to offer chips and soda in a nearly abandoned truck stop!!
Absolutely unacceptable!!! Fix this !!'


I heard there was a Greyhound bus stuck on the freeway and that the driver abandoned his bus. Is this true?


First, of Greyhound owes me a ticket voucher from my bad experience going to Houston Texas. They never sent me that and I kept call and they kept lying about. It would be great if you paid for my ticket here in El Paso, Texas going back to Fayetteville, NC on Oct. 10, 2016 AT 10:05 to solve that broken promise. I may on the bus from Fayetteville, NC *1/15?16 and when we got to the stop before Van Horn, TX, a lady wanted to get off so her dog could use the bathroom. We all didn't know she had a dog nor did the driver.

The driver said not because he had announced to us why we were not getting a break there. She cursed him out he asked her nicely to get off the bus and she kept cursing waving her hands and the driver called the cops and we stayed there maybe 30 minutes. This shorten our break in Van Horn and we were late at least 45-50 late for El Paso, TX and other people schedules. I commend the driver he was very professional with the rude lady and her dog she hid on the bus in a bag since Atlanta.

I rate Greyhound as I did because they promised me a free voucher and never gave to me. I would like to have it now for my ticket home Oct. 10th from El Paso, TX.


Greyhound helps many customers get places they could not afford. I've personally used them to get to places like Boston, New York City, and South Texas. Greyhound is the only scheduled intercity coach services in many cities in North America. So, even though I read some complaints on this website I do not agree with them. The company provides services across 48 states and 10 Canadian provinces and territories. Cut management some slack! And no I do not work for corporate.


Greyhound's new rules suck. Customer service would not honor my ticket for a local bus when Express bus was full. It wasn't until both buses pulled out. A local trailways 5:15 am to Kingston with no passengers, The second, a 4:25 am from Montreal to New York. One (the Kingston) being completely empty. That the desk said they're sorry and then reissued ticket for a bus scheduled to depart 2 hours later. Completely unacceptable bull on driver, dispatch, desk and new policy. You suck Greyhound, you really suck.


Dear Refund Department 4715R, Greyhound Lines Inc., P.O. Box 66691, Dallas, TX 75266-691. On 5/27/2016, I reserved and purchased a one-way ticket for my Grandson, Shamari Reid age 16, and my Daughter, Sherrell Reid. I was told during the telephone reservation that the fee for this trip was $81.40 to depart from Raleigh, NC station to Silver Spring, MD on 5/31/2016. Now surely after being quoted a fee of 81.40 on 5/27/2016 and paying this amount, I should not be out of $223.40 to the Greyhound station. I am requested that my monies be reimbursed to me ASAP. Thanks!

When we arrived to the Raleigh station, we encountered an irrational Sonnete, the Greyhound attendant who assisted us. After giving Sonnette our confirmation number, we were told that Sherrell could board the train. However that Shamari, her son was not able to board the train because the ticket had child 5-11 and Shamari is 16. I explained to Sonnette that I had told the customer service representative that Shamari was 16 and he said that Greyhound gave discounts to children 5-17 when purchasing the tickets.

“I don’t care what they told you,” Sonnette insisted. “He can’t load our bus!” “Even if he did load, he would be put off at the Richmond Station,” she insisted. “What can be done to rectify this situation,” I asked Sonnette? “Can we repurchase the ticket here,” I asked. “No, you can’t!” “You have to call the number that issued you the ticket!” Sonnette demanded in an agitated tone. When we called the number and explained the situation to the representative, they were just as baffled as we were. They explained once again that Greyhound considered children as 5-17 and confirmed that Shamari was able to ride with the original 81.40 ticket purchased on 5/27/2016.

We went to the register and explained this once again to the rude, uncaring and agitated Sonnette who once again told us that Shamari would not be loaded the train in Raleigh, NC Sonnette and my daughter Sherrell got into a heated confrontation. I then asked Sonnette to speak with a supervisor. She informed me that she, Sonnette was the supervisor in the Raleigh, NC station. I knew that this was not true. “Sonnette, I think that you should be understanding to the fact that we have reserved and paid reservations for the next train and that even GreyHound customer representative has agreed that the tickets are legitimate.” “Get them back on the telephone and have them call the Raleigh office to confirm what you are saying,” she said. We called the registration number again and put the representative on the speaker phone. Once again another Greyhound representative confirmed to Sonnette that Greyhound’s children’s’ fare is age 5-17.

Sonnette took charge of herself and said that she was the Supervisor of the Raleigh, Greyhound station and unless we purchased another ticket that Shamari could not board the train. Then she states that the next train is full and Shamari nor Sherrell could board the train. Frustrated now with Sonnette’s antics, I said “I have already reserved two seats for that train and there is no way that the two seats are not available,” I insisted! “You will have to purchase two more tickets and leave on the 9:30pm train,” she demanded. “My daughter has to be to work in the morning and my grandson has to go to school,” I explained. “I reserved two seats for the 1 o’clock train!” “If you purchase another ticket for Shamari for 142.00 we will let them on the train.”

“What am I purchasing 2 more ticket?” I asked. “Sherrell already has her ticket and I paid 81.40 already.” “Well unless you purchase another ticket for 142.00 they will not be getting on the train.” I handed her my debit card since I knew that we were getting know where with Sonnette and that my Family had to get back to Maryland. Sonnette said, “It will be 40.00 more, 182.00 if you don’t pay with cash. There is a machine out there,” she said pointing to a cash point. My family were given tickets and boarded the bus w/one ticket stating Silver Spring, MD and the Other New York, NY. I couldn’t sleep until I knew that they had reached their destination of Silver Spring, MD! Although they got off at UNION STATION! What a nightmare with GreyHound!

“Why would it be 40.00 more if I use my Debit Card Sonnette?” I asked. “This entire situation seems like a scandal to me. Can I have the address and telephone number to your corporate office? I will be filing a complaint with the NC Department of Justice if I don’t get reimbursed,” I insisted. Please find enclosed the 142.00 + additional 81.40 paid to Greyhound company for my 16 year, grandson and my daughter to departure Raleigh, NC station and arrive back to Maryland. Surely after being quoted a fee of 81.40 on 5/27/2016 and paying this amount, I should not be out of $223.40 to the Greyhound station. I am requested that my monies be reimbursed to me ASAP. Thanks! Thank goodness they rode the AMTRAK into Raleigh. We had none of these scandalous tactics taken upon us and the ride went smoothly!


On 5/27/2016, I reserved and purchased a one-way ticket for my Grandson, Shamari age 16, and my Daughter, Sherrell. I was told during the telephone reservation that the fee for this trip was $81.40 to depart from Raleigh, NC station to Silver Spring, MD on 5/31/2016. Now surely after being quoted a fee of 81.40 on 5/27/2016 and paying this amount, I should not be out of $223.40 to the Greyhound station. I am requested that my monies be reimbursed to me ASAP.


My wife and I are impressed with Greyhound drivers how nice and professional they are until about an hour ago when we got on our last bus leaving Los Angeles to san Diego. The driver is mean and unprofessional. A real one to be frank. I don't know what her problem is besides having a bad day but she is yelling at passengers over the intercom about talking on the phone and the majority of us have no clue who she is even referring to. Also a very rough driver out of the other 3 drivers totally out of line. I think Greyhound corporate should know their employees are providing poor customer service.


Travelling has been easier, thanks to Whenever I need to travel places, I ensure to book it through Greyhound for the kind of options they give. Greyhound has offered me the best deals while I planned my vacation. They gave me nearly 50% discount as I booked through them well in advance. What else can I ask for. I would like everyone to know I just loved it. Thank You to all the people and wonderful bus drivers for making Greyhound the only way to travel.

I heard bad reviews about Greyhound several years ago, mainly about bad trips and cheap busses. However, it seems like they have really cleaned up their act in recent years. I do not hear nearly as many complaints as I used to about them anymore.

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