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Geek squad is now a division of Best Buy. If you have a problem with your Geek Squad services, unfortunately all customer support is now being run through the corporate offices at Buy Buy. Their headquarters address is 7601 Penn Ave S, 55423 Minneapolis, United States and the main service number is 612-291-4189.

Common issues with Geek Squad services range from bad advice, rude employees, shipping delays, and long hold times. Recently the Geek Squad outsourced all of their customer service operations outside of the United States, which has created even more complaints from upset consumer trying to troubleshoot their technology and devices.

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My complaint is w/ the manager of the Geek squad of the Hendersonville Best Buy in NC. A young woman w/ long dark hair. My complaints are general incompetence, extreme rudeness.

At check in w/ two helpful people, I explained that my laptop had a virus on it and that the remote geek squad had failed to fix the problem and I was experiencing the same error message as before that the "skype program was in use". The next day I was unable to access the internet on the laptop after it was turned back on. I explained to the check in crew that I needed the key codes of the Adobe software on the laptop or needed to have that laptop working, that the virus issue was not resolved. I did purchase a new laptop as a backup, and they said they would work on the old laptop and transfer the data to the new laptop, but that there was a possibility that the old laptop could not be saved.

The manager checked me out and brought out the new computer only. I said where is my old laptop, since this is the main reason I came down here. She acted like she didn't know what was going on. She said no body said anything about doing work on the old laptop. She then showed me the paperwork on check in. I said I don't care what was recorded, I only know what I asked for and what I was assured at check in. She went into the back and found the old laptop. It was clear they had not worked on it, I said well, please do the work on it. The manager said it was a health hazard and she would not let her staff touch it. (First of all, it was not a health hazard!!!! It just wasn't in pristine condition and don't you folks have stuff to clean it in the back?) She said to clean it up and she "may" work on it then. My feeling was she was "pulling something" and blaming me for either her incompetence, self entitlement, or trying to yield some sort power. for herself. She was definitely condescending and rude all threw chirpy clenched teeth. I don't often recommend this but since she was not quoting any store policy for justification of her actions, I think she should be fired.

When I got home after a few days of working on the new computer, the virus resurfaced. The Hendersonville GS had transferred the virus along with the data to the new computer. I took it to another best buy and so far, thre problem is fixed. They also offered to look at the old laptop and either fix it and or give me the key codes to the adobe software so I could reinstall it on the new lap top.

The GS manager of the Hendersonville store has cost me time and money and functionality for my business. I also had bought $1000 worth of equipment in the Best Buy store that day so I don't appreciate being treated like crap by her. I won't go to that store again.


spoke with a agent on 12/22/2018 about a problem with google. He ran tests/scans, and the scan went on for more than four hours. Never called and finally I called the geek number again after four hours.The second person I spoke with contacted him. First person said just take you computer into Best Buy. Rude First person name is Nithyananda


Technicians came to do basic audio setup to get a Bose remote to work the TV and the Bose sound bar. Two techs arrived and had problems putting code for Samsung TV into the Bose remote. They could not get the TV sound to be controlled by the Bose remote. They then used my old Spectrum remote to make some progress. I informed them I wanted only the Bose remote to control the TV and the Bose sound bar.

Once they left, I could not get the Bose remote to control the TV volume, and also the Bose sound bar. It also stopped working the Samsung TV. I could get the sound bar to work eventually, but not the TV sound.

I need someone who can program the one remote control tor the Samsung TV and also the Bose sound bar so that it can be used by anyone to work the two devices without an issue.

Thank you.


I took my laptop, which I bought at best buy 3 years ago. Was told I needed a new screen. Was told to find someplace that sells them. I finally had to order one from dell, I recieved the screen, called geek squid, made an appointment to have it put in, as they told me too do, took it in, was told they could put it in, today I get a call from geek squid telling me , and I quite, that because I did not buy it from best buy, who d oh DS not sell the screens, that they can't do it. I pay for geek squad, I am still waiting for them to cl me back on this. Your sales people do not know what they are talking about and give out the wrong information on. I am going to stop buying anything from best buy and that goes for. Your dum geek squad too.

Linda lawrence

And once I pay BBC off I will close my account


I have been a member for many many yrs paying $33.89 monthly for Geek Squad service. The store and the on line reps are great but I just had a terrible experience. I use my MAC for confidential reports and NDA items, I rely on Bitdefender which is part of my plan to keep me protected. I cancelled my MasterCard just after the Sept 13th charge was taken out, I changed the billing to a new VISA. Today Oct 26, as I was working I noticed my MAC was acting strange very slow and odd pop ups etc I went to run a system scan. It said my "trial " of Bitdefender was over? I went to online geek squad (after waiting 20 + min) they said my account was cancelled? As directed I called the payment dept and they said my acct was overdue? Whoever I spoke to originally didn't add the new card, the rep did today. I asked to speak to a manager to see what happened, he said he was transferring me I waited on line about 10 min the rep came back and said he was connecting me to his manager Ryan, i waited about 20 min more, no on came on the line no music, just dead air. I went back online and a rep fixed my MAC, I have 4 viruses?? I call back to get a manager finally got Ryan ask why I wasn't notified they didn't have a valid card? Email, phone call? He had no answer just sorry you should have been notified. I now have to go to my boss and explain we may be compromised and hope I don't get fired. I'd like to know what happened. Is it your policy not to notify customers when their card expire or are not valid? I am livid over this whole mess (a day wasted fixing it, may lose my job, who knows what info was compromised etc) and I still don't have an answer?! I await your explanation before I start blogging and writing reviews


Was 3 days late to renew my Service Plan....3rd year of renewal....5665299992.....Would not do it....Spent an hour two calls to call center in phillipines, one to store(the call center said they could do it....they could not....)

Spoke to Jamie at store, spoke to Billy in call center

I've spent 1000s of $$, not complaints, no problems----RENEW my account
CAll me 919-633-1145 and get this done.


My printer would not print. It said that the driver was not available. I called Geek squad and told them my problem. I was assured that in no time my printer would be working. I was told it would cost me $179.99 to check out the whole computer. I said ok even tho I asked what was the money was for that I paid in January for the year. Was told no record of my payment. Over four hours later, I still have no printer working. A young lady called me and told me to try it. Did not work. She wanted me to give her a number from the printer. I asked where do I find this number. She didn't know where it was. She said on the box the machine came in. My printer is over 8 years old. I don't still have the box. Well then she said check the manual which I have no idea where it is or if I still have it. So I do not have a working printer and I am out $179.99 for nothing. I am a very unhappy customer and I will not use Geek Squad on line again. It was a waste of my time and money.

Elaine Mowen




I've been paid customer of Geek Squad Service plan for several years (Hagerstown MD) and never had a problem until now. I took wife's laptop in to be fixed (the hard drive needed to be replaced) Dell Inspiron and everything else worked fine. The tech took the laptop apart to check hard drive and as expected he came back - said it did need replaced. So I purchased the hard drive for him and paid him the total for hard drive and to install a new operating system on it. His total came to $152 and some odd cents. I paid for it and left store. That was on Friday Oct. 5, 2018, on Monday Oct. 8, 2018, I received a phone call from Geek Squad and was told that my power supply was bad and I could put money already paid towards new computer. I argued that nothing was wrong with power supply when brought in. I went to store and was shown that it would not come on and purchased a new computer, as wife needed it for her business. I took the old one home and when I took it apart, I noticed that the power button was unplugged from circuit board. I plugged it back up and the computer came on no problem. I was appalled and wondered if they had done that purposely so I would buy a new computer. A computer tech has enough knowledge to hook everything back up when apart or check things when it did not work. I feel I was victim of a scam to sell a new computer. What will Social media think, if I put it out about "The scam of Geek Squad's costing me a new computer when I could have had old one fixed. how many others have been caught in a scam like that. IT IS WRONG and ILLEGAL. As a law officer myself, it is not about the money but principle of the issue and a computer.


You can never get an American agent


I have a subscription. I called in to get help syncing photos from my phone to dropbox. I was told I needed 2nd level support. I told the call taker that I needed to have the 2nd level support person call me first. She said she made that note. I then went outside to do some gardening as sometimes it takes a long time for 2nd level to get back. After a while, I went inside to check on my computer and find out that "Wilfredo", from who knows where, had already been working on my computer and really messed things up. It took me 2 1/2 hours to fix it, I hope. If I can't speak to someone that speaks native english and will be hanging up and trying later in hopes of getting a call center in the US


Geek claim 39645285

Started July 11
Sent phone in Jul 13
Called they said wrong imei number on record I was told need receipt which I didn’t have at the time.
I was told to call store where I purchased, I did they said I had to go to store. Again I did they updated imei.
Jul 23
Called for status imei no. still not updated, requested agent at geek squad to update imei no. again
Jul 23
Called status again told no status it will be 3-5 business days for results.
Jul 24
Called status again they told me a refurb phone will be shipped
Jul 25
Claim #39589667
received refurb phone it is also defective will not recognize Bell sim card
Jul 26

Claim # 39645285
Called Geek Squad again cut-off twice. I mentioned they sent me another defective phone. Asked to speak to supervisor not available, to call back so they say. Asked for Presidents name no one knows. (What’s this all about?) Asked if they could send a new phone? They said no, they would open another claim and send me another refurb phone(this is now been going over two weeks) Is there any thing in your organization called trying to please the customer. From what I have been through I don’t think so.

Jul 28
Have not heard back or emailed on status.
Called Geek squad again re status agent said a supervisor would call back at some point today. Almost a month with out a working phone!
Also sent an email to bestbuy customer service regarding whole experience on Jul 26, have not heard back on this either?

Jul 30

Have not received call from anyone? Place call again to find out what is happening, no one can help as your systems are down told to call back. Here we go again with another call back at some point. This is very frustrating and unacceptable as we are into the third week with out my cell phone or with out any resolution at this point.


Unfortunately, ZERO stars isn't an option...

I am 67, retired and trying to live on a small, fixed income.

I called the Geek Squad and an "agent" came to my home on July 18th to fix my desktop (it was connected to the Internet, but not to WiFi). I didn't have Internet access at all.

I was recently out of the hospital after having surgery so I was still weak and in pain.

I think it's inexcusable that you would charge a senior citizen $100 and then NOT fix the problem! I can not afford $100 when the repair is successful, but to pay that exorbitant amount and still not have a working PC is appalling - not to mention poor "Customer Service" (and I use that term loosely).

I am requesting a refund of $100 since no solution or repair was settled for me.

I look forward to hearing from you, but it's doubtful these complaints are read or answered by anyone.


I ordered a refrigerator on-line thru Best Buy on 7/9/2018. The refrigerator was delivered and on 7/11/2018 by Geek Squad. I wanted the doors reversed on the refrigerator, but the guys who delivered it said they could not do it (which made no sense to me) and I had to call in and request another appointment . The two guys (don't know names) moved my couch to get refrigerator in, but did not move it back, I had to. Another person did come out on 7/14/2018. His name was Tevin, he said he worked out of the Best Buy near Perimeter Mal (rocked back and forth) in Atlanta. He was hear for over 30 minutes to reverse the doors. He then told me that the hinge was bent and the freezer door would not close by itself. He could not fix. He also did something to the refrigerator while he was working on it because it is uneven. He said he would talk to his manager and they would be calling me back to let me know the best way to fix, either fix the hinge on door or replace refrigerator. I never heard back from either person. I called Best Buy on 7/15/2018 and spoke to a Jim Corbin. He said he would escalate the issue. He did order parts and said they would ship directly to me and he scheduled another appointment to get the door fixed. This is 3 customer visits, 12 hours out of my time..this makes no sense and is POOR customer service. I finally got my refrigerator fixed today. I must say the tech, Nicholas, was very good. He was very professional and fixed all issues I had. But it should NOT have taken 3 visits for this to happen. Best Buy/Geek Squad needs to do better!!


I brought my TV in for repair on the 19th of June I was told it was going to take 2 weeks It has been almost a month, I have been calling everyday to see what's the problem and no one seems to know what's going on with this TV, I received a call from the manager he just told a bunch of lies
!! they seemed to have lost the TV they don't know where the TV is? please get back to me or I will go further with this complaint!!! 702-443-4656


This was the first horrible experience i had with geek squad. I purchaced the total tech support from them about 3 years ago and this was suppose to take care of any problems I had with my computer, i had automatic payment plan set up with reciecpt sent to my e-mail. I never failed to make a payment with them as they would send me reminders and they had my permission to take it out of my acct on the due date. Well today i was going to take my computer there to get it fixed bc my grandchild dropped it. They then proceeded to tell me that I wasnt covered for getting my computer fixed even though i had my confirmation of payment then they was very rude telling me they couldnt help me and that they wouldnt take a new payment covering something that i was suppose to already have then i asked to speak to manager Alberto number 16910 he wouldnt speak to me didnt say but two words if that to me!! very unprofessional and not helpful at all i wouldnt recommed them to anyone now and the manager who didnt care i had a issue or even try to fix it should be fired he doesnt need to be a manager very unprofessional and not helpful at all!!!!


I believe I was double charged for virus protection.I have an account for service that includes virus protection, and received a notice via Geek Squad that my virus protection needed renewed. I complied wanting to stay safe. I just had my computer cleaned up and they told me I was covered under my plan. I am not sure if I am registered under or, my phone # is (513) 706-5322

REF. #81368374 trans date 5/16 post date 5/17 on my credit card. GEEKSQUADRENE 00015826 Richfield, MN.$31.79
I am asking for that to be refunded. Please reply.

Thank You,
David Lonaker


i set a appointment and paid 100 dollars for geel squad to set up my harmony 665 remote between the hours of 8 to 12 on 15 june. when no rep appeared I called the company and was informed there was a address problem and when it was corrected Geek Squad told me my home was to far out for them to show. Number 1 when there was a address problem your tech could have shown customer coutesy and called me to correct this error. number 2 your Davenport store when they took my order should have insured the order was correct. Number 3 when I was talking to a supposedly Geek Squad supervisor he should not appear to laugh while he was talking to me. I took the day off to have your company to perform a service and they failed. If you check my phone records you will see that I called them several times


I bought a 65" Samsung curved tv from best buy. (10/08/2017) Not too long after my picture went out. (01/20/2018) I had the geek squad protection plan and did the video call to diagnose the problem. There was no crack and they determined it was the main board and mailed me the part and scheduled a tech to fix it. The tech got to my house,(around 01/27/2018, or the following week, I'll have to check) I showed him the tv, with no crack, and he moved the tv from the stand to my daughters bed to fix it and when finished said it still don't work, they are ordering a power board that I would get in the mail and they would be back to fix it. My tv was cracked and I think at this point he was trying to cover it up. I turned the tv on and noticed the screen was cracked, I assumed they would fix the crack also. I called best buy, who sent me to geek squad who sent me to Sedgwick, there insurance company. I filed a claim and waited over a month and left numerous voicemails and never heard back from them to this day. When they returned, he claimed he wasn't allowed to touch the tv because of the crack, and stood over me and asked me if I filed a claim about the tv with the insurance company. I was a little intimidated. Finally the district manager of geek squad called me back, Andrew hopkins, I told him I already replaced my own tv, because they were taking so long, I would just like reimbursement. He said the insurance doesn't handle this kind of claim, that he would get back to me after looking into it. Again, I left numerous messages with no return phone call and after a month he finally called back and said it's his call and he's not going to replace it. He claimed I told the insurance company my tv was mounted when it was actually on a stand, so he called me a liar basically......First, what difference does it make where my tv was positioned, they still broke it. Second, what would the purpose be to say it was mounted and not on a stand? I would really like this matter resolved outside of court, but will take the proper steps if necessary.
I would to be reimbursed for the television and protection plan that I had to replace myself. If this matter was handled more professionally, with urgency and efficiency, like they would expect if someone came in their home and broke their tv, a store credit or exchange would have been fine. But since I had to replace my own television, I will need reimbursed for that. I have receipts if necessary, it is the same tv.


I sent my HP m7-j010dx laptop to store #224 in Wichita Ks. on 3/9/18. I am disabled so a third party took it into the store for me. The casing needed fixed. I was told I needed to pay $200 before they would look at it and then send it off to be repaired. I paid the $200, and Monday I received a call that told me they could not get the parts to fix my laptop. I paid $200 up front on the assurance the laptop would be fixed. I should have been told UP FRONT that your business would NOT be able to repair my machine! This is not a professional way to do business, and could be considered a scam since your service agreement states 2. Pay a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit! I am still waiting on the computer to be sent back to the store so I can pick it up. I expect a full refund at this time, since your business was unable to fix my machine! I am prepared to report this if I do not receive a FULL refund!!

Service order: 00224-303684290
MFG: Hewlett Packard
Description: M7-J010DX-17.3"/17-4700MQ/8GB/
Model: E0K83UA#AB SKU: 9349042 Serial: 5CG33523HL


Geek squad has my computer to get serviced, and they called me. I missed the call so, I tried to call them back. I was stuck in an endless loop recording and they will not answer the calls. I will never use them again. I want to be able to talk to someone I am doing business with.


I bought a new fridge had it delivered Tuesday after the guys left I noticed two long scratches on fridge doors not happy


I had Geek Squad come in and set up a surround sound, cable box and X Box one. A representative came out and got the surround working, gave me a business card and told me if I experienced any problems to call him. After he left and a few days later the X Box would play but I was only hearing music and sound effects but no dialogue. I called the rep. on two different occasions and he never returned my calls. I called the store that he works out of in Silverdale, Wash. And they referred me back to the 800 number where I had originally made the appointment. I called them and they set up another appointment. A different rep. came out and made some changes to my system but after he left I experienced the same thing as before. He had also given me a business card and told me the same thing as the first rep. and stated that he would call before the end of the day. Called him twice with the same result. No call back. After spending over $150 for a service I did not receive, I contacted Vizio and Microsoft and between the two was able to resolve my problem. The Geek Squad reps. had settings on the system and X Box wrong. Further more I have lodged a complaint with the Wash. State BBB. I found that the customer service is very lacking and Best Buy and the Geek Squad have lost my business.


I came to Best Buy to purchase a television, and while checking into to details of the television purchased, I figured as a long time Geek Squad member I could drop off my computers for some work/installations of Microsoft products. While talking to the agent at Geek Squad, he insisted that I must make a reservation. It was approximately 10:30 am. The nest open reservation was for 12:30 pm. I made the reservation, thinking that I would be able to drop off the two computers that I had with me, and then continue of my pursuit of the television purchase. The Geek Squad agent advised me that I could do anything until my 12:30 appointment. I find this to be outrageous, and certainly NOT consumer friendly. I initially felt the desire to leave the store and not make the purchase, with the full intention to go to the competition and make the purchase with that entity. However, I purchased the television from Best Buy, but did not keep the 12:30 appointment. Being in the store and making a purchase I believed for the convenience of the consumer should have allowed the Geek Squad agent to be more consumer friendly.

I have had nothing but GREAT experiences with Geek Squad prior to this event, however this incident has left me with a very sour taste in my mouth. Very disappointed in this policy and treatment of a loyal Geek Squad customer/supporter.......This all occurred on Thursday, February 1, 2018 at the Best Buy in Rochester, New York (actually Greece, New York) W. Ridge Rd store


Windows 10 requested an update to my laptop on November 21,2017. When the update completed, I lost all my network drives and was not able to connect to the Internet. I tried to restore the laptop back to prior to the update and was unsuccessful. I called Geek Squad in Stockton and they were not able to make an appointment until later that day. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday we were traveling to San Jose. When we arrived in San Jose, I called Geek Squad and they made an appointment for me at the Best Buy store on Curtner Ave. I took my laptop into the store and was greeted by a totally incompetent agent, Ulsyses. He kept pushing the same buttons 3 or 4 times with no additional results. He tried doing everything I had done previously with no new results. He stated I had lost all my network drives and he would have to download a new driver. He took my laptop to the back room and was not able to locate the correct network drive to download so he stated he needed to check my laptop into a "technician". After my husband escalated with customer services for over 4 hours, a technician finally picked up the ticket on Friday afternoon. I believe his name was Rich. He also attempted to download a new network drive and was not able to. He referred to my issue as a hardware issue rather than a software issue. (which I knew was incorrect). All interaction with the Curtner store was with nothing but incompetence. Me, being not very technically savy was able to perform and diagnosis more to my laptop than after 3 days with the Geek Squad. After not being able to work for 5 days, I sent my laptop to my internal company IT department in Texas. And viola, they were able to restore my network drives and have my laptop working properly again. Geek Squad are supposed to be experts, however, the technicians in the Curtner store in San Jose were nothing but incompetent. I was highly disappointed, annoyed, and disgusted with the level of lack of service and lack of expertise that I experienced.


I had a Geek Squad Tech come to install Operating System in my recent, Best Buy Dell Inspiron 3000 computer. My main issue was that I could not print from this new computer to my HP Envy 5540. On Dec 13, 2017, the tech arrived and proceeded to address this printing concern, as well as other computer-internet connection issues. I turned on my computer the next day, Dec 14, 2017, and, for some unknown reason, I was unable to print doc's from my e-mail, etc., etc.

A simple solution may be for your Central Dispatch to contact the Geek Squad tech, Jeffrey Morey, Badge # 784 at 302 331-4508, and, have him call me. That way we could work this out in a simple, straightforward manner.

Thank you,
Lionel de Bernard
302 538-5708
Order # 41095551


Last year I personally went to the Best Buy on Polaris Parkway in Columbus Ohio and told them I did not want to be billed anymore for their services because they have never been useful to me. I was told the billing was canceled for the future but I would have to be stuck with that year's billing since they had already withdrawn it from my bank account. Now, a year later, I have another bill. This one caused an OVERDRAFT on my account so now I have fees racking up. I am totally pissed. I want a refund and I want my overdraft fees paid by you.

I got no email telling me this charge was going to be taken. If I had, I would have contacted your billing department to find out why the account had not been closed as I was told. The overdraft is a direct result of Geek Squad's unauthorized withdrawal of my money.

This time I want a written statement to the effect that the account is closed. I don't have an account number because since I thought this had been taken care of long ago, I did not keep any correspondence. And, I want a refund and I want my overdraft fees paid by you.


Just to remind you never be pushed to accept its Geek Squad protection service.
When I bought a laptop in June, I was pushed by a Best buy staff to use its Geek Squad protection service even though I refused many times. He promised to deduct about $60 if I chose its Geek Squad service. The reason is that I only have to use Geek Squad service and pay the monthly fee of $19 for three months, then I can cancel it without any penalties, which meant that I actually get the Geek Squad protection free the these 3 months. I finally cannot stand his lobbying and decided to try that service.
Until this month, I want to cancel the Geek Squad service and was told that I have to pay additional penalty for the cancellation. Then I realize the truth. According to the receipt, actually Bestbuy already took my first payment of $19.99 for it on the date I bought my laptop. Then my second, third, and fourth payment were taken on Jul, 11, Aug. 11, Sep. 11 respectively. So actually I have paid a total of $19.99+$20.99*3=$82.96, which will be $22.96 more than the deduction just as what the staff told me before.
The most funny thing is that even I have already paid the next protection period from Sep. 11 to Oct. 10 on Sep. 11, I still cannot cancel it nowadays unless I pay additional penalties, even I give up the rest of days of protection and no refund requested. I finally understand that Geek Squad service is actually a trap to get more money from your pocket and bothers you with such a stupid requirement.
What makes me crazy that is I called Geek Squad many times to cancel this service, they wanted to charge me additional penalties for the cancellation. For me, they are acting like a fraud. I will never choose Bestbuy and its Geek Squad service.


Dear Geek Squad,
I am and a happy Geek Squad member for the last two years. 305-669-5927
I called you on 9/13/2017 trying to make an appointment for an agent to come to my apartment to solve a problem with my computer. I don't remember who I talked with but he said an agent would call me back.
Later that day, Austin Taylor called me from 844-874-5241, and I tried, as I said, to have an agent come to help me with my problem. Austin resisted with reasons I did not understand and he insisted to link with my computer remotely. I did not want that, but after a while he said: Just give me ten minutes, so I did, and I watched him pull up pages of what looked like errors for a long time. He repeated that since there was no charge for what he was doing, since I was a paid up member, not to worry. Then slowly, he started telling me he could get me a good deal by lowering the cost from 80.00 to 60.00 dollars an hour to completely clean up all the viruses, and it would take overnight to work!
I apparently was mesmerized to give him my credit card number! I do remember saying that this could be the biggest hustle of my life, but it took me awhile to realize my obsolete Windows 7 was not worth $512.00 dollars and told him I was cancelling the whole operation that day. I disconnected my entire system never to be opened again.
The next morning a man named Shawn Lawson called and asked If he could help Me! I said "NO, I had cancelled yesterday!
It took me another day to buy this laptop, and get online to find my credit card charged with $512.00! by some entity named NET EXT. I put in a dispute to my CapOne card 5178 0585 5130 5652 but the money had already been paid!
I admit that I was confused, but who in their right mind would agree to such a hustle? Since I am 93, and losing some of my clarity of mind, this may best be classified as elder abuse. I do live on my SS income alone. ARE THESE PEOPLE PART OF THE GEEK SQUAD that helped me so many times? Or is my money now completely gone? And I have no possible recovery? Thank you for any consideration. Burl M. Grey!


Service Order Number: 01455-299649472 Dropped off TV for repair 8/28. Received email 9/7 12:30 pm that my device was approved for an exchange and to contact local store. I called my local store on 9/8 and was told they could not exchange and corporate would call me within 2 days from email.
9/11 (4 days from email) I Contact geek squad service via messaging service and am first directed back to store and then to calling 1800 number. 1800 redirected me several times at one point asking if I was repairing a dishwasher. Redirected to credit card line. Try again, Wait on hold to be told that I am at wrong Dept and redirected to 1 hour wait. After a call back I am again informed that I am at wrong Dept and directed to exchange Dept. After a hold, as a resolution I get a voucher for my original devalued purchase price ? So I have to chase down an answer and am forced to spend more money at best buy to purchase a similar product? I don't even want a best buy product at this point and prefer to take my business elsewhere due to poor customer service and resolution.


Thanks John Styler


My complaint is not against the Bellingham store staff or the on line agents. My issue is that the problem with my computer should have been covered under warranty. As I was told when purchasing that computer in 2015 that I could purchase additional warranty if I chose at the end of the current extended warranty period which expired on July 7th. I was not notified that warranty was about to expire nor that it was not renewable. This is not okay!


I bought a Frigidaire refrigerator from Best Buy in Knoxville Tn in June 2014. Within the first six months the ice maker had to be replaced, under the factory warranty. Within the next six months Best Buy's Geek Squad replaced the ice maker. I have an extended warranty that des not expire until June 2019. I called the Geek Squad number and was connected to a person in Kentucky (Kayla). She verified I had the extended warranty and told me all tech's. appointments for September were booked and she could not view the October appointments She advised she would make note of my ice maker needing replaced and someone would get back with me within 24 - 48 hours about a potential future appointment. This is really poor service on the part of Geek Squad. You complain at the store level and they distance themselves saying the Geek Squad is not a part of Best Buy which is not true. I wonder how many people on facebook would like to hear about the way best but and the geek squad do business. ``


I had gotten online support by agent Renee, she screwed up my programs! I filed BBB complaint because u people do not follow up nor call when I requested to speak to Manager 3 times! I called corporate talked to someone he said I be contacted by someone within 24-48 hours I told him that would not happen due to their pattern of not following up! Guess what Ii was right! I twitted this, I will use FB to do same.


I bought a Dell Computer from BB and service was fine. I also paid for installation and transferring of files from old to new computer. Had to wait about 10-12 days for installation date and finally had the installation. My complaint is with the installer. He was at my house for about 3 hours. First he said the key card I had for office didn't work. I was told at the store that if there was an problems with the Office I had the installer would be able to sell me a new one.

The installer didn't have anything and after about an hour he suggested I buy it on line which I did. When the files were transferred, he did not transfer Webroot, none of my contacts, and the scan system. Finally after a couple of days I did call Geek Squad and both the initial lady I talked to was very helpful and passed me on to a gentlemen who was able to solve the problems and was very nice. I paid $230 for the installation and transferring of files and feel I certainly didn't get my money's worth and would like a refund of some sort..

After 3 hours the installer left my house with Office still installing but he said it was just minor files and when it was done in about an hour, a button would come up that said "OK", I could press it and everything would be done. I told him I had to leave for a class and wouldn't be home for 3 hours. His comment then was that was "OK", the button would just go away. I will say when I came home there was no button to press. I have always had good service from Geek Squad and never had a complaint until now.

I was very frustrated with the new computer and had to re-install over 100 contacts that I had on the old computer. I also find it hard to believe that the installer left me with no anti-virus system on the new computer. I don't have the name of the installer any more but I'm sure you can look it up on your records.


I purchased a Samsung galaxy edge smart phone 3 months ago. I then proceeded to get sold on a geek squad plan in case anything were to happen to the phone. Well sure enough, last month, my phone started acting up. I then called Geek Squad and they asked me for either 950 deposit on a credit card, or to wait 7-10 business days and once they received the phone, I would be sent out a replacement as I don't have a credit card, I vouched for the 7-10 day wait. so after two weeks, I was then sent an email gift card for replacement as they didn't have my phone in stock. same day I went online as my phone was out of stock around my area and bought an unlocked phone. says 1-2 days shipping.

It has now been 10 days and I still have no phone. When I called Geek squad for clarification, I was spoken rudely too and I finally had enough and cancelled my plan. I am an avid electronic buyer and have spent thousands of dollars in Bestbuy, but after this, I not only will never shop here, but I will encourage all my family and friends to avoid this as well. I am so completely disgusted with this service it is not funny. I have to pay my cell phone provider for a complete month thanks to Bestbuy. ill take my money somewhere else. id rather pay more for something then give anymore of my hard earned money to a company that doesn't care about the consumer


I purchased a Hewlett Packard all in one computer in September of 2016 from best buy amd insured it with geek squad. Unfortunately my computer crapped out on me so I took it to geek squad to have it looked at the same day. It's been a very disappointing 2 weeks. I hate dealing with geek squad. I received an email on Nov 4th 2016 from geek squad telling me that my device was approved for replacement. So I called the best by In my local area, they told me they have no idea what I'm talking about and that on their end they have no such email and my status says still in Repair. They told me to call the geek squad 800 number. So I did. I told them what was going on and they said they saw no such email.

They said they'd contact me within 24- 48 fine. No contact. I called back, a customer service employee told me that I needed to call the store, I called the store they told me to call geek squads 800 number, finally got a supervisor named Stephanie amd she looked into my situation, after having both Best Buy and Geek squad on the phone at the same time on speaker, the supervisor decided to let me know that everything been resolved and she was sending out an email to my home store letting them know that I could pick up my replacement device with "no problems" she set up an appointment for me and everything.

She assured me I'd be fine no more problems. I get to the best buy here in El Paso tx at the fountains and the manager tells me that no such emails exist, I showed her the email on my phone, she looked into it, nothing. To call geek squad again. I called back and all I got was we will contact you in 24-48 hours. Worst business I've ever dealt with and worst customer service ever, would not recommend geek squad for anything other than a headache. My situation is still unresolved and I'm without a computer.

I'm absolutely flabbergasted at the whole situation. How nobody knows anything. So upsetting. So much money spent for a huge headache never again geek squad never again.


On September 1, 2016 $150 was taken out of my checking account. On October 7, 2016 another $350 was taken out of my checking account, which resulted in an over payment of $15. This caused my checking account to be over drawn to the tune of $40.00 in overdraft fees. I wish that the $150.00 plus the $40.00 in fees be returned to me, so that I can balance my checking account. I have my bank statements and I get no response from 1-800 geeks phone number. Please look into this matter for me and return my money.


I called in with a complaint earlier today regarding a pop up that was coming up and I was concerned because it was every time I powered up within 4 minutes of entering any application. First call took over 1.5 hours and Geek Squad sent me a message that it was fixed. then first time I tried it popped up.

Called again and had a very helpful person Cindy who worked on it for over 2 + hours. she was very good and stayed with me while I restarted computer. Within 2 minutes of her signing off and my filling out a complimentary survey it happened again. Pop up again same message. Why cant someone tell me what it is and why they cant fix it. Looks like the message says reinstall or remove.

I am now waiting for someone to call me back and its 10:22. The original agent was making excuses and "setting expectations" for me. My expectations are BELOW your 1 star and totally expect to jump through hoops at the Geek Squad store. Totally have no faith in this process. While I understand you can do more if you have the computer in your store I was under the assumption that with your services you could make things easier for me.

Well looks like it will be a 6 hour day working with Geek squad and now I realize the waste of time, and money. started at 1 today now its 10:30. I have spent at least 5 hours on this and my blood is starting to boil. When I buy my computer, or two for my children entering college I will look to do it online or go outside Best Buys network. I wasn't expected to be told by Nicholas S. over 30 minutes ago that I should lower my expectations. I am the one who has spent too much time on this. Expectation level is zero.

I still do not have anyone working on it. He said what is the latest someone can call you. Really I would like to see his notes. I expected to be dispatched to the next available being it was all of 5 minutes from when I hung up with Cindy whom was very helpful. In addition I was never credited a year ago for my antivirus that was automatically renewed and Geek squad added webroot.


I being on the phone waiting for a manager or supervisor for 40 minutes to help me with my situation and I still waiting. Finally some one got back and told me it is nothing that they can do for me. My protection plan for my phone got cancel yesterday (9-14-2016) I being so busy and sick that I didn't pay attention to my mail and that is my fault I understand, but I'm willing to pay my balance and change the debit card because they didn't pay you guys for a long time and I didn't know. I was ask for a chance to keep the protection and the person who talk to me said it was impossible to activate the plan after is being cancel and that's when I ask for a supervisor or manager.

I wait and wait for 40 minutes and she finally got back to me giving me their message that they cant help me. that was the most nonprofessional way to take care of a customer I'm a customer service manager at my store and for me helping the customer is very important. I hope you can help me with this matter. This is my GSP Plan ID: 5523412468.


Geek Squad as a company decided to get rid of its English speaking call centers in Atlanta, Kentucky and Utah. The Utah call center was superb. The newer overseas outsourced call centers are manned by people who have insufficient training and no understanding of cultural references and insufficient understanding of the English language. I have to repeat, rephrase, reinvent my queries and still. the employees cannot respond except like robots and with scripted answers. This is true of the so called technicians you get transferred to. I will not be renewing my subscription. They may be saving money on benefits and salary, but you have destroyed a great product.


We bought a Curved 65" TV it was over 1600 plus purchased a protection plan. I understand they do not offer accidental issues on the T.V'S But the TV was bought around 6 months ago. It was purchased in Georgia, and kept in the box, it was in my possession the entire time. We did not have a moving service, We put the T.V In the back of my expedition and not the U-haul. We did not want anything to happen to it since we paid so much for it. But when we set it up, and turned it on, there was a big black mark going down the middle of the T.V.

We called the Geek squad to come and see what the problem was. They said it would cost more to repair it than to buy another one. So now We have a TV that we still owe around 1200 on and it is messed up. There is not damage to the T.V. The tech did not offer any options at all, and did not really appear to know what he was doing. What good is a protection plan if it does not fix anything.

How in the world can a TV that cost so much have a problem so soon. I feel like it is a scam and they can say anything they want and make it look like it was an accidental incident. But there is no visible sign of damage, not to mention we still have the original box. I just want it fixed and I did not expect a new one, just fix this one.


Worst customer service ever! I upgraded my phone to a Samsung galaxy 7 and at that time the Best Buy employee informed me that I had been charged double coverage for the S5 and to call Geek squad customer service to remove the coverage on the S5. I called the next day to cancel (with no expectation of being reimbursed for the double charge) and my nightmare started. I was passed from dept. to dept. and put on hold by one jerk for 40 minutes. One woman, the only one without a strong accent and that I could understand. They finally gave me the protection plan # that needed to be cancelled and sadly, transferred me to another dept. that continued to give me problems. My account was tied to my mothers..and because she has trouble understanding and explaining herself.

I had her customer ID #, last 4 of her SS#, phone number and email. They refused to help me and said that NO supervisors were available because they were helping other people. After 40 minutes, you would think one of them would be free, but given the customer service I received, I don't doubt that they were busy. Thanks a lot Katrina in accounts maintenance and the 4 other "customer service reps" for nothing I never write reviews for even questionable service, but there was absolutely no excuse for the treatment and service I received. If that's the best that the Geek squad customer service call in center can do, then you are moving in a direction where you won't be around for long. To be particularly clear, I was transferred a total of 5 times and my total wait on hold was close to 2 hours.


My wife was told to take computer home and call geek squad by a geek employee at the irving, tx store after she told him there was some issues with it. I haven't been paying for your service for the past 4-5yrs for your employee to tell her to go home and call geek squad because he's to lazy to do his job. His name is chris and this happened on 6-14-16 at approx. 14:00 central time. I would like for someone to look into this matter. I called him and gave him her phone number so he could call her to bring it back up there. Here it is 19:00 and no phone call. Thank you very much.


On April 30, 2016 I purchased a new Dell Stand alone computer from your San Carlos store. I also paid for delivery, set-up and a download of my files from my prior computer. On May 12th, a Geek Squad agent, Victor Beckman installed my computer, He attempted to download my hard drive. He couldn't complete the task. He filled out the receipt, asked me to sign, told me to take the receipt back to the store to get a rebate of my fees for download. I did not realize exactly what he was telling me and did not realize what files were not downloaded.

I did not realize that my turbo tax files were still lost, I didn't realize that my email template, address' and historical files were not there! It was late Thursday May 12th. I turned off my computer & went home. The next day I arrived at my office, turned my computer on and as many functions did not work as promised. I called Mr. Beckman 3 times and left a message each time. Stupid outsourced customer service never called me back! Later that day another agent called, told me there would not be a "re do" scheduled and I should take my old hard drive back to the store, I could get it fixed(downloaded) at the store.

I took the hard drive to the store, left it to be downloaded. I came back the next day, picked up my drive & a portable WD Passport drive upon which my drive was supposed to be downloaded. I called the Geek squad back, was transferred about the system for an hour or so.I have talked with the Geek Squad numerous times, spent hours on hold.Yesterday, I called Best Buy and asked for a "complaint person", after an hour, I was advised that another Geek Squad appointment was scheduled for today, May 24th (over three weeks since my original purchase date) between 8 a.m. p.d.t. & 12 10:30 A.M. I called to check on the appointment...."Sir, they are running late", I was 12:10 p.m., having not heard from a Geek Squad member, I called again.


We purchased our daughter a Lenovo Ideapad 100S on 12/13/2015 for Christmas (Serial Number YD000UMC). It froze up in April 2016. My wife took it to Geek Squad. They have said it is fixed twice now (service order 00422-289535712), but each time it starts locking up again.

I've had bad experiences with Geek Squad in the past (just check my cell in your database) and after they said it was fixed the first time. I shared with the General Manager of Best Buy, Michael at Chesterfield, VA 00422, 1560 W. Kroger Center blvd, Richmond, VA 23235, 804-897-8080 how much I lack confidence in Geek Squad and requested that Best Buy just honor the warranty and provide my daughter a new Lenova. He simply walked me over to the Geek Squad counter and handed me off to them. I proceeded to waste about an hour of my Saturday, 5/7/2016 while a young man attempted to fix it (for the second time), then looked at me helplessly and said, "we will have to send it off".

Today, 5/14/2016 after receiving a call that they had fixed it, I burnt more of my time going to best buy. This time I was smarter and I made the Geek Squad guy cut on the pc. Guess what, it didn't work. I called over the GM again, shared my bad experiences with geek squad, and asked once again that Best Buy stand behind the product you sold me. I also expressed my extreme displeasure of having to go to your store 3 times now to deal with your lack of quality work. I would refer to it as pure incompetence.

It is also worth noting that I phoned Geek Squad case number 178986445 to express my dissatisfaction and asked for a call back. Not only was a call never received. When I called back in to follow up the woman, who I spoke to (Carroll) on 5/5/2016 couldn't even find the case number. She could find the history of poor service by my cell phone number that I have had with Geek squad. I'd like the laptop replaced as soon as you can. I'd also like an apology for the 2 times you've said it has been fixed and wasted my time on your incompetence.


I brought my 90 year old fathers iPad to Best Buy in Green Bay. It rejected his one and only username and password. There were no Apple Stores in the area, so I was forced to go to Best Buy. They agreed to restore it and it was in BB's possession for less than an hour. When I got it home, I again tried to enter his UN and PW. Nothing. I decided to bring it to a real Apple Store and discovered that they (BB) had given me the wrong iPad. It registered as an iPad belonging to a school district in White Plains NY!

I contacted Best Buy and after numerous waits and call backs was told I would be contacted by the manager at 3:00. I finally called at 5 and spoke with Adam McGuire. He said that my dad’s iPad was the only iPad in for repair...on a busy Saturday! They refused to take responsibility; replace my dad's iPad or even negotiate anything. Now I have a useless iPad said that there is no way to do anything. I will contact the school district and return their iPad, but my 90 year old father no longer has an iPad because Best Buy lost it.

They were rude, flip and completely uncaring. We had just gotten it for him a year ago, after my stepmother died unexpectedly. He was intrigued by my 'Googling'. He was actually getting good at emailing and Googling. Best Buy is a horrible and incompetent company. They need to be exposed for who they are and terrible customer service. Can you help me? I live in IL and my dad lives in Shawano.


I had purchased a contract with geeks squad for support. They were working on an upload and after 11 hours, 2 different techs including an advanced technician who sent me out to buy an external hard drive to back up my system files remotely, Sangeev not only didn't back up the files as he said he did but wiped my entire hard drive and erased my company data for the past 4 years of all sales, history and advertising. At this point they decided they were unable to fix the damage they did and offered only to refund the cost of the contract.

I was forced to get an outside technology recovery service at a cost of approx. $1500 to purchase a new hard drive and have the old one sent for scrubbing where they were ultimately able to retrieve my data. I lost 5 days of business tracking in my high season, my business was interrupted horribly as the POS system was disabled until the new tech service was able to restore it. The geek squad manager called me several times and apologized and even made sure that I knew the techs were fired so this would never happen to another customer. Geek squad customer service manager William promised to call me on Monday 3/28 after reviewing the file. I have sent all of the invoices with itemized detail about the fees I paid to restore my business and have asked for reimbursement. He never called back and has not refunded my costs.


Today, my spouse and I had a 4:15 PM appointment to service our laptop which was taken care of by your excellent geek squad staff. We asked the staff person if there was any software that would assist in reducing problems on our laptop. He showed us "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware" with a printed sale price of $29.99 {regularly $49.99). When it was rung up, the price indicated $49.99 and not the stated sale price.

The staff person went to Eric, his manager to question the price; Eric came over to and said that since the item number was incorrect he could not sell the software for $29.99 and with a nasty attitude. I said that the clearly stated $29.99, on sale, from $49.99. I then requested to speak to the store manager, Bonnie and although she was in the store, she would not come to speak to us but Eric came to us, again with an attitude and said I you don't like what I told you, call our corporate office. I have been shopping at Best Buy for years and I can not believe the Eric is in retail sales.

I work in retail sales and if we printed a lower price on an item; the customer is approved to pay the lower price and then we quickly correct the price as to what it should be. Eric was nasty with an attitude and my wife and I can not believe that he is a manager in retail sales. If I do not get the price readjusted to $29.99 I will contact the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Frauds of New York.


I have been Best Buy and Geek Squad Customer at the store in Germantown, Maryland since a very long time. I had issues with my Laptop which has been registered with Geek Squad for repairs and other things. For resolution of my issues I booked a prior appointment with Geek Squad and went to the store at the time assigned to me. All the issues and complaints were explained to the representative working there in the Geek Squad.

I specifically asked her if I would be able to get my Laptop back the next day and I was assured it would be. However, It took Geek Squad 5-6 days to return my Laptop and to resolve the issue mainly relating to Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Window updates issue, heating of my laptop among other issues. Still the issues were not resolved. I kept on calling them Nobody bothered to inform me of the progress of repair status of my Laptop and were not able to tell me when the laptop would be ready after repairs or when I could come to pick it up.

Finally I called and then I was told that I could come to pick it up. After picking it up the issues relating to repairs were not resolved. I received an email for Survey in which I stated what had actually happened. Reading my worst experience narrated in the Survey the Geek Squad Supervisor Mr. Rogers called me and asked me to come to the store to resolve the matter. Thereafter, Geek Squad Agent booked an appointment for me to come and meet Mr. Roger.

When I went to meet him at the designated time I was informed by another Geek squad Agent that Mr. Roger was sick and hence had to leave early and hence could not meet me. I came home without meeting Mr. Roger and thereafter called Mr. Roger again and again and left messages twice for Mr. Roger to return my calls which have since not been returned till date nor have my issues been resolved. It appears Geek Squad's attitude is nothing but lackadaisical and is not interested in resolving the issues despite having a contract with them. It was a pathetic experience as a customer.

Shame on you Geek Squad and Best Buy. In future because of this horrible experience and pathetic service and non responsive attitude, I would not buy or go for repairs to either Best Buy or Geek Squad.


On January 18th, 2016 at approximately 5:30 PM at your store # 190 in San Jose, Ca. I purchased what I thought was a new laptop only to find out when I got it home that not only was it used but it had 3 keys that were missing. I attempted to call the store six different times that evening before they closed and not once did anyone answer the phone. The following day as soon as the store opened I spoke with a young lady who is one of your managers and explained what the problem was.

I told her I wanted my money back, she said let me see if I can find you a new one. The laptop she brought out was not a new one but a refurbished one. I told her I didn't want it and that I wanted my money back. When her and one of your geek members refused to give me my money back I got very irate and vulgar. They refused to give me my money back and had to call your security people to tell me to leave the store. With the used laptop. I am not at all happy with the way your people handled the situation and apparently this is common practice with this store as I have talked with two other people who say they have had the same problem with this store. Makes me wonder if this is common practice with Best Buy nation wide.


On October 19, 2015 purchased new desk top computer GXV7922 from BestBuy in Houma, LA. On December 9 computer failed. Carried to Best Buy Geek Squad in Houma. Unit was sent to their repair facility in Kentucky somewhere. As of this writing of 12-31-2016 have been unable to find out what caused unit to fail or when unit will be returned.

Called the geek squad repair center @ 800-433-5778 trying to get some answers Contact would only tell me that parts were on order and would not give me what parts were bad or when I could expect unit back. I have lost a month warranty and usage of the unit. Best Buy said they could not extend warranty period and suggested I contact Dell direct which I am doing now. Also requesting help from you in obtaining information above. Geek Squad repair order no. is 0943-286044414.


Cascading problems with a final diagnosis erroneous diagnosis, by remote agent and of store agent. Proposed cure options a new computer, programs, operating system and file transfers if possible but no guarantee. Total cost of about $1,000, I purchased a new computer and it was to be worked on if left in the store to transfer files if possible with no mention at that time of the need of replacement programs. This encounter was preceeded by three remote attempts to speed up system respone. When I learned of all the details at a later date I cancelled everything and had my old computer returned to me.

Took to a local repair store that fixed everything at a total cost to me of $190.00, a few months of your services, loss of a week, and two trips from Ellijay to Canton Best Buy. I can only conclude that the disk needed attention and not replacement as a direct result of your folks incorrectly trying to fix my problems remotely. I am sending this note on my old computer which is working like new and never needed anything but the proper repairs. I submit that core problem is directly attributable to good Geek People doing the best they knew to do but nevertheless created the condition that I have described. Net, I should be made whole financially for my out of pocket expenses to include repair and travel not to mention the inconvenience and aggregation I incurred. Please advise and once again I feel your folks did their best but this complaint needs to be forwarded to Geek Squad corporate office.


I called to explain that my Samsung galaxy note 4 fell off my car onto a very busy expressway (285) and was run over by several vehicles. 285 is a 4 lane expressway in Atlanta and it would silly of me to risk my life to retrieve a damaged phone. I understand that you require a returned phone for a replacement. The manager I spoke with insisted that I have to return the damaged phone in order for the $200 fee to be waved. I feel this is very unfair since I would have had to risk my life to retrieve that phone. She (Cathy) also made a statement to the effect that the phone is needed to keep people from having two phones. Considering the circumstances I have described above, I did not find it necessary to respond to that statement especially when I have been insured with geek squad for five years now. I do not mind paying the $199 deductible but I really think that the extra $200 is excessive. I do not need two phones.


I am submitting this so the Geek Squad can have answers and anyone else with the same problems. I own a Microsoft – Surface Pro 3 – Windows 10 – Bought at Best Buy in Mount Laurel, NJ. HP Wireless keyboard and Microsoft mouse are both connected to docking station and TV Monitor is connected to Docking station by HDMI. (only use the Surface keyboard when I travel). Problem 1 - HP Wireless keyboard stopped working. Geek Squad could not help me. (twice, wanted me to bring in to a store and leave it, I realized this was just a settings problem so I would not do that) To fix this problem I had to go to Granddaughter Beth. Problem 2 – TV Monitor stopped working. (had been working for months). Geek Squad could not help me. (Geek Squad asked me if this was a MAC, I knew right then he had no idea about a Microsoft surface. To fix this problem I called Microsoft. 1-800-642-7676 – Ref #1312162342. Joann was the tech. First I had to take surface out of the docking station.

Then hold down the off button on the top, while holding in the volume button on the side at the same time for 30 seconds. Then unplug everything, Power cords to docking station and TV monitor, for 1 minute. This was easy for me since I had all in one power strip. Then plugged everything in again and put the surface back in the docking station. After I signed in again, everything worked! Microsoft tech, Joann, said this reset the drivers. Since I am paying for the Geek squad on two different products, I think the people they hire should be knowledgeable with the Microsoft Surface products!


I brought my iPad today to the Best Buy in Wallkill, NY. I hoped the Geek Squad could discover why it wasn't working. When I got to the counter there was no one waiting, but before I could get a word out of my mouth I was asked if I had a reservation. I didn't know I needed one. I was told this had become corporate policy three weeks ago, and would I like to make an appointment. I asked if there was anything available today. Yes, at 5:15 p.m. It was about 4:15 at the time. Since there was no one waiting or being served I asked if they could attend to me then. No, it was corporate policy. So I waited an hour, at which time only one customer showed up for help. She was helped quickly and left. When it was 5:15 I walked up with my reservation and was served.

The Squadsman I met was both polite and efficient and it took him just minutes to determine the cause of the iPad's problem. This is being written not to criticize the Squad. All were polite and efficient. We have all worked for companies that have policies, and we abide by them to keep our jobs. But Best Buy should give its Squad the discretion to use common sense. If there is no one being served at the time, what would be the problem with helping a person, reservation or no? Again, I appreciate the squad people were just doing their jobs to the letter. They are not in a position to make or refine corporate policy. Who is? Perhaps that person can be addressed.


On 10-10-15 bought TV, on 10-14-15 a couple of guys from the Geek Squad brought my TV and hooked it up and programed my "Harmony Remote". On Thursday morning 10-15-15 I put the TV on to watch news. There was NO TV or sound. I called best buy on Friday 10-16-15 said they would call me back. Nobody called! On Saturday 10-17-15 I called Best Buy again talked to the guy "Jams H." that I bought the TV from he said he'd check it and call me back. Waited all day and night for his call which he didn't do. On Sunday 10-18-15 I called Best Buy again and I was told to call the Geek Squad because it was not their problem. On Monday 10-19-15 I called the Geek Squad and they told me that they couldn't send anybody to fix till 10-27-15. I saw my TV for one day and now I have to wait for 12 days to see it. Last time I deal with Best Buy.


As my laptop coverage was about to expire, you sent me an electronic reminder and quoting renewal options ($149.- and $49.- respectively), but there was no specific time frame attached to those quotes. As I set out to speak with someone about my available options (I basically wanted the same coverage I've had for the last two years), I got NOWHERE! When I spoke to the people behind the "renewing coverage" option, I was told that my account was not under my name, and when I asked for a supervisor, they first resisted, and then hung up on me. I tried to obtain the information in question elsewhere (customer support, tech support, customer service supervisor, and it was all a colossal waste of time, every one denying knowledge of coverage details, etc., etc.,,and all referring me back to the people that hung up on me...I did not received/found an ounce of professionalism or customer concern from anybody, and I point this out because I think this kind of ineptitude is local rather than national. As I was looking for Corporate, the option for a complain, and so here it is. I hope than whoever ends up reading this --if any- one actually does-- follows it up appropriately.


The Greek Square in Gateway Dr.,Brooklyn, NY disabled my Microsoft Office program and will not replace another Microsoft program. Microsoft wants me to buy another program for $140.00. They do not know what they are doing. As a senior, I should pay for their error.


I bought a Pioneer Elite Home Enter. system designed by their Magnolia Dept ( high end) They matched them with front tower Polk audio speakers for the surround. I have had trouble with the amp cutting off and shutting down for 3 years now at higher volumes. Geek squad came out over 4 times to fix the issue. Sent in the Polk SW to be repaired thinking it was busted. Tried every thing. Still no help..I came to find out from Pioneer setvice that the Pioneer Elite SVX-52 does not support Polk speakers at 4 ohms. It only support 6 or 8 ohm speakers thus it was being overloaded and the dumb geek squad and specialist n the Magnolia Dept or geek squad idiots did not know that!@! in addition, the Pioneer specs touted that it also supported Pandara . which you could actually only get after a upgrade hardware download from their web site. I am really pissed about this and not sure what BB would do about their stupidity and lack of product knowledge. I am open to recourse suggestions..


My daughter has had two encounters with the geek squad in Tuscaloosa and Auburn Alabama stores. Auburn was the worst talked to her like she was dirt under their shoes. She was having some problems with her computer and (do not have protection on the computer) which we are aware of but they just told her that there is nothing they can do for her. Just simple question they want even answer. Got it. But do they have to be so rude and just arrogant about it.

They work with the public and could be nicer explaining things to costumers but no, they are total jerks. She even said and older man came in and did have a warranty on his computer and they talked to him like crap to. I will never buy another computer from best buy and if anyone ask me what I think of the geeks I will tell them what I think of them. Your people work for the customer that is what you pay them for. They should be more considerate of other who are not computer smart. Some people just choose to work in other professions. They chose this job they need to act like they enjoy it at least when they are working.

If I could have chose no stars that is what I would have done. Tell your people to be more professional.


I purchased two Galaxy phones from Best Buy in North Riverside mall. The sales person, named Manny, assured us that the insurance purchased from Best Buy Geek Squad would cover everything. One of the phones was lost/stolen. We called to make a claim and was told that Best Buys insurance does not cover that.

While speaking with a rep my husband was told that since we were given false information, they would cancel that line and refund the payments on it. We never received a refund neither was the line canceled. I continued to be charged for this line without a phone on it. I then filed a claim for the other phone because it was not working properly. It would not hold a charge, I received a new phone, Sometime later, my phone needed service again.

I filed another claim. They replaced the phone during this process. I was still being charged for a phone I did not have. When I called they submitted my claim and told me I should be getting my refund to my credit card within 2 billing cycles. This was last year. I still have not received my refund. I have been patient and would like to know if someone could look into asap. This has been going on since 2012 please help me resolve this issue.


ordered a phone on 21 of march 2015 was told either express with credit card or standard I was not told all details of standard have been without my phone for 2 weeks called geek squad about whereabouts of phone they finally explained standard last week also was not told old phone had to be shipped back by ups I sent back by usps nobody know where my old phone is geek squad has given me run around and im still without replacement phoned I was led to believe standad was regular ground ups shipment time and not send the old phone first then get new one I was not told I even took old phone to geek squad when I set up order for replacement phone and they didn't accept it I was totally in dark about this process and still without a phone and nobody between geek squad and ups knows where my old phone is before I can get new one where is my damn new and old phone geek squad?


Hello. I was wondering if you might be able to help me. I pay a monthly fee for geek squad protection on a galaxy s4. I recently opened a claim to replace my phone as it was broke. When I called on Jan 17, 2015, I spoke with a representative named, Thomasina Davis. I asked her is there was a service fee of $150.00 to replace the phone. She informed me that there used to be a fee of 150.00 but they had recently changed that policy and there was no longer a fee but there was a fee of 262.75 if you did not send back the damaged phone. I made sure to ask again that there was no fee. She did assure me there was no fee. But they did need to have a credit card on file for the fee if I did not send back the damaged phone.

On January 20, 2015 I was charged an amount of 157.64. I did not think much of it as I thought it was going to be removed when I sent in the damaged phone or that it would be applied to the balance of the 262.75 if I did not return the phone. I did however run into a problem when trying to return my damaged phone. I had it ready to be mailed out and had it in my truck. I didn't send it out right away and since then have lost the box with the damaged phone. So I called geek squad to let them know and to find out if I didn't send the phone would the 157.64 be applied to the 262.75 charge for not returning the phone. I was surprised to find out that, that would not be the case and I would still be charged an amount of 262.75 on top of the 157.64 that was already charged to my account.

While speaking with the representative, Donna, on January 28, 2015 around 11:30 am, she was informed by her supervisor that even if they did have the recording with evidence saying that the representative did indeed inform me that I would not be charged a service fee, they would not validate it. I am very disappointed as I was misinformed and that I will not receive any refund and that they are not trying to make any amends to the fact that one of there representatives did misinform one of their costumers. As a costumer of geek squad I have paid 10.50 per month for a year on just this one device. I also pay that same amount for another device for my husband. And paid that amount of two other devices (galaxy s2) for a number of months before that. This is my first claim through geek squad, so I am very disappointed and wonder what I can do, to fix this issue.

I will be returning the galaxy s4 that they sent me as I cant afford another charge of 262.75 on top of the already unexpected 157.64. I realize it is my fault for losing the damaged phone , which I had no intention of. If there is anything you can do to help me or point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

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