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I took a day off of work for a Sears a&e tech to repair my dishwasher. The scheduled window was from 1-5pm. The tech never arrived or contacted me in any way. I called customer service. I was told the tech was running late and would arrive by 6pm. Tech never arrived. I called again. The service rep said my repair had been rescheduled. Again, no one had contacted me. I checked my email and found a message that said "attached are the documents you signed with your tech at today's service." The 'signature' that supposedly was mine was a SCRIBBLE-- I NEVER signed ANYTHING because NO TECH EVER SHOWED UP! I called again and demanded to speak to a supervisor. He says the best he could do was reschedule my appointment and give me a $25 sears gift card. So now, I'm missing 2 days of work AND apparently signed off on an estimate with a tech that never came to me house! WHAT???


I am waiting on a refund and all the information I can get from anyone is that "it has been processed"
What I would like to know is, has it been mailed. If it hasn't been mailed, when will it be mailed.
If you are not going to give me the refund that I'm entitled to, just tell me so. The date I received service was 2-14-2019
on an LG refrigerator.


I pd A & E to come diagnose my washing machine trouble. It would power on but not start a cycle at all. The tech came and powered it on and hit start and said oh its the lock, you need a new lock. I said are you sure, he said yes. That's all he did he never tested any wires, computer components or anything to verify for sure the lock was the actual problem. So he said to save me money since I have 6 kids was to buy the piece and replace it, which I did and guess what...that was not the problem. It still isnt fixed and now Ive wasted more money and it still does the same thing. I called them and asked for someone to correctly diagnose it, someone that actual will do their job instead of just looking and saying oh thats it, or a refund so that I can pay someone else to diagnose the problem your tech didnt do. I am a single mother with 6 kids and I can NOT afford all the extra money...


12/18/18 -A&E tech. came for repair of microwave through Sears HW.Too expensive to repair..Sears HW has never received paperwork from A&E to begin process of $250 payment to me. 1 star is being generous! Jordan Papadopoulos 52 Tecolote Rd. PO BOX 1143, Tijeras,NM 87059



Customer service lies to get people off the phone. My job was rescheduled because they didn't assign a tech. I have the fuckin parts right here. They told me I was covered by Lowes and to try them. I bought the fuckin fridge at Best Buy. Going on 3 weeks sand fridge because of you fucks. I don't understanf how they. An ship me parts from another state in one day, but can't get a tech to my house in in less than 7. Fuck you!


I have received a bill on a warranty job. Warranty Claim Number: D4035A0 through GE Appliances. The account & payment ID is: 489065157.
I don't understand why I am receiving a bill for something that was covered under warranty. If there are issues with this you should contact GE not me. Thank you.


I had A&E service and have no complaint about the service I received. My complaint is on the service truck, the truck has the American Flag on the side. On the right side the flag is displayed wrong, it is backward. The stars should on the right, that is proper way to display the flag.

Thank You

Carl Ziegler


They said I could call customer service at 1-800-905-9505 Monday through Saturday, 6AM to 10PM. I did so but there was no answer. I was curious about what they offered, and tried several different options.


Have any home repairs like dishwahers, washing machines, gas stove issues be it residential or commercial purpose. Aefactoryservice.com have highly trained repair technicians and company employees undergo stringent security and background checks. They show up on time which doesn't allow the customer to keep waiting. They also ensure to make the place neat and tidy after the work is done so that its not a burden to the customer. I prefer and suggest Aefactoryservice.com to anyone who has any issues in their appliances either at home or at office to become hassle free.


After an A&E technician spent 2 hours looking at my dishwasher 7933LRABB serial number Y46EG9MC800931J he thought I must need a new pump drain. This dishwasher is less than 1 1/2 years old. The whole time he was at my house the Quick + light never came on as it was previously. He wanted to know if I wanted to order a pump and schedule service for the following week because he didn’t have one on his truck. I told him I would like to run a cycle and see if the quick + light came on again because the dw seemed to be working while he was at my house.

After he left I ran a cycle and it once again stopped and the quick + light came on. I called A& E Factory Service back and told them I would like to go ahead and have the part ordered and scheduled to be installed. They told me I had declined the estimate. I called back on the very same day and they told me I was still in the system and I would have to call the next day.

So the next day I called and they continue to tell me that I declined the estimate. I asked them if they could have the service technician call me so we could get the part ordered. The lady at A & E Factory Service said ok, but I didn’t believe she would actually call him. Then I remembered that he had called me and I had his cell number. I called him and told him what was happening. He pretty much said that once a customer declines then he is done with the service contact. He said it would cost another $75 to come back out to start the service over and I would have to contact A & E factory service again.

After waiting 3 hours to hear back from A&E Factory I contacted the warranty department at Samsung and a part was ordered through them. Then when the part gets to my house I have to figure out how to get it installed.

This has been an extremely poor experience and I will never purchase anything made from Samsung because of the way this matter has been handled. Any local company would leave an estimate and I would be able to discuss it with my spouse before a decision is made.

The fact that I called back the same exact day and was told basically too bad, I had already declined it is not acceptable. The fact that I had to order the part is not acceptable. If this is totally A & E Factory’s business decisions, and Samsung isn’t in charge of how they do business, then you need to find a different company to do repairs. I had called 3 local companies about looking at my dishwasher before Samsung assigned A & E factory to come out. From those 3 companies only one would even consider looking at my dishwasher but they needed to be contacted by Samsung in order to look at it.

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