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Black Friday sale through the Promo Ad email. I purchased an item that I was excited to get at such a great price. I processed the payment and just waited for delivery of what was to be a Christmas Gift for my husband. After more than a week of not showing up, I went back online to track it only to find that it is back ordered. I've emailed 3 times to customer service and no one has responded. I've called and was on hold for almost an hour only to be told there is nothing they can do about it. My choice is to cancel the order or to wait. Here it is, almost Christmas, and I still don't know if it will be sent in time to be given as a gift.

During this whole fiasco, I have a Birthday and decide that I would like a new car stereo. I go to the store here in Phoenix. No one available to help me and once I do flag someone down, they act like I what I want to buy is too much trouble to help me with. Ugh. I've always been fascinated with this store and the promo emails, but once I decide to act on a purchase, it turns into a very disappointing experience. I think I will go somewhere else from now on.


On Saturday at about 530pm my husband and I walked in the store turned right and walked to the back where there is a counter. It would be the very first counter where all the hamm radio things are and other computer gadgets are . 1st counter to the front of the store after you pass the gate and tank to the right. There were about 2 young men and a girl and an older man at this counter. One of the young men started to have a very detailed conversation about one of his friend being with a man who thought it was a girl. He was talking very loud saying things like "well he didn't stop me and it felt good to me".

The others which included a middle aged man with glasses and another young man started to laugh and partake in the conversation with the other young man. It kept getting louder and more graphic, I turned to look at them to give them a hint this was very unprofessional but they were to wrapped up laughing and adding to this story. It was the males I don't remember the girl really saying much or anything really. Anyway I was so disgusted by their behavior that I told my husband "lets go I will not shop here" and we left." I would like you to know I will not be returning to your store with that kind of unprofessional behavior of your employees who never even knew I was there.

There is a certain image of a store and with those kinds of employees. It really made Frys look like they hire just anybody or they have not been trained in customer service or respect where your dealing/ helping or not. Please talk to your staff.


A while back I received a refund check for an over payment I did to my Frys acccount for the sum of $276.20. The check was misplaced and was never cashed or deposited, and later was found. I called the phone number on the check stub about a month an a half ago Phone number 866-322-8008 to request if the check could be reissued. The person I talked to on the phone said that the check was going to be re issued, that all I had to do is give her the old check number and that the old check was going to be voided and a new one was going to be issued and sent to me.

As of today I have not received any check, so I called Fry's customer service again today and they told me that there is no record of anything being processed. And that there is no record of the old check either. I have the old check still and if it needs to be verified I can send a copy of it. The check number is 0000170007 and it was issued by First Electronic Bank. I need someone to please look in to this matter and resolve it as soon as possible by re issuing a refund check and sent to me.


I used to shop at Fry's quite a bit growing up. Then I switched to Amazon or other places online. There is just no reason to drive to their giant stores anymore, unless I need a really really specific computer part. That is why I believe Fry's corporate office is in big trouble. That is the biggest complaint I have against Fry's online, their website is really not good enough to keep them alive.


A wipe of a computer I purchased in July from Fry's came with Windows 8 and Fry's advised me to upgrade to Windows 10. I have since discovered that the service department technicians did not agree with what they were told to tell customers. However, Windows 8 I am learning was no better than 10. Bottom-line Windows 10 was not backing up all my data when I performed my back-ups and Fry's was therefore unable to restore my files. I have former back-ups from the old laptop but lost my calendar details and all my Quickbook company data from July through December. It has taken me a full day to rebuild the company files and I have spent hours on the phone with Microsoft whose technicians know less than I and that is after being moved up to an Escalation Team by the Corporate office where I have filed two complaints to no avail.

I missed a call from a supervisor while in the restroom and now the supervisor per the Global Escalation Service technician Aman cannot call me back for a possible 7 days because they work on a schedule. I was assigned the ticket number 131969654 which they are now saying is an invalid number. I have missed a week of work which I cannot afford but Microsoft does not care. In searching for the things I needed to restore and rebuild and get back to work I discovered a Windows 7 product key and will be, as soon as I am able to lose another 3 days of work, having Fry's wipe my system again and install the Windows 7 product.

To show you just how uneducated and inexperienced the Microsoft technicians at an advanced level are here are a few clips from Aman's e-mail and chat (chat because he hung up and would not reconnect the call):Today My Supervisor. My supervisor wont be in the sift this time. Today using the same back-ups I lead Aman to, I have restored all of my Outlook except the calendar which I still have been unable to locate. Microsoft wasted my time and damaged my business with a product that Is trash and a support team that is ill equipped. I will be spreading the word high and low about my experience in every way that I can find. Not that Microsoft will care they and their deals with computer manufacturers have us all over a barrel.


Took my dell all in one computer to the Fry's Electronics in Jacksonville, Florida at 10 AM on Saturday Sept 19, 2015. Was told the download of windows 10 could be downloaded in two to three hours. It has taken over eight hours and still not ready. On top of this matter the answer center could not understand what I was requesting to talk with the store. Even after over five attempts to get the store they still did not connect me. The last attempt I was connected to the fax line. This is unacceptable and very poor business practices.

I feel your answering service should be fired. They are rude have broken English and you have to repeat many times your request. I understand the service is to cut down on the calls to the stores but when you are told specifically to call the store it should not take over thirty minutes to get to them if your lucky. For a very large company to treat customers in this manner is unacceptable and rude. After all this my roommate received a call from the Fry's Electronics store stating it could take several days to complete the whole process when we were originally told two to three hours.

Windows 10 had been downloaded successfully but the complete scan would take two days. Unacceptable business practices.


I have visited Fry's Electronics for many years but now that the world has moved to shopping online I have found that their stores really can't keep up with the pace of things. Fry's doesn't have a phone number I can easily call to find out if items are in their store, and in 2015 I am certainly not interested in driving all the way to a store for nothing. It would be a shame for Fry's to go out of business because they couldn't keep up with the times.

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