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I purchased a washer and dryer from Lowe's a few years ago. I have had to put 4 timers on dryer, and now it needs another one. Of course numerous knobs have been purchased too because of it. Now the washer sounds like it's coming apart!! I am a cancer patient, walking around with 2 broken heel bones with both feet in boots. Not that my medical problems are your problems. The point is - I CANNOT afford to have either appliance fixed or purchase new ones!! GE needs improvement!


Has anyone ever filed a complaint against GE Appliances that reached the corporate office? If someone has an issue with custome service, should they send their feedback directly to the CEO?


I am having remodeling done so wanted to protect the stove top on my GE JS750 30" range. I pushed on the control lock and the light came on showing the stove controls were locked. Then I covered the range with a beach towel. Several hours later I came into the kitchen and noted smoke coming out of the towel. The left rear burner was on even though the controls said it was locked. One of the workers must have rubbed against it while getting something off the counter top beside the stove.

I tested the other knobs to see if they would turn on. Two would not but the third one came on when turned to the left, but would not turn on when turned to the right. Then I went back and tried all the knobs again and none would turn on so it was locked out at that point. It was very fortunate I came into the kitchen when I did or there would have been a fire. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but wanted to let GE customer service know encase there is a defect in the range. I will lock it out from now on and twist each burner knob to make sure it is locked.


We bought a new Sears GE Washer on June 9, 2015, and it was delivered and installed by the delivery team on June 16, 2015. The first time we used the washer(June 19, 2015 it leaked water all over the floor. We called repair/delivery 800-469-4663 and they said they would come out on June 22, 2015, and the system transferred us to another number 800-732-7747. That number (Venice) told me that they would come out on June 23, 2015 in the AM (Service ID # 10784993).

I called the salesperson at the Henderson, NV store (Cindy), and she told me to request a new washer replacement, because I couldn't trust this one. I called 800-732-7747 again and Suzie told me that the Delivery Team would come out on June 23, 2015, time to be determined. I tried to verify the appointment online and the ID # was not accepted, nor was I able to register online. System said I needed a Captcha. I don't know what a Captcha is. I am very dissatisfied with the product and the service in an emergency water leak situation that I reported immediately.


I have a serious complaint on my new Kenmore Refrigerator Mod# 95.72043.112, Ser #208K Roo 723 purchased in November, 2012 concerning the Ice Maker design being very poor or almost non-existant. There are only 2 retired adults in this household and the ice only lasts half a day. I deep 3 old ice trays in the freezer to replinish after running out. I traded in a 23 year old GE side by side w/ ice & water in door and never ran out. I paid $3,500 for this model and am very dissatified. I have had four service calls to try to correct the problem. This forced me to buy a $500 ice maker to compensate.

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