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This is a fake company! I bought a refrigerator with them and I scheduled with them. The first time they tried to call me and the I did not get their call, and they did not leave any voice message to notice this is calling from shipment company. when i called back they said they need to reschedule. Second time, i rescheduled again, and I was waiting for them on that day, but they did not call me at all. So I asked whats going on, they told me my refrigerator was damaged! I was feeling like what the heck! then I called ABT customer service, they told me I need to reorder! and waiting for a new one. Then I rescheduled with them again, guess what, on that day they delivered my refrigerator only to my front door, not inside the kitchen! and they said I need pay more.


I have a problem to report to ABT corporate. We purchased Kitchen appliances Whirlpool oven 27 inch $1,525.00 Refrigerator $1,607.00 Dishwasher $497.00 & micro wave $200 after taxes and service charges total bill $4,699.18. Within 4 to 5 months the memory went out on the oven it took 3 weeks before it was repaired, now the memory has went out again and I was told it would have to be replaced again this will take 3 weeks. Our Refrigerator as and leak in the freezer this is the second time I have called. I have had to cancel both times our family dinner and this has been costly to us.

We have been patient with this process. We should not have to have a stove that needs the memory replaced every 5 to 6 months. Their has been no compensation from ABT Electronics customer service, even though their headquarters official slogan is "our goal is complete satisfaction". When will we receive this?

We have been a customer over 30 years, I have advertised by word of mouth and bought customer in please rectify my issue now, I want my stove replaced not fixed this is a problem for us. I contacted my sales Rep Kale Madhiwaia he was not reassuring at all. Our Easter was Shot we had no dinner for the second time on an holiday. He took this lightly We are not. I am sure all of our information is on your file please contact me and expedite this process.


Decent electronics store, no complaints from me as a customer. Fast shipping and good support. Usually they answer the phones fairly quickly when you call.


Unmatched product selection and access to great savings defines ABT Electronics. I have made few purchases from ABT Electronics where I found some great deals that have saved my money. I suggest this to people who are looking out for electronic items, home appliances, fitness equipment, gifts and gift cards then this is the place to log in and get some really good deals. ABT electronics deals with some well known brands so there is no question in term of quality of products that are sold. Being rest assured about quality,

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