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Citibank is a financial services company whose parent company is Citigroup. At the height of its success there were over 16,000 offices and 243,000 employees in over 140 countries. In 2014 Citigroup reported revenues of US 76 billion and net income of US 7.3 billion.

If you have a problem with your Citibank account you can go to their website or call one of three numbers. Customer service 1-888-248-4226; technical support 210-677-3775 or credit card support 1-800-950-5114. The CEO of Citibank is Barbara Desoe and the CEO of Citigroup is Michael Corbat. If you want to mail them a letter the corporate headquarters address is 3999 Park Avenue, Manhattan, New York 10043. All of this information can be found on their contact page.

Founded ini 1812 as City Bank of New York the corporate slogan is “citi never sleeps” and they were one of the first to bring 24/7 banking to customers with ATM in 1977. In the 2008 financial recession Citibank was one of  four banks to receive stimulus rescue by the United States government. They have social presence with a Twitter address as well as their own downloadable “app”.

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I have power of attorney over my fathers account. have sent copies since Sept to the Citibank customer service department. As of today I have been unable to confirm whether or not these documents have been rec'd and processed. I have left several messages to the claims line to the phone numbers 718-824-6283, 718 409 2486, and 718 824 7341 and no one has returned my calls.

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We understand that CITI BANK not want to take responsibility for the mistake made when sent us 160 checks with wrong account number. We will bear material mistakes made by Citi bank but just want to say we feel ashamed that we were customers for 31 years of this crook bank with out any responsibility. We did call few times but CITI Bank ignores our request for an excuse latter we can mail it to our debtors.

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Citi bank has my wrong date of birth when I phone them and cant get information on my account. I live in Australia and they hang up on me on a regular basis. I get put through to a foreign country for help but they get confused, which leads to them hanging up on my complaint because it must be to difficult to deal with. I just wont an Australian to fix my date of birth problem. this has been going on for years. my account is in arrears and they are defaulting it because of this phone problem im having.

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I called Citi Premiermiles Customer Service phone line after receiving an sms text message stating that I have an outstanding credit card balance of RM18.89 due by today (30-Apr). Firstly, I did not receive the statement and wasn't aware of this outstanding balance until receipt of the sms text. As I do not track all my credit card statements from different banks, I pay on sighting the statements. Once in a while, even with other banks the statements fail to arrive, and when that happens and payment is missed, all it takes is a phone call and the issue is handled satisfactorily.

I fail to understand why CITIBANK'S policy is so rigid and unfriendly that it must insist on freezing my credit card over RM18.89, despite my untarnished payment track record and my repeated request to your customer service personnel to put forth a request to allow me to pay by Tuesday as I am away and no where near Citibank to make this payment. If over such an insignificant amount Citibank sees the need to freeze the use of a member's card which has continues spending with no outstanding balance and more often than not a record of credit balance in the payment, it is no wonder you are not a sought after card amongst your competitors and your sales representatives have to plead to mall shoppers (like myself) to please give the card and the bank a try and test out the service.

I am disappointed that you see it fit to treat your card member so carelessly. It is really your bank's lose if you fail to see the implication of your action and persist that your policy is defensible. I urge you to listen to the phone recording between myself and your personnel to hear for yourself how irritating your personnel's conversation is.

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I just received a collection call from your online services. It stated I owed $71. That is outrageous to receive a collection call two times at my office when I worked out the total amount due with one of your customer representatives. I put a payment in through online that same day to be posted on May 1, 2015 before the amount is due. Everything is clearly set up online and can be seen, but the collection call was made anyway?!!!

I called your customer service and when he agreed that everything looked fine, he could not answer why I got the call and said he would send me to the collection department (goose chase) and could not tell me why I was being contacted. He did not even express any regret on behalf of the company as a result of the clear violation of federal law.

How can your company call me to address an amount due that is not due? When I tried to get a supervisor, I was left on hold and the operator continued to tell me I had to hold until I could not hold any longer as I am at work and do not have time to sit on the phone.

I am sending you this complaint and hope to hear back from you as to how you can harass good clients without justification.

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Agreement was made on 19th Jan 2015 and Citi consultant assured that the amount will be credited on the same day. I have informed them that this is urgent for me for my marriage shopping. I am following up with the consultant and her manager for past 2 days, but the only response is it will be done soon. Today, they are not even answering the call. This is very urgent for me and I need the amount to be credited today itself.

Reference No: 1890890171-ALPS905
Contact: 9966961829

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