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U.S. Bank is an American financial services holding company, the 5th largest commercial bank in the United States. The bank provides banking, investment, mortgage, trust, and payment services products to individuals, businesses, governmental entities, and other financial institutions.

U.S. Bank, provide a comprehensive selection of premium financial products and services to individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations, institutions, and government entities. The company was founded in 1929 headquarted at Minneapolis, Minnesota and operates across 25 states across the U.S.

U.S. Bank was ranked third best in customer service within the banking industry, the banks payment and merchant processing services are global, and the wholesale and trust services are national. Their service area is primarily across major cities like Washington, Minnesota, Kentucy, California.

Common problems with U.S. Bank cinldue consumer banking, which products and services to the broad consumer market and small businesses, and encompasses community banking, metropolitan banking, small business banking, and consumer lending. Other issues include mortgage banking, workplace banking, student banking, 24-hour banking, and investment products and also it offers investments, brokerage, financial planning and insurance products and services to small and large business groups.

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I went into Us bank of Dickson to cash a LTD check for the amount of 6,602.69 and I was shorted 500.00 and was told that the matter would be taken care of and I have not heard from any one at this branch or from anyone else. I live on a fixed income and this hurt my income very much. The teller was Judy Anderson Dickson Office 723 College St Dickson Tn 37055. The Date was 3/27 or 3/28 . I would appreciate if someone would contact me on this matter my phone number is 615 209 8338. Thank You Danny Privette


went there Wed. to take money from savings into checking to pay on 2 credit cards. that did not happen. the cashier paid one of my credit cards with that money. today, i had to move the money again. the lady cashier said oh! it paid most of your credit card that's good. she then said, you have enough money to move some into your checking acct. again. it is not up to her to feel how i should manage my money or to assume i am so financially secure i have other bills to handle which is none of her business or where my money goes


My son James l iiii just became the beneficiary of a annuity from my father, that past on 11/11/16 . He need d a medallion stamp. On the phone he was told that, the Westland branch of US bank. Could do this. At 5:00 on Friday 2 he was told that he didn't have the proper paper work. I when to the bank to find out what was the problem. After arguing with Tara Huffman for 15 - 20 minutes. Your manager helped James the third to make the proper phone call to have the info faxed to the bank.

After another 45 minutes the stamped paper work was given to him. After all of that I was very angry. I said I wanted to pull my 40,000.00 out of this bank. This same women said she could help me with that right now. In my opinion that woman could have helped jimmy get the paper work faxed to her, and it all could have been taken care of in a hurry. This woman had her child sitting on her lap and just didn't want to do anything, she was ready to leave. Very disrespectful and not very good costumer service. I still might pull my money. But I would like to talk to a person, about this.


Only one ATM in Hibbing Minnesota 55746. ATM has been empty, no cash available five times in the last month, minimal. I have to go to US Bank to get cash from their ATM with a three dollar fee. Three dollars to access my own money. I may as well get rid of Wells Fargo and open an account with Us Bank. I will do exactly that Monday morning. Good bye Wells Fargo.


Deposited 6 digit check from a local bank into US Bank. Initially told it would be available in two days. Then bank called and said we would not have access to my money for 5 business days. Today I was told I would not have access to my money for another week. I had an existing account and I opened this new account 10 days before my recent deposit on 9/1/2016. I was told today I could not touch my money until 9/14/2016. If I knew this when I deposited the bank check I would never have opened an account.

When I tried to get the issue resolved I was made to feel like I was criminal wanting my own money by your customer service department. No one would make any effort to correct the situation. My only option is to wait your bank out. I will be asking for cash withdraw of all of my fund due to dishonest conduct of your banking staff in the Mt Pleasant, Iowa branch. I am within my right to ask for a cash withdrawal. My attorney believes that US bank's conduct and policies to be fraudulent.


Been waiting on hold for thirty minutes now just trying to get my account number to pay my lease payment. Is this a joke or what?


I made a mortgage payment through their app and it said it went through and was confirmed. Now it's saying no payment was made.


I have banked with US Bank for many years. I have a checking account, three credit cards, a personal line of credit, a personal loan, as well as a car loan with US Bank. My payment history is exemplary. Also, my family owns five rehabilitation centers. All of my accounts concerning these companies are also connected to US Bank. About two months ago, I wrote a check to someone. I dated the check 3/1/16. I found out today that the person that I wrote the check to cashed this check (at a branch) on 2/26/16. I called US Bank customer service today to put a stop payment on this check.

This is when I found out that the check had been cashed on 2/26/16. The customer service agent I spoke to was named "Donna". She was extremely nice and helpful and told me that this check should never have been accepted or cashed by the US Bank branch as the date on the check had not come to fruition. Donna then said that she would transfer me to a supervisor who could help me resolve this issue. I cannot remember the supervisor's name but she told me that their was nothing that could be done about this issue. I explained to this supervisor that I had all the paperwork from when I officially opened my checking account with US Bank and that the paperwork says nothing concerning the fact that US Bank does not recognize a post dated check and that US Bank will cash a check no matter what the date is (in this case a post dated check).

I then told the supervisor that I wanted to put a stop payment on another check that I had written to the same person that is dated for 4/1/16. This supervisor said that I would be charged 31.00 for the stop payment fee, which I am fine with. Then this same supervisor told me that even though I was being charged for this stop payment, their is no guarantee that the bank will actually "catch it" and that the check may still be cashed even though I authorized the 31.00 to be debited from my account for this stop payment. She told me that sometimes US Bank tellers "miss things" and this is why, even though I am being charged for the stop payment fee, their is no guarantee that the check may still go thru. She also told me that the teller who cashed the 250.00 check on 2/26/16 should have checked the date on the check and shouldn't have cashed it but again, sometimes things "get by" the tellers. This supervisor also said that "it was against the law for US Bank to returned these funds to me" Are you serious?

I contacted the Federal Reserve Bank's complaint department and they told me that this statement is false. I am shocked that your employees are allowed to lie in such a blatant manner. Personally, I am amazed and frankly, disappointed that some things "get by" your tellers and that, obviously, my money as well as all of your customer's money is clearly in the hands of US Bank employees that "miss things". For the most part, I have had good experiences with US Bank. This is why I sincerely hope that my 250.00 check that was cashed because one of your tellers "missed it" will be resolved. I am now out 250.00 not to mentioned I am out 31.00 for a stop payment fee that may or may not be effective because one of your employees may "miss it".

I am quite sure that this is not how US Bank truly operates and I trust that I will hear from someone very soon with a solution. I would like my 250.00 returned to me because a teller "missed" doing her job. I would also like some kind of a guarantee that the 31.00 I spent today to cancel another check will actually be effective.

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