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Branch Banking and Trust Corporation is one of the largest financial services holding companies in the Unites States. In 2014 their assets were reported as US 184 billion. BB&T is publicly traded on the NYSE:BBT and has over 33,000 employees as of 2015. Financial services offered include banking, lending, investing, retirement and insurance. They are a Fortune 500 Company.

If you have a problem with your BB&T account or service received you may call 1-800-226-5228. You may also find Contact Us information here. There are printable pages and Customer Service tools here. If  you would like to send postal correspondence to CEO Kelly S. King you may address you envelope with Branch Banking and Trust Corporation, 200 West Second Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101. The corporate office phone number is 336-733-2500.

Alpheus Branch recovered from the Civil War, enrolled in military school, married and started a small mercantile business. In 1872 he joined Thomas Hadley in starting a private banking firm. In 1913 the charter was changed to read Branch Banking and Trust. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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I ordered some incontinent supplies. I have a shipping pass. When it took longer than the two days I needed I cancelled my order. On Sept.11 my BB&t account was debited. $16.84. I sent Walmart. Com copies of two different cancellation notices but still I am debited that money. I am a seventy year old woman on social security and the money y'all debited is my medicine money.


This has been the worst financial manager I have used. I recognize that the above account is very small in money amount but it never made any money so why does he continued to take management fees every year. Fees should be subject to performance. I recently inherited some money after my mother died and I decided not to have anything to do with BB&T because of his poor performance. I would like the transaction fees replaced into my account; I am not interested in the rules of established banking; those were abolished by the 2008 crash and they didn't seem interested in rules then. He reflects terrible customer service, indifference to his clients and the obsession of banks to get fees no matter what.


Went to bb&t bank in orange city Florida on Saxon blvd on 03/01/20169. I experienced poor customer service, and have been doing banking with them for a very long time.


Loan officer and processor are incompetent and do not know what they are doing in South Florida. The loan originator does more talking than working. Both the loan originator and processor do not return calls. Underwriting seems to be doing a horrible job as well. This has been the worst experience. BB&T customer service sucks. No one is ever in the office. No one return calls.


Looking for a convenient, affordable, reliable way of investing in mutual funds. Well BB&T is where you can get expert advice and plans to invest your money. I invested in the income mutual funds that gave me a relaxation about the investment I wanted to make. These are less risky than the normal mutual funds other companies have to offer. Stable price growth which one can expect. Why worry about investments when BB&T takes care of such things. The plan I opted for has tax exemption and provides me a tax free income. I feel relaxed now about my money. BB&T offers you to open a savings back account, credit and debit cards, retirement plans, online banking facility and many more. While I was investing in mutual funds, the executive has explained in detail about the plan so that I make sure I am investing in the right plan. Thank BB&T for taking care of your customers.

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