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MoneyGram International Inc. is a money transfer company oneyGram businesses are divided into two categories: Global Funds Transfers and Financial Paper Products. The company works with individuals and businesses through a network of agents and financial institution customers. MoneyGram is the second largest provider of money transfers in the world.

If you have a comment or concern about your service, the company operates in more than 200 countries with a global network across the world. Founded in 1940 MoneyGram Headquarters at Dallas, Texas, U.S. the company has operation center in St.Louis Park, Minnesota and other regional offices around the world. For customer service problems, please contact the MoneyGram 1-800 care number at 1‑800‑926‑9400.

It also operates operations in many other countries as well including India. MoneyGram International had expanded internationally to include over 96,000 agents in regions such as the Asian-Pacific, Eastern Europe, and Central America. The company had also introduced additional services such as bill payment and online money transfers.

The most common MoneyGram complaints are related to Global Fund Transfers and Financial Paper Products, Global Fund Transfers include Money Transfer and Bill Payment Services which allows customers to make urgent payments or pay routine bills to certain creditors. Financial paper products like Money Orders which is the second largest in the world, Official Checks which is a outsourcing services which are available to financial institutions.

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I am very dissatisfy with the services you given me this month. I been trying to used money gram several times, to wire money to Benin. Early of February 2, 2018, your services fail me, to deliver my money where I requested. Some reasons, my last transaction would be on hold, and my money was return to me. No reasons given. I did call Money Gram customer services, and made my complaint. I was told how offer I used the same money gram location at the CVS department stores that I usually go to. So, I was told to try another money gram stores, where I went to 57 Street, 8th Avenue, CVS stores there. Only, I used small amount to wire my money, that would total in part $360 and $340 that would total $700. This does not include your services fee. Still, no luck, with your money gram services. I did call the customer services representative, and made my complaint, and was later told not to used your money gram services anymore? Why is this?

Did I commit a crime, or was there any fraud of my behalf? I am born a U.S. America Citizen. Serve seven years in the United States Marine Corps, and was discharge an a honorable Sergeant in 1983. In further this, I did work for the United States Postal Services, for 15 years. I have been retired since September 8, 2008. My records would show that I have no criminal records of file, of any wrong doing. This means nothing if you keep treating me like I committed some sort of crimes, or I am doing something illegal. That I assure you, I have not done any wrong doing, as you all made me to be.

You were good to me, over Western Union, but something gone wrong, and I would like to know what this problems is.

Michael Olivencia
11:41 PM, EST USA
New home phone: 649-998-4070
Old phone number: 212-961-0438
SSN: 092-42-1225
74-76 West 103rd Street, Apt. 5E
New York, NY 10025


I have been sending money and using moneygram for yrs. I was just told i am nit a candidate to use your services any longer after sending a moneygram to my daughter roommate, because she is currently working on getting her id. I send a large amount of money and frequently to her because she is not mentally stable enough to manage money and get a job to function in society. I also send money to relatives, my grandkids and now without your services, i am crippled to driving more often to provide money to these people. I would like an explanation as to why i am denied use of moneygram. I am a registered pharmacist and i work for a major company and have been thoroughly checked out background ways in all ways possible and definitely with the state which licenses me. I want a contact name at your cooperate office whom i can talk to.


I went to Walmart to do a money gram for my car payment as I have been doing the last 5 years and tonight you had a young girl by the name of Kaitlin who was doing the loading on the computer had a very rude attitude with me and with her being the Customer Service Supervisor should have a better attitude with the customers.This time it took 3 people to do my money gram for me I have gone up there all other times when Glenna was working and no problem she has the attitude it takes to deal with the public. I have thought about moving my meds and everything else to Kroger because I'm tired of getting the attitudes from the workers at your store in Mt. Sterling and it is the younger ones that has higher jobs as managers and supervisors that are bad about it the title has gone to their heads.I don't mean to complain but someone has to speak up that is why i'm doing this.


My brother in law sent me money which this company has put under review he used cash for the transaction and I have a reference number, but was told there isn't any transaction available? I called MoneyGram by phone multiple times and asked to escalate the issue with no luck. I want my money your holding without a reason given, someone better get on top of this before I call my attorney. What is the best number for the CEO? Maybe he will care that his company is screwing customers over.


My dad lives in Georgia and I live in Arkansas. A few weeks ago he sent money from Walmart through Money Gram, but before I could pick it up the next day he was hospitalized. I was told by the cashier at my local Walmart that I would not be able to pick up my money because the message she got on the system said that "the money must be picked up in the state designated by the sender." I said what do you mean?

She said well there is no state listed here. So I called the Walmart where my dad sent it from and they informed me they couldn't help me either, and they gave me the number to MoneyGram. I have called MoneyGram and they said" It does have a state specified it is listed as Georgia." But it's our policy that we don't allow one to receive money in the same state that is sent from."

So, that should be a no-brainer right? It was obviously a mistake on the cashiers part-- no luck. They say my dad has to personally go back to the Walmart where he sent it and fix it. So that is not possible. I emailed a complaint to MoneyGram and in their reply they tell me that he must call a 1-800 number they provided on the email. What? I could have any male caller to do so if that is so true. Sounds to me like this is their way to make money.


Went to pay my rent using a Paylease card. Walmart employee sent my rent money somewhere else using Moneygram. Just a note, instructions are on card. A little over a week. Now I am getting evicted. No help nor concern just rude employees and managers.


I went into a moneygram outlet. It was my birthday and my friend in England sent me 50 pounds to buy myself a drink. It's my 2nd time using moneygram services and the first experience was bad so I was not happy to be going back there. I fill out the slip as required, after standing in line for more than half an hour with only 2 other customer in front of me. I was asked my occupation which i supplied. Then i was asked the source of the money, and asked what the money was for. I was not given the money because my addresses were not matching. I tried explaining to the agent who was very rude but she refused to give me the money. I had to call my friend and asked her to go get back her money.


I have been picking up MoneyGram at Walmart for over five years. Just this last month I've picked up two. Today, I went in as usual to pick up a money gram. They refused to give it to me. My son sent me $180.00 to help with my rent. I'm disabled and in a fixed income. But today, they said my name didn't match my drivers license. It says Judith. Its Judy. And these people all know me. It didn't stop them the last five years, why now when I need this money.

My son just got off a 14 hour shift. He lives in California. He's shut his phone off and I can't contact him. My rent is due today. Now, what is the difference from all the other times. All the information is the same. I have the correct numbers and everything. I've talked to four managers. And every one of them know exactly who I am. I'm not trying to rob anyone. But this is beyond stupidity. And I'm furious.


On May 16,2016, I sent a Money Gram (MG) to a friend of mine in Sebring, Fl. I was notified by my friend that the funds could not be released until I provided additional Information needed from me to proceed with the transaction. I started at 4:00 pm call customer service at MG, and was transferred to the dept. to provide the information. The wait time on the call is 15 mins. or greater due high call volume, an 1:40 mins later still on hold. I call customer service back, they said this the only dept that deals with problems or cancellations.

Still unable to get through, on Wednesday May 18 I wanted to cancel the MG, and have my money returned to me, $3,200 but I'm still unable the get through to the dept. Walmart, located in Littleton, NH is one of MG agents, can't get through, saying MG is known for doing this, puts their own Agents on hold for long periods of times. I've been going through this for five days now, since MG can hold my money for 180 days, and I am unable to cancel how do I get my money returned to me.

I tried to talk to a supervisor, but they would not talk to me, referring me back to the same dept. It sounds like MG is going to keep my money, because I can't get MG to talk to them. Can someone please help me with this problem or do I have to get an attorney.


I have been sending money for the last 2 years to family and friends in the Philippines through moneygram. For the the last week though, my transactions cannot get through even when I send money to my daughter whom I send money to every 2 weeks and sometimes every week as the need arises. I would like to continue sending money through moneygram. Is there a way for me to continue sending money through moneygram?


Today is Thursday, February 25th, 2016....After more than 3 years of using MoneyGram (MG) to provide monies to my Fiancé in the Philippines we are at the final stages of completing our efforts in getting our K-1 Visa through the US Embassy in Manila. I submitted my initial request to MoneyGram by the process MoneyGram (800 service rep directed me to do at local MG terminal). I did this initial request on Feb 8th 2016.

I followed up several times with MoneyGram customer service by phone and was told it was working.... My Fiancé has her final interview with the Consular Officer at the US Embassy on February 26th at 7:30a and I still do not have a response from MG 14 days later. Every call was filled with excuses and requirements to resend my forms using the same forms - repeatedly. Even the initial email address given to me from MG was wrong so I had to recall in order to request the address - again.

MoneyGram has failed to provide this simple request and now even refuses to provide a refund for not providing what is clearly stated on their forms and in repeated phone calls. What options do I have? MG administrative support is quantifiable failure with little recourse -- what options do I have?


It was December 2015 when I send my sister a money to pay my car and bond. I send a money via money gram as I am not SA. Am at US by work. When my sister went to collect money to the FNB bank they blocked her account because they said Netbank register her on fraud. What I need I want FNB to reverse my money back to money gram as my money still is stuck there on this account since December until now.


How hard can it be to speak with a customer service manager at MoneyGram to ensure I get the funds that were sent to me? I have contacted the corporate offices over and over.


I tried to get some one to listen to me at all 3 branch I went to. No one would listen to what was happening to me even the claims. Finally got Jennifer at claim who listen. I was crying because all the other Banker blew me off. Some Stolen my Identity. Money Gram will not pay me back. I LOST 1,500.00. My job has cut hours. I trust the bank now I am in a bad spot. This is not right what the Banker did to me at Money Gram.


I received $1,500 on 9-11-15 but instead got $500 in cash and the rest of $1,000 was paid in MoneyGram. Unfortunately I destroyed the MoneyGram certificate by mistake. I paid 40 dollars for a fee to find out the whereabouts and that it was not cashed or stolen. Please help me, as MoneyGram will not assist in getting my money back. It seems like the company would be more helpful to their customers. Have tried calling them and emailing my complaints online, still no response.


I was contacted by Abraham Peter from San Antonio, Texas. 210- 807 4078. He reported that I have several dangerous viruses on my computer. He opened my computer and showed me. He cleaned up my computer. He sold me a 3 year Tech Service for $280 payable by Money Gram.. I was to send the money to Abraham Peter in India. It was to be sent "personal" to avoid a $100 service change. When asked why India. He said that was where Microsoft has their billing offices. Fortunately Money Gram would not send the Money Gram.


I cant receive money from MoneyGram I want to know what is wrong or what do I have to fix. I have tried to contact their customer service hotline and also the MoneyGram twitter page but with no luck. Is this how they define customer service today?


Great people always use the simplest ways, as I do with MoneyGram for my banking transactions. It's an wonderful online banking facility with MoneyGram to make your payments, send cash around the world with no bank account. Risk free, faster and user-friendly Menus and customer support is the great feature of MoneyGram. Secure transfer services, low exchange rates around the Globe and what else we require for our online money transactions. I recommend top use MoneyGram for your faster financial transactions anywhere around the globe.

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