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I purchased a Kia Rio on December 20th 2015. When I test drove the car the tire pressure light was on. The salesman, Mike Dorgan said it was because it was sitting a while and tires just need air so don't worry about that we will take care of it. I liked the car and purchased it.

The customer sevice dept reset the air pressure light and put some air in the tires everything seemed great! Well, 2 days later the light went on again, I called mike and he said new cars are notorious for that so call the sevice dept and he gave me the number so I made an appointment to get it fixed. Took it in and got a loaner and the Service Rep Aaron said it was a bad sensor and they would replace it so I got it back the same day and thought Ok all good. Two days later the tire pressure light went back on, so called set up an appointment and they told me that Kia had to do the work on it and they could not get me in for several days!

Kia got the car in and said nothing was wrong and reset it and told Aaron to pick it up. On the way back to Carmax the air pressure light came on. Aaron said that he had to send it back and make them fix it, They finally said it was a bad sensor and would replace it.After 9 days I picked up my car,2 days later the tire pressure light went on! I think the salesman either knew about the tire pressure light problem or did not really know or find out and the service dept just reset the light and strung me along until my 30 days was up. Anyway had I known that this car had a problem like this I would have never bought the car.It is either they don't want to fix it or it has serios electrical problems.

I feel this is some real shady stuff from the corporate office and I am stupid enough to fall into this trap my 30 day Carmax Warranty is up and the tire pressure light is still on.

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I started searching for a new escalade 6 months ago... I finally found one in my price range and paid ($899) to have it shipped to Ellicott City, MD (1 week to arrive). I received a voice msg from Diane stated that the SUV had arrived and it would have to go thru MSI before I could test drive (4 more days). No one contacted me for several days (3) so I decided to stop by to check on the status of the SUV. After speaking with several people and waiting over a half hour, it was finally shared (by Justin) that it cleared MSI, but the tinting on the windows had to be removed. Then I was told there was a problem with the rear door not being able to open and that it would be a few more days before I could test drive. While I was there, I decided to have my current SUV appraised for trade in to speed up the process.

After numerous phone calls to Diane (4 msgs left) and Zack( he shared Diane had the wrong number and never contacted him per my request), I was told the SUV was ready for sale (more than 2 weeks after arrival). I contacted my bank and was approved for a 37,000 auto loan. I spoke with Zack and shared this information 24 hours in advance. I arrived the next day to purchase the SUV and submitted the contract from my bank. After test driving the SUV and presenting the appropriate documents, everyingthing came to a halt. For some reason CarMax only applied 36,300 of the 37,000 auto loan that was approved by my bank. I had anticipated paying the remaining balance of 1500 (estimate) in cash but was told I owed $2222. When I questioned why, no one (Zack and Manager) could not provide an answer. May I mentioned, the manager never came to speak with me.

I waited for nearly 3 hours and no one could tell me anything. I contacted my bank who verified that the $37,000 was approved and all funds should be applied to the sale. Very, Very, very unhappy customer. I have purchased 3 cars from CarMax and never experience anything like this. I left after almost 3 hours without the new SUV and again, no one could explain what was going on. The communication was extremely poor from the beginning. I would like and explanation and some sort of compensation.

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carmax in irvine ca.My situation with CarMax has left me traumatized and leery of business with them any further.I am currently hostage to poor customer service and bad business ethics.They have dragged out a problem created by them on going for a month now. I have never been so grossly treated by a gentleman name Jose in the service department which has only been surpassed by the manager marco.

Whos behavior is so outrageously rude and is shocking he represents the CarMax name.Im pregnant,have two children and a husband with a rental car that is costing us 25 dollars per day in insurance costs.I had to seek medical attention today due to the fact ive been so brutally disrespected and left TRAUMATIZED.The situation is out of control and i am on the verge of seeking punitive damages.I would like the situation resolved Asap.

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I bought a 2006 Pacifica in 2009; I also bought their Maxcare Extended Warranty. The car has shut off without warning >20 times. It has been taken into CarMax and the Chrysler Dealers; numerous times, “repairs” have been made. Yet the car continues to shut off without warning. Furthermore, CarMax has stated they cannot recreate the problem so the car is fine.

I’m afraid for my safety, the safety of my family and the safety of others driving around me. CarMax’s response is there is nothing they can do but they will buy my car back for less than 1/2 of what I paid for it and less than what is still owed on the car, and for me to buy another car from them. I mean they’ve got to be kidding me!!

The Maxcare Extended Warranty is still in effect but it seems like CarMax is trying to ignore me as long as they can until the warranty expires and they no longer have to do anything. If I had the luxury of taking the car to a junk yard and buying a new one I would do it tomorrow! But here I am a hazard on the road driving this death vehicle, because it’s my only means of transportation.

I have contacted a lawyer; I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Florida Attorney General.

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Thursday on May 25th I visited A Carmax on US 19 in Clearwater. I spoke to a friendly sale man about shopping for an economy car and he directed me to the first row of cars on the lot. He said if I had any Questions come see him. So I checked the inventory and to my surprise the sticker price’s were marked up the same way when these cars were brand new. For example: A 2008 Chevy Colbalt went for $13,000.00. The same car on Carmax today lot went for the same price with 32k on the odometer. WHAT A RIP OFF MAN. I Walked off the lot at Carmax and shall never return.

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Purchased a vehicle at carmax of Fayetteville and a little more than a week later the engine light comes on all of a sudden. So I wanted to try to trade it back in and when I get there the salesman Richard I spoke to never even held the vehicle I told him I was interested in. Never have a I seen such rude customer service in my life, and I was shocked at what I heard. He pretty much said your five days are up suck it up and deal with the car that you bought. Never will I go to carmax again and I will be telling friends and family members to do the same!

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The carmax store manager refuses to return our calls or our money back “deposit” for a new car that we were going to buy from them. It’s been 10 days since we first went to the dealer to purchase the car. Three days latter we decided to cancel everything, since then we have been trying to recover our money from carmax, but it’s impossible because they do not want to talk to us or inform us of what is going on with our money. What should we do about this problem?

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So today I (reluctantly) went to carmax and their “car buying center” to see and get a price on my car. It was a brand new camaro I had just won from a contest, and figured carmax would give me a decent price for it. Boy was I wrong! After I waited like cattle in the waiting room with all the other poor saps, they offered me about 40% of what my car is worth on the blue book prices. I”m not expecting retail, but jeez carmax don’t waste my time with this ripoff crap. So after seeing the offer, I shopping around town and found out that the market isn’t really good for selling anything right now. Bad economy = car prices way down.

After browsing around I drove back to carmax, where this little snitch lady gave me some more lip about the way carmax works. I didn’t even care, but put up with it because I needed the cash. I asked her if I could use the phone, and she said “later”. Then went to work on the paperwork. About 5 minutes in the jerk lady told me she was having problems with their computer system, so she couldn’t buy the car. Problems with the computer system? Really carmax what a ripoff! So you drag me there, waste me time, give me lip by some pissed off lady who hates her job, then your system crashes and you can’t do anything. Joking right? Wrong.

Regardless of all that bs, listen to me well, carmax car buying centers are a total ripoff! If you like waiting in a room like a daycare, getting the run around and excuses on why they can’t offer you crap for your car, then encounter more rude employees and bs, then by all means check out carmax and let them buy your car! Otherwise go to a reputable dealership (if there is such a thing left), you’ll have better luck with non-corporate monkeys.

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Bought a truck from Carmax. 4 days later, tie rods replaced and alignment needed. One week later rear axle leak. All supposedly checked during 125 point Carmax inspection. Service mngr tells me they actually don’t check everything unless technician feels the need. How do you check tie rods or alignment without lifting vehicle up or putting on alignment machine? Had these things been done, they also would have noticed rear axle leak. Called Customer no service. No help. Will be talking to attorney next. STAY AWAY FROM CARMAX !!

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Carmax started out with a vision to change the way cars were sold and repaired. Company motos like ” Happy associate make happy customers and happy customers make happy stock holders” and ” accept no defect, create no defect, pass on no defect” were words to live by. Now under new management and reacting to a poor economy, Carmax has resorted to the same cost cutting tactics that give all used car lots bad reputations. Quality used cars are a thing of the past at carmax, all they sell now is pain and frustrations just like everybody else.

I am seeing more and more complaints online about carmax and their buying procedures. Apparently they have set up all this scam “buying” locations just to rip people off. They claim they will give you a fair price, but then don’t do anything except insult you and try to ripoff what decency is left in their company. I guess they have to totally undercut everybody else they feel like! Just beware of their sales tactics and the fact that if you do go, you will not get customer service. I am all about companies making an easy buck, that seems to be the American way, just don’t go lying about being all about the customer, because you aren’t!

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