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I was having Xiaomi Redmi note 3 the phone is getting heated too much and the battery also draining very fast. I went to the Xiaomi service center in Mumbai and they checked my phone. The employee told me there is a problem and a flaw in the motherboard so I'd have to mail it off for repairs. Well now it's been one month and no phone. I keep calling them again and they never pick up. I had gone to service center they told me the parts is not available for 16gb variant and it will take min 10 more days. Xiaomi phone's are good but the service is the worst.


I am a foreigner at mainland China. One day my device automatically updated MIUI. After updating MIUI 7 on my device (Xiaomi Redmi Note 2), I can not access my phone's internal storage as well as memory card from laptop. My device (Redmi Note 2) when connected to the laptop shows it is being charged (I mean to say battery charging is ok from laptop). This is my only complaint against Xiaomi. Please let me know how can I access the contents (files in the storage of phone) from laptop.


I have bought Redmi 1S phone from flipkart on 19 Nov 2014 and after 2 months it stops working. When I went to service in Chandigarh they checked it and told it's physical damage in some internal charging circuit. I asked them to repair it and they refuse saying that it's not covered under warranty .I don't understand that some internal circuit is having issue and how can I be responsible for that as it is an product issue.

Then I called Xiaomi customer call center and explained them the whole story. First of all they also told the same story but after so much of discussion they told me that again visit service center and from their connect them to service center so that they can discuss with them. I went to service center again and connected call center guy and service center guy. After this call center guy (Sandesh) told me that they will send it for approval and repair my phone soon. After that day I again got call after one week from service center and they told me to visit again as they want to take PIC of my phone. I went again 3rd time.

Now after all this I am still awaiting any update from service center guys and call center guys and in between I called Xiaomi service center 15 times and every time I have to explain them the whole story and every time they give me new complain number but no one seems to be interested in resolving issues. Latest complaint number is 78533.


I had my mobile in my jean pocket and I was leaning across a table to get hold of my keys. The contact with table totally shattered my phone screen. It was under the slightest pressure, but I don't know how it broke. Mi phones boast of good quality, but this is not what I expected from them. I first called the customer care number given in their Indian portal to enquire about the cost and number of days it would take them to fix it. It didn't prove much useful since the guy on the phone didn't know much.

Then I called up one of the customer service center given in their website. They said it would take around 7 working days and Rs.6000 for the repair. The phone just costed me Rs. 14000. They're charging me almost half the money just for screen replacement! Since I didn't want to buy a new phone, i decided to go ahead and get it fixed. I gave my phone for repair on March 6. They asked me call them after 7 working days to confirm the status. They said the delay was due to the time taken in procuring the new screen. I called them after a week to know whether I could come and get it the next day. The lady on the phone informed me that it would take another 2 days since there was a delay in receiving the courier package.

I couldn't do or say much and I just let it be. Again, after few days, i went to service center to get the phone. That time, they informed me that they hadn't finished the work yet since the package arrived only that day morning and asked me to come the next day. I complied. The next day when I went there, they informed that there was some issue with new screen and the touch wasn't working. They will have to get a new screen which will take another 5 days. I came back again on 6th day when they again gave the same excuse saying that work wasn't completed yet. The last time I spoke to them, they gave the excuse of being severely short of man power and have confirmed that they would surely deliver my phone by April 2.

For a company boasting to be receptive to their fans and customers, Xiaomi has been very very poor in their customer service. I love my phone. I was so happy with Xiaomi until this incident. They just aren't ready to take over the bigger players here because they simply don't have the logistics to provide after-sales-service support. The responsibility of the brand doesn't end as soon as they hand over the product to customer. It starts there.


well i bought cell phones and the same issue occurred with both of them .. first the flipkart,com refused to share the contact # of the service center as e they don't it .. it was a shock for me .. the only website who is selling the xiaomi phone do not have the contact # of the xiaomi service center later when they shared the address and that contains two different locations but they never agreed to accept it and forced to find the center by my own... i traveled around 50 km just to find the service center ... Finally i reached and they took my phone now as per promised date that the phone will be repaired no one bothered to call me and again i traveled 20-30 Km just to know whether my phone has bee repaired or not and unfortunately it didn't. The number shared by the service center, no one answer you need dial at least 15-20 times so that some one answer ur call... finally after 9 day i got my phone .. I was happy but they did something horrible. before giving my phone to them i format it complete so that they cant see my personal data but when i got my phone back what i saw was they retrieved my data and they refused that they didn't .. they might have miss used my personal pictures / messages / videos .. they were rude they doesn't know how to treat a customer but i want to file a case or i will file a FRI in the near police station for miss using my personal data .. i hope you will forward this to the right person.


The products look OK. My problem with them is they are clearly copying Apple in the USA. How can they get away with this? The laptops look the same as MacBook Airs and the phones look the same as iPhones. Quite unbelievable actually. Will never buy a Xiaomi until they come up with an original thought.

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