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Product was made available an e-mail was sent to me notifying me so that I could place an order. I placed an order on the 25th of August, and billed on August 26th, Monday. I never received a e-mail verifying the order. but I did obtain the order number through the call center. My complaint is this. We moved from Auburn to Redding, so our billing address is different than our shipping address. It was made clear in the order, and received without an issue. I was awaiting a shipping e-mail.

I never received it and called over 4 times to receive information on order status. Each time I called the representatives had different answers, none which were a solution. Come to find out through one of the representatives that a call I made this morning and spoke with one of the service reps was not logged in their internal system. This agent had told me they would e-mail me right after our call along with give me a call back. I waited over 2 hours and did not receive it or any answers.

The agent I spoke with said that she did not see any note of me calling except for once on the 30th. She stated there was 2 in stock within the warehouse and that there was a note on my account stating to wait until Wednesday the 7th, to speak with her simply because the Shipping address was different than our billing address. I then requested to speak to her supervisor assuming she may have some authority to release this hold of authentication by any series of questions or transfer me to someone in compliance who has this ability.

I was transferred to Denise the Call Center Supervisor (Extension : 3159). She stated that because of the note there was nothing she could do about it (because Sharon is her boss & she lacks clearance). Denise told me that Sharon had reached out to call me and left a voicemail regarding the issue several days ago, but that she had left the office today and that I would have to wait until Wednesday the 7th to speak with Sharon. From order placement to shipment, that's a 12 day period, not including shipment time.

This is based upon ordering directly through the company and I can't believe the unprofessionalism and complete lack of ability to solve this issue. I use Google Hangouts and provided a Google number. Every voicemail left on my number I both am able to listen to & receive an e-mail with the transcript. Sharon did not leave me a voicemail or send me an e-mail (which they have had) during the days she was in office.

The most frustrating part is that she left the office today and if any of the times I had called in any of the representatives would have actually cared enough to review the log, see the note, and transfer me to Sharon, this issue could have been resolved. I purchased this watch as a gift because my birthday is September 10th, and even with Denise expediting the shipment, I won't receive it until the 12th.

The delay is completely the fault of Sharon C (Extension : 7584). Although Sharon must have logged internally that she called and left a voicemail, she never actually did. I told Denise to send me evidence that she called via any call logging history there company uses to track calls. She stated that there is no internal system to track calls made to customers. I can't believe the lack of sophistication and complete inability to follow through. If someone places a note stating that an order placed is to be put on hold due to any concern and then leaves on vacation ect.

There absolutely must be someone else that can handle the same responsibilities professionally with the same clearance as her. She made a fake log note, other representatives made no log notes during certain calls, which one of the reps made clear as well, and I can verify my calls made. Denise was completely belligerent and stubborn in accepting that perhaps there was a mistake or that they could have made an attempt to e-mail me at any point.

I received no e-mail from Sharon either about any order hold placement needing resolving and they had the correct e-mail on file the entire time! This company may have good product, but that's all they have. The upper management in corporate should be concerned with this as this is what there company really is underneath them. For a company that prides itself on technology, it sure doesn't have any great technology to ensure it's employees are monitored both in call logs and internal log notes.

I work for a multi million dollar nationwide appraisal management company and am very aware of this process, little does anyone at Casio know. What's sad is this fact, it's easier and less problematic to purchase products from 3rd party vendors instead of through the company itself. I'm beyond dissatisfied with the call center & whoever is responsible for complete management of it, because they are not doing their job correctly, and it's clear. Happy birthday to me I guess.


I purchased a Casio keyboard yesterday, and after bringing it home I discovered a broken key on the keyboard. I immediately called the Casio customer service number. Guess what? Nobody answered. So I left a voicemail, and hope that someone will call me back and address my complaint.


Casio has various products to offer from. From digital clocks, watches,cameras,calculators and many more. I purchased the PX-150BK/WE from Casio. Scaled Hammer-Action Keyboard,4 Layer Stereo Piano Sounds, Ebony and Ivory Feel Keys are the best features. I simply love playing this and learning has become easy. It is expressing the rich, resonating tones inherent to the piano. It offers the luxurious feel and texture as well as the smooth touch of a grand piano keyboard. I highly recommend people to use Casio for any musical purpose. It is simply awesome.

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