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Top Nikon Complaints

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I purchased a Nikon dslr 3500 camera about two weeks ago and registered it as directed and was told b your information that I would received instruction on taking a users course......TO DATE I HAVE RECEIVED NOTHING......


I am struggling to get NIKON to admit to a problem with their firmware updates. I recently (tried) to upgrade a NIKON camera to the latest firmware, only to have the circuit board fail during the upgrade. Since then (now over two weeks of back and forth with NIKON) I have been trying to get fair and reasonable support, to no avail. I would appreciate receiving NIKON corporate office information to file a complaint:

Frank Schreiber


If you purchase a Nikon product don’t expect Nikon support. I had a very simple question about paring my D7100 to my IPad and could not get an answer. I tried calling but could not. I sent an email and never got an answer and I tried their quick connect and got someone who knew lesser about the camera than me. One time before I sent a camera to be repaired and they sent it back unrepaired. Said it could not be repaired and then I found a 20-year old that repaired it perfectly - 4 years and it’s still working. They just don’t believe in service after the purchase. I have purchased my last Nikon anything.


Hello. I just bought a new Nikon coolpix p100 but I need the quick start dvd and the Owners Manual. How can I get them?


Purchased a new pair of glasses for over $300 within the last 4 months. Only wear the glasses at night and recently noticed a scratch on one lens. Took the glasses back to Walmart to be repaired and was told that the lens had been made by Nikon and their warranty did not cover lens scratches unless they were within the line of vision. I have been wearing glasses for over fifty years and have never had a lens scratch, very disappointed in service from both Walmart and Nikon.


Nikon D5 and NIKKOR 70-200 compatibility issue. I have been shooting Nikon professionally for 35 years. I bought the D5 immediately only to find that the 70-200mm f/2.8 ED VR II doesn’t work on it. The lens works on every camera I am shooting now: D3, D4, 800, 800E and the 810A. I have never had a problem with the lens. I sent it to Nikon and they said I would have to pay $400 because the lens was out of warranty… it’s 5 1/2 yrs old.

She told me that Nikon Tech said is it was "misaligned"! I have never had a “misaligned” lens in 35 years. Nor have I had any problems with Nikon equipment that I didn’t create.
It turns out service is not in charge of customer relations and cannot, according to the supervisor, authorize free repair, even when it is clearly a Nikon problem. This is a classic “head in the sand” stance. I finally gave up and sent it back today.


Nikon has solid quality. My only complaint is how expensive their lenses are when you compare them to the body of the camera. For example a D50 or comparable is about $400 for the body with some lenses being more than $1,000. I do not think this is a good deal or a way to provide customer service.

This Nikon camera cable was ordered on 2/18/16 and was shipped, according to your records, on 2/23/16 by my husband. I did not see an email informing me that it was shipped, only that it was ordered. I realized today that I had not gotten it and started searching to see what happened. I cannot tell what credit card my husband used when he ordered it so cannot check to see if it was charged. According to your Cart Summary it shows that there was a delivery confirmation but I did not receive it and really need to get this cable so I can charge and use my camera as I misplaced my original one.


The best moments of life can be captured only in the best cameras. My photography has become more professional when I started using Nikon's DSLR camera. Revolutionary clippings are only possible with Nikon's lenses. Excellence in image quality, full HD videos, capturing the mysterious beauty of celestial bodies, galaxy wonders and many more are available on one click. Nikon has Digital SLR cameras, flashes,s oftwares, Nikkor Lenses. For the World's best cameras and lenses, please do visit Nikon in your location.


I was looking out for Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Nikon Lens for DSLR Cameras and got a good price at Adorama Cameras. I must say they have a variety of products to offer in terms of cameras,lenses,camcorders,tripod stands and many more. After making my purchase, I have received the order within 2 working days. Adorama have a VIP scheme which I have opted for with just $149, so that I get a special price while shopping the next tine. Adorama has special products available for VIP customers which I think is very useful and gives that extra one looks for as a privileged customer. Great products and services at Adorama.

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