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Top Polaroid Complaints

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I made a complaint 23rd March about broken Polaroid sunglasses but nobody has got back to me


I sent you an e mail 23 rd March about my broken sunglasses and not received a reply


I purchased my Polaroid sunglasses from Dillards. Naples Florida on 13th February 2018 which I was delighted with.

We left our home and sunglasses in Naples 17th April to return back to England.

We 'returned back to Naples 6th January 2019. The arm on my sunglasses broke 17th March. I took them back to Dillards who told me to get in touch with you. Although the warranty may have only just expired the glasses only lasted me 4 months in total. I would ask you kindly to look for a sympathetic claim to repair these sunglasses.

I have tried to send 4 e mails only to be told unable to send. Then rang and went through to several departments passing from one department to another. No satisfaction at all.


Bought TV 12/2017 and by 5/2018 it would not work. Contacted the company and they wanted me to send it to them at my expense! No compromise after spending over $200 for the tv I have to pay more to have it fixed. I think that they should send a replacement then I will send the tv back. (not to mention I am without a TV all this time)


I purchased this tablet Feb. 19, 2018. It doesn't seem to keep a charge. A lot of times it's like the power button doesn't work. Have to push the reset button a lot to get it started. Today I can't get it on even after hitting the reset button. Just not satisfied with it and all of it's problems.


Tv is great but the remote control hardly works. Needs software update. Only works when straight on and one meter away with new batteries. Poor design. No reply from tech support at Polaroid either, maybe they should stick to making cameras?


I had purchased a product. The battery charger was loose so I sent it back because it is covered under warranty. I payed for the shipping. When the ups came they just left it over the fence. Nobody was home. When I got home from work it was all chewed up from the dog. I've been trying to get it replaced because that was not my fault.

The first 3 times i talked to a representative they were very rude. One of the guys said it wasn't nobodies fault it was the dogs fault and hung up on me. I'm a paying a customer here and I don't need to be treated like this. This was back in September and I'm still trying to get the tablet replaced. If nothing comes about I will never buy from the Polaroid Company again and I will advise other people as well.

All I want is the device replaced. We payed cash for the device plus the warranty coverage. Also, the shipping process was paid with cash. My money all waisted. I call almost every other week to get no where with this issue. I contact ups because the company claims they need more paper work I contact to the ups and they say they sent the paper work and they are waiting on paper work from the Polaroid Company. It's just a back and forth game. I do still have the damaged tablet and I also filed a complaint with the UPS.


I'm waiting for the refund promised by Polaroid for my 55" Flat screen 4K TV. HDTV DE550M3N4AU-YA4. I was told it couldn't be fixed. I was asked to send a FAX of the invoice from FedEx to verify they were the carrier to the Empire Electronic Corp for the TV. It's now been three months and still no check. I was given a lame reason for the delay: Polaroid was moving its location so that slowed the refund process. How unbelievable and unprofessional is that? Let's get this over again; I thought Polaroid was a reputable and responsible company. Please don't disappointment me any further.


On Feb. 3, 2016, I ordered a Polaroid Link 5 (order #115-9783720-7684220) which I received a week or so after. I had a problem with it (connecting to my Wi-Fi) that Southern Telecomm helped me solved. But before that was solved, I found that the external SD could not be mounted. I put another ticket with Southern Telecomm and they told me that the phone fully support external SD and I should try different OTG connectors. I asked if they had tried it and to give me the brand of OTG that works so I could buy it.

They said they have not tried it. (I would have expected that they try in one with the proper OTG and then tell me). My support ticket was not closed and over the course of several months, I tried more than half a dozen OTGs from vendors who will open the package. Nothing worked. I was ready to give up on that feature when all of a sudden the phone got stuck in "Android System Recovery (3e)". I have tried all the internet suggestions of how to get out of it but it's in a loop and kept going back the screen about recover. The phone is not functioning right now.

I want a replacement for this phone as soon as possible OR a refund, as I am leaving for overseas in a couple of weeks. When I receive the replacement, I will return the defective one. I live in Canada and I do not want to drive the 60 miles to cross the border just to return the unit and then come travel again to pick up the replacement


I bought a Polaroid 55" 4K Flat screen TV model DE550M3N4AU-YA4. The picture was beautiful and I was very satisfied with it. Within a few months the picture went black. I paid to have it diagnosed and the technician said the back lighting had gone out and said it wasn't worth fixing.

It was still under warranty, so I sent it back to your repair center: Empire Electronics Corp. RMA# 103013, 5550 Jurupa Street, Ontario CA 91761 at phone number 1-888-636-8599. They offered me another TV (a non 4K) and a second small TV (I don't need or want) I will accept a replacement TV of the same model I sent them. Since, I didn't accept their alternative offer, I have not heard from them. Would you please intercede for me and hasten them to either fix the TV I sent to them (under warranty) or replace it with the same model (4K) TV.


I bought a Polaroid 32" Digital HD LED TV on June 3, 2016, took it to the apartment we were renovating and had the cable company, who was installing our cable line, plug in the TV and hook up the cable and turn everything on, it worked! Put the TV back in the box, renovated the apartment, and opened the TV box, which was stored in a safe place, again, plugged in the TV, turned it on, nothing, no power, no little blue light indicating power was on, checked wall plug, TV connection, tried remote, power button on TV. Nothing!

So I called the Polaroid 1-800 number on the instructions for help, waited 20 minutes for someone to answer my call, then hung up, repeated that same call later in the afternoon (EST) and again waited this time for 25 minutes to answer my call for help. My suggestion here is have a program whereby, after a certain time - like 5/10 minutes , you are asked for your name and phone number coupled with the statement that some representative will call you back within (?) so as not to keep a customer waiting.


Dear Polaroid executives at HQ. I am trying to connected with you with 1-800-425-2604, But this is not connect and showing wrong number. Actually I have purchased a 40 inch Polaroid LED TV last 3 months ago. I have facing a problem with screen. The screen is flashing light in every 3-4 seconds. So i will try to connect with Polaroid TV service center. I request please sent any technician for this rectify this issue as well on priority. Any other query please contact me on my mentioned number.


The camera is horrible or I am doing something very wrong. All photos are distorted, or very blurry. Some appear to be 3 dimensional. I sent another one back for the same reason. Is it me? I have tried numerous things and the photos turn out the same. I mean 18 out of 20 photos will be bad. I wish I could send you a few samples. Here is one though.


I'm eighty years young. I've purchased & used many Polaroid cameras through the years. I still have an instant Polaroid from (1975), still works. I purchased a (iE826). I've never been happy with it, because the pics are blurred. I would like it to be replaced with a better quality Polaroid, I'm willing to pay the difference in price, (49.95). Thank you for an answer to this problem. There has been no help from the CEO or any executives I have written letters too over the years.


I purchased a Polaroid (iE826) at Wal-Mart in Hot Springs, Ar. I've never been happy with the camera, most pictures come out 'blurred'. I have always thought Polaroid was 'top of the line'. I still have a Polaroid (instant) I purchased in 1975. As a building contractor it was very useful. I don't want my money back. I would like to have another camera, maybe a little better quality. I'm willing to pay the difference in price.


I bought a Polaroid Socialmatic ($400) for my birthday, and in 5 months it broke. So I contacted them for an exchange and they declined by telling me that it's because that I purchased it in Europe. So I contacted them again for a refund, but they said that due to discontinuing the product, they can't do anything. Then they told me to try to return it to the place of purchase, but of course the shop said that its Polaroid is in charge for it, and I should contact them. Thank you Polaroid for making me WASTE $400 and ton of my time just to hear an excuse. I recommend you don't buy anything from them, because it will be a waste of money.


Love my old school Polaroid camera, but I do have one complaint about the replacement film. It is rediculously expensive! How can you expect people to want to use these photos if a refill is $15 or more. My advice to Polaroid corporate would be to lower prices and maybe your products would make customers happier.


I was gifted the the Z2300 polaroid camera. It can be used just as a regular ol’ 10-megapixel point and shoot camera. The clarity of the camera outcome is good. Neat and clear. Easy to use and understand the features. After going through the websites to know more about Polaroid. I was actually amazed by the kind of products they have. Cameras and Camcorders, digital ones, lenses, Instant Camera, Color films, Leather bags and pouches, tablets that are dual core and many more. Absolutely love what I have with me and learning more about it.

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