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Bought a television from the military exchange online in Dec 2018. Was watching it one day when it quit showing. Tried to use the remote but it would not command the tv. I was able to manual turn the tv just not with the remote. Called your company spoke with a sales person who kept giving me the wrong directions and became frustrated when i could not manually get to where she was trying to get me to in the tv. She told me she did not have a manual for my particular model which was made in 2018. She then said that she would send me an email to get me warranty services of some sort but along the way she slipped up and mentioned something to the effect that my case would be considered closed as she could not fix the problem. I received the email and sent what they requested but my receipt was the sort that comes with a truck delivery so they refused it. I had the Military exchange AAFES send me a proof of purchase as I could not get them to understand I did not have a store receipt as I brought my item over the internet and the receipts are different. You company closed my case "to their satisfaction" then told me there is nothing they could do as I did not have the type of receipt they wanted. I went online and see many others having the same issue. It seem that my remote control is the issue and it needed to be reprogrammed to the tv. Your person was unwilling or unable to take the time to do this with me.
This is why I am angry. My tv may not have costs $1000. but I paid my hard earned money for it and as a customer, I deserved to have my expectations met. They are are folks online charging $5.00 to fix the issue folks are having with your TV/REMOTE. I also see online your ratings for customer care is pretty poor. I can now see why. I will let Consumer Affairs know of my experience and I will join the forums online but as for you all. I want nothing else to do with you. I am a retired disabled Veteran who works 12 hours a week so a tv that cost under $200 is still a splurge for me. I will chalk this one up to bad luck and move on. Thanks for nothing. BTW I would like you to look at the email thread that has been going on with me and the customer care person. I guess the customer isn't always right.


When I originally booked my fridge for a service, I was of the understanding it was purchased in 2015, not 2013 and I was under the assumption the fridge was still under warranty, which is why I waited 7 days for a technician to assess the fridge. Unfortunately, it was 3 months out of warranty period. The mother board has been replaced leaving me with fees of $185 for the technician on a Saturday, because the service was unable to be booked prior and $210 for the mother board part. During this time I have incurred food spoilage, and unable to have cold storage for a week. I would be very thankful if my circumstances could be assessed and the fees and charges negotiated. I also had confirmed on the Friday the technician was coming on Saturday for fridge, only to be woken at around 7am with a technician booked for a dishwasher, I needed to call again at 8am to have another technician assigned. Thank you for your consideration of the high costs incurred. I have also just had the freezer light looked at as it popped out after the fridge stopped working, and the light base has been heated and warped so will not clip back in to the original socket.
Yours sincerely
Cheryl Sayers


I have had a Westinghouse generator for 2.5 years and need it repaired. I took it into Home depot and paid the $20 to have it looked at. I was told it did not have compression. I made another trip to talk with the person that diagnosed it. I told him it was still under warranty for parts. He said they could not find the parts to repair it. A few days later I got a call telling me it was being shipped to Georgia to be repaired. A couple weeks later, I got a call telling me it was ready and I owed $69.

When myself and a friend went to pick it up, the notes just said they cleaned the carb. and did not address the lack of compression. After the local Home depot connected me with the dept. in Georgia, I was told by the person there that he did not know why they did not repair all of it. He told me if I was willing to pay another $20, they could send it back to them and they would let me know how much it would cost to repair it. After spending over 5 hours of my time and not any closer to having it repaired " I give UP". Home depot in Corpus Christ TX on Port.


I purchased a Westinghouse TV from the Stillwater, MN store in 2013 in which I purchased the 3yr extended warranty The TV failed and I was mailed a box to return it. It was returned to your warranty company which I think the name is Assurion. They received the TV on March 9th and by the 15th of March if was determined that the TV was not repairable (I called and this was the only way I found out). I was told that they were not sure what the next process would be.

Again I called a week later and told I would be issued a Target Gift Card. ( This call was around the 21st of March) and they told me that the Gift Card had been approved. At that time I spoke with a Manager Robert and he assured me that the card would be e-mailed to in a few days. I called again and he assured me it was coming (at which time he told me that he had called me but I had no messages from him. I received a call on March 30th that the gift card email was approved and would take 24 to 72 hrs.

As of today April 4th, I still do no have the card. I have been a loyal customer of Target's for several years and I guess I can't understand why you would associate with a company that works like this.

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