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WellCare provides medicare and healthcare coverage to more than 3,500,000 people in America. Common issues relate to Medicaid, Medicare, and Perscription Drug Plans. The company was founded in 1985. If you have problems with Medicare direct your correspondence to P.O. Box 31685 Tampa, FL 33631.

You can direct questions or comments to the WellCare corporate offices which are located at 200 W Adams St  Ste 800, Chicago, IL 60606. If you need to file a complaint you can call the customer service at (312) 630-2025. The CEO of the company is Kenneth A. Burdick.

The toll-free phone number is 1-866-530-9491 Monday-Sunday, between the hours of 8am to 8pm. If you cannot reach management with the previous addrss, try the general mailing address for all plans at P.O. Box 31372 Tampa, FL 33631-3372.

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I was sent a coupon book when I joined Well Care to pay $15.00 a month I made a payment of $15.00 in January and a $15.00 payment in February. . Rather than pay each month I made a payment of $150.00 for the balance of the year. Than for some unknown and unrequested reason Well Care told SS to start taking $15.00 out of my SS monthly payment. They started this in May. I called Well Care and they said they would straighten it out . Then again in June , $15.00 was again taken out of my SS check. I called again and they said they would refund me my two over charges of $30.00. I received a check last week for $15.00. which does not cover the over charge. . Today I received a letter saying that I had requested SS take the monthly charge out of my SS beginning August 1. I never made any such request. So I am afraid they will again deduct $15.00 from my SS check.. I am paid up for the entire year of 2019. Up to this point, I am not satisfied with the people you have monitoring the telephone system because the problem is certainly not being resolved.. That is why I have decided to put it in writing. If you can not communicate to SS not to take out of my SS check. Write me a check for June $15.00 over payment and then a check for July,, August, September, October, November and December for $90.00 and that would be a total of $105.00 and let SS take it out of my check as it seems like no one at your company knows how to settle this.


Our facilities 195019 and 191837 are having a problem with getting our claims processed timely.
when you request medical records either from Wellcare or Optum it should not take 3 mouths to receive my payments after the decision has ben made to pay the claim. when we call the provider line if it's something they do not want to answer they start transferring you to different people. are they will put us on hold an hope we hang up when asking for a supervisor. something has to be done.. These are reference # from phone calls made on this claim
claim# 901884463
06/25/19 ref# 168243676 excalation # 169312852
06/03/19 ref#167298105
07/17/19 ref#180406573 allow another 20 days


This afternoon, I waste 20 very valuable minutes of time and effort with 2 different representatives from your company. I typically schedule all appointments for my husband who recently completed radiation therapy. We are needing a followup with a Urologist in our area. I found that none of the doctors accept Wellcare. It was suggested that I try calling your company for a list of providers in our area.

Simple or so I thought. Your first representative could not pull up his account using his social security number, so information was forthcoming. I thanked her and hung up. Since, I am an employee at a healthcare facility, I proceeded to do what your representative could not. I was able to go
to a website and access his account using his name and social security number.

I called back and got a different representative, who I may add spoke less clear English than the prior representative. I gave her the requested member ID number, social security number. She asked to speak to my husband. I explained again that he was not available, as I am at work.

I told her I simply wanted a list of Urologist in Louisiana in my area that accepted wellcare. i did not request any personal information that I know would be a HIPPA violation. I was told she could not give me any information without the client being present!! REALLY WELLCARE????

Debra Gross


Betty I Grimm, ID#22365968
On 03/22/2019, I went online to place my first Over-the-Counter order and I found it to be very frustrating. I had written down the item ID# and Name planning for this to be an easy process. I went online, and NO ID#s are listed, and the item Names are random; not even in alphabetical order. It was not easy to find the items and place the order.
I would recommend either use the ID# or place the Names in alphabetical order.
Please make it easier for us Senior Citizens.

Calling in my order was much easier, but time consuming.


Only 3 months into the new mail order program and we are beyond frustrated with the customer service and the repetitive failure to process refills. We will be returning to Walgreens!!!


i placed a phone call to check on status of a claim and got transferred 10 times i got transferred once to member services and not only that but when i asked for a supervisor i got member services supervisor who didn't even let me speak just transferred me to the same claims dept that i was already in that could not help me with a wellcare mcaid claims after all the dumb transfers i finally get to the correct dept and the person can not answer my question and when i ask for a supervisor jurkavis the rep fights with me stating that the supervisor will give me the same answer waste your 1 dispute on requesting why you took the money back he then puts me on hold for 45 minutes but tranferred me to a supervisor mellissa who actually listened to me a tried to help me thanks to melissa


I called customer service to discuss the below addressed issue and was on the phone from 12:50 EST until 2:52 EST and still have no resolution to my issue after 4 phone calls. The 4th lasting in excess of 1 hour with it taking 40+ minutes to get to a supervisor AFTER having requested one at the beginning of the call. It was extremely difficult to understand the agents, it appeared they had little command of the English language or your company policy and procedure. To not be able to speak with a billing representative is also reprehensible and not acceptable.
The below is the complaint I have yet to have resolved.

Janet A. Lyons
60 Sparrow Ridge Road
Carmel, New York 10512
March 5, 2019 Re: Payments

PO Box 75510
Chicago, Illinois 60675-5510

Dear Sirs:

I am writing to you as you claim I have not made my premium payments timely. The payments were submitted to American Progressive Life and Health, who had been the payment management company of record.

Although you had sent notice that payment booklets were being sent out late and apologized for the inconvenience, I did not take note of a new payment management company address being included in that notice. Thus I continued to make my automated recurring payments to said company. It was not until March 5, 2019 that I received my new payment booklet with a NEW payment management company.

Enclosed you will find copies of timely proof of payment for January, February and March 2019.

I would appreciate it if you can adjust my account accordingly. and not further impede my ability to access healthcare, for which I have paid, or impede my recovery from very recent surgery by your company's lack of proficiency and professional demeanor. Your lack of direct accessibility to a billing center representative is less than acceptable and unprofessional.

Please note a company grievance has been filed pertaining to this matter on March 5, 2019.

I request a written response to this matter.



went I called for a new provider for my care, I was sent to my last primary doctor. Wish to get a new primary doctor that follows my health problems. Not one that gives medicine without a blood test. Wish to have a primary doctor named, Dr. Zanira Fazal, she works at 701 So. Zaramora Diabetes Hospital in San Antonio, Tx. 78207 Please don't send me to Dr. David Ramos my ID # IS 16039406. MY ADDRESS IS 2914 ROOSEVELT APT. 707 SAN ANTONIO, TX. 78214


trying to change address - from Chicago to Florida. Took 2 1/2 hours and still unresolved as they put me on
hold and back and forth to different people and hold every time. Second time, same thing, on hold for 2 1/2 hours
then my phone quit. it is strill unresolved.

All I wanted to do was change address, so they said had to get different plan, same numbers, I had paid for the
rest of the year and wanted the funds put on my new plan in Florida, and the fee is less, so I am due a 47.00 refund
to be sent to me at the fla. address.

Please resolve this, I can not call back as phone is out now and can't be on hold for 2 l/2 more hours. This is very
poor service. I am a senior and this is very poor service.

Sharon Kuta

708 496 8617


I have requested two timely filing decision letters 6 TIMES for 2 different patients since November and still not receiving these documents. I need these documents for our records at New Jersey Healthcare Specialists. Each time I request these decision letters to be faxed, I'm informed it may take 20 business days. The last time I called on Jan.15, 2018, I was informed to allow 24 to 48 hours, and still have not received these documents. When I called this morning, I was informed the date of service on one of the patient's was incorrect and then put on hold for 15 minutes. When the customer service representative came back on the phone, I was informed there were system issues. When I request to speak with a supervisor, I have to request more than once and have to wait for more than 10 minutes for the supervisor to accept the call. This is poor customer service and wanted to notify someone about this situation. If further questions, please contact me at 800-431-5379 ext. 2255.


I called customer service to get my login and password reset. The first agent said he would transfer me to web services and after half hour of music I gave up and called again. This process continued with 3 more agents and 2 HOURS of music. I tried calling you corporate line and got the same results, MUSIC. No one accepts responsibility to satisfy a caller’s problem.
Of the 4 agents the third was in Mexico and I requested a US agent. He connected me to an agent in the Philippines. Another agent said he would connect me to the corporate line and promptly dropped my call. The US agent said she would transfer me but agreed to get back on line after 5 minutes, which she did. But she could not get me to web services and wanted to put me back on hold, more music. I then asked for a supervisor and got another agent, NOT a supervisor. I asked for the direct number to web services and he could not provide that. I then requested his supervisor and no surprise more music. He did not even come back to tell me his supervisor was busy,
I have now talked to Marvin, Mario, Paul, Daniel and Jimmy all have the great ability to make me listen to music but provide not help.
Web services does not provide an estimated time to pick up nor do they offer call back option.


My name is Annette emin
I been with we'll care for almost 3 years for my medication specialist
I use Enbrel injection

This year 2019 l move to Dayton Nevada
For cheaper rent l am total disable
I got a letter from wal care stating they are disanroll me

I call medical office l am cover 100 percent also my secondary insurance is
United health care

I try to call we'll care since 1 2 2019 today is 1 3 2019
All day l am waiting

Is we'll care still working
Can some one please help me to re anroll
4 hrs no one picks up the phone


I have not even started my new plan with this company yet which starts in 2019 and I know just by the past few days that I will not want to recommend this company to anyone. I asked for a Doctor replacement on my card because they sent me a card with a Doctor who I never heard of and did not ask for when I signed up. After finally getting in touch with a rep they affirmed that my family Doctor would be put on a new card and that I should expect to receive that within 5 business days. That was 4 weeks ago, I called yesterday and told the rep I was running low on phone minutes and she said I would only be on hold for 2 minutes. After 20 minutes my phone died and I'm pretty sure she did that on purpose.
Plus I don't even know who or how I am suppose to pay for my first months premium? Is this a joke or what?
Because I qualify for extra help I am allowed to switch companies anytime and that will be very soon. Thanks Wellcare for all your help!


I gave it a 1 star but really negative 10 ,


I signed up online for next year and when I picked my family doctor he was in the network and so were my other Drs. Now that I just received my new
card for 2019 it shows a Dr. Samar Hijazi who I never heard of. My Doctor is Dr. Michael Aronica who I have been with for almost 15 years.The only reason I chose WellCare was for that reason and now I do not know what to do.
I tried calling customer service but was on hold for almost 40 minutes and had to hang up as I pay for my phone minutes and ran out.
I just wonder what other surprises are in store for me in the future?


Dr. Maria Patino a very uncaring doctor.

I left the last doctor because I have an internal bleeding problem and have been hospitalized twice. The last doctor didn't pay attention and Dr. Patino, refused to give me a blood test to check on my anima with was very low or recommend something. I needed know if I am still bleeding internally or y diet is the problem.

I have had pain in my upper back/shoulder area and again she would not give me a referral. Her assistant said to put rice in a sock and heat it for a few minutes and then apply it to my neck. I did and it made everything worse, I have a neck that is arthritic and the hardness of the rice hurt it terribly and my shoulder and upper back is not worse. Dr. Patino would not give me a recommendation to the doctor that fixed it after my auto accident a few years ago. I gave the following info to her assistant. Dr. Jason Pirozzolo, 407 841-2100. He gave my left should a shot and I have not had any problems. I wanted to get a shot in the right should, she wants me to suffer.

I also have a problem with my mouth for thrush/candida. She suggested I take a pill that the Dr. who did a procedure to stop my internally bleeding gave me at the hospital when they thought I had Candida in the throat. Later they told me it was not Candida and to STOP the pill. It started with F. My pharmacy told me to tell her about nystatin. She would not order it for me. My pharmacist gave me over the counter med., and it helped. On my last visit Monday, December 3rd., she said nothing was wrong with my mouth. I had been treating for weeks and it had gotten better, but not by her.

Worse still, I was very sick with the cold/flu and she ordered antibiotic...which I found out later doctors should not order...because they don't help a flu.and weaken the system.

I'm ver upset. I love all my other doctors, my heart doctor who is concerned, order the blood test and the poop test. THAT WAS DR PITINO's JOB.

Please Advise ASAP.

NOreen Renier 407 313-7869


I filed a grievance back in October 2017 about a doctor at an immediate care facility. I then was receiving letters with completely inaccurate details of the grievance itself. I would write back with the correct info and would enclose what was sent to me. It appeared they were not read and a new grievance would be open for what reason I don't know. Yet each time there were still various details so inaccurate. I started getting calls from a Sue Purmi. I'm not sure if that was the correct spelling but her initials were S.P. She would call as seen on my id 5 or more times a day. At times leaving messages that it was urgent I call her. One time she called my home at 6am. She left a message this time also. I left a message for her saying that I am not able to call during the day and she left a message saying for me to call her during my lunch hour at work. I let her know that I could not do this and it is not even necessary. This was even May 2018. I received another letter after my message so I sent it back unopened and let her know I was going too. Finally it stopped. Today August 29, I received an automated call from wellcare saying that my request is being processed and additional time is needed and I would receive a result in 30 days. I have absolutely no idea why I would get this call as there has been no communication now for 3 months even. To make matters worse I have not even been a member since. January 1, 2018. I can't imagine what claimed request of mine they would be working on as I have not contacted them. If I receive another letter from the grievance dept from this S. Purmi I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau. I hadn't even filed a complaint about her constant calls and early morning 6am call. But now 3 months after I thought it stopped, I get this automated call today. This is crazy!


"Ricky" account service rep "manager" very rude, ignorant, asked "would you like fries with that"- clearly an indication of his work history- and probably where he should have stayed working.


I have had mostly positive experiences with WellCare customer service.


I went for a flu shot yesterday and the pharmacist said I had the wrong birthday. Not true. I contacted the Social Security Office and everything with my card was accurate. I also called Wellcare and they said I had everything accurate. Also in the past pharmacy could not use my credit card. I had to pay cash and loose my rewards. I tried again and the same thing happened. My card was listed as not authorized. I had the pin number changed and it still doesn't work with Walgreen's.

I have purchased airplane tickets and hotel reservations and it works. It also works with CVS. I moved everything over to Walgreen's and had nothing but trouble. Either your workers are incompetent or your machines aren't working. Today Wellcare contacted Walgreen's and your people said they have the correct information. Why couldn't that have been checked yesterday? It has put me through so much trouble plus several visits. I am thoroughly disgusted with Walgreen's.

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