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UnitedHealthcare provides health coverage to consumers with a variety of options. They cover employees, businesses, and larger corporations.

If you have a problem with your healthcare plan or premium, contact UnitedHealthcare customer service by calling 1-800-980-5213. If you need to escalate your problem to the head office, send a letter to Stephen J. Hemsley who is the current CEO of UnitedHealthcare.

The corporate offices are located at 9900 Bren Rd, Minnetonka, MN 55343. Common complaints against UHC include business, family, medical coverage, vision, and dental.

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I’ve been tryingto get reimbursed for international hospitalization for 6 months. Countless phone calls, form after form, case is shuttled from department to department. Hours and hours!! Certified mail, registered mail they still deny receiving it.
Never a return response, just flooding me with forms many of which are duplicates.
It’s apparent that there is zero communication within the organization
We’re talking about $2000here.
I believe that they hope to wear down their customers through denial ,delay and lack of response .


So I need to go to the doctor right? And I find out that they gave me a virtual doctor! Which wasn’t told to me when signing up! No where on the forms did anything about a virtual doctor :) so I CHANGED my good insurance to this bullshit and now I have to pay way more money to go to the doctor than my other insurance that I never even got to use. Now im stuck with this shit. I tried calling and asking questions and the dude just kept saying “well what do you wanna do” . Soon as November rolls around you can stick this card right up there so no one can find it. What the hell is a virtual doctor going to do for me. “Oh doc I think my ovaries are going to explode” “oh damn ” yeah okay. Be so fr.


my child has the united health care community plan in Pa and last year she was offered a 50 dollar gift card and a 30 dollar gift card if she did her yearly check up and her 6 month dental check up. I filled out the papers and the drs signed off not once but twice because I put my home address not the po box. Here we are 8 MONTHS LATER AND NO GIFTS CARDS, DOZENS OF PHONE CALLS IVE BEEN HUNG UP ON MULTIPLE TIMES. I want to know the status of her gifts cards.


Gary Harris is being cared for in home , after numerous hospital stays for respiratory
Problems due to COPD, lung problems and complications from infections. He was release by hospital on June 7tn. He went to a rehab center to regain ability to stand or maybe walk. He was neglected and abused by facility , which I reported to insurance co. And state hotline. He was brought home because he begged me to. Since this date i have been unable to get my husband , prescribed oxygen equipment from insurance co. He has received no equipment from your co. Not from medicare. Everything has come out of our pocket. He pays his premium, you get your $.Yet 35 days home i am still begging for oxygen equipment for him. I have not gotten any help from your co. He is wheelchair bound, we paid for that he has a ramp to get in our home. We bought. Bedside commode , showed chair, lift chair all paid for by us! I have sat on phone many days run around to Dr trying to get any help and to no avail. Everyone is unaccountable for our broken medical system my husband is now living in. Will you be willing to send some of his premium money back for your lack of providing for this customer that you have not provided for? Sincerely, care giver of insured Gary Harris member id.965513956-04


I have a husband , who needs oxygen.He is in my home, he pays his insurance premium, yet I have been trying to get oxygen supplies for 33 days and can't get it. I have been told by drs and everybody they understand , but nobody helps. Everybody gets paid , but for what? Nobody helps him get what he needs, why have insurance?


If you are disabled and expect any assistance FORGET it. You only get lip service. They call themselves Service coordinators but they Lip service only. They also have the most out dated system in the WORLD. No email, no direct phone number to your so called Service Coordinator, no way to leave a voice message, not even a mailing address!! This is like a Ghost business that is sucking off the Gov/ State Funds. Literally pathetic. I would give them a minus star if it was available. This Co or whatever they call themselves should be shut down, Worthless nothings come to your house to do an evailuation but then do nothing...


I am a care provider tasked with assisting a pt of yours, that after multiple years of R.A.D ( respiratory assist device) use and then switching to your company, is being denied the use of her RAD as your company does not feel that people need this level of care.
So we were under the impression that it was a simple face to face visit and then the pt would be able to receive a lesser breathing assist device ( a BiPap), and this it turns out: is NOT the case, as your company is now requiring blood gas samples, over night o2 testing, and... now I am guessing, your next step is to have this pt redo the whole sleep study over again ( at some cost to the pt..correct?). Also, none of this info was passed along to the providers of her care, so we are flying blind and needing her DME to explain the NEW testing requirements to us for your rules, and the DME just let us know what was needed....AFTER we were able to have the pt come in for a F2F visit. So now she needs to come back in again, for more testing, that your company may or may not cover....

This pt is very reliant on her RAD, and has been using for over five years, and your just going to pull it without justifications, as her only thing she did wrong was to sign up for your "healthcare insurance" and on top of that, make her re-test for the lesser device. This is causing our pt much mental and physical stress, as she feels you just don't care about her health by pulling her "lifesaver".

This sucks on so many levels, and for your company to do the right thing would be a miracle on another level..
I would love to hear from your company, but I doubt I will as this is my second complaint. I do love social media, and I have a lot of friends, it's in your court now.


Ive reached out to the nurses asst.program I was told last week that the nurse was sick and she set a telephone appt. for 5/2/2019 .I wait by the phone and did not get a call.This has happened on several occasions. I have never got a phone call appointment when I was supposed to.i called the regular line and was put on hold for 15 min and then disconnected.Im very disapointed with UHK . Ive have been offered this help threw my company and UHK has called me and offered there help.When I call for this help they make me feal like Im bothering them.Dont have these programs If you cannot follow threw.This has been a big joke


I have a pt, who, after multiple years of use, has been denied her RAD equipment by your company. Really?, this is life saving equipment, the pt is compliant with use, and now we have to probably send her to a sleep lab in order to have any RAD or PAP device... oh wait UHC will NOT pay for a RAD, so pt will get a system that will not meet her needs but lets waste 1000's of $ 1st. What a great company. I bet UHC will also NOT pay for her increased ER and hospital visits either, as she will need a RAD when she gets there, if she gets there.
Remember when Obama care was starting up and the joke was about the death squads?...I think they are real now and run UHC, as after reading multiple complaints, it seems that UHC does not want to pay for anything that actually helps people deal with an illness. I am not for single payer, but if it gets rid of crap companies like this, then bring it!
I will spend the rest of my time in healthcare fully explaining to my pts how really wonderful your company is. Word of mouth works, enjoy your record earnings.


I have never dealt with such incompetence in my life! Needed to move my father to California because he could no longer take care of himself and was told that because he was leaving mid month, I would need to file for an organizational determination. I filed and was told that everything was being taken care of and that United Healthcare would contact his doctor. A few days before my father moved, I call to inquire about the organizational determination and was told that it was never done. Really? The customer service representative offered no solution to the problem and told me we would have to pay out of pocket. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

She informed me that she could start the process, but that it would take time. I requested that this be completed weeks ago. And my father is on dialysis. Absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced, hands down.


1. November 2018 Economy Dentures made a mold for lower denture.
2. Economy Dentures in South Daytona scheduled appointment to redo mold as first finished product was lost.
3. On day of appointment found that Economy Dentures had been sold to Discount Dentures in Orlando which did not take my Insurance.
4. Called Economy Dentures Corp. Office (904-714-6939) and spoke with Mariam who scheduled an impression which was done on Dec. 26th,2018. This was a Corp. mandated decision to complete any ongoing procedures that Economy Dentures had started before the sale and closing of the South Daytona Office.
5. It is now Feb. 22,2019 and I have repeatedly called Corporate to find out when they are going to finish my Denture. Each call I am assured that someone will contact me and no one has called or responded in a responsible way.
This is a formal complaint and I would like someone to follow up on this. 2 Months is very unreasonable.


I received transportation and was verbally assaulted by Danny Williams of Trusted Transportation who picked me up at 3219 Burke Road, Apt 602, Pasadena, TX on Wednesday, 2/6/2019. He had a man in the back seat when he arrived and the driver, Danny Williams was extremely angry and rude. He was listening to a political station where they were speaking about the Black Lives Matter organization. Because I had just had a pacemaker put in a few days ago and was going to the heart surgeon to have it checked, politics was something I did not think would be good to listen to at the time, so I asked if he would please change the station to music. He became even more angry and accused me of "stereotyping" which really made no sense to me. My concern was keeping my blood pressure and heart rate down. I thought listening to politics would not be a good idea at the time. He continued to speak to me in a very angry voice and I was more and more frightened about his angry reaction to my request. I finally asked him to just take me back to my home. He took me back to my home and called me some rude names. I was very happy to get out of that cab without being physically attacked. He was a very strange person. I don't think he is safe to transport people who have bad health. He could give someone a heart attack or a stroke. I also don't think it's a good idea to pick up a female with a male in the back seat where you are going to put her.


I am both a United Health Care participant and a current member of AARP. On 1/17/19 I received a letter with the UHC letterhead informing me that I was in arrears on my monthly health insurance premium. Being concerned, I immediately perused the previous four months of my bank statements. The resulting examination revealed that my bank had dispersed the UHC requested funds on the following dates 10/1/18 $148.99 ck# 211,11/1/18 $148.99 ck# 217, 12/6/18 $148.99 ck# 222, 1/2/19 $148.99 ck# 226. On 1/23/19 I sent UHC another check, #231 for another requested $166.01 that would indicate two premiums for the month of January. I do not wish to engage in a debate with one of your customer service representatives however, I am going to lodge a complaint with both AARP and my local Senior Citizen Advisory Commission.


1. The claim for Virginia Thomson has been returned several times asking for something that doesn't make sense. copies are attached.
2. All claims are being returned for not identifying the policyholder, the number is on the UB04 and is legible.
3. This claim was paid as Medicare secondary but at the time of service UHC was primary. It has been reviewed several times with the same outcome as processed correctly. Brewster Place has sent medical documentation.

I have the documentation in a PDF file.


I have contacted UnitedHealthcare multiple times to get a claim paid and they are now ignoring me. My husband has MD and he has called daily/weekly to get his claims paid. They say they are in process, when in fact, they are appeasing us and not doing anything. I have a claim from March for a mammogram. I called UHC to make sure HealthPartners Bloomington is in network, I emailed UHC to confirm, I searched their website of providers to confirm and it is in network. I called ahead for the procedure codes to make sure they are covered and they were. I receive a bill saying HealthPartners Bloomington is out of network. HealthPartners Bloomington listed the service provider as themselves, which is in net work, but listed the billing as Group Health, which UHC is saying it out of network even though the service provider was HealthPartners Bloomington. HealthPartners Bloomington refuses to change the billing address even though that would pay the claim 100%. HealthPartners Bloomington has now sent me to collections. HealthPartners Bloomington refuses to budge and UHC refuses to budge. They tell me to contact each of them. This is one claim of many that are not paid. It is really sad that a customer needs to call this much and do each of the facilities jobs, which are still not getting done.


My complaint concerns the Practice of Dr. Frank Kush.
Here is a summary of my communication with Dr Kush's office.
I have not heard back from his office since about 9.28.18. I sent an email on 9.25.18 (see below) and received a phone call that week stating that his office would seek approval from my insurance for a CT upper body scan. However, no one has called or emailed back since that phone call. I sent another email on 10.21.18 asking what was the status of the approval or were we changing treatment directions (See email below). Again no one has responded by phone or by email. It is now over a month that I have not heard from his office. I find this unacceptable that I should still be waiting to hear back from his office. Below is the history of communicate I've referenced.
Daniel Hunt

10.21.18- On 9.25.18 I wrote the email below. I have not heard back from any one further. I was told that you would be seeking approval from the insurance company for a C T Scan of the upper abdomen. Did that approval come through or are we taking another approach? Please let me know. Daniel P Hunt to Monica L. Paterra,

9/25/18 — 3:58 PM Hi. I have a few questions concerning what to do next. Since all the tests are negative I'm wondering what I should do. The symptoms: Loose Bowels About 3 weeks / small improvement Intermitten pain in the stomach that seems better after eating (for a while). Worse in the morning and its always there but just less. Gas Some cramping I thought dairy was the issue but it seems not. Next I'll try a gluten free diet to see if that helps. Newest symptom is dizziness. But I'm also eating very little. Questions: Is there a test for gluten allergies Since the Lipase and Amylase tests were in range do we still need to do stool test for fat? Sorry for the questions but I'm feeling pretty ill.




I am trying to get an insulin pump. I was denied a new pump back in march or so I thought. I broke my pump back in june. I \was told my pump was out of warranty and I would have a loaner for 90 days. This starts a new claim process but wait that claim back in march its still open so instead of getting a new pump in a timely fashion I'm waiting for an appeal on the original denial. To say I am upset is putting it mildly. Now I have to wait until August yep August for a new pump. Thanks for nothing.....


I am enrolled in medi care advantage Hmo.I also Talked my wife into joining.Recently , maybe because of past cancer treatments,my doctor wanted me to have an injection of SHINGRIX(new shingles vaccine).This is prescibed as a preventative for shingles.United health care informs me they need $245.00 as a copay and it is probably cheaper to pay cash.Explain to me why this shot is not just prescribed as preventative care.OUTPATIENT SURGERY IS $295.00 COPAY.If i get shingles and have multiple dr. visits at $0.00 i wonder what that costs,We are looking into other companies in October and will also inform many freinds that are our age.This indicates to me people that have an inability to think,I am 72yrs.old and have survived two different forms of cancer.SOMETIMES PLAIN OLD COMMON SENSE IS TOTALLY OVERLOOKED.


My mother was recently rushed to the emergency room at NYU Langome in New York City due a suspected seizure. While at the hospital she was seen by a neurologist who requested that she have an EEE, Upon calling her office we were informed that the doctor did not take her United Health Care insurance. The doctors name is Tahani. I called her insurance company and asked for someone who did take her insurance to get her the EEG and she had already been put on the generic version of Keppra for the seizures. I was given the name of a doctor who when I called his office also did not take her insurance.

Unfortunately this is a situation we have faced under the Mosaic program on a continual basis. We are given names of doctors who do not participate in their program. After a week of trying to get an appointment with NYU using a number that they had supplied and no one picks up 212-263-6693. In one day we called this number 17 times to no avail. I took my mother to a scheduled appointment with her primary care physician Dr. Jose Cortes who asked about the EEG and I informed him that I had not been able to secure an appointment with a neurologist he asked his assistance to get her insurance company on the phone.

His assistant was transferred 4 times and was told at each turn that they could not help. It was at this point that the doctors assistant put Dr. Cortes on the phone. The doctor advised the person on the line that he was recording the conversation and asked her for her name. At first she said Jersey J and the he asked if she was located in the United States and it turns out she was located in the Philippines. He then asked her for her real name at which time she changed tit to Mary Javier.

Dr, Cortes asked for a Managed Care Case manager at which point he was told that they did not have managed care case workers. He asked to be connected to someone in the United States and was connected with Cynthia R in Phoenix AZ. Dr. Cortes asked them to issue an emergency out of Network referral for Dr. Tahani which he was told would take 72 hours and it did. He then asked if the insurance company had managed care case workers and was told yes. He was then transferred to someone else who refused to give him her name and was promptly hung up on. This had been a one and a half hour ordeal.

I believe that United Healthcare Mosaic has dropped the ball in terms of serving the Elderly low income clients. My mother is a cancer survivor has had open heart surgery with valve replacement and has had 2 strokes. You would think they would have already assigned a managed health care case manager but no. Dr. Cortes advised me to file this complaint on behalf of not just my mother but all others who can not advocate for themselves. I hope that there can be some type of resolution to this issue to insure that all United Health Care patients are treated with dignity and do not have to forego necessary testing because jobs are outsourced to other countries and representatives are not properly trained.

If you require any further information regarding this complaint please feel free to contact me.


I liked United before Obamacare came along, now my plans rate when way up and the converage went down. What gives?


United Health Care placed me in a new health care plan without my knowledge. The plan I had was affordable the one they put me in is not affordable. I would like you to please help me forward this complaint to their corporate office, so that they do not do this to other paying customers.

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