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AARP is a nonprofit social welfare organization that aims at empowering people in health care, employment and income security and protection from financial abuse. AARP ensures to enhance the quality of life for people who retire on important issues like retirement savings efforts to help everyone achieve lifetime financial security, affordable and appropriate housing facility, healthcare etc.

The AARP CEO is Jo Ann Jenkins and Lawrence Flanagan is the President and CEO, AARP Services Inc. If you have a complaint, the toll-free nationwide number is 1-888-OUR-AARP (1-888-687-2277). You can also contact customer service by dialing 1-877-434-7598 or use the dedicated spanish hotline at 1-877-342-2277.

The company even has a dedicated line for international calls: +1-202-434-3525. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday: 7 a.m. through 11 p.m. ET. The best support email address is You can also contact the corporate office at their address AARP 601 E Street, NW Washington DC 20049.

AARP has wide range of services that they are into. Common issues with the company usually involve health insurance, health essentials, health products and care providing facilities, job hunting search tools etc that make an individual survive in a much more dignified manner."

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I contacted AARP by phone back in May (it is now July) about an issue I was having. I was told at that time that the problem would be fixed and to wait for a few days for the adjustment to go into affect. I moved shortly after the conversation and recently contacted them again as via email asking to have a supervisor contact me as nothing had changed.
The response from two different people (Tiana, Nadine) was that they needed more information to help me and that I needed to call them, essentially acting to block me from a supervisor. I do not understand why a supervisor cannot take 5 minutes out of their day to perform the functions of their job, namely to assist a customer, which in fact is exactly what their job is when a customer has already spoken to a team member and not had the issue resolved.
It is the main reason that I have not joined AARP, as the company that cannot properly perform customer service is the company that needs help in far too many other areas for me to do business with. Both email responses had some version of 'Real Possibilities' in the emails. The irony of this is not lost on me.
Perhaps after contacting John Larew or Jo Ann Jenkins the issue will be resolved to my satisfaction. Based upon responses so far, I will not hold my breath.


UHC has assured me and my health provider multiple times that this health care item is 100% covered with no deductible and no co-pay. They have spoken with my health care provider and given them specific code numbers for each item. This was submitted about 8 months ago and every time I call UHC they continue to assure me that this has already been paid in full but my provider has not been paid. At this point when I call them or they call me, they are claiming that they cannot hear me and they just hang up.

I have extremely poor eyesight and trying to put all information in writing is very difficult.

Please contact me at 260-702-2421. I am in desperate need of assistance.

Thank You.


I received a notice of an annual AARP membership fee due. I already subsidize AARP through AARP/United Healthcare. My wife and I pay AARP/United Healthcare approximately $500 per month ($6,000 per year). AARP receives "royalty" payments from UCH based on my payments for insurance sponsored by AARP. You profess to be a great advocate for seniors but you take as much money from us as you can. Please don't tell me these things are not related. Is "Greed is Good" AARP's policy for seniors?

At the very least our AARP membership should be waived. And shame on AARP for not making this a standard policy.




No matter were I go Safeway or Walmart, CVS any pharmacy they accuses not to fill my pain medication But they my other medication.I was getting my Meds. from Safeway until this year. They drop me cause they only gonna serve customers in they area. Than I went to Walmart wet they fill my Me But would not fill my pain medication. Reason this doctor is block. But they transfer all my medicine from safeway knowing they block my Doctor


my wife and I have medicare supplemental insurance the AARP united health care. we have plan F and want to switch to plan G. We filed over the phone and provided all requested information. W e received copies, reviewed them, signed and sent back. We received enrolled conformation stating I was plan G and my wife in plan F. When I called and ask why they said because of a kidney condition reported by a Dr Locklear. My wife has no kidney issues. Dr locklear is not her doctor. we called her doctor, ashley batton, and they have no record of request for medical records. we tried several times with faxes for the uderwriter to review using correct information. We are still waiting for a reply. Is this how AARP insurance companies operate? We don't understand how this could occur when all correct info. was submitted and united health care has copies of all medical claims since being on medicare. There is no kidney problem in her past medical history.


I am just compiling a letter to my attorney, but thought I like to let you know what's going on. I have been trying to obtain a letter of insurance cancellation for over 6 weeks, maybe longer. Repeatedly been told, it's in review, it's in the mail, it's in review, it's in the mail... it'll be 7 to 10 days.... 15 days later I call again to go through the same drill. Finally, I got United Health involved, their consumer advocate got in touch with Kerry, a supervisor/manager with AARP in the Medicare Supplemental Insurance Department and Kerry got a hold of a woman named Alexandria in the review department. Alexandria told me it was late Monday, Nov 11th and it may not get out tonight, but it would be faxed on Tuesday at the latest. It's 11:20 pm EST time, 8:30 PM pacific on Wes. and we still don't have the termination/cancellation letter. I called twice tonight, one time I was disconnected when the woman tried to transfer me to a supervisor/manager, then I called back and spoke to Daniel who told me that no supervisor/managers were available. Every time I call I have to go over the same painful experience. What a shame that it's been escalated to this extent. My Member ID is: 329 620 597 8, I bought a 5 year membership, have over 5,000 people that follow me on social media, have thousands of customers and my auto policy is through AARP and The Hartford.......the public has a right to know just how disorganized AARP's really a shame.


AARP has refused payment on my fathers death claim. It appears my father made a payment on his policy prior to his death the policy was reinstated through 08/20/2019. Therefor his policy was intact at time of death. They are now trying to bribe the beneficiaries into taking check refund for the payment that was sent by my father prior to death in effort to avoid having to pay the death claim on my fathers intact life insurance policy. I cannot believe they are trying to bribe myself and the other beneficiaries this is unethical behavior and I feel trying to bribe beneficiaries is unlawful. The other beneficiary (Kyle Russel) and I refuse the effort of AARP to bribe each of us. Both beneficiaries myself and Kyle Russel refuse to accept the check refunds sent by AARP. What we will accept is payout of the death claim in whole form and information on where we can return the uncashed refund (bribery) checks sent by AARP.


I was told on the day that I purchased my road side assistance ,that in72 hour after the tow which I pay cash for zip could call or send in my receipt and I would be reimbursed the full amount of $236.13. Now they tell me we can only be reimbursed $130.00. I just hate being Lied to. We have called and tried to get them to stand behind the information I was told. But they refuse. I'm hoping you can help me.


Member # 360311963
We had a breakdown on May 17, 2019 which required towing our Class A motorhome to a repair facility. Upon calling roadside assistance, we were instructed to arrange our own towing service, and we were provided a preauthorization reference #0039497570 for reimbursement. Our tow bill was $850. I submitted a claim for reimbursement, but when following up on the claim today, I was informed that a check for $130 was in the mail for me at this time. I was told $130 is the maximum benefit for towing. It does not mention this anywhere on the benefits page of your WEB site, and you can not tow ANY RV for this price. I was then informed that any RV over 2000 lbs does not qualify for towing. This is also not on your WEB site. My RV is a 26,000 lb Class A motorcoach. To my knowledge, there is no such thing as an RV less than 2000 lbs. When purchasing the "Premier" Roadside Service online, it says the cost is $84 and includes towing up to 100 miles, and that an RV can be added for an additional $24. This is the plan I chose, with the understanding that I had RV towing coverage up to 100 miles. After joining, I received no information that contradicted my initial understanding of this plan. Any other position on your part, would be an indication of false advertising. Please, take this into consideration and reimburse the full amount of my claim. Thank you. J Gross


I have forward a letter to Untied Health Civil Right as I want AARP to know what kind of health plan you are recommending to your members. I received a substantial rate increase in my health Insurance mid stream of my contractual plan.
Please read my letter to United Health Civil Rights and the Department of Health and Human Services.
My AARP renewal is coming up this August and I am having second thoughts on renewing because of this health premium.

July 16, 2019

Re: Marshall and Ina Leinson
29 Hopkins Circle
Methuen, MA 01844

Acct # 32525864-11-Marshall
Acct # 325258644-11 Ina

Premium Payment $198.01
Dear Sir/Madam,
I have been a member of AARP United Health for the past 2 years. My first year’s premium ($178.76 each) stayed stable the entire year. In June of this year I received a download from United Health increasing my premium an additional $8.26 each. I did not see the letter sent in March 2019 intending to increase my premium mid-term. The letter also suggested my new January 2020 rate.
I was under the impression that I when you purchase a health insurance policy for a 1 year period the rate also continues for a year. When I called United Health customer service I was told Massachusetts is a non –guarantee rate state and United Health has the right to raise the rate. Where is the rate increase stated in the policy?
Again my Medicare supplement rate stays the same for a year, my Pharmacy Premium stays the same for a year, why does my health insurance rate increase mid-term. Would I ever receive a rate decrease mid-term?
It is quite obvious AARP United Health is discriminating against me and my wife, by increasing the monthly premium mid-stream without warning. Because I am a senior citizen over 65 years of age who purchases the supplement, United Health knows they can increase my premium without any objection because I am and on a fixed budget and in the minority. I am being targeted for this rate increase, which should be contractually guaranteed for the 1 year period.
I want my premium returned to the original 2019 ($190.01 each) premium and have the additional premium returned to me.
Marshall Leinson


AARP Auto through the Hartford. Cancellation of a policy based on so called nondisclosure of an accident of a 23 year old 6 years ago. Hartford asks for a 3 year driving record, but actually looks at lifetime.
Hartford uses false and misleading info on Lexus-Nexis.

Worst of all, policy holder cancellation will occur in 3 weeks.
I just want an AARP to give us an alternative to this abuse by adding a reputable, friendly carrier like State Farm, or Allstate etc.


I subscribed to Consumer Cellular phone service a few moths ago and bought a Mot E5 cell phone for $80.0. The phone they sent me is a piece of junk, nothing worked when I got it. I have called 3-4 times talked to their techs, the only solution they all had a rest to factory setting which it erases all my files. I have done three times, but sill have a lot of problems with it. I believe this cell phone is not functioning properly and should be replaced considering it is under warranty. Thanks for your assistance.


My complaint is not necessarily with AARP, but with The Hartford insurance company which AARP recommends. I have been driving for over 50 years and had Hartford for 12 of those years. I have never had a traffic violation until this year when I received a ticket for going 10 mph over the posted limit. I admit I was going too fast and paid the fine. When I received a letter stating my premiums where going up $50 a month I was floored. That is $50 a month for three years. When my husband passed away they also raised my rates for reasons I don’t understand. Apparently, the $50 is because I am now a high risk driver. Being on a fixed income I’m not sure what Hartford expects me to do without, food, gas, paying my utilities or maybe toilet paper. It is my opinion that one ticket it 50 years does not warrant this high of increase. Hartford says they will never cancel you, just raise your rates until one has to cancel their policy with The Hartford.


I was solicited by AARP to contact Hartford Insurance for my car and Home owners insurance and advised that being a senior citizen that I would get a good deal with them.

However over time I noticed my premiums were continually increasing with no claims filed. Contacted Hartford represented and was advised that is my premium and that was that. I began shopping premiums and found that my suspicions were correct and lowered my premiums over $600.00 a month. I should have known at that time that Hartford was a shady Insurance company.

In April 2019 I noticed all my neighbors were having there roofs replaced. I found out that one of my neighbors sold his home and failed inspection because he had hail damage to his roof.

Over six homes on both sides of my house were having new roofs due to hail damage. I contacted Hartford and filed a claim and there inspector looked at my roof and said he did not see any hail damage. It is hard to believe my home was not damaged as well.

Do not recommend Hartford to any more AARP members they are not a reputable company and senior citizens do not have extra money for this type of problem.


I had my taxes done by AARP tax prep for the first time on March 18, 2018 at Falcon's Landing Senior Residence in Sterling VA.
I was to receive a federal tax refund of $2337, instead I received $975 less, the Federal Tax office said there were errors. I was to receive a $908 refund from Virginia, instead I ended up owing $51 but didn't know it until I called to find out where my refund was. They sent a letter that I received on 4/29/19 saying I had until May 1 to pay the amount or be fined. If I had not called them, I would not have known I owed money in time to avoid a penalty. How could both federal and state taxes been done incorrectly? I am so upset that I am a wreck. I will never use the tax prep option again, unfortunately I will have to pay someone. I had left a message for the head of the Falcon's Landing tax prep office I used but he never returned my call. That was not leaving me a happy camper either.


PLEASE look up my file and read the notes from November 2018 to present. I am owed a $519.31 refund for cancelling a policy and never using it, yet premiums were taken out of my bank for a year and I have been 4 months trying to get it. Every customer service rep. I spoke to, ended up lying to me. I call back when I don't receive the check and the rep tells me my address was wrong so we updated it. (Dec.) Another check was to be sent out Dec. 27, 2018, I never received it. The next call rep stated they still had wrong address and went to her team leader, then guaranteed me her boss updated it. Two more calls were made, no results. Manager named Curtis in Alpharetta, GA didn't want to take my call as per Zebbie the Rep. He finally picked up and didn't read any info and ask what my problem was. Repeating this for the 7th time, he said nothing but, oh your are an AARP member, I'll transfer you. Speaking to AARP Delta Dental Rep. for the 8th time, She confirmed address, said check would go out March 8th and arrive 2 weeks later. I never received it. I called AARP back and got Rep John. He read my address and it had the wrong zip code. But that was my physical address and had the right mailing address, WHICH IS ONE AND THE SAME, He said a Check went out March 4 and it takes 10-14 days. There was a long pause then an OH, today is the 20th. I said YES. He said give it a few more days, it may take longer. NOW I SAY TO YOU, IF I GET A LAWYER, YOU WILL PAY HIS FEES, MY REFUND AND INTEREST ON MY MONEY. I AM FILING A COMPLAINT WITH MY FINANCIAL INSTITUE WHICH IS USAA FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK. I WANT MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ND I WANT ALL THOSE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS FIRED FOR LYING AND NOT HELPING ME. ZEBBIE WAS THE BEST, SHE TRIED TO GET HER MANAGER TO TALK TO ME AND BUSTED HER BUTT TO GET HIM TO TAKE THE CALL. I HAVE BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH STRESS AND I WANT MY MONEY OR MY NEXT LETTER GOES TO MS. JO ANN JENKINS.


I am a AARP member and I went to the Gateway Mall in Prescott, AZ to have our taxes done for free. We have never done it there before . I filled out the paper work very nice people and then I went through the steps until I reached the person who would go over the taxes for me. When she got done because we have a small business and only social security there was nearly $1000 we owed and because last year we did our taxes on line my husband felt that rather then go to the last person and last step we wanted to try other services before we would have to pay just a high tax. So the lady who helped me went and told another volunteer that I would be leaving and she understood my concern. He came over to her desk and said to me "the computer does not lie and never come back here again". So I left and I told my husband what happen and he went over to talk to the man who told me never to come back again and said that I disruptive and wasted our time which I certainly was not disruptive I was not wasting their time I have right to change my mind. The man came out and was about to strike my husband they exchanged words and the security guard of the mall so this happening and the man called the police not us so we told the police our version. The point is they represent AARP even as volunteers and this is not how to treat the public . NO one heard me raise my voice the other volunteers were polite the lady help me was polite and he seemed fine when he was at the desk showing the lady helping me what to do. As soon as she told him I was going to check out elsewhere he became hostile . Because of this after being a member of AARP for over 10 years I may cancel my membership.


On October 29 I spoke to united health care about 2 drug plans A woman named Shakeida was going to nail out a description of the plans and applications to me Today is November 5 and still I have not received the information Icslled united health care and spoke to a Donna H if 1990617339 and received no assistance In fact said could not help and then when I asked to speak to supervisor said computers were down then disconnected me Please help


Insured: Jane Brand DOB: 1-11-59.
Claim : LC-693400

My complaint is with New York Life. I am the beneficiary for her Life Insurance . I called today and spoke to a representative who stated that it was
still under review. It has been under review for 10 weeks. This claim is incontestable, as the policy was over two years.
New York Life received the death certificate / claim on January 20th.( Postal Certification)
I finally received a letter dated Feb 5th they had received the death certificate, and claim.
I received a letter dated March 21st stating the claim is still under review.
Today I call ( April 13th ) and the claim is still under review. I asked for a time frame and was provided none. At some point there should be a
finality to this process -one way or another.
I am requesting assistance by setting an escalation.
Sydnee Petersen ( Beneficiary )
Note: As their provider you need hold New York Life more accountable for their business practice, as it is a reflection on AARP.


To the CEO and Executive Team,
On Dec. 8, 2017 I tried to apply for a life time membership which tied up my checking account of $400 for 4 business days. I then tried to use my credit card from the same bank. Now I have $600 tied up with AARP, my credit card granted authorization, but it was never taking out by AARP. On Dec. 13, 2017 about 1730 EST, I asked to talk to a supervisor which was a woman named Anita, I explained to her that I talked to my bank and they stated that the funds were authorized. I had to repeat myself over and over and asked to talk to another supervisor, she refused to let me talk to another supervisor. When I asked her to tell me her name and employee number, she only would give me her name and refused to give me her employee number. I want to become a life time member, but if I your employee/supervisor is going to be disrespectful to me I will take my business elsewhere. I'm a disable veteran and don't need this kind of service !! I hope this matter can be handle in a professional manner and we can still do business, but if you don't just let me know. Thank you and I hope this matter can be taking care of soon.


I've made a phone complaint about purchase #58164849 & 64488139, now I'd like to add #66005009. All have to do with the re-manufactured starters supplied by MPA (Motor Car Parts of America) Each failed, the latter within 4 hours of installation. Each has cost me a tow, and mechanics charge. In addition and because my vehicle could not be used, I had to pay others to take me to Doctors appointments and food shopping. I live in a rural area, so bus and taxi are not available. Thankfully I had no emergencies. However not having the ability to go to Church, visit friends, and miss out on opportunities I enjoy has caused me unnecessary stress.

I even had to hire others to take me to the pharmacy to pick up my medicines, of which the heart meds are critical. While AARP made the effort to give me Perk rewards, I've no use for them, I'm not a mechanic and my auto parts needs are minimal at best. The frustration with such blatantly inferior parts and out of pocket expenses for a retiree is huge. Available starters of this nature need to be removed from AARP stocks and listed as temporarily out of stock, to offer any of these to customers is likely causing similar problems and expenses.


The stay at Comfort Inn in Booneville, MO Sept. 24th was very pleasant. But, the complaint is as follows. No discounts were allowed because of it being a busy, booked up week-end due to college football games in the area. My sons state trooper discount was not allowed for their room and my AARP discount was not allowed. Therefore, our rooms cost $169.49 instead of the usual charge. We have stayed in your motels for many years and feel that this should not have happened this week-end. One room was in my name and the other room was in Kendall Hampton's name. If you can do anything, please let me know.


When I try to book online the only senior rate listed is for AARP. Then when I don't want to give my AARP # because it 'shares' it, I cannot proceed. So bottom line, I cannot get a senior rate unless I have an AARP card and I share my information. I consider that an invasion of my privacy and discrimination against anyone who doesn't belong to AARP. Also, the rate on line was $132. But calling the hotel it's $132.05. What's with that?


Made and paid in advance for a reservation for my daughter and son-in-law at a location in Oxnard for 3 nights April 22-25. I had previously reserved 2 room in October for their wedding with no problems. This reservation was under the name Kennedy. They found out that the pool was not working - they had invited my 3 year old granddaughter to come over to use the new water wing accessory they had bought.

They are all from out of state. My daughter was told that I was informed about the swimming pool which is a big lie! I wouldn't have booked the room. I am asking for at least $100 refund or a future credit at any Hampton Inn. I am a Travel Agent - IATA 05814384 and work with the AARP and will write a negative report to Trip Adviser which I use a lot for recommendations if my request is not granted. I went over to the hotel today but they would not do anything.


February 8,2016 I called AARP at 1-888-687-2277 requesting online auto insurance "quote" only. On February 9, 2016 AARP electronically STOLE $16 from my bank account claiming it was for a membership. A membership I did not request or agree with. Everything time I contacted AARP to recover my money I was lied to, yelled and screamed at, and called filthy names by AARP representatives and customer service employees. On February 10, 2016 I called AARP to request information about my money that THEY had stolen from my bank account and again I was extremely verbally assaulted by an AARP manager yelling, screaming filthy names towards me.


I reserved an intermediate size vehicle on 10/22/15 online, for pick up at Hertz Muncie, IN on 10/23 and return on 10/31. I choose the intermediate size vehicle because I was taking a total of 5 adults to Denver, Co and back. I arrived to pick up this vehicle and was met by a VERY RUDE young man at the Hertz counter. When he gave me the keys to a Chevy Sonic, I asked if he had any other cars that would fit 5 adults, as the Sonic will not. I was told "Today the Sonic is an intermediate size car, take it or go somewhere else". I gave him my license and credit card and then my AARP member card, at which time I was told " We don't take that stuff today, I'm too busy" When I asked what he meant, he replied " take that AARP card and put it back in your wallet, I don't have the time to mess with it today" He would not check the vehicle for damages as he was too busy. This car was very dirty, I cleaned the windows before I could leave the lot. This young man needs to learn what CUSTOMER SERVICE means. AARP has been notified that this Hertz location refused to honor an AARP member. I own a not for profit company, and I know that one bad apple can ruin the whole company, This RUDE employee has lost your company business, not just mine, but everyone I come in contact with. I am waiting on a reply from AARP, as to why they advertise that Hertz gives a discount to AARP members, just not in Muncie, IN.


We frequently eat at the Atwater CA restaurant. Usually everybody is very polite and the food is always very good. I am a 74 year old senior citizen and do use my AARP discount card. I would say it is a strong reason why we go to Denny's, not just in Atwater but across the country when we travel. This morning after eating breakfast I presented my AARP card along with the bill and sufficient cash to cover the bill to the cashier. The cashier set the AARP card on the counter, rung up the bill and said, Oh I'm sorry I forgot to swipe your AARP card so I can't give you a discount. She insisted there was nothing she could do. I asked to see the manager. A lady came out and started seating people. I did not realize she was the manager but when the cashier returned I asked her if the manager could help and she pointed to the lady and said she's the manager. I asked her if she was going to help me and she said there was nothing she could do. That's just the way the system works. Wasn't much of an answer and she certainly didn't appear apologetic about the situation. I'm not asking you for anything, just want to let you know, if this is your policy it's not a very good one.


I am a member of the AARP and used my discount to recently buy a vehicle. There were problems, and here is what happened. I bought a 2010 Buick from Heritage Chevrolet-Buick,11234 Reisterstown Road, Owings Mills Md. 21117. They refused to honor my warranty for a transmission repair even though I had documented my complaint through the BBB and the AARP on four occasions. They then told me that if I didn't pay for the repair they would charge me $500 to have my car returned. That seems like extortion to me. How can I warn others about this horrible dealership? It will start with this complaint but I will continue to share my story online. I am presently out $500 that should have been fully covered under warranty.


AARP has given me a some great work offers after my retirement. Life doesn't end at 50, this is what AARP believes in and encourages senior citizens like me to continue working as long as we have the energy to do so. I am a member of AARP and with the benefits like life insurance coverage, discounts on few online websites,gadgets,discounted rates on airfare,car rentals etc. They offer many good deals for members and I have saved money using their membership offers. Elderly people who are looking out for a comfortable,affordable lifestyle after retirement should opt for AARP to make life convenient.

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