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Humana is the brand name for plans, products, and services provided by one or more of the subsidiaries and affiliate companies of Humana Inc. It is proud of its history as an innovative company and the companies diverse lines of business work to serve all types of consumers.

Common complaints about Humana stem from families to seniors to military members to self-employed individuals. This is because ultimately the company has a plan for many types of individuals.You can direct correspondence and comments to P.O. Box 14601 Lexington KY 40512-4601.

If you have a problem with Humana, contact customer service toll-free at 1-800-833-6917. For issues with medicare dial 1-800-457-4708 for Dental and Vision Insurance call 1-877-877-1051, or for Insurance through Employers use 1-800-448-6262.

Whether you have an immediate health concern, questions about a particular medical condition, or would like general information about any of Humana’s health resources, a registered nurse will help you determine if you can manage your care at home or need the attention of a medical professional.

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its been 5 days and we stiii donot have a 10ltr consentrator machine that works.the one they left us last night came with the yellow light on and kept stutting it's self off ever 10/20 min. a second tech brought us a M tank later so we could get some's 1;30 on Friday and the manager has never called to tell us what the plan is for the wked. we have no tank to get us through tonight.


Two months waiting for dental, even went to board of directors who lied and said CK would be here yesterday. It wasn’t today. Called and they said it was mailed April 11th. I have to wait u til Friday to call if i don’t get and they said it will take another thirty days to get second check. I’m soooo fed up with Humana dental. The worst


I have been using the mail in pharmacy for about four months now. I ha e two medications that interact with each other. My doctor has called the pharmacy several times. I order my medication and call the pharmacy. I explain to them that I know I have two medications that interact with each other and ask them to remove the soft hold that is always put on my medication. I get told a number of things including don’t worry I’ve expedited your order and it will be shipped on time.

So this current order is typical of every order that I have made with these medication, specifically my Tramsdol. I was told last week not to worry about my Tramsdol that it would be shipped in the fifteenth of this month. Monday comes around I have no email from Humana. I check my online account and it said I can order my Tramadol on 4/15/2019. The pharmacist I talked to the week before had already ordered it for me.

Three hours later I check my account and now my account says your order will be delivered on 04/16/2019 but it had not been shipped. I called the pharmacy and the young man I talked to said no, this cannot be shipped until the 16th that what it says in your profile. I tried to explain to him that what he was looking at was the estimated delivery date but he wouldn’t listen to me.

I called the next day and talked to a pharmacist. She asked me if I had have any problems with any of the other pharmacist and I said no. She said I will expedite your order but it’s going to cost you 17.00. I told her I didn’t care i was leaving town on Friday and just needed to have it sent before I left town. She assured me that it would be shipped Tuesday which is today and that she was lifting the soft hold. I checked my account at 3:30 PM pacific time and my medication hadn’t been shipped. I called the pharmacy and she told me that the medication would be shipped tonight because all shipping was done at night.

I waited until 7:00 PM and called the pharmacy and requested to talk to a pharmacist. I was finally able to talk to a pharmacist named Dave. I asked him why my prescription haven’t been shipped and he told me they had 5 to 7 days to ship. I told him that I had talked to a pharmacist that morning who told me my medication was being shipped. I then told him I later talked to a pharmacy rep who told me my medication would be shipped tonight. He said I’ll email the shipping department to mail this as soon as possible but they do not work at night. I explained to him that I had been told that they did and he said no they do not ship at night. So just today I have probably spent two hours on the phone over this issue and my meds which were scheduled to be delivered Monday and promised to be shipped today are still in process. If things go normally I’ll get an email tomorrow morning stating that my medication has been canceled.

My account might say it’s been shipped but I doubt it. Overall I’ve soent at least four hours on the phone since last week trying to insure that this medication would be sent on time.

On a side note, the pharmacist that helped me last week set my tramadol hp for delivery at her request as I was talking to her about another medication. She was very nice and offered to do this for me without me asking.

No matter what happens tomorrow I called way ahead of time to arrange this and I’m probably going to have to cancel my trip because my meds won’t be here.

So this happens on a regular basis I have to call and talk to a pharmacist every time my medication is ready to be sent. Every time I call I get a different story. Oh yes it will be sent today, no it wasn’t shipped today, we do our shipping at night, no we don’t do our shipping at night. I have to deal with this every time and it usually takes three to four days for them to figure it out and then they have to quick ship it to me.

Last shipment I had my doctor call them and I got an email saying your medication has been shipped. I can’t be calling spending hours on the phone and asking my doctor to call when he’s wrote my prescriptions and has contacted them several times.

I am now resigned to having to call the pharmacy every time this medication is ready for order. I have no problem with that. But that triggers 3 to four days of issues like I’ve explained above please respond to my complaint. I had to figure out how to file it because Dave would’ve told tell me how to when I asked him.

Please excuse any spelling or grammar issues I have a hard time seeing I’ve recently had my eyes operated on.


I want to change agents and have been told I cannot, my current agent is over a hundred miles away and I would like to have an agent in my own town, I believe I am still the customer and should be able to switch if I choose, if you will not allow me to please send the necessary documents so I can drop you as my provider. Sincerely Ardan berg


Did not send id cards to carry. when contacted, they of course said they sent them. In any case, I did NOT get them. Got a letter asking if I had other ins. besides them. I responded no and they said I had to fill out more forms. I went through an agent that filled out their forms. I have no cards and apparently no service either. I bet they took my medicare money thougj! This company and it's service sucks. I am very sorry I signed up with these losers.


Called Humana Customer Service three week ago requesting a new card. have not received it. Called today (4 Times) and asked them to send me another one. Since they have some kind of mailing problem, I wanted it overnighted because I have already waited three weeks. Basic response was we cannot help you or will not help you. Took it up the line to a supervisor, same response. I need a new card and I need it yesterday.


Huge rate increase from $192.42 to $309.83 without notification except coupon book with 3 coupons - Jan, Feb and March. Have new case # 10000686982 again and told would hear within 72 hours...this started on 12 17 18 and no one has contacted me to correct this issue. Age is same and have not moved.


I have been trying to get a mobility scooter, my doctor sent a prescription to Humana for one, no one there seems to know what to do. I have spent 3 days for a total of 2 hours on the phone being transferred and disconnected and still no one can help me. My ins. is SUPPOSE to cover scooter. I am looking into BETTER insurance companies for next year.




one of your Independant Contractors is talking to my husband and advising him on our relationship and things he should do or say this is unprofessional to say the least!!!! If she is doing this with my husband how many others is she doing this kind of talk with? She needs to loose her job she is a younger woman I am guessing and lives on the Eastern Shore of Va her name is Amy Leighton. Thank you and please do something with this woman


gentleman my name is angelo magaraci member id h42364233 7/26/1933 on may 24th I had surgery done on my leg that I feel on and needed surgery on. I spent 6 days in hospital and then was admitted to regent park rehabilitation center in boca raton. I spent 25 days and was released june 22 with the promise of physical therapy to continue at home. today is june 28th and I have not received no therapy or no satisfaction getting in touch with someone to get my therapy, my primary is doctor Arnold Needleman of mcci who visited me 4 times in hospital after my surgery but did not put in a order for therapy. I called his office and was told I have to come in to order this which was ridiculous as he new I needed it after 4 visits to hospital. his office staff whi I think stinks very unprofessional told me there was no transporatation to pick me up and I had no way of getting there till I recover after receiving my therapy. my ordedr for rehabilitation should have been ordered and not make it a money thing. if I suffer any setback for not receiving my therapy I have no alternative to seek litigation against that office as it is shear neglect 9545018557


To all appearances Humana should have paid entirely for blood work done at the North Oaks hospital (Hammond, La) May of this year. Instead A get a bill for $360 . Guess I was fooled by the deductible does not apply part.
I did NOT choose Humana, my employer did.
Thanks for nothing!


Sign up for vision coverage in Feb.; Cost of plan was taken monthly from my account, as of 4/18/2018....still have not received my cards call on4/18/....spent over an hour on phone with automated, in talking with someone...finnally....was told it would still take 7 to 5 business days to receive my cards....note my coverage was edges 2/26/3018.....very poor customer service....those cards should be sent ASAP....overnight.


Having hard time transfer medicine from WalMart.Did what humans wanted me to do 4times .first said have WalMart fax they did ,wasn't sent humans said .Went to WalMart they sent it was right there.called humans see if everything was alright,said never was sent .told them I was there when sent.then they said someone didn't accept it.they finally said thy will call WalMart and fix but week later still not fixed almost out of medicine


i singed up for humana medicare plan the third week in October. i received a letter a letter around October 29th stating that if i changed my mind, i had to call by October 31st to cancel. i called on October 30 and canceled it. i talked to Anthony Owens (877 256-1640)extension #1124228. he assured me that he would cancel. on nov. 1st.,i got three letters from humana dated October 27 stating no premiums due until December. i immediately called Anthony Owens and left messages for him to call me and he never did. i explained to him that my hospital is NOT in your network and humana would not be beneficial to me. then, yesterday i was on the phone for almost TWO hours trying to get help from someone.i finally spoke to a lady named Kristen at 1 800 285-7197, she told me i would have to fill out a DIS ENROLLMENT FORM. why should i have to do all that when i did what i was supposed to do by canceling BEFORE OCTOBER 31. it's pretty obvious all you people think about is selling insurance. i know you can get in-touch with mister Owens and he will verify my request on October 30th, since i talked to him for over an hour that day.again, i should not have to go through all this because it was canceled out on the 30th. train you people correctly so they will stop jerking people around.if this isn't straightened i'm going the the attorney general's office,
waiting for your response,
angeline verrill


I have been a Humana customer since January 1, 2017. I have your Humana Choice (PPO).Member ID H74417348. I have severe Type 1 Diabetes. Since day 1 I have always had a problem with getting a constant Insulin price. In May I was told that I am in the " Donut Hole ". On May 25, 2017, I called Human Pharmacy and was given an order of 4 bottles of Novolog U-100 for 153.00. To me, that is a ridiculous price to pay but I had no choice. I paid with my VISA card and I received 4 bottles. This summer I spoke to a lady in your Pharmacy Dept. whose name is Kenya. She said she could get my insulin price down by placing my Insulin under Medicare part B from part D because I am on an Insulin Pump. When I spoke to her again she told me that she could get me 2 bottles for 153.00. I declined her offer because that price was even more obscene. In early August I was sent a letter saying that I owed close to 67.00 more dollars. The next day I received a call from your billing office asking for the 67.00. I paid it with my VISA. Yesterday I found my original invoice for my late May order. The Order # is 17034346600. The Account # is 8345010. On the invoice, it says that I paid 153.00 with my VISA and that there was no payment due with this order. I have called your Rx office and Billing office twice over the past 2 days and after speaking to 7 different people I still do not have an answer. I have been told that I used a gift card and tonight I was told by your RX person that he had no idea and that my account kept getting charged 220.00 and then credited 220.00. Needless to say my pactience is gone. I demand some answers and needless to say I am ready to leave Humana. My number is (304) 905-9973.


Humana Flex Plan is inept. I received a request for another explanation of benefits at my correct address. The balance was supposedly mailed to my old address. When I first called to inquire about the check I was told they had the incorrect address. Bear in mind that they used the correct address for the request for a better explanation of benefits. Today, after several weeks of waiting for the correction promised, I was informed that a new one would be issued today and that I would receive it in 7-10 business days. As that is wholly unacceptable I requested the check be sent overnight, or 48 hours or with tracking. Despite the onus of the transaction failure being theirs, they could/would not comply. I wish there existed any alternative because Humana does not deserve even a 1 for customer service.


I can't get through the phone system at Humana customer care. It doesn't take my information. I told the rep I finally was able to connect with the issue. But I was put on hold over and over then transferred to some tech co. Why can't Humana admit their phone system does not work. What if i was really sick and needed insurance verification? I have been on hold with technical department for 20 minutes and didn't get anywhere. I have had phone issues for 2 weeks with Humana employees. Humana customer service is terrible!


Your latest website creative with a much older man trying to be young is bothering me. It is disgusting and I feel sends the wrong image. Humana used to be very respected. Not only is the quality of customer service not as good as it used to be your prices have gone sky. Will definitely be choosing another insurance plan the next time I select one at work.


My wife and I have been with Humana since I-I-2015. We both have Medicare supplement plans and I have Prescription Drug coverage with Humana. Our supplement policies were canceled in Nov 2015 due to lack of premium payment. I always pay a month ahead with one check and coupon out of the book. I also write the policy #s on my check. After talking with 2-3 reps, I was told that all the money I sent in, due to computer error, went to the Prescription Drug Policy. I have been told by 4-5 reps that they would correct it. I received a notice a few days ago that my policy was reinstated. Have not heard anything on my wife's policy.


I was checking into a supplement for my medicare insurance, and was contacted by a Humana sales person. I did not buy a supplement from the company, but he told me that he could invest my money that was in the stock market, withdraw it and he could get me 7% return. That sounded great. So I cashed my stocks in and he invested it in American equity investment life insurance company.

Unknown to me that company has nothing to do with Humana. I had my state farm agent look over the paper work, and I was receiving only 1% on my money, and its tied in with the stock market. I withdrew my money from American equity and put it into state farm when the paper work goes through. The maddening part is I'm going to lose 14,000 dollars doing so. I feel Humana and American Equity mislead me into thinking this was part of Humana organization. Please beware of this scam!


Humana is now a giant corporation that feeds off dysfunction. When I tried to call the Humana customer service hotline, I was placed on hold repeatedly by rep after rep. An hour this went on unitl I gave up and hung up. I now hear that Humana is buying more companies and growing even larger. If they can't provide decent support to policy holders now, what will happen when they grow even larger?


A well known, trust worthy and reliable insurance is what one would look for investing in it. Humana is the one I opted for as it carries coverage for the needs of my family. I would only trust a plan that assures me the coverage needed during unexpected situations. It has tax free plans, dental and vision related insurance coverage. Humana has a wide range of options which made it very convinient for me to take a decision. The customer care executives were helpful in ensuring I get started with the insurance. Thanks Humana for giving me the right plans. I would definetly make to spread a good word about Humana.

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