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CareFirst is a not for profit health services company which runs through its subsidiaries and offers comprehensive portfolio or products and services to individuals and groups across Maryland, DC and Virginia. CareFirst is the parent company of Care First Maryland Inc., is also the largest health care insurer in the Mid-Atlantic region serving more than 3 million people.

If you need to contact the CareFirst corporate office their address is in Canton Tower, 1501 South Clinton Street, Baltimore, MD 21224. If you need the customer service number call CareFirst at 410-581-3000 toll-free between 7am-6pm Monday through Friday, and Saturday and Sunday from 9am-5pm EST.

Online support from CareFirst offers you a doctor in your nearest area and the nearest healthcare unit. The website also adds a customer portal online where you can have all your information about your previous consulations and your medical history on demand.

Common problems with CareFirst include group policies in Dental, Vision and Life and Disability cases also. Founded in 1934 the firm has started with a small group and expanded to a major group of hospitals. In 1993 William L. Jews is selected as new President and Chief Executive Officer if you would like to direct your comments to the CEO.

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I like Carefirst but when it comes to getting a inhaler that i need everyday y'all don't cover them or you only cover 1 and you want to charge me close to $300.00 for it because i haven't hit my deductible yet which is ridiculous. The way it was explained to me was that would be the cost until i hit my deductible and that is crazy. These are items that most Americans need . I want to know how do you think people are suppose to afford that.


I received a notice that family health insurance premium increased $400 a month (35%). I called the 1-800 number which offered Option 2 (If you are calling regarding a rate increase notice). I was on the phone at least 2 hours speaking with three representative to learn why my rate was being increased by 35%. In the end, all three representatives threw up their hands and politely advised:

1. They did not know why my rate increased by 35%;
2. They did not know the criteria and parameters for my rate increase;
3. The best they could do was to transfer me to a sales agent;
4. They did not know why the 1-800 number offered an Option 2 for those calling about their rate increases, because they had absolutely no information regarding rate increases.

So, I wrote to CareFirst Headquarters in Baltimore, and to the Maryland Insurance Commission.

Hopefully, I will get an informative answer whether this rate increase is an error. And, if not an error, how a 35% increase is justified for catastrophic coverage plan.

Thank you.


At 1: 37 Pm on 05/01/2018 I called Carefirst using 800-842-5975, and spoke with Renee, who did not provide a last initial or a reference and a "supervisor" by the name of Heather who provided ref# 181210005860. Renee was extremely rude, like most Carefirst reps are and before I could ask majority of my questions he cut me off several times, over talked me several times and pretty much hollered at me. I called in to get clarifying information and asked, " When did this information change" he told me since I been working here. As if I am supposed to know how long that is. After going back and forth several times, he finally got a "supervisor" after telling me there was no supervisor on the floor. Heather got in the phone who was again of no help told me, 'the changes were made over a year ago and if you want the correct information we have to research and call you back in 48 hours." How is that of any help to our patients that we are trying to service? We call and wait hours and hours on hold only to get rude customer service reps if you don't want to deal with callers get another job!


My husband and I pay our premiums through our credit card, recently we were issued new cards, same number but new expiration date. I called CareFirst to update the date. Apparently a subscriber must do this on their web site which is beyond Unfriendly and downright rude. I have limited computer skills and my husband not all. I managed to make the change for my premium after almost two hours on the phone and computer with a testy technician.

I also have vision and hearing problems. My husband with no computer skills had to revert to paper billing. The only other option offered was a "lobby" in a distant county. I asked if we could do this by mail that also is not an option. We are both octogenarians and can not drive those distances. CareFirst makes no accommodations whatever for those without computers or related skills. This may be their way of getting rid on seniors.


Having a problem with my monthly premium. The result was I was overcharged five dollars for additional items that I saw listed online. The website is very unclear. I heard the clerk explaining to other customers after me w/o them asking, but she was distracted by her daughter who she was apparently texting at the same time.


Ever since CareFirst joined Blue Cross and Blue Shield their customer service has gone downhill. I have tried to contact the corporate headquarters to let them know.


Our family is secured by going in for Care first medical insurance plans. We have contacted them and their executive explained to us the plans which were very beneficial. Care first kept in mind what it takes for medical needs of an individual and have plans according to this. This is by far the best company I have come across in terms of insurance. Made couple of claims as well. The procedure of filing the claim is simple and easy. Within 4 days I received the claim and had no trouble dealing with them. Care first is the best so far and customer care is good as well.

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