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Aetna ( is an American managed health care company that is publicly traded on the NYSE:AET. In 2014 revenues were reported as US 58 billion and employees numbered over 50,000. Aetna serves over 46 million customers with their health care professional needs. If you have a problem with a Aetna health care policy, you may call 1-800-872-36862.

You may also check here for contact information and login. If you want to mail a postal letter to the CEO, Mark Betolini, you may address your correspondence to him at 151 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, CT 06105 or call the corporate office at 860-273-0123.

At the end of 2015 Humana is in the process of a buyout of Aetna. Founded in 1853 by Eliphalet Adams Bulkeley, the Aetna slogan is, ‘helping people live healthier lives’. Social media presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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We have been trying to get our claims resolved and a long overdo payment sent to us. Every time our office sends our bills to Aetna they are rejected, and not at a fault of our own. We have numerous calls into Aetna and all representatives have said it is Aetna's error with the PBG # on their end is being put incorrectly into Aetna's system. They keep saying they will reprocess all of the claims urgently for payment but I have to keep calling and they just keep saying give them more time. They say they will call to keep us updated but do not ever call. Our Aetna patients are very upset when they see their bills for visits are not being paid to our office. This error on Aetna's part has to be resolved and payment needs to be urgently sent to us for services rendered. Every call made takes 2 hours and it's time our small office does not have nor should have to do. We've asked for Supervisor's numbers and they will not give it to our office nor will they let us speak to any higher ups to fix this urgent matter. Please have someone contact our office at or email us so we can resolve this matter.


Worst health insurance dedicated to deny treatments to patients and not paying providers. They are equally bas as Humana, United Healthcare.....all of these corporations and pharmaceutical companies have bribed the Senate to get a total free pass in destroying health care and making the poorest citizens believe they have health insurance but they don’t. WE MUST get together to force the Extremely wealthy senators the same insurance as the citizens: AETNA, HUMANA, OPTUM, UNITED BEHAVIORAL HEALTH,. Let these criminals have a taste of their own medicine : the death panels that is the function of these criminal “health insurances”
How come the Traitors against the citizens in Congress are granted Blue Cross Blue Shields for life once they get to Congress? They should have the same death panels the citizens face, not BC/BS.
Ask the citizens who come for services and are told that theIr useless insurances do not cover the services or no clinic wants to accept them because they know they won’t get paid.


My Dentist preformed surgery in November, the cost was $1,300+, I am since waiting for my reimbursement. I have been told how busy or they are short staffed and honestly I don't care to hear that as I am on a fixed income, what excuse is next? how about I switch from Atena?


My Review online

Aetna....Worst insurance in USA!: So confuse, all refers are denied. Very difficult to call offices. all telephone numbers are mixing up, mixing web page up too. Not way to know what telephone number to call for verifying my insurance ID. I get from CVS the over the counter stuff that neither the CVS workers want to buy, vitamins with bad ingredients for your health, stuff with incomplete sizes, stuff in the CVS catalog that is denied at the desk. In Aetna every thing is terrible. If you get Aetna with Chen Clinic as your health provider you are going to be in hell (el infierno) both are an evil combination, Chen doctors are fine, they do their best and cure you, but the administrative process from Chen Clinic headquarter are going to make you sick back again too . I will comply with the Social Security, Insurance Commission, Better Business Buro, and the Attorney General, in fact I maybe will record all the terrible bureaucracy about this mediocre insurance and Chen Clinic Headquarter. I dare Owners and CEO from Aetna, from Chen Clinic and CVS don't use their own business and services. Neither the workers or doctors. because... Muy malos los servicios telefónicos en español in both places.


I feel Customer Service is not what it should be. I don't feel they are unprofessionals who don't listen, ask for information that is not valid to your question, keep you on hold too long and on the phone when they should get someone to help, don't know the answer to a question and give you an answer that isn't acceptable. An example is go have the test done and you will find out what your cost is--Question was is the Insurance Company going to cover the cost--Found out that my Doctor had to submit an authorization after several phone calls with nobody knowing this


WE ARE AN ACUTE INPATIENT INTENSIVE REHABILITATION HOSPITAL FACILITY (IRF). which is NOT considered a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF). we have made several attempts to contact AETNA on a denied claim which AETNA processed as a Skill Nursing Facility claim due to "AETNA MAIN FRAME WAS NOT UPDATED", per AETNA representative. and it has been over 90 days and the issue is still not resolved. We have sent emails to AETNA Provider Relations on several occasion, without any responses. We feel AETNA is just causing a stall tactic in order for claim to stale over the date of service, for which would be in JAN/FEB 2020. We have filed a complaint with Medicare now, and will file a complaint with the State of Colorado Insurance Commissioner also if not resolved soon.


I have tried your Provider Relations phone#888-632-3862 to speak with live person to inquire on our Providers but have not been able to speak to someone. Could you please let me know what is needed to actually speak to a representative. Thank you, Dixie Schuster


I have spoken to several different people including Cody the supervisor regarding my dental reimbursement of 75.00 and have received different excuses ! This has been going on since October 30, 20018 ! They keep telling me that they have straightened out the situation and the check should be here by the end of the week which has been one huge lie after another ! Customer service stinks ! They can't even get their stories straight and I am so angry right now ! Where is my money ?????? What is going on with this company ? If this is straightened out soon, I will not certainly not renew with Aetna again and I will be sure to tell others of my problems with this company !!!!!!


I work for a company where Aetna handles the FMLA and Short term disability. I cannot believe all the restraints that are set into motion when you call for the short-term disability. I don't understand why the company continues to badger the doctor after the doctor states a time frame for your issue. Are the representatives license medical practitioner's? I would like to know how the Hippa law applies.I asked for an audit of my account and have not heard a word since the request was made. Also per our plan, we receive "earned time" back but that has not been applied to my account.
I wish Aetna would do what they say, which is to help people not get people fired and upset them to the point they have a heart attack and die.
Just in case you are wondering about the heart attack statement it is true. My co-worker had heart surgery and was told to be stay calm. He called Aetna about his calm. He was so upset from the phone call that he had a heart attack and died. He lived along so after his mother could not get a hold of him on the phone she went to his home and found he had died. The last call that was on his phone was Aetna.


I have Multiple Sclerosis. I need specialty medicine. I'm on the co-pay assistance program. Since the medicine is so expensive.
Aetna refuses to accept the co-pay assistance payments. Since they wont accept I cannot get my refill. This co-pay is over 5000.00 every three months. The co-pay assistance wants to pay this for me and their refusing to accept. If I cant get my medicine I can end up in a wheel chair. This is a emergency. I really need help getting me meds.


Aetna has reduced our Aetna Worker's Compensation Access, LLC Program to a reimbursement of 0% . I have requested in writing a copy of our contract over 6 weeks ago, however Aetna will not provide the contract and, on weekly follow up phone calls, tells me to call back in one week. Each representative I speak with insists there is no supervisor that I can speak with, no email, and no way to contact anyone at Aetna regarding my request. In the meantime, as a provider, we are not being reimbursed by any payor that accesses the Aetna fee schedule. What can be done regarding this refusal to pay?


I just heard Aetna pulled out of the Obamacare marketplace. Now some of my family in Oklahoma only has one insurance option left and it's prices are going up 20% this year. This is not really a complaint about Aetna as much as the Affordable Care Act. Look at what it is doing to our country!


I have been calling for over 6 hours and have still been unable to reach someone to help me. Shame on Aetna customer service. They were not prepared for the new arrivals in 2016. They should have been ready, I have a child with a disability and I and mortified by them.


I am so tired of trying to receive the booklet with the list of providers. January 19th, I sent back in the card that I have received if I choose to receive a written book instead of downloading. My computer is to old to download the information, it takes to long to do simple stuff on it. I sent another note with payment in Feb. I called the service number and requested book, which is a joke in itself, 10 minutes of going around, and around talking to a machine.

Then sending in another postcard in March. Getting a call from Aetna to get me signed into the computer info which I said I could not do that. They transfered my to member services, I was told I would have the book in a week. Now we are passed the 2 week point and Aetna calls again to get me signed up for the computer.. are you kidding me!!! I pay $744.33 every month for no service...

The lack of caring about communication is horrible. I want to scream but realize that it is not one persons fault but the company as a whole just wanting the money and not to benefit the consumer, We switched some years ago to Anthem because this was an issue, We assumed that it had to do with the company my husband was working for. Now we realize that it was actually Aetna and not the company. PLEASE SEND MY HARD COPY OF PROVIDERS BOOK. Oh and I would not even give Aetna a star, until you can follow through and fulfill your commitment to your customers.


On 4/2/15, I called (800) 414 - 2239 between 2:30 and 2:37PM (Eastern standard time) and spoke with a customer service rep - not sure of her name because she hung up on me. I identified myself and my reason for calling (which was to complete a PA for a patient's medication). This representative's attitude and tone were very unprofessional. Upon giving the representative the patient's information, the representative stated, "You sound like a robot" (with an attitude). I then repeated the information slower and tried to be as clear as possible.

Again the representative said, "I still can't hear you, you sound like a robot - it must be in your headset" (with a little more of an attitude). I then said "I did not have a headset, it must be in yours." Representative then said, "I can't hear you, you will have to call back."

I asked could I give you my number and you call me back so I want have to go through all of the prompts again and hold for I don't know how long. The representative then told me she couldn't call me back, and that I would just have to go through the prompts and hold time again. When I asked her for her name, the representative hung up.

I called back the 800 number again, and representative name Shamera answered the phone. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was told that I had to state why I wanted to speak with a supervisor. I stated I wanted to file a customer service complaint. I was put on hold and no one picked up on the line. I called the 800 number again, and Debbie answered the phone. I asked Debbie to let me speak with a manager. I got the same response.

Debbie stated she had to know why I needed to speak with a supervisor. Finally someone name Lisa came to the phone and stated she was the supervisor - which I question. Per Lisa, she filed a report and I should receive a response back by the end of the day or on Friday. I am filing this report because Lisa sounded very defensive at first, and some things Lisa told me did not add up as to how she was going to report and handle the situation. The entire situation is unbelievable!


Aetna has been able to do the right insurance coverage that I have been looking for. The executives helped me find the exact need that was suitable for my family. I opted for Aetna and suggest the same to anyone looking out for a low cost insurance coverage. An insurance coverage that even covers dental and vision related health conditions. The customer care also is one thing one would look for while claiming any insurance coverage. They understand and clarify things either through email or on phone very effectively. The website Aetna has is user friendly. One can also find physicians and hospitals without having to search too much. All of the information is clearly explained and I recommend Aetna to families and individuals who are looking for a low budget insurance plans.

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