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Weight Watchers Company is publicly traded NYSE:WTW. There are over 10,000 employees and in 2013 revenues were reported as 1.7 billion USD.

To reach Personal Assistance, call 1-800-651-6000. You will also find more contact information here. The current CEO position is unfilled and Oprah Winfrey, in addition to holding 10% stake in the company, is using her influence and expertise to locate a new CEO. Write to Weight Watchers Corporate Office with, 675 Avenue of Americas, Floor 6, New York, NY 10010, USA.

Weight Watcher services include: New Smart Points Plan, Online Plus, Personal Coaching and locating help for local membership meetings. Social presence is found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and watch Beyond the Scale on YouTube.

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Rewards program. I have been on the phone with customer with my complaint in not being able to use my rewards for products that I want. I ordered chips in the past and was told that you can order only once from that category. I don’t know where it states that and I really don’t want anything else!!


I am so disappointed in Weight watchers. Myself and my two daughters joined together so we can see who loses the most weight. We go to every weigh in together and never have a problem. This past weekend we drove two hours to get weighed in with my daughter and they would not let us weigh in together , even though i the mother and my my daughters said it was alright. They said it has to do with privacy act. Well that is further from he truth. Legally if a client patient mother daughter whom ever gives persmission and they are there with you, then weight watches has no right to stop us from being together. And if i have to go further with this i will . His makes me and my kids as well as my friends want to leave weight watchers. Also it is pretty sad that not one person high up will call you back but they know how to take your money.


Lifetime member #002588863’ I re joined yesterday at the Walpole, Massachusetts session
Gave my credit card, was told I was all set, I went to track my points today, apparently I was not processed correctly I am NOT active, I can not track, and I have to Wait a week to go back to the Walpole session to get this straightened out.
I am not pleased


To:relations + 1 more Details

I am very disappointed in the customer service that I received regarding this order I placed. My order was received on Sunday. It was brought into the house immediately. I opened up the packing box and was first upset and how the boxes inside were bent up. The box looked like it had been thrown around. When I started to unpack the chocolate and peanut butter items, they were completely melted. I attempted to put the boxes in the refrigerator to see if they could be salvaged. After a couple hours I tried to remove the wrapper from one of the caramel bars. That was not going to happen. It had reshaped itself strangely and was attached to wrapper. When I tried to pull it off, chocolate went all over.

It was at this time I sent my 1st email complaining about my order. I never received a response back. On Wednesday, I sent another email regarding my order. Still no response. Today I called the customer service number and the gentlemen tried to tell me that I had received a return email from customer service. NO, I didn't! He tried to explain to me that my order could not be refunded or replaced due to return policy. He said the chocolate was not damaged. Excuse me, it was damaged, it had to be thrown away at no error of my own.

I have placed previous orders and they were delivered with no problem. Obviously there was something going on with the delivery truck for my boxes to be bent up and the chocolate completely melted. I advised him that this was horrible customer service and I haven't heard about a return policy like this before. I asked to speak with someone at the corporate office or to be given a phone number. He told me that he would place me on hold and try to get someone. During this hold time, he came back on the line and told me that he would need another 2-3 minutes. The third time of doing this, my call was disconnected. As if, I was not already upset.

I did not want a refund at any time. I wanted a credit or to have the items replaced. I also work in a corporate setting and this type of service is appalling to me. I just joined WW three weeks ago, and I already know that this is what customer service consists on. That is disappointing and a eye opener. I will bring up this situation to the members of my group so they are aware of this. I will not be placing any further orders through WW.

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Husband had stroke, we have no income. Asked a month ago to cancel both accounts due to hardship. One acct was not cancelled. Called to inquire and NOTHING could be done I was told. Took survey at end of call and because I had negative feedback it cut me off and ended call. I have been a loyal WW customer off and on for YEARS. I could not believe that you don’t care enough about your customers to help them during very trying times when our money is so precious to us right now. $20 may not seem a lot to you but it is to my family when you have nothing coming in. VERY DISAPPOINTED at what you stand for. Didn’t try to do anything to help.


I have been attending WW meetings from 11-14-16 weighing 285 lbs to 5-4-19 weighing 197 lbs. My weight loss is lncorrectly recorded as 75lbs when it should be 88lbs. I noticed the discrepancy since WW went digital and had made numerous calls to the organization. The staff is polite but cant seem to help, Please correct this error as I am nearing a 100lb weight loss goal that I want the record to reflect. Call me at 201-413-1914 if you have questions.



I am a Health Coach in a physicians office in New Freedom, PA. I met with a patient today who told me some very disheartening information about Weight Watchers. She claims that when you go to the "meetings" weight GAIN (of class as a whole) is announced to the class. REALLY. How is this supportive? She knows she has gained weight and WILL NOT go back as she does not want to bring the class down or disappoint the leader.
Apparently weight gain looks bad on the leader so that is why people are shamed.
I did Weight Watchers off and on for 23 years and it was NEVER like that. Going to meetings was actually fun and everyone was supportive and tried to help when weight was gained.
If this is the new way of WEIGHT WATCHERS I will NEVER recommend.


I have been a member of WW at work program since 10/2017. Between 10/2017 and today our company has had an approximate gap of 2 months where the WW program was not active at work and for which time I should have been charged for digital tool utilization. Because of the poor process between the at work program (collecting checks for payment and then issuing paper vouchers for etools), I have been charged for approximately 13 months of etools in error. I had contacted your customer service through chat in late 2018. The chat rep was not able to assist and then transferred me to "another department" for billing. Unfortunately, no one from billing picked up the chat. I tried to resolve the matter again today via a phone call. After over 1 hour and three separate people -- all to whom I had to explain my situation, I received 3 months of credit. As such, I am still out approximately $200.00 in over payments. I have been a huge supporter of your program -- sponsoring it at work, encouraging family and friends to join. I have seen success in a healthier life and am grateful. Unfortunately, I will now have no choice but to add the terrible service experience to my narrative. I have all of my vouchers which have been proven valid by two separate WW reps. I have paid almost $1,000 legitimate dollars to your program and another $250 - $300 in error and the best you will do for me is a credit of $59.85! Maybe Noom is correct (too bad as I have already supported WW in social media against Noom WW slandering) in that WW is an old program with outdated capabilities -- your technology and billing processes certainly seem to support this claim and you, clearly, do not care about your loyal customers! I would like my full refund please.


I joined on Jan 12 2019 taking a deal that was lose 10 pounds in 3 months, and WW would give me 2 months free. I noticed on April 12th, they debited my account the monthly fee. I called the customer service number on April 12. She said I was supposed to fill out a refund form and mail it in, and it was now too late. Not sure how it could have been too late, as April 12th was my 3 month anniversary. I lived up to my end of the bargain and lost 18 pounds. I asked to speak to a manager. She put me on a long hold and finally came back and said the manager was on a phone call. I asked if they would take my phone number and call me back. She said a manager would call me back within 24 hours. No one called. I called back the next day and got the same answer, but this time she said if the manager did not call back in 24 hours, to try calling again. I did not get a call back again. So I called today and I still cannot speak to a manager. If there was some kind of refund form you should have highlighted it when I signed up, or emailed me with instructions. Feeling very let down by the lack of communication and the feeling that you duped me.


I have been a lifetime member for about 6 years and go every month to be weighed in - I have not been over my goal weight and I enter the etool numbers every month - now I have been charged for the etool program for the past three months and would like to know why I am being charged. I've called the 800 number for information, spoke to someone who I could hardly understand and was put on hold for 15 minutes listening to music that I think was supposed to calming but WASN'T and I finally gave up! I expect to be reimbursed for the months that I've been charged and paid for.
What kind of customer services is that...I'll tell you - terrible!


I am new to weight watchers and have only been going to 3 meetings so far, is it common practice for the meeting leader to talk about personal stuff having to do with her family for half of the meeting and not about weight watchers, frankly I don't care about her sons issues I m not paying to hear this and that's been every meeting so far.... very disappointed …..


I have been a member for 35 years I do not like the new program I went into the center to buy my chocolate caramel bars and barbecue chips which are my favorite. They no longer carry them. I was told by my leader that weightwatchers does not make them anymore and that they are not good for me anyway. Funny. I can fine them on line. I do not like all the new changes. Kinda silly to run such a good program. I think the apps are a good idea but I am tired of everything revolving around them. I guess I need the pep talk Not the app talk I hardly want to go anymore. Use to never miss a meeting Miss the older good leaders too


On 12/31/2018 I paid weight watchers for three months. I did this at the Lee's Summit Weight Watchers on Oldham Parkway in Lee's Summit. I left town for a couple days and got back to discover I wasn't in the system. They searched and searched and I was told to come back later when they would help me and find me and discover the problem. They never found it and I have called on and off for a solution. I only wanted to join and apparently for some reason I wasn't in the system. After several hours which I hope were recorded I am finally at the point of trying to get a refund. I love the idea of weight watchers and am very sad this had to happen. I had a lady try to resolve it but the computer wasn't working. I am currently waiting for someone to verify the refund and have gotten cut off. Help...my phone is 573-453-6364. Maybe you can trace the calls and record.


I am currently using the on-line plan and wanted to UP-GRADE to the weekly meetings plan and I was told that I cannot upgrade because I am on a long term plan that ends in April. I could understand if I was asking to DOWN GRADE and pay less money, but Why would I not be able to UP-GRADE to a more costly plan. Makes no sense at all. This tells me that Weight Watchers does not care about their members who are struggling with weight and will do better if attending meetings. Very disappointed in Weight Watchers concern for their members.


Customer service was not at all helpful. I signed up at my local Weight Watchers in Raton, NM this evening 01/03/19. I signed up for the 3 month commitment packet for $38.94. I tried to download the app and sign in online, but was not able to. At the log in screen, it requested my e-mail and stated that I would need to reset the password. I received an e-mail from Weight Watchers at 6:47 PM. It stated that I needed to reset the password for account username Diana875011. I did this, but still could not download the app or sign in online. I called the WW 800 number and spoke to a customer service representative (gentleman). He disagreed with my username stating that my username was m85416912. i pointed out that WW were the ones who e-mailed me the username just an hour before. He continued to disagree. When I asked to speak to someone else, he refused so I hung up and called back. Then I spoke to a female representative, and she proceeded to tell me the same thing. She told me to disregard any previous emails sent by WW and made me change my password 3 times with no success. I was repeatedly put on hold. Then she asked me to login again and gave me the password Welcome1. When I typed this in, it immediately sent me to a screen that asked me to enter a new username. I attempted to enter diana87501, but the screen stated that this username was already being used. I tried to explain to the representative that the person it was being used by was me. She made me do the same exact thing over again 4 times. Upon the 4th time, a screen appeared that stated that the WW site was down for maintenance. i read this to her word for word, and she still made me repeat the steps even though that screen kept popping up. She kept insisting that I click on boxes on this screen that I kept telling her were not there. I became frustrated and asked to speak to a supervisor. She put me on hold again and upon returning, totally ignored my request to speak to a supervisor, and instead proceeded to tell me to go through the same process again. I asked her about the supervisor, and she stated that there were none available until tomorrow, but that she was still going to walk me through. She continued to tell me to log in again and start over. I did this one more time with the same results, and she insisted I do it again. I refused to do it this time and told her I would contact a supervisor tomorrow.

This was absolutely ridiculous. I was on the phone with incompetent, rude, and forceful representatives for over an hour with no results. I paid for my monthly pass and am still not able to access online or the WW app.


Every time I go for a meeting, I don't have my pass code I not allowed for meetings. when I called the main number they had nothing listed; I called and ask for a supervisor at, 9:45am it took along time I hung up. I can be reached at 908-364-6993. 12/28/18. I will not join again. (M76664453)


I joined WW in January of 2018 through work. When I signed up I was told that my credit card info would never be used and that it was just for reservation purposes. Due to my work load I was unable to attend meetings, etc. so I told our work liaison in February that I wanted to cancel my membership (we were at the start of a new year). She indicated that was fine, my payroll deductions stopped and life was fine. Fast forward to today.....I was checking my bank online and saw a deduction for 19.95 from WW INT'L. I called, spoke to a great guy who agreed that I should be reimbursed, especially since I never knew that my account was being charged.I then was transferred to "Patrice" who spoke to me in the most condescending tone that I have ever experienced. She was RUDE, unkind, unemphatic and from my experience, hands down the worse customer service that I have ever witnessed. She basically told me that this was my fault, that just because I signed up at work it was my responsibility to tell them that I had stopped the program. I explained that I thought that was what my stopping the payroll deductions meant, and she repeatedly stated that I should have read their policy better, on and on, and on.....it was terrible. At the end she stated that I was only eligible to be reimbursed for 3 months, no more (59.00). Basically I threw away almost $200 dollars because of an over site and WW takes no responsibility at all. I do take ownership for not noticing the deduction in my bank account but I do think that WW and their reps need to help remind employees of the steps to take when quitting the program and WW needs to have a bold disclaimer on their website when people sign up through the workplace so that the buyer is aware. I feel this was very deceitful and I will make sure to tell everyone who I know is thinking about joining. Terrible!


I joined Weight Watchers in September 2018. I paid the registration fee and meeting fee, was weighed in and given the booklets. That was it. Nothing was explained to me at the first meeting, Three meetings into it I asked about points and what they mean, I got a real rushed answer by Carol. She said I can ask my friend for information. Really, no first day Introduction session just jumped right into the meeting. I was totally lost and did not know what they were talking about as it was my first meeting. An intro period would have been nice. I do not want to go to any more meetings as I feel very left out. I have attended meetings in Havertown, PA on West Chester Pike.


I have been attending my local WW class each Tuesday since August. I am very satisfied with how things are going to date. BUT, as I understand it due to the way bank holidays fall this year, my class will be closed on both Tuesdays, the 25th December and the 1st January 2019. Now, it is not my fault that this has occurred this way!! But, I do feel strongly that I should not have to pay for those two weeks. I am a pensioner, and, due to circumstances, am unable to attend an alternative class on either of those weeks. I pay monthly and feel there should be some sort of concession out of goodwill. We pay a considerable amount each month as it is. I would appreciate a prompt response. Thank you.


I have belonged the Weight Watchers several times and have lost weight and the meetings are interesting with everyone polite and helpful. My complaint is that I called to cancel my membership and they said they were offering a "free month" membership fee. I said ok but to please cancel my membership after the free month is over if I did not call them back to stay in program. I think there was a misunderstanding there somewhere. I did not call them back and got charged for another month membership fee and they refused to take it off.

My advice is to beware if they offer you a "free month" when you try to cancel and be sure and call them back in plenty of time before the next monthly fee is due to come out of your method of payment, even though you ask them to cancel after free month is over. Very disappointed.


I'm really bummed about the new point reward WW just released. I don't have an iphone or smart phone, so I can't get the app to take part in this new program. Is this really fair for people that can't afford new technology. I go to all my meeting and feel totally left out when they discuss this new program. Why can't I just do with the web site on my computer and then we all could be part of the program.


I attend the Hunters Creek Meeting in Orlando,FL on Tuesday nights. I bring my small poodle puppy in a carry bag. I had a situation that a woman at the Meeting would not allow me to sit in the vacant seat next to her. I then posted a message on the group facebook page thanking the other Members for being understanding.I bring him for personal reasons & can not attend if I can not bring him at this time. In turn the WW leader posted a message to me stating that per "policy" I could not bring the puppy. I called the 800-651-6000 & spoke to a Representative at length & she told me that there is no Policy concerning dogs as long as there are not interrupting the Meeting. I inturn texted the Leader & she told me that her Territory Manager stated that only service dogs are allowed.
I am a lifetime member & have attended this location since last January. I spend a lot of money on products every week & now am extremely upset at this situation.My conversation with the Rep. uccurred on Friday 10/12/18. I do have copies of the messages if needed.
I would appreciate some help with this situation. As of now I will not return to this Meeting. Because of this conflicting information I do not know if WW is "pet friendly" or not.
Thank you,
Sharon Trainor
3935 Coastal Breeze Dr. Kissimmee, FL 34744


I reached goal on Weds Sept 6. I told the person who weighed me that I had reached goal. His name is Mark in the Rochester MN office. He just looked at me. He never told the leader that I had made goal plus 25 pounds. I was suppose to get some documentation plus a goal medal. I never received them. I asked him how often I have to weigh in during the 6 weeks. He said every week, versus just twice. I think he acted as he was upset that another male made goal.
Steve Distad 507-226-3224


I also purchase the dark chocolate mint bars, as I hadn't seen them before and the other flavors are so creamy and yummy. But not the mint bars! They had an awful artificial taste and after taste. Maybe a bad batch got through. I feel you need to know about this. I have thrown all away but one and the box, if you need more information.


My auntie Lynne Broughton purchased a weight watchers icecream from Iceland in Northwich, Cheshire. She noticed that the little plastic bit on the cup was missing but thought no more about it and ate the icecream. She then coughed blood six times, Its was the plastic scratching on the on way down. Luckily she is ok. Just don't want it to happen to any one else.


I purchased Weight Watchers new Dark Chocolate Mint ice cream bars. Chocolate and mint two of my favorite things. I eat a lot of weight watches products but was so disappointed in the taste of them. To tell you the truth they were awful. The artificial flavor is very nasty tasting. I had to throw them away.


New Weight Watchers program they are forcing on all their customers is a train wreck. Online website does not work. New mobile app is crap. The only thing that is working well is their accounts recoverable dept --- they are doing a great job sucking $43 dollars a month out of my wallet. One more week and I am headed to free online app like Fitness Pal if WW does not shape up. Next time I am filing a formal complaint with the Weight Watchers corporate office.


This program is amazing.  It allows me the freedom to eat what I want as long as it’s within my allotted points.  I always struggled with feeling deprived when I had to cut out sugar or chocolate, but with weight watchers, I can have chocolate as long as I calculate it into my daily point count.  The meetings are beneficial and it’s wonderful to have a group of people to stand beside me as we go through this weight loss journey together.  I was able to lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks thanks to the weight loss program!

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