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Goodebox, now called Goodbeing is a currently unavailable subscription online service specializing in natural beauty and wellness. The re-branding uses

If you joined Goodebox you may contact them here. You may also contact by phone at 503-610-3554 but this is specifically not a Customer Service phone number.  A blog here as well as Good Rewards are still offered. Social presence is found on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram

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I wanted to reach out to respond to a recent twitter conversation and complaint we believe was filed pertaining to Goodebox. I completely agree consumers need to stand up for themselves. I've been there and it's nice to know there's a forum. In this instance, what I think happened is the customer was confused over what month's box she would receive. We ship anywhere from 30-165 different box combinations each month, customized to member profiles. They vary quite a bit month to month since they are sampling products that we have chosen based on how their profile has been filled, out, picked from the product pool available that month.

Some months might have larger items because they retail at a lower price point, others will be smaller when they retail at a higher price point. Because we are very picky about the products included, we don't work with a lot of brands who can provide a large item as often, where the product seems valuable, it's laden with a variety of unhealthy ingredients we work to avoid. Our brands are smaller, sourcing healthier ingredients, so our product selection an perceived "value" is going to look different from some other more mainstream beauty boxes. OK. Back to the issue at hand. As was explained via email to the customer, her sign up date was 2 weeks past that for the box she thought she was getting (sign up and shipping windows are set forth on our FAQ and Customer Help Center) and so she received a selection from the most recent collection of products (April, which you can now see posted under Recent Products) on our website, instead of the March box, which stopped shipping as of March 3rd.

I wanted to share that we responded within hours of the customer's first series of emails, first with an explanation to try to alleviate confusion (I'll admit, with a couple of honest errors pertaining to item size and "value", which were corrected - the goal was to try to illustrate the the "value" of the box, at least from a strictly retail perspective, not including shipping, the selection process, etc, is at least equal to the $19 price paid. I also understand value is measured differently for everyone - this was just one way to try to explain that didn't help in this instance. We don't typically assign a value to products in this way as it's a "trial and discovery service", but it was an attempt at explanation that didn't go as smoothly as was intended. When this did not alleviate her concerns, we refunded her purchase despite our standard (as stated on the website) no refund policy, as soon as we heard back that she was still very upset, without asking for the items to be returned to us, canceled her membership per her request so no further dues would be processed and responded to all social media posts expressing concern.

We truly pride ourselves on exceptional customer service in a world where it is often usually lacking. We feel badly she is so upset and at the same time, are unsure what additional measures we can take to make her feel whole again. I'm sure you're very busy, but as someone who is likely an expert by now in customer service issues, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on what you feel a better way to handle the situation was. We are a very small company, all woman run company doing our best to provide a solid service. We're not perfect to be sure and mistakes are made here and there, but we always strive to make it right. All of this was done (refund included) well before she continued to post to social media and file her complaint here, so I'm at a bit of a loss as to what else to do. I do appreciate any feedback you have to offer. We will be looking through our FAQ, Help Center and other areas of the website to be sure to alleviate any future possible confusion. This doesn't happen often, in fact, I'm not sure it's ever happened and as a small business who cares for it's members, we want to be sure it's addressed appropriately.

This is super long - my apologies for the "mini novel" here. I just like information to be accurate and for you to see both sides to the story, as an accusation of fraud and scam is pretty serious and I don't feel well founded in this situation. I don't want to publicly call her out or try shame her in any way as that does nothing to help us move toward conflict resolution, so I will not mention a name here, however, we do have all conversations documented, proof refund and when it was issued, explanations and apologies as well. I understand she feels cheated in some way, I'm just at a loss for what to do from here. Many thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you.


The March boxes were awesome and everyone gets the same box. I received an embarrassment of a box without any of the items. The items were tiny teeny and practically useless. The company argued that the sizes they sent me were larger and also lied about their retail. I then showed them a picture of the sizes and broke down the price to be much less than the box. I have pics and all saved emails back and forth. They cancelled my account on me and never offered a different variety or a refund! I also didn't get to the point of canceling. I would have anyway. The customer service was less than a one star.

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