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Nutrisystem is a publicly traded company NASDQ:NTRI and is a weight loss and nutrition company combining science with health. Revenues in 2015 were reported as 462.6 million USD and there are over 63 stores in 24 states in the US. Employees numbered over 200 in 2015.

To reach Membership Services call 1-800-585-5483. You will also find helpful information here and Frequently Asked Questions here. To write a letter to CEO, Dawn M. Zier, address a letter with, Nurtisystem Headquarters, 600 Office Center Drive, Fort Washington, PA 19034.

Nutrisystem membership fee does not include the packaged food that along with counseling, storefronts, Program Consultants and Dieting Counselors has a Money Back Guarantee. The TURBO 10 guarantees members to “lose 10 pounds and 5 inches in first month”. Social support is found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest

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I have waited to received about called as we lost our tracks by books Icannit get then nailed to us. I have d silent hours trying to get some one to helo
Ok we need them please mail the bill Lynn Gerber
7020!arbutus st
Arvada 80004

Pl saw send trackers


Today I received an email letting me know that I was going to have another order automatically sent and billed to my credit card. I had not realized that I was on automatic billing. I do not have any money at this time and it will be 2 to 3 months before I can pay off enough to order again.
I went into my account on line and asked for delay but on it could only ask for 30 days. I called your 1-800 number and explained that I needed longer than 30 days. The woman I spoke with assured me that she could delay until July 15th,but because I had already done 30 days online, that she would have to wait until that request went through before she could go to July. She advised me to call back in 2-3 hours. This was around 3:30.
I called back around 6:15 and got a second woman. I tried to explain to this second woman what the first woman had told me. This second woman told me that she could not go beyond the 30 days already on my account. She went on to tell me that I was on the most expensive plan and that I should look at a different plan. I told her that this would not help me as I have no money at this time. She kept telling me that she did not have the authorization to delay until July. I then asked her if I could speak to her supervisor, since I could see that there was a definite conflict between what the two women had told me. She told be to stop talking over her. She told me that I was being rude and that she was going to have to hang up on me. I kept asking to talk to a supervisor. She finally told me that she would set the delay to July, but said that she was not responsible if this didn't work since she did not have the authorization to do this. I asked what her name was and asked to talk to her supervisor again. She hung up.
I am very upset that this woman would not just look into what the first woman documented. She was rude and condescending to me.
Please let me know what is correct, and if I can delay until July.
I actually really like your product and understand that I have to accept another shipment, which I won't be able to do until July.
Helen Thune

ur product and this experience has left a very bad taste in my mouth.


Mutrisystem Customer Service representatives (I’ve spoken to 3) lied to me about the plan while I was signing up. They say anything you want to hear until they get your credit card number and then send you whatever they want, which was not what I asked for!! They refuse to allow customers to speak to supervisors. Alexa was the last and worst!


I just joined nutrisystem and I am sorry I did. There is no way to contact customer service. I waited on the phone for over an hour and finally gave up. I received an email asking if my issue was solved and I could not click on the link that says no. I checked with Get Human who sent me a code so that they would wait for a representative. There were three codes sent, none of which worked. It is a shame you do not have enough people to answer customers questions - any other company I have dealt with always had someone to talk to you. There are questions a customer would want to ask but no one to answer them. I do not know how you can run this company and still have customers. I do not want any more food sent to me. I certainly would not recommend this program to anyone.


You have a garentee that you will lose 13 pds 7” in the first month. That did not happen for me due to the failure to get the food to me that I had ordered in a timely matter. It took 4 orders to be shipped before I got one that wasn’t thawed out by the time I got it. All the food I ordered for my plan was frozen food, the first 2 times I received it the dri ice was totally evoperated and the ice cream sandwich’s was totally melted the rest of the food was very soft to the touch. It took each time from shipment to me receiving it about 4 to 5 days. The 3rd order they doubled the dri ice, once again the dri ice was evoperated and the ice cream was totally melted, the pizza boxes were very wet and soft. The food was somewhat soft. I decided to try eating the food I had received. I chose to eat a chicken bacon ranch pizza. About 5 hours of eating it, I got extremely sick, I missed a days work due to be sick. Once I got the food out of the system I was fine. I believe I got food poisoning from eating the chicken pizza. I called nutrisystem and they again said throw the food out and they once again were send another shipment out. This time from shipment I received it in 3 days. Still had a large piece of dri ice and food was frozen. The people at nutrisystem tried blaming it on fedex, but it wasn’t there fault. It would take several days for the food to be even shipped to fedex, and it would arrive at fedex on a Friday after the trucks had already left for deliveries. So it would sit at fedex all weekend, I didn’t even get the first order of the frozen food, they did refund most of my money for that order except for the dri food and shakes for the first week. They also discounted me $25.00 on the 2nd order that I was told I had to buy, so by the time I got the 4th order my month was up. I lost 7 pds the first week and I know I would of lost the rest if they had got the food to me in a timely manner. I did everything I was suppose to do I feel nutrisystem failed me. You can look in paste years that I have purchased nutrisystem I never had this much trouble. I believe I should get my money refunded back to me. Paula Bonvillian


On the diet and have accumulated too many snacks of the order so requested that snacks be withheld from the next shipment which was told Ia could not do. To me it seems as if Nutrisystem is just in the busy of making money on their clients and not interested in helping them with weight loss. Sorry I ever started the plan in the first place. Extremely poor customer service!


I just got of the hospital as an results of being on Nutrisyestem Low sodium vomiting
I am 10 pounds under weight four days of 5 days of being sick


Ads are very misleading with 40% off, lose 13 lbs 7 inches lose belly bloat-no mention of cancellation fee of $125 if you don't order second month. Lost 3 lbs first week, next week nothing. Called to say didn't like program, food not that great and told I could get more food for $99. Still didn't lose anymore weight. The money back guarantee is a joke. The only thing I got out of this program was uncontrollable gas and stomach pain. Dinners were terrible looked like dog food. Within the 14 days was never offered option to get refund and when I finally cancelled the people didn't understand the word just kept trying to get me to buy another month (which I'm sure they have been trained to do) I think $400 to lose 3 lbs is very excessive and I'm sure I'll let all my friends and family know what a ripoff Nutrisystem is. Wish I had read the reviews before I ordered--there are a lot of unhappy customers but as long as you can keep sucking us in guess that's what is important to you. The rating should be minus 5 not plus.


I ordered nutrition system with a 40 percent off coupon.My bill came charging full price plus 100 dollars for shakes that I thought were free. I called, waited 20 min to get a person who then said I needed a Nu Mi representative. I was transferred to an overseas rep. who said that there was nothing she could do. The charge had gone through. She said she could take 40 percent off next month. When I signed up it was implied that the whole program was 40 percent off. This is the best diet on the market with Very dishonest marketing.


Placed order with Nutrisystem and at end of order requested to change two items and representative changed all order to frozen with no shakes, protein bars as previous order. Expected 28 day frozen/ non frozen as previous month . Talked to rep. For 30 minutes asked to talk to manager and was disconnected or hung up on. Called back with no resolve. Very poor communication from rep. And no resolve or direction. Previous order sent with packing slip only. Could not access system. Talked to rep. And got small book in mail second week first time.


Last month I complained you didn't give me 3 or 4 days notice on my email before shipping my order!! And you charged my a/c w/o my permission as I was going to pass for January!! You said it wouldn't happen again. WELL, TODAY I Had your box on my front porch for February!! I was going to cancel this month's food but you sent it w/o notice!! AND CHARGED MY ACCOUNT AGAIN!! I t/t Les at Customer Service and he cancelled completely my a/c with you!! NOT HAVING YOUR COMPANY CHARGE MY VISA W/O MY PERMISSION EVER AGAIN!! LES gave me a confirmation #188207795! Marge Mittelman, 2887 Beverly Ave., Fresno, Ca.93611


I did one month of nutrisystem, and just like the advertisement said, I lost the weight. I no longer needed the automatic shipments and my plan was to just order ala carte. I called to cancel and after waiting on the phone for exactly 24 minutes, I was disconnected. I finally got someone to answer, who proceeded to tell me that since I only used nutrasystem for one month, I had to pay a $125 dollar fine. Funny, no-one ever mentioned that when I signed up. I thought it was all about losing weight. I was penalized for losing the weight you claimed would happened. I am very disappointed in this mess. I was excited about losing weight and planned on telling my friends and co-workers how great the program is, but now all I can tell them is DON'T SIGN UP.

Vicki Wheeler


I joined Nutrisystem after hearing all the commercials stating "join Turbo Plan & guaranteed loss of 10 pounds in first month." Guaranteed means just that. So I joined. I run 3 -3.5 miles each day & did as per plan. I didn't even lose 5 pounds. But since it was guaranteed I called to cancel my membership. Was told ok but I was being charged $99.00 for "early cancellation".

How can they charge early cancellation fee when it is a guaranteed plan? Was told IF I paid for the "next shipment of food that costs over $300" then I could cancel. I said who in their right mind would pay another 300.00 for another month when the first month didn't work? They kept saying " oh you have to cancel the first month".

How do you know if plan will or won't work if you cancel in the first month? That makes no sense. I had used 300 coupons to place first order but they made me give a credit card stating don't worry card won't be charged. I know why they get a card number, so they can automatically charge a fee when you complain/cancel. I didn't ask for a refund. Although when I joined I thought that was what "Guaranteed" meant. They charged my credit card within hours of my canceling. They have deceived me. It is false advertising to say in their commercials "guaranteed".


So, my sister called Nutrisystem customer service because she had a question on how the menu works. They did answer her question, however, they said they need to speak to an adult. They said they cant place an order from children. My sister said that their was an adult with her. After that, my sister handed me the phone and (the lady who was on the phone ) said "I was just talking to you on the phone." Which i explained it wasn't my sister anymore and ask if i was an adult.

Which by the way i'm her older sister and an adult. The lady on the phone started saying that she need to get the manager. Once again, the reason because they cant place orders from children. I hanged up and re-dial again. When they answer me again ( a new lady) ask me if that was my correct phone number which I said yes too. After that, I explained to the new lady saying what had happened and as to why they couldn't place my order. I told her that it wasn't my fault that my voice sounds like a kid.

There is no variety as well as no veggies or fruit. They have a great system of delivering the food to your door step which is nice, but there are no salads, veggies, or fruits. Veggies and fruits are what the person needs to lose weight! It also costs more to get more options. So to set up a basic plan you only get 4 choices of lunch, breakfast, dinner, and snack. If you want to upgrade your plan you get 4 more choices but that’s it. Weight watchers is better.

I found it very rude,disrespectful, and offensive. I told her that I wasn't going to order any more because they were disrespectful after I said I was an adult. It's pretty sad to hear that Nutrisystem's corporate line treats their customers this way. We didn't expected to be treated this way. I got mad and decided to not place an order because neither of the ladies believe I was an adult to place an order.


I received my frozen food shipment from Nutrisystem. Then I came home and when I unpacked it the food was thawing the food was in a large foam container with frozen foods on the bottom and deserts on top with only one small bag of dry ice 12 inches by 12 inches and the container of food was 13 inches by 21 inches and 8 inches deep and no dry ice on the bottom. And the temperature outside was 20 degrees above the normal. Tomorrow I will contact my credit card company to contest the payment. I would not try to refreeze the food.


I have a complaint about Nutrisystem, and really it's that the commercials make it seem much easier than it is to lose weight quickly. It is not that easy so stop lying to people! If you went and polled customers who were happy with their results, they would tell you it takes lots of hard work. Diet and exercise go hand in hand.

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