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Jenny Craig, Inc. is a weight loss and nutrition company with over 600 company owned and franchise owned storefronts in Canada, Puerto Rico and Australia. There were over 3000 employees reported in 2015.

To reach Client Services call 866-706-4042 or look here. To write to CEO Monty Sharma, address your envelop with Jenny Craig Headquarters, 5770 Fleet Street, Carlsbad, CA 92008. The corporate office phone number is 760-696-4000 or email

Packaged food that combines science, nutrition data and menus, the one time membership excludes the cost of food. Social presence is found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

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This is the second week I have been given the food with either the wrong menu or no menu. My week starts on Sunday and so I miss the first day and I call Sunday leaving a message for Monday no return call Monday call Tuesday no call Tuesday so we are into the third day without a menu and that messes up the whole week. I am paying too much money to not even know what to eat or when to eat. If it is possible please send me week 2 of the low fat diet and cancel my membership. Dieting is hard enough without all of this drama. Thanking you in advance


If I could give your customer care service a negative 5 I would! I have been a lifetime member and have always been happy with the program. I recently signed back up for a few weeks to lose some weight before summer. BIG MISTAKE! When signing up I told the person that I have had a gastric sleeve done to make sure this will still work since I can not eat an entire portion of the meals. She assured me they have had many customers that have had the sleeve done and they had to cut back on the portions but it still worked! I received my meals and the 2nd day I tried to register the DNA kit. WOULD NOT LET ME REGISTER! Said I was inactive so I called customer service. Of course no one was available so I went to the online chat. I was unlucky enough to get Shirin. She asked what my issue was then NOTHING! I waited...typed in hello? Still there? Nothing! I said nevermind I will call. The next day my so called consultant called me. ( Mandy?) First thing she said was I only have 15 mins before my next appointment so I will go over the menue with you, then you can ask questions . ( real personal , huh?) I tried to tell her I was familiar with it that I have been on this before but she would talk over me. She was so extremely rude! Consultants I thought were supposed to get to know you and personalize your experience???? Then when I actually was fed up with her rambling, I said I CAN NOT EAT the enitre portion since I have have had the gastric sleeve done. She actually told me that I HAVE TO OR THIS WILL NOT WORK! Obviously she does not know how the sleeve works. If I overeat, I will throw up. I told her the person I ordered from said others have tweeked it with their consultant and its worked fine. She said they were wrong. Jenny Craig has a huge problem with these "consultants" contradicting each other and not knowing basic medical procedures for weight loss! I was fed up and talked to accounting to cancel everything. I was told if I cancel, I will be charged for canceling and charged for the DNA kit I CAN NOT EVEN USE!!!! Asked to speak with a manger in customer care! ANOTHER JOKE! I have called 3 times asking to speak with a manager. Earlier today I called and said one of them was to call me today and haven't. I was told they were just finishing up with something and would call me shortly. I waited 3 HOURS, called again and was told sorry, they are busy and will call you withing 24-48 hours. Told them it has already been 24 hours and was told they were to call me shortly 3 hours ago. All she could do was say sorry! WORST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD WITH ANY CUSTOMER CARE SERVICE IN MY LIFE!!!!


I got kick out and got yell at in front 8f other clients I haven't been home since all of this happen


I called after I tried to use my senior discount and was told I could not because I was in an inactive member a senior is a senior and there is nothing on my senior card saying it would expire if I didn't show up I've been a member a long time I'm on a fixed income and that 10% does help believe it or not you should advise seniors of this method Thank you pam


I have been a member on and off for many years as you probably already know I called this morning I am a senior on a fixed income I went to use my 10% discount which two you may not be much and I was informed because I was non-active I lost it nowhere on my card doesn't say anything about losing it if your non-active this is no way to keep seniors citizens on your program nor any way to treat seniors I will gladly report this on yelp so other seniors won't have the same problem Thank you Pam


To whom it may concern.

On 4/14/19, I came to Jenny Craig office on the third street according to my 10:00 am appointment. I "met" the new person (he never told me his name) who suppose to help me with the new food order. Also, I brought with me several items that left over from the previous week and ask him to incorporate those items with new menu, but I guess he was in a very bad mood that day, and with attitude slide the paper with written items to my side and said that I need to deal with this my self. After that, I realize that farther conversation may go even worse and left the office without getting my food.


I've been with Jenny Craig since starting back into the program in Jan of this year. First, let me say that Denise my original consultant is an awesome and encouraging person and I can't say enough good things about her. She is very professional and knows how to help you reach your goal. In the past with Denise, I lost 30 lbs so I am very knowledgable of how the diet works. When Denise is not available, I see the other consultant named Courtney. She is loud, unprofessional and very out-spoken and not encouraging at all. The first time, I started back I was with her and was not having a good experience - she would say things to cut you down and when I would explain something to her she would cut me off completely. I somehow ended up with Denise which I was very happy about and things went very well. This past Sat. for some reason Denise was not there and I ended up with Courtney and I right away felt attitude from her. First, she told me I didn't lose enough weight and then when I told her I felt I had a great week with the menu and working out. She again cut me off and said I should be able to lose weight without exercise on this plan and there was no reason for me not to lose the lbs I should have which is 2 lbs per week per her. I work out with weights and do 50 min cardio on the treadmill and burn at least 500 cal. She laughed at that and said then I must have ate something I shouldn't have or I would have lost what is required. I am done with Jenny Craig because I felt like I was being bullied and put down. If that is what Jenny Craig promotes - making a woman feel like she did not do her best and bullying I will not continue this journey. I even spoke with a personal trainer at my gym and told her my experience and she said that's wrong to do that to a person. Even though she may have tried to help, there's no reason to cut a person off and say negative comments. I spent at least $150 per week and stayed true to the menu and to be treated like that when the cost is very expensive is absolutely horrible. Bad customer service and now I feel I can't rely on Jenny Craig. I will continue my journey without JC and I hope this Courtney doesn't do this to other customers who are struggling with their weight. I felt embarrassed and defeated and I never want to feel that way again. Not ever. I called Denise this morning and left a message for her to call me and will let her know what happened and I will tell her to cancel my appointments I have set for the future. Sorry Jenny Craig, I cannot support a place that allows a person to make a woman feel like a failure. I'm done and will never return.



First let me state the positives about JC
1) food is delicious
2) Easy to follow

The negatives:
1) food is overly priced for the amount you're allowed to eat.
2) you shouldn't have to pay a yearly registration fee . Food is expensive enough.
I'm on a fixed income and find it difficult to pay almost $200.00 a week.

Thank you for listening! Virginia Gianfredi (Englewood, NJ office)


Is is possible that Jenny Craig does not actually work? Maybe it does. I do not really have a specific complaint about JC, but if I was to contact the corporate offices I would tell them to be a little more transparent about the services that they offer. Losing weight is an emotional thing for many people. It's not good to take advantage of them.


They have Kristie Ally and Jessica Simpson as their spokeswomen, need I say more? Come on people, this product is just like every other dieting product out there. They do not even have the sense to hire spokespeople who actually lose weight and keep the weight off! Anyone else find that ironic? Would not waste my time nor my money on this company.  

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