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AdvoCare International, L.P. is a network marketing company selling nutritional, weight, energy and sports supplements utilizing the direct selling business model since 1993. In 2013, there were over 60,000 independent distributors generating over USD 400 million revenues. The home office in Plano, Texas employs over 240.

Advocare Customer Service number is 1-800-542-4800. Also find the contact us form here if you scroll down the page. You may also reach CEO, Brian Connolly by postal mail at Advocare International, L.P., 2801 Summit Avenue, Plano, Texas 75074. Corporate office phone number is 972-665-5800.

Popular products include Spark, Trim, Active, Well Herbal Cleanse and Performance Elite with endorsements by newsworthy athletes.  You may also find consumer support on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Why don't you all consider free shipping over $50 dollars. To say competitive with most companies. You need to consider this. It's how you can increase revenue and make customers want to order more and word of mouth increases sales.


In 2013 Advocare continues to grow as one of the premier MLM outfits in American history, more people than ever have signed on to sell products like spark and jump on the 24 day challenge. Yet the rise of fall of Advocare is always happening, the church of any MLM pyramid is inevitable. People go from one side to the other, and yet claim it's the greatest thing that ever happened to them. How loyal can customers of Advocare be? Insanely. Talk to anyone who sells Advocare and they'll tell you how "great the products are", without blinking an eye. I don't really understand that though, because I will always be an unbiased shopper whether I'm selling something or not. The goal should be to help people find the right solution for them, that's healthy and cost effective.

Here's my predictions for the rise and fall of the Advocare MLM pyramid mountain in 2013. 1. Advocare Won't Stop the Growth The company will continue to see massive influx of new distributors, this won't stop anytime soon. There is a big upside to this game if you know how it's played. 2. More People Will Quit For Good As with any pyramid the people at the top get richer and those at the bottom don't, that's just the way it works out. 3. Advocare Goes Into New Verticals The company in general is too smart not to continue to expand, now that you have a huge market base and a giant sales force, leverage them to sell new products to new markets.


When AdvoCare enters your life it is “life changing”. I had resigned from a thankless job bound and determined to be my own boss. I began my new company knowing financially this would be a strain on my family because success takes time. I was now an entrepreneur, mother of 3 and a wife. To say I was tired & stressed was an understatement. My husband, who is my biggest supporter, began working all the overtime he could to bring in extra money. We had been approached about AdvoCare a couple times but still we were hesitant, skeptical and to top it off money was tight and we just did not feel we could afford to “try” it. A friend handed us two SPARKS and that night my husband and I split one. An hour later we realized we were not ready to fall asleep at 7pm. This was HUGE for us and I admit I hid the 2nd SPARK so my husband would not take it to work the next day.

We still questioned the safety of the products so my husband went to an AdvoCare mixer to learn more and came home saying he felt 100% confident that the products are safe. I ordered and started the 24-Day Challenge in hopes of losing the weight from my last 2 pregnancies.

The most wonderful thing happened day 5 of my herbal cleanse. I had the energy of a 20 year old. I was so excited I started telling everyone I knew about AdvoCare and signed up to be a Distributor. We only signed up to get the 20% off the products but within 3 weeks we had made close to $2500! We immediately realized this could provide to us the income we needed while I was still working to build my other business. New into our AdvoCare business my husband fell on the ice and broke his back. His doctor shared the news with him and told him what he would need to do in order to heal. One of the Doctor’s suggestions was to find an AdvoCare Rep.

My husband was happy to tell the doctor we were Advocare Reps. The doctor then said “Good you know the importance that Biotools will play in your recovery. You need to start them immediately.” Wow, that spoke volumes to us that now even our doctor was recommending AdvoCare to us.

Advocare has given us our health, energy and now beginning to give us financial freedom! So when someone said to me “Now all you think about is I was a bad person.” I told them when a product makes you feel this good to the point your child tells you you’re happier and a nicer mom… that person was right it is all I think about! I want every person I know to feel this good and I want every mom to receive a compliment like that from their child. Advocare is the best decision we have made for our family!


I have been purchasing SPARK off and on since 2003. I just made a recent purchase in February 2016. When my canister arrived I was blown away by the size reduction and product quantity. Not happy! Why? I paid the same price!!! If Advocare is going to take out a certain ingredient that I have been paying for in the past (malodextrin). Then why would you not reduce the price?! It obviously doesn't cost the same to produce, package and ship. I am really unhappy and feel Advocare has taken advantage of loyal customer.


It’s absolutely pathetic these people rely on “spark” for energy, and they need the 24 day challenge to lose weight. It’s so sad really, the only REAL way to good health is nutrition, rest, excersize and a strong mental attitude. You can find the equivalent or better of any one of these ripoff products at any vitamin store or GNC. Better yet, you can find vitamins, and any energy supplement or weight lifting supplement from online wholesalers for a fraction of the cost. I am currently taking Scivation XTEND BCAA’s, I can get a 90 day supply of the stuff for 30-40 dollars online wholesale, a 90 day equivalent product from advocare (BIOCHARGE / BIOTUNE) will cost you 210.

The fact that you are making money off the foolishness of others is pathetic! I have agroup of friends that have been trying to get me into selling this crap for over a year, it’s sad they are about to lose friends because they pressure their own family and friends into buying this stuff. Even with your upper tier 40% discount I can STILL find product for less money and endorsed by body builders! Not that endoresemtns even mean a damn thing, pay any athlete enough money and they will endorse your crappy product. Drew Brees is not the saint you guys make him out to be. Spark? It’s like you guys live off that stuff, I had one… And guess what? There is thousands of equivalent products out there.


Let's talk about some of the biggest complaints about Advocare. We all know that like any other MLM marketing scheme, Advocare has it's supporters and detractors. So first things first, let's remove all emotion from the equation. What have you heard about Advocare? You might be reading this and say that Advocare is the greatest thing that has ever happened to you, or you might say that it's a total rip off and not worth giving a second glance to. Looks the facts and decide first Regardless of your position, I'd ask that you look at the facts objectively for a moment and not get caught up in your personal position. Consider the whole body of evidence, which is the thousands of Advocare users and independent business owners around the country.

There are many people who obviously make good money selling these products, doing the 24 day challenge, and they love doing so. I'd stand to reason that Advocare is in fact not something worth complaining about at all, even though there is an entire complaints department set up to field complaints on many websites. Don't Hate Advocare for no Reason If you hate the company, and have good reasons, understand that maybe it's not Advocare, it's just you. Many people fail and succeed at running a business, especially one in an industry as competitive as health and fitness products. Now that we have the emotion out of the way, we can address the issue of whether or not Advocare is a scam or pyramid scheme.

What do you think? After reviewing the evidence online and reading hundreds of complaints and reviews, it's clear that Advocare is what you make of it. Complainers change their complaints, but they never reduce the amount of time spent in complaining. What about the Advocare 24 day challenge?

If you go into the business thinking the 24 day challenge is going to change your life, you'll probably be disappointed. If you start selling Advocare looking to make lots of money overnight, again you will probably be one of the ones complaining online and upset on social media within a week. Some people might say that selling Advocare is a joke, and I tend to disagree with that kind of extreme statement. Selling Advocare is for those who are dedicated and ready to commit to a process long term. Can you make money selling products? Can you make money selling Advocare? Of course you can. Can you lose money selling Advocare? Absolutely. Again I think the issue here is with people's preconceptions going into the business. Someone has told them it's easy and they expect it to be an easy way to make money.

What percent of people that sell Advocare make money? This is a lot like asking what percentage of people that start a business fail within the first few years. The statistics say that the overwhelming majority of start ups and business ventures end up failing. I'd imagine Advocare is no different. If you were the only one selling the products, and the only person drinking spark or doing a 24 day challenge, then yes I'd say you have a good chance of being successful.

But you aren't the only one selling spark, or trying to get their friends and family to try a 24 day challenge. Have some common sense please It's common sense that competition changes everything. So be level headed, throw away all the pyramid scam talk, leave your Advocare complaints at home, and go into it with an open mind. You will probably fail, but then again if you expect a challenge, and understand the risks, maybe one day you can achieve the best.


Does anybody really believe advocare is in it to help people? I sold their crappy cheap products for over 2 years and now realize the errors of my ways. The “product” is just a bunch of buzz words used by advocare reps to confuse people into buying into the system that creates wealth for those at the top, and stress for those at the bottom. You end up being guilt tripped into spending more than you make, so you are always trying to sell advocare products in their pyramid scheme to feed your habit! I have made lots of money trying many cool things online lately, but advocare was a big mistake. It’s like legal crack for the hopeless out there trying to better their lives.

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