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Dental One PartnersĀ is a private dental service management company. Dental One provides networking for over 150 successful dental practices in 13 states. There are over 1,000 employees in the Dallas, Texas and Cleveland, Ohio offices.

To contact Dental One about their program call 1-800-487-4867. You may also find phone numbers here. Dallas corporate office address is Dental One Partners, 17300 Dallas Pkwy. #1070, Dallas, TX 755248.

The Dallas corporate office phone number is 972-755-0800. The Cleveland corporate office is 216-584-1000.

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I received a phone call from the practice , asking me to return their call concerning my appointment 1/22/19 with Dr Dholakia, informing she does not want to see or treat me, but if I want a tooth extracted concact the office, why would I ever let them touch my mouth for anything, I was treated by her on 1/9/19 , I lost a temporary fipper she made, why did she put a temporary tooth in she knew would not hold and charge me $118.40 and when I call to come back in, she have a office person call and said don't come back, very unprofessional I have never been so insulted, last thing she have a never to go over a plan for implants, was it because I informed them I would pay the $1500 myself and go on a plan
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The dentist themselves are great. The billing is a nightmare. I have overpaid on EVERY claim they have made me prepay for and when I call to speak to someone about getting the difference back they say they will look into it and call me and no one EVER done. This has been going on for 6 months and I am owed over 1,000 dollars which is sitting on my credit card because they charged so much for my dental procedures even though I have great insurance.


My last appointment was scheduled for February 8th at 11:00 am. I waited 45 minutes to be told that the technician was running behind schedule and there was 3 people ahead of me. So, I opted to reschedule, only to find out later that they MOVED and no one mentioned that to me at that time. But my concern is, the last 2 visit, I complained about sensitivity to both hot and cold on my teeth on the top right side and was told that I was "brushing too hard" and to use sensitive toothpaste.

The new location where the office moved to was not convenient to me so I found another dental office and on my initial visit the Xrays showed that a had a large cavity exactly where I had informed DentalOne about my concerns. Needless to say, I was actually in a state of SHOCK, because now, because of their negligence, I have to have a Root Canal and bear the expense of that cost verse if they would have taken the time to find out exactly why I was having the sensitivity in that area, all I would have needed was a filling. I believe that DentalOne should reimbursement me for the cost of having to have a root canal because of their negligence.


I have a value replacement and usually I would take antibiotics before and after work being done in my mouth. Dr. Stephen Gant, in Oxon Hill Md, told his assistant to go ahead and clean my teeth without my antibiotics being taken. Last week he states to me that you don't need your antibiotics because, she's not going into your mouth with a scale. I was surprised at him I have never received cleaning or anything else with out antibiotics. The assistant came to me and stated I can't do the cleaning because, I can get my license taken if I clean your teeth.

Dr. Gant, never came in to speak to me but he did speak to his assistant behind close doors. His assistant was so like voicing her opinion and stated if I hit your guns and you bleed to death I can have my licenses taken. He's know I have a value in my chest and taken blood thinner and have seizures which I take medication for he didn't care about my health and it hurt me bad my feeling due to him not caring about the medication or my health.

Before, all this he game me antibiotics that I had reaction to called him it took him 2 weeks to call me back. I had my teeth clean several times wasn't the first time how could he assistant his dentist to clean my teeth without my antibiotics. He put a cap on the tooth in Dec 2015, went back on Feb 4, 2016 got there he did nothing but looking and stated that was a different tooth and that was a lie because, it was the only tooth that needed. Cap. He is so dishonest when it comes to my health and my treatment and being honest.

I am going to report this to BBB, and then Consumer Affairs and then if nothing down New Media, I have a doctor in my family and what he did to me today I was hurt so hurt. If something would have been to me he would have covered it up but I contact my boyfriend and told him he referred me to them. I am done this offices need to be audit. I drove from Silver Spring MD, 3 time having spot he did nothing and my friend pick me up from train I stated to him this man is not good.

After all this he wrote a prescription for my antibiotics and he did after telling his assistant I didn't need my antibiotics. Shame on him, transferring all my information to the location in Columbia MD. Shame on him he care about money. Will be contacting my isuranance company he may have charged me for doing nothing last Thursday. The staff was great and very apologetic to me but Dr. Gant never did and when he came out never look at me. Going to have my kids grandmother who is a judge so that I can get all his information regarding his behavior. Appt was 10:00am got there at 9:35am finished at 1:00pm


Do you have stained, chipped, cracked, crooked, or missing teeth? This is the right place to get all this fixed without having to go through extensive dental procedures. Dental One has a Snap on Smile procedure which is painless and yet the results are amazing. I was always looking out for an option where I didn't want my current teeth to be effected. In just 2 visits to, I got what it takes to get a perfect smile.

During the first visit, they took a mould of my teeth and in the second visit, they have taught me how to fix it over my current set of teeth. It is removable and the whole procedure was quick,easy and painless. Hats off to the dentist to come out with such innovative procedures which brings smiles on customers like me. I rate them a 9/10 for not only the service they gave me but also with the overall technology that they use.


This twice before going to Dental One Associates of Manassas If I could write this as a negative stars, I would. Generally I don't take the time to write negative reviews, but with this dental office, I wanted to warn everyone. DO NOT GO HERE. I have been going to this location for 15 + years and they have been great. However, this round of employee/management switch has been horrible. Between the extended wait time, the issues with billing.

They didn't give our insurance company the information they needed, and they keep sending us bills. We called them and they said 'We will take care of it'. A few weeks later, we received another late bill notice. We called the insurance company and they said they haven't received any information. We called the dental office and they said they sent the information, but refused to send it again. They said wait a couple weeks and everything should be processed.

We waited a month and received another notice. My husband went into the office and the lady at the counter was being nasty and refused to help. She said we are already working on your account. My husband asked to talk to the manager who said they would work on it, and assured us everything would be okay. A few weeks later... we received another bill. This has been going on for months. It looks like we are just going to have to suck it up and pay the bill outright because these people can't communicate.

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