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Virgin America Airlines is a leading American airline whose stated mission is to provide low fare, high quality experiences for short and long flights. It is publicly traded on NYSE:VA. With a fleet of 58 strong it provides service to over 24 destinations. Operating Revenue for 3rd Quarter 2015 was reported as US 410.9 million.

If your Virgin experience was less than you hoped for, call 1-877-359-8474. You may also find Guest Service Commitment here. Find Customer Help here. If you would like to contact CEO, Daniel Cush by postal correspondence, address you letter with Virgin America Airlines, Bay Park Plaza II, 555 Airport Blvd., Suite 500, Burlingame, California 94010. The corporate phone number is 650-762-7000.

Richard Branson started Virgin America in 2007. The corporate slogan is ‘A breath of fresh airline’. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram.

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My family and myself were scheduled to fly from LAX to SFO on 04/06/18 on flight 1933. The flight was cancelled due to the weather conditions. However, according to our search, the flights that were scheduled to fly slightly later that evening were able to fly out with a variable degree of the delay. Given that both my wife, Kate Kopman, and myself had to miss work the next day and pay for an extra night at the hotel, we would have preferred our flight being delayed instead of cancelled to avoid missing work and we don't understand why a delay option was offerred to subsequent flights and not ours. The loss of income in addition to added expence was substantially felt by us and we were wondering whether anything could be in a way of compensating the damages. We have been flying with Virgin America multiple times and have always found your service being superb. Our hope is for it to remain as such and for us to be looking forward to using Virgin America as a preferred carrier in the future. Thank you.


I left on Aug 14 to Boston with a first class upgrade cost of over 400 plus fare,the service was lacking , no warm towel, coffe not served in mugs crappy old food! On my trip back first class got top notch setvice for which I didn't upgrade because of previous trip . Totally dissatisfied!!


This is my first time flying Virgin America on a return flight from Boston to Los Angeles on Monday, 17 Oct 2016, flight VX363. This airplane was in full capacity. Thought out the entire flight, my TV monitor is not working, it is the most frustrated experience that I ever encounter. Many attempt requesting the flight attendance to fix the problem or to reboot the system for this particular seat monitor, but no responds from the flight attendance. Attached is my snapshots from my phone showing the screen displaying "Server is unavailable. Trying to re-connect" while all other adjacent passengers showing no problem. Very unsatisfied customer.


Virgin America has lost a card holding advantage member. I was charged for priority boarding for two passengers LAX /JFK round trip. The outbound flight was correct. The JFK / LAX return was a nightmare. No priority boarding, long lines, no TSA pre ck. and an aircraft with seats that would not stay in the upright position and arms that would not left up. We fly virgin and can no longer rely on the same experience we are accustomed to. Yesterday I was kept on hold for 2 hours and then disconnected from customer care and was unable to get the credit for the upgrade for two passengers.


I purchased my flights through the VirginAmerica website, before completing the transaction there were advertising to apply for the Visa Signature. So I apply for the credit card, because of the check bag is was worth it, the application was approved instantly but it was not link to the booking transaction my check-in bags were charged during my trip. I have call your customer service department to get it reimburse but Desia (Account Manager) refuse due to the flight was not booked under the Visa card. This is not my fault that the website did not link nor given me the number or code to book the flight. So checking my bag for return, they refuse to reimburse due to the flight not under the card but that's not my fault if your website would have sync to the application. I've only open this Visa Signature Card for the check bag. I can get points from flying as my company let me choose which airline. My seat are selected so I would not need priority boarding. Please look into this issue, or please closed my account. As I am already a Delta member.


Virgin knew due to run way issues at LAX the previous evening that my Monday flight would be delayed at least 2 hours a day in advance , however virgin emailed me multiple times saying the flight was on time when a simple email stating my flight will be delayed 2 hours could have been sent the precious evening allowing me to make alternative baby sitting arrangements since I would be getting home at 2am and not 11am and not have to spend 4 hours at the airport. They were rude at the gate and insisted it was a glitch and an email should have been sent but took no blame because it was a glitch but couldn't explain why i got 4 emails from them the day before about the "on time" flight, They were just top notch ass holes and liars and treated the passengers whose time was wasted because they couldn't send an email or simply say sorry like garbage.


I'm trying to change a flight on Virgin America and called the support hotline. They said that the average hold time is between 47 minutes and 1 hour and 6 minutes. I thought they were joking at first but then I went on Twitter and checked and everyone is having the same problems. It looks like a ton of flights were cancelled due to low visibility and people are unable to change their flight online. This is pretty amazing to have this much hold time. I'd expect a few minutes extra but an hour to talk to someone?

Let me just say this I love Virgin America and was looking forward to taking them. In fact I booked them over other airlines like American because I love the experience. But this is just insanity to wait this long. Don't billion dollar companies have a plan in place for when this happens? How can you be this unprepared for a problem in 2015!

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