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I have been calling and asking why my TXU Energy bill has more than doubled lately, never a straight answer. Anyway I authorized a payment today over the phone for $131, they took out $401. It went through instantly. I am a single mom now, my kids father passed away last year. I have so many medical bills and have hit a hard time as a lot of us have. When I tried talking to a TXU customer service supervisor and explaining I needed this money back because I have paid other bills and I will get over draft fees at the bank. He did not care and said that is my problem, in the end he yelled at me and said there is nothing he can do. I just want the difference back now and let out of my contract!


TXU has a lot of incentives to get you to sign up for their energy bill, however, those incentives go out the window once you commit to them.  Energy is energy is energy, it’s not like I am  getting different “energy” to light my lamps or power my tv so when the bill was almost twice as much as my neighbors, I knew to switch.  No complaints on the customer service or the company in general, just not gonna pay their prices.

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