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Does anyone have the British Gas complaints number? I have seen more than a few folks upset online with nowhere to submit their feedback in a timely manner. It seems like the Homecare product and also the local vans have the most issue.


My experience with British Gas has been the worst customer experience I have ever faced. I am a small business helping young people discover their creative side in a deprived area of West Lancashire. Firstly I tried to open a business account with British Gas which took me over 3 months, I first logged a complaint with them in June 2014 and here we are 8 months later and still no resolution. I then tried to open an online account, a simple online account. I was put through to several experts who knew less about computers than my 1 year old son. They repeatedly told me the problem was solved but time after time it wasn't.

My complaint was about the overall incompetence of the staff, the complete lack of compassion and total lack of understanding of just how important a businesses owners time is. I dread calling them up, I hate the constant "Corporate Apology" and the fact that despite constant promises of action nothing ever actually gets done. This is just one example: I called British Gas to find out why my online account still hadn't been set up. This is about 2 months after my first request. I set my phone to record the conversation because I knew the inevitability of the conversation. (We even took bets on it) This conversation lasted more than 45 minutes.

I spoke to 5 different people and had explain why I was calling 5 different times. There was no notes on the system and no understanding of my utter frustration. Then when I had finally thought I was through to the ONE person who could help, I got put through to the the department that first intercepted the call in the first place. Whose response was something like "I am very sorry Mr Ashton, but you would need to speak to our online team" This is not an isolated incident, this is just the normal service from British Gas.

If the government want to know why more people are not starting their own business and why in times of financial hardship why small businesses struggle. then here is your answer. Big Corporate organisations like British Gas, draining the times and resources of people like me, charging over the odds for a pathetic, futile service that I wouldnt wish on my worst enemy. There is more qualified people in the nursery around the corner than at one of the largest companies in Britain.

Or is it that they just dont care? Probably a bit of both. This would go on and on. I have evidence of more negligence which has now cost me an estimated £2500, I have recorded conversations and un answered emails. If there is an award for the worst company then congratulations British Gas.

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