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A sells Rep at a Walmart store said that I could get 7.8 kwh FIXED (will not change) plus a $50.00 gift card for 12 months. After signing up with Direct Energy come to find out I'll be charged 11.4 per kwh. Since I cancled my prior carrier it will take 4 to 6 weeks to reinstate my old contract. Also I will be charged by Direct Energy $135.00 termination fee for not even having an account for a couple of hours. Even the person that I chatted with from Direct Energy said I was misinformed. This company should be rated zero stars.


They messed up my account and now they dare to tell me I must pay for their mistakes!


Worst customer service on the planet. They are scam artists! I had someone come to the door to try to talk to me about my rate. He asked me to sign this tablet saying that he talked with me. I did and then found out that I was billed $99 for some cancellation fee? I didn't understand what exactly was happening and when I called a representative, they said that I agreed to this new rate that the sales guy told me about so I had to pay a cancellation fee to cancel my original rate. I was so pissed that I jsut switched energy users. Won't be using them again.


Paying online electricity bill has never been so easy as it is with Direct Energy. The site is quick and easy to use and is user friendly. I find it the most convenient way to pay my monthly bills. I do not have to wait anymore in queues to get my bills paid. The site offers some great tips on how to save energy and which appliances take more energy. They allow you to choose your plan based on your usage and requirement which I think is very innovative of them. I stayed with Direct Energy for 6 months and was rewarded some good gifts from them. They surely know how to keep their customers happy.

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