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I work for a builder. We submitted payment to Pepco on 10/8/18, had the underground conduits certified by Pepco in early October, received, are TPF's from the City of Rockville in September and simply put... we can't get power to 4 townhomes and now homeowners are having to cancel settlements and I can't get a accurate answer from Pepco Construction on when I can expect power. I was given Mike Hickox as my field rep and I was given two different numbers from Pepco service reps with neither number being in service. I would like someone to contact me within the next day with a date on when services will be at the homes.

Account #s Address
5001 6885 514 1426 Piccard Drive, Rockville, MD
5001 6884 996 1428 Piccard Drive, Rockville, MD
5001 6884 970 1430 Piccard Drive, Rockville, MD
5001 6884 947 1432 Piccard Drive, Rockville, MD

I can be reached at 301-910-2311
Larry Fritz
Michael Harris Homes


On Thursday morning July 19, 2018: A truck believes to be Pepco came through our neighborhood and skipped the street light in-front of 2428 Kenton Place (that light is not working and Pepco was called twice the last 2 months), the truck proceeded to stop at the street light in-front of 2420, 2412 & 2404 Kenton Place and changed the light bulbs with a low wattage bulb. Later that night after returning home it was so dark I couldn’t see anyone walking on the sidewalk, the curve or my neighbor sitting on their porch next door.
Later after 12pm I looked outside and thought there was a power outage in the neighborhood, all the street lights was out except at the end of each block.
You have created and unsafe and frightening living condition, this darkness will bring criminal activities to our neighborhood. Please reinstall the old street lights and fix the light in-front of 2428 Kenton Place, it has been out for 2 years.


We have been trying to get PEPCO’ s assistance in taking a dying & dangerous tree down for the past two years. During that time we have several phone conversations with someone at PEPCO who said they would send a crew out to trim the branches impacting the electric lines. Never once did they provide a case number and when asked they said we would know that the crew had trimmed the branches. So they don’t document the customer initiated work requests which makes it real easy to ignore them. We gave up long ago trying to get them to take the tree down so we hired a contractor. Yesterday they met with PEPCO and today they say that we need to pay a de-electrification fee of over $1,000 which was unbeknownst to the contractor and to us. The limbs are still touching or in close proximity to the lines. PEPCO has been negligent and gets an F for customer service.


I have been with Pepco for almost 30 years total and at my current address for 15 years plus I have two small children and one of them have medical issues and something needs to be done. I contacted Pepco and complain about over charging me during the winter months. Each month during the winter months my electric bill increase from $350 to $700.00 or more. There is no way that my electric bill should increase by hundreds of dollars each month. For 2015, it has not been cold enough for me to increase my heat usage in the home. I have called many times over the years about being over charge for service.

My bill is being estimated. During 2015, I talked to Pepco reps and a supervisor and explain that I was injured and that I had to split my bill payments. I have always paid Pepco in full plus any late fees. Now, I see that they have put a deposit of $800+ and other fees on my account. Why should I have to pay a deposit on my account when my account is always paid. A deposit is for people who never pays. I am being harassed. Telephone calls all hours of the day everyday, letters and a notice left in my door threating to turn my service off for none payment. Charging for a deposit for service that they have not provided needs to be stopped.

No one should have to be harassed. I can see if my account is new and I am not paying for my service for you all to request a deposit, but for a account this old and me being a longtime customer this request is outrageous. Every months there are extra fees charge to my account because of this deposit. This needs to be corrected. I pays my bill for service provided and if I missed the payment due date I pays the late fee with no problem. Charging late fees is justifiable for late payments, but a request for a deposit and other fee plus harassment is not.


Reliable electric services are given by Pepco. I totally trust these guys and they are doing a fabulous job out there. They allow you to pay bills online without the pains to go and stand in a line. Pepco helps individuals analyze their bills, save and conserve energy. Pepco has accurate meter readings and their is no discrepancy on the prices. All are done in a right manner. I have absolutely no issues with them so far. Pepco gives some great tips on safety measures to incorporate in our day2day life. They have their safety helpline number for emergency situations. Good going Pepco.

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