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No complaints from me. I use another energy provider but have several family members say good things about Champion.


I wanted to pay my account in full by credit card. Champion, behind my back, transferred my account to Greensky loan company. Greensky DOES NOT take credit card payments. I am in the processing of LOSING $11,000 worth of rewards points because of this scam. I just wanted to share my complaint with the world and tell them to avoid Champion Energy Services!


The payment options at Champion Energy is easy and convenient. The online facility makes it very easy for a user to make the payment in a very fast manner. I could analyze my power consumption and could view different ways to save energy. They provide automatic monthly plans to make the payments as well which no other company provides. This is very easy and gets directly debited from my salary on a date given by me. No need to wait in the line to make a payment. There are other options as well to make the payment like through the debit/credit card using the phone banking facility. Champion provides such solutions to customers about power savings that is useful and gives us details on which appliances consumes more energy by which we can save on power and money.

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