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Meter was removed bc of gas leak. Paid $726.00 to fix leaks yesterday, one day later. That was Friday. Now you wont return meter til Monday. A 9 year old child lives their. It is cold in the thirties and forties at night and not warming up much. There is no hot water, no heat, no gas to cook food with. I am appalled that you have no way to return the gas meter now ...under the circumstances. Not acceptable!


They butchered my tree. Did not clean up the mess in my yard or in my neighbor's yard it is ridiculous how tree looks and branches are still in a power line but butchered part of tree not in power lines. Complained last year about leaving branches on my daughters playhouse and they dont care because they did it again. Pathetic pieces of crap in my eyes and people involved should be fired. I would never be allowed to leave someone's home looking like that. Most unprofessional people I have ever seen.


Deceased Customer: Floyd W Roman 6/1/19
Address: 7208 Penn avenue South,Richfield Minnesaota
Account Number: 000005706024
Robert Roman Address: 1901 Yorkshire Ave South, Minnetonka Minnesota, 55305
In March 2019, I received a letter dated 3/19/19 with enclosed Centerpoint Energy Minnesota refund check# 0707865 made payable to my deceased father,Floyd W Roman, for $8.02. On 4/8/19, I contacted a CPT Energy consultant and explained that my father died on 11/4/17 and that prior to his death, I had Power Of Attorney for him. I added that I knew that position terminated upon his death, but that I was still handling any issues regarding his small estate. I also explained that he did have a legal will and probate court was never involved in this estate settlement. I said that since my father was deceased and obviously couldn't cash this check, I requested that CPT please resend this check with the amount payable to me. The consultant said that was "no problem "and should be sent in about a week.
On 5/1/19, I recontacted CPT Energy and spoke with another representative as I had not received that reissued check payable to me. I again explained this situation and this representative stated no new check was ever sent as it could only be made payable to my father. I reminded him that cashing that particular check payable only to him would be quite difficult since he was dead. I again advised him no probate court was ever required or involved in settling his small estate. He replied he was sorry, but he could not provide any other solution.
While the $8.02 doesn't involve a large amount of money, I believe some CPT Energy management level person needed to be aware of the contradictory information and incredible logic I encountered from CPT Energy in attempting to resolve this simple issue. While I still believe a correctly printed check payable to me for that amount should be issued, it is the principal of this issue that is the main motivation for this correspondence.
Thank you for any assistance you may provide.
Robert Roman


Centerpoint Energy has not mail me my gas bill, and they are refusing to do that, if I don't get a paper bill, it will cause me all kinds of problems, I disability benefits once a month, and government asistance, and those government agencies wants to see a paper bill, therefore paperless billing won't help me at all, please can you get them to mail me my gas bill please,


my complaint is the tech that came to reconnect my gas refuse to connect my service because i would not allow to come in my home. everything he needed to reconnect service was in the garage where he had access too. I called and spoke with a manager with centerpoint energy named Laterian who seem as she did not care, and i felt as if she didnt believe anything i said to her. I was told I would have to wait until tommorow for service to be reconnected.I have had service with this company for over 14 years and i am in the process of looking for another company. the workers and management have little compassion for their customers.


My costumer service rep.. is disrespectful and rude. Not willing to listen nor follow instructions.. this has to get better.. center point energy feels like I’m dealing with ROBBERS


Yesterday I was notified by the vendor who shovels snow for our development that our gas meters might be dangerously covered by snow. He indicated that the vent at the bottom of the meter was, in some of our homes, buried in snow. He also said it was dangerous and could produce carbon dioxide poisoning. I called Center Point Energy and was told not to worry that it might cause a little gas small but not carbon dioxide poisoning. The president of our board called the gas company and they confirmed the danger of the meter vent being blocked. I too, am a board member and decided to further confirm this information and called Center Point Energy again. Over the next two hours I spoke with three(3) different people and not one person confirmed the other tech's urgency of doing something about a dangerous situation. We did however have the vendor shovel out all almost all of the meters in the 31 homes in our development. My complaint is that SOMEONE should notify homeowners if a true danger exists and it would certainly be helpful if all the customer service people would have the same cautionary information. Not at all happy with my gas company.


For the last 4 months, I have been calling about an issue with the online and pay by phone options. It says you can use your checking or savings account to pay your bill, but when it comes time to submit, it say it cannot process your request at this time. On pay by phone, it just gives the same confirmation number OBJECT. For the last 4 months. For the last 4 months I have been told that something would be done about it, but nothing has. I don't want to use Billmatrix, I don't want to an extra 3 dollars. If I wanted to pay the fee, I would use billmatrix, but I don't. I am seriously looking at contacting the Better Business Bureau, or some other agency. This has been an on going issue since August.


The gas was turned off on 12/14/2016 at my 86 year old mothers house. And was told to pay pass tenant gas The bill was for 195.00 So my mother paid, but didn't get her gas tuned back on, They said the gas will be turned back on 12/19/2016.

Which is 5 days later I called the collection agency and said to A. Louis that it against the law to make someone pay for a bill that's not theirs so they can have gas in their home. Even when my mother sent her prove that she moved in.

Why are they letting Centerpoint Energy here in Houston, Texas get away it. .My mother needed the money to buy food. On 12/18/2016 here in Houston, Texas it is going to be below 35 degrees for 4 days.and Centerpoint Energy doesn't care that my is going to be cold and no warm water to take a bath in.


I have been without gas for 3 days because of a leak at the meter. Customer service said a technician would be out during the night but this have not occurred. Per customer service technicians are out working emergencies. This means Centerpoint does not have enough technicians in the field. I cook and heat water with gas. This has created physical and emotional hardship for me.


CenterPoint Energy's bucket truck drove across my lawn causing deep ruts, the broke my drain pipe and left debris in my yard. They also broke the cable box and Suddenlink spent several hours getting the service restored to several homes.


CenterPoint customer service is very bad. I have a past due bill of 66 dollars and was trying to get assistance from CenterPoint. The rep refused payment, and we had an argument that the program that was going to help me. They also told me that CenterPoint closed my billing account. Now I have to pay 66 past due and another 95 deposit and 60 for re-connection fees. I am a single parent with two children in the house.


I called CenterPoint Energy to come in and set up my new service in my new home on November 24th. I paid a fee of 47 to 50 dollars for same day service. I was told on Wednesday the 25th that they had numerous emergencies and could not get to me but they would come that day which would have been the 25th. Again they did not show.on Friday after thanksgiving and they gave the same reason. I was told I would be the first on the list today. The representative told me she spoke to the lead and he assured her they would come today. Once again they did not show. They are now telling me I will be first on the list tomorrow. This was told to me by an after hours representative who says she called the dispatch and he said I would be first tomorrow. I am in a brand new house with a kid and the weather is cooler and I am forced to get hotel rooms because the gas company will not come set up the gas. I can't believe this is how the company is run and that a supervisor has not called me back to explain or apologize. This has been the worst experience and to be flat out lied to each day is appalling. Next I will contact the CenterPoint Energy corporate office to complain to the CEO.


As I have shifted to a new place, I opted for the best domestic gas company and I found CenterPoint Energy is the right one. Awesome customer service, better guidelines helping me to save energy and money too. CentrePoint Energy also provides services to Business,builders,trade allies around the locations. It deals with natural gas, electrical , pipeline services including Mobile Energy Solutions, Pole Attachments, Surveying and Right-of-Way, and Telecommunications Delivery Services. It's really great to associated with CentrePoint Energy.

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